Changing the Methodology behind Information Leaflet Display

The solution to the project was to first visit the six offices, gain a clear understanding of the stock levels for these materials (both old and recent) and come up with a platform for change. After having reviewed the stock process and stock levels, I considered the potential pitfalls and obstacles to a new plan of action and realised that resistance to change should become my first priority. I was then able to develop an appropriate action plan for launching the project and achieving the goals of cost, storage and efficiency.
In order to launch a new leaflet production and storage system, I had to take into consideration the needs and opinions of both colleagues and superiors as well as consider the current methodology behind the leaflet system. The action plan needed to have a clear launching point and include factors related to resistance to change, human resources needs and also how to promote this project to gain commitment whilst satisfying the restrictions imposed by the current leaflet system. The action plan included:
Now that the steps required to achieve success in the project had been identified, I developed a proposal that could serve as a reference tool in the event that there were problems with commitment to their assigned tasks. I understood that the root of conflict can occur when “the proposal succumbs to analysis paralysis and second-guessing” (Patrick, 2001, p.13). I had personal experience, in my organisational environment, that reminded me that second-guessing was a common organisational outcome and should be addressed with conflict negotiation tactics. Therefore the proposal took into consideration the need to create a solid vision that identified the specific strategies that would need to be put in place to realise that vision as an organisational whole (Kotter, 2009). Creating a vision, and getting others to accept that vision, is the first quality step in gaining commitment and making others understand its objectives and their roles within it.