Development research skill

defined as the information that has been collected and studied for the first time and the secondary research can be explained as analyzing and interpreting the information collected in the primary research (Kirk and Miller, 2001).
The use or the application of the primary research is that it is important and applied for answering various queries and also questions and it includes surveys, questionnaire and interviews that is conducted with small groups and individuals. And the secondary research is used or applied for publishing the research reports in surveys, internet and library and it is also useful in preparing the reports of the governments, universities and also medical councils. The secondary research generally utilizes properly the information that are studied or researched by the researcher previously and it is easily available to the public (Wainer and Braun, 1988).
The intellectual ownership in relation or in consideration with the primary and the secondary research are the research that is conducted have some right which includes copyrights, trademarks, patents and also the trade secrets (Davies and Dodd, 2002).The intellectual ownership in context of the research can be explained by the fact that the research is required to be conducted in such a way that it maintains honesty, confidentiality, compliance with the various requirements and also disclosure of the various interest and also adhering the various relationship between the other researchers. Therefore in perspective of the study of the business management the intellectual ownership can be protected (Glesne and Peshkin, 1992).
Secondary research paper can be explained and described as the source for analyzing, interpreting, commenting, summarizing and evaluating the processes the information that is collected on the basis of the primary sources. The materials for conducting the secondary research is included for the publication of the articles in newspapers , journals and also