Criminal Justice with Chinese Characteristics

Advancement in the legal system in China was backtracked by several factors including the cold war, world war two, and the disruptive political campaigns that followed after that. Real reform began in 1970 when legal institutions began to be formed (Gelatt, 2001).
The Renmin jiancha Yua (procuratorate) is the agency that prosecutes criminal offenses. The agency has evolved over the years from the one the emperors used to the present-day system. For instance, the imperial secretary position has evolved into the present-day public prosecutor. The procuratorate is part and parcel of the government and it is mandated by the National People’s Congress. Unlike in the United States where there are various legislations that are created by the different states to meet their unique legal requirements, China’s system has only one code that is applied across the board (Gelatt, 2001)