Dawn has decided to become a vegetarian (will eat dairy eggs fish) She is a 15yearold ballet dancer who


Dawn has decided to become a vegetarian (will eat dairy, eggs, fish). She is a 15-year-old ballet dancer who

practices after school 4 days/ week and on weekends. Dawn’s parents are concerned that she will not get adequate nutrition being a vegetarian, so they take her to a dietitian. Dawn tells the dietitian she typically eats oatmeal for breakfast, a PBJ on whole wheat with an apple for lunch, and vegetable soup for dinner. She drinks water or unsweetened iced tea, and saines for snacks. Dawn drinks a Monster Energy drink in the morning when she is feeling really tired, which is about 4 days/week.

1. What are good sources of protein for vegetarians?

2. In what vitamins or minerals may vegetarians become deficient? What foods would be good sources of these vitamins/minerals?

3. What advice would you have for Dawn regarding her food intake? What suggestions would you make for her?

4. Supposing Dawn decided to become vegan, how would this change your dietary suggestions?

5. What are your thoughts on her Monster Energy drink? Do you think it is necessary or safe?