Change mangement

Change management Management defines a process or duty of exercising control over people of processes. It is an important aspect of organizations anddefines success, especially in implementing changes. I, in this paper, explore aspects of change in the Australian airline industry through exploring the industry’s history, its intra-competition, and history of one of the industry’s major players.
History of the Australian airline industry dates back to the early 20th century and was facilitated by the need for long distance travels and the country’s landscape that favored air transport. This identified the country among the best countries with air airline facilities until after the Second World War. Airline industry in the country started operating in the year 1910 and offered diversified services such as transporting passengers, commodities, parcels and even medical supplies. Development in the industry however begun with construction of aircraft models in the late 19th century but the models were only constructed in the 20th century and approved in the year 1909 before the first flight occurred in the year 1910. Military application of airlines followed two years later and the services were used in many European countries. A number of aviation colleges were also established in the same decade. In the following decade, flight trials were conducted across international airlines before diversified airline services were offered. The country’s airline industry has however continued to experience changes in its internal and external environments to warrant notable changes. Qantas is one of the significant developments in the industry (Australian Government, 2008).
Competition within the industry is partially regulated by the country’s political environment. The Trade Practice Act is an example. The industry however allows for market forces’ effects, in competition, such as “predatory pricing” that offers large firms an advantage over small firms in the industry (Parliament of Australia, n.d., p. 1). The industry’s competitive environment has also shifted from its previous duopoly system to a competitive market system. Some of the major players are Qantas, virgin Blue, and Ansett group among others and the firms use product differentiation as the major tool to attracting and retaining their customers. Qantas however remains the largest controller of the industry’s market in Australia (Parliament of Australia, n.d.).
Qantas, one of the major players in the Australian airline industry, has a rich history that extends to the entire commonwealth community. This is partly because the airline is the most ancient in the community with only one airline preceding its establishment. The airline was majorly a result of the then geographical barrier that hindered communication and transportation in the country. The First World War and participation also facilitated the airline’s developments. Two of the pilots from the war then started exploring airline routes in some parts of the country and sought financial assistance to establish the military’s air wing. The two pilots, Fysh and McGinness then collaborated with a mechanic to establish an enterprise with two aircrafts. This occurred in the year 1920 under a company name of “The Western Queensland Auto Aero Services Limited” shortly before the enterprise changed its name to QANTAS in late 1920 (Virtual Airways, n.d., p. 1). The increase its aircrafts in the following year and realized the need for larger crafts two years later. By the year 1926, Qantas assembled its own aircraft. The organization then extended its role to social services such as health services. In the year 1934, the then QANTAS merged with a British airline company to form Qantas. The government then sold some of the airline’s shares to British airways before a further merger with The Australian airline. The organization started venturing in the international market in the year 2002 with a low cost strategy (Qantas Virtual Airways, n.d.).
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