Classic Style Posits Symmetry between Writer and Reader

1250 The contention that a seventeenth-century French Duke or a seventeenth-century French mathematician is similar to a twenty-first-century college student, can be justified on the ground that the classic style used by French writers was predominately focused as well as assured. The major components, which surrounded the classic style rests on the pillar of clarity along with simplicity (Thomas and Turner 7-16). Moreover, the prose was pure, daring, relentless and cool. The presentation through the classic style was transparent as well. The classic style was governed with a clear direction as well as goal, which enabled readers to understand that goal coherently. The style was based on fundamental decisions. The classic style incorporated not only the aspect of truth, but it also comprised anything that would seek not merely orthodox knowledge. However, it also embraced the judgment capacity. In addition, certain commonality amid these categories of people can be identified, which include the element of authenticity, self-sufficient and competent (Thomas and Turner 7-16).