Construction Project Management

The possible dispute resolution processes were included such as using a formal contract law within the partnering business. This is essential because the formal contract will help in resolving disputes that may arise in case one violates the contract laws. Lastly, the conclusion was included and it offered a summary of the research project.

Partnering is a collaboration method that has been in existence for many decades in the construction industries globally. For the past decades, construction industries have implemented formalized and acceptable standard documentation for using in the partnering arrangement. In the rethinking process report produced by Sir John Egan about the construction task force, Egan argued that an effective partnering process does not rest on contracts. This is because contractors can add to the project costs and even they cannot add value to the customer. However, in case the relationship between the employee and the business, developer or contractor is soundly based, as well as, both parties recognize the need for mutual interdependence. the formal contract should steadily be obsolete (Rethinking Construction 1998, 199). Construction industries have attempted to make significant changes in the construction management costs in order to improve the performance level in the construction industries. Although the formal document is used as a legal binding document for solving disputes in the construction industries, sound relationships between a contractor and an employee based on mutual interdependence can lead to cost reduction. thus improving the project performance.

Partnering does not only involve systems or methods employed in the construction project management but is about empowering people to perform the work more efficiently in order to achieve the desired goals of the company (Pratt 2012, p. 79). Merging this in the joining process in the construction agreement is effective because they can contribute to the desired welfares. The benefits can be achieved in case both parties maintain good and mutual relationships as intended.