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I think that the first policy regarding finance is completely reasonable especially the part where the
parents only get to receive community assistance when…English

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Table 2.2

The results below were obtained from a use-dilution test of two

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inoculated into tubes with varying concentrations of disinfectants and incubated for 24 h
20 C, then subcultured in nutrient media without disinfectants.
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(+ = growth; – = no growth)
Disinfectant 1
Disinfectant 2
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lab 13
In Table 2.2, what is the minimal bacteriostatic concentration of each disinfectant? Whi
compound is bactericidal? At what concentration? (2 pts)
Cumulative lab
reports 7-13
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English (US)

Hi I Need A Brief

respond to this doesn’thave to be long, 200 words should beRunning head: TAX REDUCTION 1 Tax reduction
Institution TAX REDUCTION 2
Tax reduction Low-class people are the ones who get affected more when it comes to paying taxes. If
taxes were lowered,…English

Follow The Rubric

to achieve the paper justice.

follow whats written in the proposal to write the

Running Head: ELDERLY CARE Elderly Care
Student’s Name
Institution ELDERLY CARE 2 The Charles and Margre Durham Booth Manor offer 47 agreeable and reasonable lofts
for seniors with low salaries….English

Assignment 3 Persuasive Paper Part 1 A Problem Exists


Running head: CHANGE IN TAXES 1 Change in Taxes
Student Name
Professor Name
Course Name
August 7, 2017 CHANGE IN TAXES 2
Introduction In general, economic changes are usually controversial…English

Hi This Is Sara!

Are you able to complete my essay based on a article.

Last Name 1 Name:
Analytical Response
After a review of Terry’s argument, I agree that slavery adversely affected the identities of the
African slaves. Most of the…English

ENG 125 Literature
Marlena Fitzpatrick-Garcia
October 9, 2015 LITERATURE ANALYSIS 2 Table of Contents
I. Introduction / Thesis
A. What you…English Literature

This Is Part Of My Graduate Literature Review Paper Introduction The Last Two Lines In The Following Paragraph


This is part of my Graduate Literature Review paper introduction. The last two lines in the following paragraph

are my own, so no citation is needed. But I do not know how the questions should be formatted.

According to Morley and Germano (2019), Managing cybersecurity is a complex challenge that requires an interdisciplinary, risk-based approach, involving an organization’s business leaders, as well as their internal and external technical and legal advisors. This finding underscores the magnitude of responsibility all businesses, including public utilities must now become aware and perform at expert level. One of the topics that will be reviewed will be Is it reasonable for all companies to create, train, and maintain an expert-level staff devoted to cyber and information security? In reference to the prior, Are the Water and Wastewater Utilities adequately protecting the Public?


What Do You Think About My Short Expository Essay?Paragraph</a


What do you think about my short expository essay?can choose to study online in the comfort of your home or anywhere worldwide. It can be a bit
expensive but studying online also has its advantages. For example; you can use quot;yourquot;
computer to perform all the requested tasks, you don’t have to attend the class live, since you can
watch the recording later, virtual library without the need for additional book costs and effective
online communication with teachers and academic advisers. There are many people in the
professional workplace who have completed their studies online. If you want to achieve all your proposed goals, online university will be your best optioln.

Type of paragraphs: Expository paragraph or essay Title: Online University is the best option. Online university are good for all people. If you work and do not have enough time, you
can choose to study online in the comfort of your home or anywhere worldwide. It can be a bit
expensive but studying online also has its advantages. For example; you can use quot;yourquot;
computer to perform all the requested tasks, you don’t have to attend the class live, since you can
watch the recording later, virtual library without the need for additional book costs and effective
online communication with teachers and academic advisers. There are many people in the
professional workplace who have completed their studies online. If you want to achieve all your proposed goals, online university will be your best optioln. English Literature

Hazel A 16year Old High School Student Is Given Plenty Of Time In Her English Composition Class To Work On


Hazel, a 16-year old high school student, is given plenty of time in her English Composition class to work on

writing. However, she usually does not complete her writing assignment within the time allotted during the class period. She rarely completes her English composition homework either.

