Classification of Vacations

Various divisions are based on price, special attraction and accommodation (Scarry Sandra &amp. Scarry John 2010, p. 486). When an individual makes his or her plan according to these bases, he/she is likely to enjoy the vacation by avoiding unnecessary expenditure.
A vacation based on price
Different vacation areas have various categories of bookings depending on prices. They base their categorization on the services offered in each category. As a result, a client who wants to visit their premises must select the category that best suits his/her financial category. The reason behind this categorization is to ensure that all interested parties in taking vacation are catered for despite their financial status. Some of the categorization based on price includes first class, second class and economy category (Scarry Sandra &amp. Scarry John 2010).
A vacation based on a special attraction
People have different interests when selecting their vacation. Some of these have their interest in mountain climbing, others in beaches. desert, etc. categorization under special attraction ensures that clients select the appropriate vacation section that will earn him/her maximum satisfaction (Scarry Sandra &amp. Scarry John 2010).
A vacation based on accommodation
Many vacations take several days. As a result, it is important to decide the type of accommodation that one wants to undertake based on the interests and financial status. Some of the available accommodation categories include motels, cabin, trailer. tents, etc. proper selection helps the individual attain satisfaction from the vacation (Scarry Sandra &amp. Scarry John 2010).
Classification of the vacations based on the above basis gives the client an ability to restructure the plans and incorporate all activities that one wants to undertake in order to attain maximum satisfaction. It also enables one not to be extravagant as one stick to the outline plan despite getting other enticing activities during vacation.