Conservative Political Philosophy and Social Policy in UK

Conservative political philosophy
Social policy in the United Kingdom
Conservative political philosophy strives to perform a morally suitable act so that it can produce the best for the members of the society (Maddox and Lillie, 1984, p. 6). Attributively, it is inclined to its principals on the creation of basic construction of community. In the UK, the idea of conservative political philosophy establishes coherent as well as the systematic meaning of philosophy. To be a political philosophy, the frame of mind emphasizes respect, propagation of traditional corporations, government suspicion, political activism as well as opposition in order to establish change (Paul and Miller et al., 1995, p.8).
Social policy in the United Kingdom is inclined towards conservatism policies. According to Spicker (1991: 9), the concept of ‘subsidiarity’ can be a dominant influence on the European community. It upholds the responsibilities resulting from the closeness of the traditional society inside smaller social units. Therefore, intervention in the United Kingdom impersonates subsidiarity and establishes solidarity. Social insurance plan mostly dates back to the Elizabethan period when society approved poor taxation policies (, n.d.).
The conservatives operate inside the limitations involving xenophobia in the immigration policies.&nbsp.