Changed Presective

Changed Perspective Before beginning this program, the perspective about the criminal investigation was largely based on the TV shows based on criminal investigation. By watching those shows, a general belief about the crime scenes and investigations is made. This belief mostly is an exaggerated one. Because the shows need some spice to attract the viewers, this is why every investigation case is made very complex and the identity of the murderer is kept suspicious until dramatically the true murderer is identified and arrested.
Whereas in the real life, not every murderer is smart enough to fool the investigators. Also, the murderer does not always have time to plan the murder in a perfect manner. A murder or any other crime in real life can be a result of an emotional impulse, which does not allow the investigation to become dramatic and exciting. The cases are not solved with that ease and in such little time in which they are shown to be solved in the shows. In real it takes years in some cases, some are not solved even then and remain a myth.
After studying several basic and advance level courses in the area of investigation of criminal cases, one gets to know that sometimes the case is as simple as it looks that it is hard to believe that how can a criminal do such a stupid thing. As I said, the reason is that it is not a spiced up TV show, it is life, where human beings commit mistakes and where emotions are not scripted and angers are not controlled by the script writer and the director.
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