Compare/Contrast Paper A Hunger Artist by Franz Kafka and The Garden of Forking Paths by Jorge Luis Borges

Hence, making the protagonists Yu Tsun and Hunger Artist during the onset of their accounts appearing strong but eventually they turn out being losers or failures. Besides, they all fail to attain the satisfaction they thought prior their missions would lead to a happy life where on contrary suffer untold indignation and death.
During the onset of the two accounts, both Yu Tsun and Hunger Artist develop strong ambitions, which they are out to prove to the world, but they turn out to be failures. This is to draw adequate attention from the world, which will yield to their internal satisfaction though they end up utterly losing, hence more dissatisfaction than before (Kafka 5). Hunger Artist boasts of being able to fast as long as he wants, which is beyond forty days meant to be the longest fast of a human being. However, Impresario interrupts his numerous fasts whenever he intends to extend them beyond forty days, which will earn him immense admiration from the people. This angers him to the extent of growing rebellious, but owing to his emancipated condition, Hunger Artist prefers to withdraw to himself and nurse his painful indignation. In addition, his spectators do not take him seriously where sometimes they prefer him as “swindler” who does not have anything to do but result to stupidity of fasting. This is because they tend to believe that he has mastered a way of eating such that nobody can notice despite reasonable proofs from the doctors. Children comprise the only group of spectators who find the whole episode singularly fascinating to watch due to their naivety where some do not know what is fasting (Kafka 6). Similarly, Yu Tsun wants to prove to the chief that he (Chinese man) is worth the mission set before him owing to prowess though he has deep-rooted hatred towards the Germans. Therefore, he resolves to be Germany’s spy where he will prove reveal his true self besides heroism in him. This prompts him to shoot his British friend Dr.