Diasability challenges

DISABILITY CHALLENGES Disability Challenges Among the manipulation challenges, I chose to peel a banana with both thumbs tied against their palms using thick rubber bands. It was the most problematic task I have ever embarked on in my life. This is because I could not do it without the thumbs. It was not easy to hold the banana. it kept falling because my grip was loose. In as much as I tried, I could not peel it. This made me realize that every part of my body is extremely valuable and is designed for its special purpose, and without any. life would never be the same. Therefore, I have learnt to appreciate every part of me that I initially took for granted. Normally, it does not even take me a second to peel a banana. In case there was anyone observing me. he/she would undoubtedly think I had lost my mind. They could see the frustration and the struggle that I went through. It was extremely devastating. Therefore, I have learnt to appreciate all friends and workmates with disabilities after realizing how hard it can be for them to do what we use no effort to do (Workers with Disabilities, Challenges, and Solutions, n.d). I will mobilize others in supporting them. giving them necessary aid and making them feel wanted in order to offer them a favorable working environment.
Under the vision challenges, I chose to thread a needle blindfolded. I could not locate the needle hole putting in mind that it is so tiny to be felt. After almost thirty minutes of futile attempts, I gave up. My eyes were even paining. This is something that I have been doing on almost a daily basis, and it had never crossed my mind that I could barely do it without my sight. I have learnt just how beneficial it is to see. I had never considered how hard it always is for my blind peers to handle most tasks. It requires patience and the strong will to do it. Therefore, I will not look down upon them and will learn to appreciate them for their efforts, accept them and treat them like normal peers. This will keep them encouraged and give them a sense of belonging.
Finally, I tried to watch Oprah’s TV show, my favorite, without sound to try figure out what was happening. I could barely tell what was going on, all I could see were pictures. people laughing or maybe sad. I could not tell why the laughter or sad looks at all. I just could not comprehend a thing. Therefore, I learnt that having the ability to hear is a gift that we should not just take for granted. I will share this with other peers at work and help others in understanding how sad it could feel to be ignored, jeered or even worse, be laughed at just because one cannot hear or do the things that other normal peers can easily do.
In conclusion, this exercise was an eye opener. Disability can never be inability. It just takes ones efforts of oneself and the people around them to accept this fact. We should not belittle anyone because of disability. instead, we should simply learn to accept, appreciate and help them (Workers with Disabilities, Challenges, and Solutions, n.d). Ridicule, laughter, or disrespect can be rather demeaning to them.
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