Concidering Aristo

Aristotle also opined that a hero must have a tragic flaw as this is what shows that he is not only a true human but also a true tragic hero. Oedipus’ tragic flaw was seen when he experienced a change of fortune from good to bad (Meyer &amp. Downs 1535-1537). Oedipus was a king that was destroyed after the people learnt that he killed his own father and married his own mother and this was Oedipus’ tragic flaw. These are the qualities that Oedipus possesses and makes him qualified to be called a good but flawed king. It is therefore not wrong to classify Oedipus as a true tragic hero going by Aristotle’s notion that a true tragic hero must be a good man that also has his own flaws (Meyer &amp. Downs).
Oedipus played his role as a king effectively and appropriately and proved that he was appropriate for his position. Oedipus’ pride and arrogance is something that is typical of kings as they try to show that they are in control and the fact that Oedipus had this attribute is a pointer that he was appropriate for his position in life. If there is any attribute that should be appreciated in Oedipus, it is his self-confidence (Meyer &amp. Downs 1532-1535). Oedipus’ confidence was seen when he summoned courage to solve the puzzle of the Sphinx in spite of the Sphinx’s threat to kill anybody that failed the puzzle. The fact that Oedipus summoned enough courage to stand up to the challenge of the Sphinx showed that he was a man that played his role as the king perfectly as he led by example. Oedipus was a courageous man that had confidence in himself and this is what makes people believe that he was arrogant. It is expected that a king should be unyielding and rigid as these are the true hallmarks of a great leader and the fact that Oedipus possesses these great qualities is an indication that he was a great king that could take decisions on his own without regretting them. This shows that Oedipus was a true tragic hero as he