Discuss some issue of personal local national or international concern and its importance to you

1250 Discuss some issue of personal, local, national, or international concern and its importance to you. Being a single girl, I have always looked up tomy parents for their guidance and help. Similarly, they expect of me to come out with flying colors as far as my educational realms are concerned. This is highlighted by my parents’ wish for me to receive a PhD degree which would eventually fulfill their ambitions that they have thought of me over the years. My father is a proud man as he has always told me the kind of respect and dignity he attains whenever he looks at me. Since we are 5 kids in the family, my parents have always given us the very best and now is our time to deliver. My mother and father figures have played quintessential roles within our lives and most significantly within my life’s folds. I value them for their coveted place and nothing at all can come close to matching them in entirety. Ever since I have graduated from school in 2001, my parents want me to go for the PhD degree program which would eventually complete me as a qualified and educated person. As we hail from Saudi Arabia, I understand why my parents want me to be educated because my mother brought me to America for completion of my education. Such is the kind of emphasis that our family pays towards education in essence. Both my parents were studying within America and this is one of the reasons why both my parents would require me to be a part of the Chapman University, which is indeed an esteemed place to acquire education. I hope that I can live up to the dreams of my parents and attain the PhD degree at the earliest.