Critically evaluate the idea that increasing selfesteem is associated with better academic performance

However the same holds true for adults who are under the aegis of an educational institution. The paper has taken a deep and incisive look at the psychological aspects which have both benefited and hampered the academic performance ranks of the students.
Self-esteem and self-awareness are important tenets of an individual who is willing to gain an insight as per his actions, behaviors and manifestations. Academic performance is the sole domain of a student who wants to achieve success within his educational curriculum so that his future life could be secured. This, he does in order to have an educational pattern which is filled with success right from the outset of his acquiring the same. Therefore it is pretty important to suggest that academic performance depends a great deal on the way the students perceive their own lives and see this within the contexts of their perceptional abilities and self-esteem issues. However these could easily be marred by the consistent self-denial representations of the wrongs that hamper any student at a given time or even the misquoted ideals that have sprung up with the passage of time. All of these topics are deemed as significant when one tries to measure the righteousness of a student’s academic abilities and skills in the long run.
Low self-esteem is indeed an epidemic, more so because it asks of the student to display a sense of negativity related with his own educational journey (Baumeister et al, 2003). When the same is measured from an academic performance yardstick, there are serious shortfalls which could easily be highlighted. These include the exact patterns as to how the student fell from a position of significance within the educational realms to one of an area of inferiority. Also the exact rationale for his jealousy with regards to other students is ascertained and the logical conclusions are drawn up in the light of the same. There are other avenues where global and