Discussing the Causes of Depression

Disclosure is the act of talking out many stressing issues within our hearts and minds that we cannot cope or live with. There are those challenges in life like sadness because something did not go the way one expected, but there is deep pain in our hearts that lead to depression. It is a feeling that you cannot avoid or run away from, but you have to live with it. This causes psychological stress and stigmatization when one talks about it. Many people decide to disclose what is stressing them in order to get an advice or a way forward. Additionally, some people who understand themselves well decide to visit a counselor to whom they disclose their pressuring issues after which, through professional guidance, they get support that helps them in making clear choices on how to go about their problems. The people who speak out to friends about their key problems in their families or relationships knowingly or unknowingly use it as a way of healing themselves from the internal psychological stress. Other people fail to disclose because they realize that some stressing issues are not acceptable by most of the people in the society. This is because many do not understand what a depressed person goes through as they think depression is a challenge like any other in life. For instance, some people end up judging them, when it is actually not their fault simply because they have no idea what it is to go through depression.
In disclosure, there is nothing wrong if the intentions are good. Psychiatrists believe that disclosure heals the mentally ill or mental problems caused by uncontrolled stress. Many people suffer depression because they do not disclose what they are going through and hence end up being depressed. People who disclose what they are going through in their lives are sometimes ignored by their family, friends, and the community because people think depressed people are not strong enough to handle their own problems. Such notions make those people keep their problems as a secret. In most instances, due to the pressure, they end up looking for solutions through doing the wrong things. For instance, they may end up committing suicide because of the psychological stress. This is out of the stigma.
The reason why there is stigma especially towards the people that expose their issues, is not because we wish they do not disclose them but that the society has not taken this issue with the appropriate magnitude. This implies that there is widespread ignorance and people are misguided on this issue. People must learn to acknowledge certain issues so as to be in a position to solve them. The only solution to the problem is acceptance. The depressed people must accept the situation and its reality. This is because every person passes through challenges in life in one way or another and some people could be facing something worse than others could. Therefore, the person must start by knowing the reason causing the depression. From there, they can analyze it and evaluate whether the problem requires maximal attention. This is because it is normal for every human being to have problems because we are not perfect. However, people must learn that acknowledging the existence of a problem is the first step towards resolving it.