Compare and contrast A Fistful and Dollars(1964) and Shane(1953) in both stylistic and thematic terms

ovie, two rival families, which include the family of Rojo Brothers and the family of John Baxter, battle against each other not only to show superiority but also to express the feelings of pride, greed, and revenge to each other. In this movie, the stranger wants to make both parties fight against each other. The stranger, though comes to the town to earn money by making the two rival families fight against each other, yet he proves himself to be a good man as he frees Marisol from the prison and makes her leave the town along with her husband and her son. He not only provides them with the way to leave the town but also gives some money to them in order to tide them over. “Clint Eastwood redefined the notion of a hero in this film, a man who seems to operate by a code but doesnt feel the need to explain it” (Fairbanks, 2003).
I think that the atmosphere of this movie is much more interesting and attractive as compared to the main story of this movie. The unexpected camera angles and the close-ups add to the great atmosphere of the film. The way the actors performed in this movie is excellent. They never make the audience feel tired of something. The movie keeps the attention of the audience intact and does not make the audience lose their concentration. I think the scenes of this movie have more appeal as compared to the story. Leone’s filmmaking style is a very innovative one and it is really a fun to watch on the screen. Leone is very expert in creating complex characters for his films and the character of the stranger in A Fistful of Dollars is one of them. The sound of gunfights and the suspense in the scenes are two of the basic elements of the film.
“The strengths of A Fistful of Dollars relate to style, not storyline” (Berardinelli, 1999). A Fistful of Dollars is just a 100 minutes film which is a very short duration as compared to Leone’s other films which include The Bad and The Ugly and The Good. In A Fistful of Dollars, a very simple plot