Consider the role of impact prediction within EIA and establish principles for best practice From a review of at least two Environmental Statements (ESs) assess the extent to which best practice is being achieved

It takes into account all the components of the biophysical and human environments that are likely to be affected by undertaking of the projectand allows for an analysis and interpretation of the relationships and interactions that exist between factors influencing ecosystems, resources, and the quality of life of individuals and communities. Impact prediction also determines how significant the impact on certain components of the environment will be. either advantageous or contrary.
Impact prediction is of importance simply because it helps in the identification of the critical elements on which choices and decision making should be based on. This process takes into consideration the views, comments and concerns of key individuals, groups and communities and in this respect, it reflects how the various stakeholders were involved in the project planning process and takes into account the results of consultations and negotiations made. For this reason, impact prediction is cleared from the objectives and criteria of the alternatives favored by the initiator.The environmental analysis conducted by the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks and the report of the Office of Public Hearings on the environment contributes to clarifying the governments decision on this issue. The main aim of this report is to discuss the role of impact prediction within EIA and establish principles for best practice. This objective will be achieved by assessing two environmental statements. The two statements under assessment are Balloch Field Development by Maersk and Devenick Field Development Environmental Statement by British Petroleum.
The impact study must be designed and prepared according to the scientific method and must meet the requirements of the Minister and the Government on the project analysis, public consultation and decision-making. This way, one is able