Covering the City State of DubaiPart 1 (20 points)Prepare a geographic


  • Describe the Soils. Include map of the soils of the country.
  • 3. Capture and imbed a satellite image or an aerial view of a site in this location.

    You may use: or Google Earth.

    Part 2 (4 points)

    Works Cited

    Include ALL sources in a Works Cited page (for Internet, include web address, date taken from the Internet). Follow an accepted manual of style for all citations.

    Submit your County Geographic Profile paper as an attachemt in the dropbox.

    This assignment requires you to:

    Running head: THE CITY STATE OF DUBAI The City State of Dubai
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    August 31, 2016 1 THE CITY STATE OF DUBAI 2 The City State of Dubai
    Dubai is a city in the United Arab…