Description of My Room

One opening is the door which provides passage for entering the room from the TV lounge. Moving clockwise, next comes the wall in which there is no opening. Next to that is the wall with a large window located in the center. Next to that is the wall with another door that joins my room to the bathroom. Both doors are of the same size. Their size is 4 feet by 8 feet each, in which 4 feet is the width of the door and 8 feet is the height of the door. The size of the window is 6 feet by 5 feet, 6 feet being the width of the window and 5 feet is the height of the window. The floor of my room is all covered with ceramic tiles. There is marble skirting on every wall 5 inches in height starting from the finished floor level. The purpose of this skirting is to keep the walls protected against stains and marks that might possibly be left by shoes. The skirting also protects the walls from the watermarks that might be left while cleaning the room if the skirting is not applied. A prominent feature of the wall that has no opening in it is the fireplace. A heater is placed in the fireplace. The heater is connected with a gas pipe engraved in the wall. A chandelier hangs from the middle of the ceiling till 2 feet in the air. One tube light is located at a vertical distance of 6 feet from the floor on the wall between the bathroom and my room. A small bulb is fixed at a distance of 8 feet from the floor on the wall with no opening. An air conditioner has been fixed on top of the window to regulate the temperature and keep the room air-conditioned.
Mauve silk curtains drop over the window from its top all the way down to the floor. The curtains do not have any print and are thus plain. A lilac frill covers about a foot of the curtains from the top. The window opens to the lawn in front of my room. I can see Oak trees and Mulberry bushes from inside my room.&nbsp.