Child Birth Booth Camp

The class was headed by a rather experienced instructor in medical field and childbirth in particular. The instructor was a well-trained, long-term nurse and a catholic doula whose name was Rosemary Antunes. She was a mother of eight and a grandmother of six Rosemary was a graduate of St. Francis Hospital School of Nursing, and said that she has over thirty years of experience as a Registered Nurse. In addition, she said that she had served as the school Nurse at Christendom College. Apart from these, she has also served labor and delivery sector at Fauquier Hospital with extensive experience in variety of settings. She informed us that she first became interested in working as a delivery nurse because of her mother. From the experiences she gained from her mother’s deliveries, she told us that giving birth a great moment in a woman’s life especially first timer and is therefore very important to treat women with kindness and respect through the entire process of conception to birth. Her philosophy has been to promote life among mothers and their children by helping them give birth safely. She offers teachings on the same in two area hospitals. She has also worked as a certified doula, offering personalized support and encouragement to women in labor.
The class started around 9 am and ended at 5 pm. In the class, topics relating to pregnancy and childbirth were taught. Discussions on the same were conducted with the aim of equipping first time expectant mothers and their partners with knowledge and information on how to handle childbirth. The class constituted various practices. Comfort was ensured to allow healthy stay and learning especially given the much time allocated for all the lessons. The majority of the learners were Caucasian couples with the exception of one African American couple in the classroom. During the introduction the male participants were asked to introduce their partners, many referred to them as their wives whereas others