“””Cold War Abroad and at Home”” on Group Discussion Board”

1250 Cold War Cold War produced a threat to the whole world in terms of power and liberalism. The communists were taking over the world slowly as highlighted by Nixon and McCarthy and the U.S had to take an action on a global perspective. After the World War II it was seen that the communists were spreading all throughout the world and as they were gaining power it was assumed that they would soon try to take over the U.S itself even though it was a super power at that time. In those times, it can be said that the cold war was becoming an existential threat as China was overtaken by the communists and the states of Korea and Vietnam were on their way to a communist government. The development of Cold War was furthered by the U.S government itself by making out theories which ascribed the stakeholders to be involved in a mass takeover. In those times, the war itself acted out as a threat to national security and a political necessity too. It could easily break through the walls of national security as communism was breaching the borders all over the world to gain strength. Similarly the concept of Cold War was gaining popularity in the United States and with the Red Scare the government had to take an action against the culprits so as to ease the tension in their lands. On a larger scale the threat to national security could not be ascertained as yet but the political necessity to carry on the actions was determined. It can be said that the war itself became a political necessity after going through the evidence.