Detecting Cry1Ab gene in Mon0810 Transgenic Maize by PCR

The photograph will provide a hard or soft copy of the DNA strands that have been amplified. The idea is to check for the gene size of Cry1Ab in order to distinguish it from the rest of the other gene strands. Cry1Ab is a gene from an incorporated plant pesticide thus its genetic sequence is known. A comparison of the known and the established ones from the photograph helps to determine its presence in the transgenic maize. If its size is seen to match with the known then it is present, if there is no matching band of close size then Cry1Ab is not present in the maize. Basically, PCR is an easier method for the detection of genes as their amplification and comparison with the known size of the DNA strand becomes captured.
Aim of buffers
1. Buffer AP1- break down cell membrane of cells in maize (lysis)
2. Buffer DNAse A- DNA degradation
3. Buffer p3- neutralizing cell lysis
4. Buffer AW1- washing off contaminant from sample
5. Buffer AW2- also washing buffer
6. Buffer AE- removes DNA from the cell membrane by dissolving it.