a-final paper" In Maurices words, his father, "made airplane parts and made money" (Official Barry Corbin Site). Maurice developed an early interest in flying because of a dinner guest who came to his home on Sundays and told stories of flying. Maurice talks favorably about his father but he does not have a lot to say about his mother.
Not much is known about Maurices childhood because he did not talk about this in the first interview. He talks more about his accomplishments as though he was attempting to impress the counselor. He talks about his accomplishment in high school where he became an Eagle Scout and president of the Young Republicans Club. He also graduated as the Valedictorian of his class and began military training at Annapolis afterwards (Official Barry Corbin Site). He reports that he loved Boot Camp USMC, Parris Island because in his words, "you walked in one man and you walked out another" (Official Barry Corbin Site). Maurice has stayed the course of being a military man and this was a very important aspect of his life that gave him a structure that made sense to him.
Maurice became a "fly boy" in the Korean War and is proud of the fact that he had 15 confirmed kills during that time. This was a very important period for him because he gained a level of self respect and became more of a man in his eyes. He eventually became an Astronaut and is now a multi-millionaire. Maurice had many endorsements and he had "plenty of women" because they liked to sleep with him because he was famous (Brand and Falsey, 1992). Maurice currently lives by himself in a large home outside Cicely.
He has had a long-term relationship with a police officer, Barbara, who shares his love of the military and of guns. He has recently asked Barbara to marry him and she has accepted, though they have not set a date yet.
Maurice states that Barbara is the only woman who he feels