Comparison between Bahraini and Swiss Civil Law

Bahrain has sufficient exposure to the British legal system, and its legal system is mixed drawing from both codified systems. Islamic law and English common law (Bahrain Civil Code, art. 1). Bahrain became a British protectorate in 1880 after the Ottoman Empire lost control over it in 1861. In August 1971, Bahrain gained full independence from its British protectorate. It formed a legislative committee to establish a legal system that was independently appointed upon independence. Egyptian codes and the law similar to Arab states, therefore followed from that day. It is unlike the Swiss civil law that is not exposed to the British legal system (Swiss Civil Code, art. 1). The Swiss civil codified law ruling in Switzerland and regulating relationships between individuals includes. French. Code Civil, Italian. Codice civil, Germany. Zivigesetbuch, Roman. Cudesch civil and finally Turkish. Media. The Swiss civil code of 10the December of 1907, it became in force in 1912. Another similarity is that both civil laws coded. It makes it easier to trace any law since it is in one booklet for the purposes and reference of the civilians.
Another difference comes in the form. In Bahraini civil law, certain procedures or acts may be required to be effected in a certain specific form, if this not followed, the procedure or act may be considered as invalid. Article 72 of the Bahraini Evidence Law states that every verdict that orders the evidence given by the witness shall indicate all facts that are ordered to prove.