Deception in Criminal Justice

But we can assume that criminal investigation might have started from the period of Adam itself. In any case, one thing is clear that the deception tactics also started along with the criminal investigation. Crime punishment is one of the core elements of criminal justice system along with giving suitable crime prevention programs. Despite of the severe punishments associated with crimes, the criminal behavior seems to be increasing in the current world. In other words the severity of punishments is not influencing the criminals much. This is purely because of the loopholes in criminal justice system procedures for the criminals to escape from punishments. No criminal wants to be punished for their criminal activities and they will try all type of tactics to influence the Investigative, Interrogative and Testimonial Processes. The criminal justice system is malicious in most of the countries because of the over influence of criminals on the criminal justice system. Deception can mainly occur at three levels of the crime detecting and punishment process. criminal investigation, interrogation and the testimonial process.
Investigation of the criminal activities is mainly conducted by the crime investigation agencies like police. In many cases, the criminals are more influential than the police officers. They might have influences at the top levels of the political and judicial systems which controls the criminal justice system. Sometimes instead of the criminal, the investigating police officer will get punishment because of the higher influences of the criminals. Morality and ethical values are rapidly disappearing from most of the segments of human life and human profession and criminal justice system is also not an exception. In short, police officers are also human beings and they are also living in this corrupted world. Criminals can influence the investigating officer using bribes and