Differences between Western and Chinese Education

Another difference is that in China children do not choose a subject they can study. They have to study all the subjects the school teaches. Only in high school children are allowed to choose some subjects. In Western education children can choose more subjects – they have more freedom in choosing a certain specialization.
Grades for each subject in China depend mostly on the results of tests. While in the Western system assignments completed during each week add to the final grade, tasks that Chinese children do at school do not count to the final grade. The final grade depends on exams. Besides, grades for tests and exams are shown to everybody. As a result, every student knows what grades have other students. A teacher then praises students that have good grades and criticized bad students, ties to encourage them to study better. Also, the best students get rewards for their excellent grades, even money from the school. In contrast, Western schools disclose to a student only his or her grades.
In China, children spend most of the day at school and evening at extracurricular classes. So those that want to enter a university come home at 9 in the evening. At the same time, western children spend less time studying and have more free time.