Class Responses Week 9

Charismatic leader: Nelson Mandela Lecturer Charismatic leader: Nelson Mandela From my education, I chose Mr. Nelson Mandela as a charismatic leader. As a charismatic leader, Mandela had self-determination, a sense of humor, strong minded, empathy, integrity and strong-minded personality. His charisma encouraged millions of people through changing of goals, need beliefs, values and objectives. He brought change to the people of South Africa through self-ideas that made people appreciate themselves, feel valued and have personality identity.
As a peacemaker, Nelson Mandela struggled to reinstate the apartheid rule in South Africa. During his incarnation period, he sacrificed his family, and he was not available to nurture his children. The entire world has remembered him for his struggle for the benefit of the whole nation. His beliefs were firmly glued on the concept that for an individual to be a freedom fighter one must suppress several personal feelings (O’Fallon, 2012).
As a charismatic leader, Mandela showed that listening to other people’s ideas is the most vital thing for people to do rather than talking or making own decisions without consulting with others. Nelson Mandela characterised by his peaceful nature and being a man who loved peace, he fought for unity across the line of divide in South Africa (Stengel, 2008). Over the conduit of life exertion, Nelson Mandela was forced to make choices that were hard in order to realize his great dream of a democratic, as well as a unified South African country. In my conclusion, Nelson Mandela’s life and what he did to liberate South Africa makes him a transformational leader.
Nelson Mandela life has impacted my performance in several dimensions. Through understanding his life, I came to understand that it is always important to listen to other people as they might be having useful ideas that can be helpful. He has also made me understand how great it is to have a peaceful and a unified collaboration among people to fulfill a course of purpose.
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