Data Collection Techniques and Funding Opportunities

Sampling needs to be critically marked i.e. sampling will be stratified. The number of patients will be differentiated into different categories because this can enhance the focus on a certain percentage of people who can show a higher probability of lower medication errors. Medical cards and day-today reports can also be used as an effective tool to identify hypothesis readily. The reason behind using this tool is because it allows gaining valuable data within a very short span of time. Considering the case of SSC and CMT in lowered medication error, this manner of data collection is likely to be proven as effective. There can be limitations underlying with the process because there are fewer instances of people making use of CMT (Green, 2010).
It should also be noted that the above-mentioned tools are basically provided by a medical institution as per consent granted by the patient’s family or patient and organization. These medical records are highly sensitive and cannot be claimed without consent and copyrighted documentation for its utilization in the research work. As a matter of fact, the researcher shall approach the authorities and write application forms for the families as well as the administration of the medical organization. This will surely take some time for clearance but once the consent is received then it will be easier to carry on with the research work i.e. data analysis.
Funding Opportunities
There could be a number of health care institutions that can be approached considering the significance of the research. It is surely the need for research regarding SSC and CMT relationship in having an increased number of awareness of communicable diseases.
Other than medical institutions that are involved in the contribution of innovation and assessment of medical phenomenon, there are various committees that provide research funding. These funding institutions serve the goal of evaluating the lack of literature (Dupin &amp. Chupin, 2013).
In particular, organizations that are basically involved in overall technological advancement within the medical field may provide funding as well as assistance. Nursing is a field where research and development play a very imperative role. Thus, there can be a lot of funding opportunities other than proper institutions. Non-profit organizations allow re-directed funding for such projects because they have a global reach and outlook to different research backgrounds. This will need entailing the application process completely i.e. there need to be focused participants who are relevant to the research. Also, there is an evident need of documentation which will give an outlook of the analysis section of the research.&nbsp.