Creatity idea work

The alcohol control bodies also streamline the abstinence from excessive drinking through taking the victims through reliable measures of withdrawal and abstinence. The alcohol and drug control agencies ensure that rehabilitation programs work and are adequately resourced (Cornett 2009, p. 34). Consequently, the factors, which lead to alcohol engagement, are eliminated. For instance, low-income status and domestic conflicts result in the involvement of the people in alcoholism. The victims are also responsible for the predicaments. They are the ones to take the initiative to ensure that they abstain from overdrinking. Moreover, the society is negatively affected by the binge drinkers. The alcoholics also consume national resources, which are supposed to enhance developments. For instance, the funds spent by the government in the rehabilitation process cost the government much (Carr 2011, p.56). There are counselors needed to guide and counsel the binge drinkers and encourage them to stop the drinking habit even if they have become addicts. Additionally, the pills provided for abstinence cost the government much funds. The society also suffers because the binge drinkers always cause domestic chaos because the alcohol compromises the thought process of the victims.
The physical factors influencing the aspect of binge drinking include a negative effect on health of the affected individuals. The proposal on the resolving of the prevalence of the binge drinking practice among the youth is sound. However, many factors must be considered in order for the remedy to apply efficiently. The idea proposed is viable because it is important to isolate heavy drinkers from the rest of the people in order to prevent the spread of the practice among other people who do not drink heavily. Additionally, the attention given to the heavy drinkers is vital especially in the rehabilitation process. It is plausible for the