Coursework 1

The Edhi Foundation also has air ambulances so that they can reach faster to remote areas. Its headquarters are in Karachi, Pakistan and in Karachi alone it has eight hospitals that provide free medicinal care, cater to diabetes patients, eye hospitals, a cancer hospital etc. There are also two blood banks managed by the Edhi Foundation in Karachi. Many lives have been saved by their services, be it babies, orphans, mothers, the elderly. (Foundation, 2012)
Edhi and his wife Bilquis have been like what water is to a parched land and they have spent their entire lives working for the welfare of the needy in Pakistan and abroad and they continue to do so. They function in eleven places outside Pakistan and are perhaps the only charitable organization that has gone international in Pakistan. They are totally committed to the people. fame and publicity have never attracted them and they prefer to just be dedicated to a lifetime of work and betterment of the society. (Magnier, 2011)
Abdul Sattar Edhi, the founder of this society was brought up in a way that inculcated kindness as a part of everything in him. His mother brought him up with strong morals and he saw the impoverished life of the poor and sought to help them. He started with his one can called the “poor man’s van” and lead up to what his society is today: claiming bodies, burying them, rescuing people from any ailment he possibly could. Since he started, his ambulances have been all over Karachi, in good times and bad equally. He has been truly there for the people, which is why his organization again has a competitive advantage over others. Apart from always being there, they were the first South Asian Foundation to own air ambulances. There are 3,500 workers and many volunteers who help make it the best organization possible for the people. (Foundation, 2012)
And despite all the fame he could