CIS333 Week 8 Assignment 2

It is also vital to bridge protocol in the organisation in case of an extreme emergency that would otherwise cost the groups dearly. The organization should have a means to prevent such attacks when they occur, for example, having a backup plan. Rooms with sensitive information like the server rooms should have steel doors and enabled biometric system to authenticate users to the room. They should also be locked with huge padlocks to avoid physical attacks by insiders.
It is also necessary to have alert systems when there is any bridge being noticed in the organization. Implement as software that informs the administration in case power, for example, goes below the required amount. Failing systems are set with warning systems such as an imminent failure in the hard drives of the organization. It is also necessary to have corrective means to bring back a damaged or altered system back into its original course of action. For instance, the organization should have data recovery mechanisms in case of vital data disappearing.
The history of any organization depends on facts gathered over time. Every process of the society is documented and stored as data. Such information is vital to knowing the organization’s current state, compare it to its past and to make correct future predictions. Data faces physical security threat where somebody walks into an office and transfers the information they want. Others break rooms to get these resources while others just need to be on the internet to access them.
To maintain such data, we need physically to protect their locations. It includes the use of steel doors, heavy hinges and padlocks.It is also necessary to employ new means of identifying persons who have permission into these offices. We need to use biometrics to identify bonafide members (Bosworth &amp. Kabay, 2002). Also, employ the use of encrypted passwords to unlock such doors. For instance using MD5, which is a very useful