Demonstrative Speech (34 mins)

1250 How to cook rice Cooking rice is not just an ordinary activity that any mom can easily do, cooking rice is a kind of craft, which mystery I’m going to unravel to you right away. In order to cook rice so that it does not become a sticky mess but it would be cooked crumbly and delicious, you should follow some precise but very simple rules. First of all, you should measure out 1 cup of rice, which would be enough for four portions of rice that you could later serve, for example, for your family members. Then pour the rice into a cooking pot and rinse it under cold running water. After you got it rinsed, pour some clear water over the rice, so that the level of water would be twice as high as the level of rice in the cooking pot. Note that different kinds of rice have different consistencies after cooking. So if you want a dish with crisp rice – long grain kind of rice should be taken (for instance, basmati rice). Risotto though requires more sticky kind of rice, better to use ordinary rice available in all stores. Put the cooking pot on the hot plate for cooking the rice you’ve prepared. Once the water starts boiling, mix the rice mass in the cooking pot in order to prevent rice’s adherence to the bottom of the cooking pot. After boiling, cover the cooking pot with a cover, then reduce the heat of the hot plate and leave it until the water inside gets completely absorbed. it will take 15-20 minutes. After 15 minutes pass, turn off the hot plate and let the dish stand for few minutes. Then, add salt and butter. And here you are your extremely delicious rice is ready to be served!