Comparison of Music Genres

Music Genres
Music creation, performance, definition, and significance differ in social and cultural context. The Music ranges from firmly organized compositions, via improvisational music to aleatoric forms. Music can be categorized into genres and subgenres. However, the relationship and the dividing lines between the music types are mostly slight. As art music, is classified as a fine art, performing art and auditory art. Music can be further divided into folk music and art music. In this paper, we will discuss two genres which are classical and jazzmusic and compare and contrast them.
There are a number of disparities between jazz music and classic music. However, there are also some similarities that exist in the two music genres. One common aspect of jazz and classic music is the use of musical beat and regular rhythm. In jazz music drums play a constant a rhythmic groove which is usually 4/4 and stresses on the backbeat of 2 and 4. In classical music, there is also a steady rhythm which highlights the musical motions. The rhythm emphasizes on the downbeat of one rhythmic count (Livingston).
Another similarity that exists in between the two music genre is the instrumentation. Jazz and classical musical at times use common instruments. For instance, classical used saxophone from the19th century and has modernized to asymphony orchestra. The saxophone is an implement that is mostly used in jazz music by the most famous jazz artists such as Sidney Bechet.
Another significant similarity is the improvisation. Improvisationis one of the ways in which classic and jazz music has remained discrete in their respective approaches and attitudes. Improvisation is an essential part of jazz, in cases of small additions and variations to a melody or the entire improvised free solo. Similarly in classic, there is some use of improvisation or aleatoric elements(Livingston).
The differences between jazzand classicmusic areseenin the choice of theinstrument, how the music is played and style of the music. As much improvisation is in jazz and classical music, it also helps in distinguishing the two types of music. In classical music, musician performsexactly as the composer has written the music while in jazz musicmusiciansare creative and makeup music as they perform (Livingston).
Another difference between the genres is in the setting. In jazz music musicians perform in casual events such as hotels and nightclubs. On the hand, classical music is performed in formal settings such as amphitheater and concerts.
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