Child Abuse Cases Thorough Analysis of the Situation

A reason for delay relates to the dilemma that strikes counselors especially when reporting of a case is likely to lead to separation of parents of an abused. A counselor may wish to advance and find justice treatment while ensuring compactness of the family, but fears breakup of the family upon reporting.
To deal with such causes of procrastination, counselors need to stick by the laws and ethics of their respective states regarding reporting of child abuse cases. Another way to avoid procrastination of reporting child abuse due to certain fears is to refer clients to other superior authorities or institutions also concerned with the protection of children welfare. Alternatively, a counselor can contact a mandated reporter to report the case on behalf. Section 350 of the Hawaii State’s laws against child abuse require quick reporting of child abuse and outlines provisions for prosecution of a counselor for late reporting of a child abuse incidence.