Designing and Developing an eLearning Course

Since the world is becoming a global community, a new world order has forced educational institutions to focus the curricula to meet the expectations of a heightened educational system. Based on these pressures, wise and thoughtful leadership is crucial to ensure curriculum decisions made are responsive to the changing demands of the education sector. Educators need a wide knowledge base regarding curriculum theory, inquiry, and development. Educators also need to understand the change processes that are set to meet the high requirements of education. Therefore, this course is designed to develop a foundation of decision making that blends the origins of education and curriculum with the currents needs and expectations in education.
EDU 577 is designed to help students view, analyze and interpret the curriculum and related instructions of education institutions and develop relevant skills that may help bring change in society. EDU 577 is an e-learning course that will be taught fully online. Learners will be expected to complete assigned text readings from the main text and other online readings related to the course sequence of the selected curriculum topics. The course will be very participatory in nature. Teaching of the course will be in the form of curriculum topics in which the students will complete assigned activities under each topic. Students will conduct independent research and write paper or report at the end of the course. Students should interact, participate and contribute towards the success of the course.
I. This course aims at helping the students explore the writings and arguments of various scholars and theorists in education. Such understanding will help examine the curricula from various perspectives
III. The course aims at ensuring that the students refine their knowledge and analytical skills in understanding how the various components of instruction – curriculum, teacher, students