Engaging your knowledge of principles of reinforcement and punishment, consider the concepts of generalization, discrimination, and stimulus control, and propose procedures that could increase Hazel’s English composition classwork completion and homework completion behaviors.Social Science

By Reading Emotional Cues Teachers Determine A Whether To Engage In Interactions Or Wait Quiety To See


A, B and C

Which of the following is/are true?

A. emotion and cognition work together, jointly informing the child’s impressions of situations and influencing behavior

B. children under two years of age are not yet able to express empathy

C. infant care teachers do not need to worry about facilitating interactions between peers until they are three years of age or older

D. a child’s temperament does not play a significant role in his expression of emotions

E. A,C and D

F. B,C and D


In The Article The Cognition Of Discovery Defining A Rhetorical Problem Flower And Hayes Declare That


In the article The Cognition of discovery: Defining a Rhetorical Problem, Flower and Hayes declare that

problem-finding inspires creative thinking.

They also claim that better writers consider more aspects of the rhetorical situation when setting their goals for the writing task and thinking about their purpose than novice writers. They suggest that this creativity happens because people will solve only the problem they give themselves to solve;

in fact, they predict that while an audience and exigency can jolt a writer into action,..the force which drives composing is the writer’s own set of goals, purposes, or intentions. [And] a major part of defining the rhetorical problem then is representing one’s own goals English

Read The Following Description Of A Meeting Between A College Student And Her Adviser In This Example We


Read the following description of a meeting between a college student and her adviser. In this example, we

consider the role attributions of motives play in the attribution of deviance and how this can unfold through social psychological processes like stereotyping, labeling, and resistance.

Yidan has been called into Dr. Smith’s office because he believes he has evidence she cheated on the last test. Yidan waited nervously in the line of students outside her adviser’s door until it was her turn. Yidan is a 20-year-old international student from China whose spoken English is a little shaky. Her adviser, Dr. Smith, is a white man in his 50s with a New England accent. While neither of them had discussed with the other their ethnic backgrounds or age and gender differences, they were both aware of them from their physical appearance, manner of dress, and speech. Yidan knew that Dr. Smith was one of several faculty members who had a reputation among students as being harsh graders. Some students even suspected that Asian students were more likely to copy work and help each other on assignments, but he took pride in being fair and actively tried to treat all students the same.

As Yidan entered the office, Dr. Smith closed the door for privacy because what he had to say he didn’t want other students to hear. He got right to the point. He told Yidan that he had reviewed results of the recent online test and several tests showed identical responses including making the same mistakes. One of the tests was hers. He then showed her four essays side by side with identical wording, saying that, to him this appears she deliberately cheated. Then he asked her what she had to say that could explain this.

Yidan at first said nothing. Then, fighting back tears, Yidan pleaded with Dr. Smith to ignore the infraction, saying she could never return home if she was accused of cheating. Her family would disown her and she could never get a good job.

She said she was not like those other students. Most of the students in the class cheat, she said. They cheat all the time. They choose to cheat because it is easier and they think they can get away with it. But this, she said, was the only time she ever cheated. She is normally a good student and just made a tragic mistake. She had broken up with her boyfriend the week before, and was emotionally devastated, making it impossible to study for the test. No one would be hurt if she got a better grade. After all, she was just trying to make up for the way the test is biased against students for whom English is a second language. She said to Dr. Smith, if you don’t want us to cheat you should not have had the test on the Internet.

Dr. Smith told her he would think about the situation and decide whether he would report her to the Provost’s office for cheating and possible disciplinary action. She made one last plea before leaving, asking him not to report her. She had changed, she said. She learned her lesson and was never going to cheat again. She is sorry for cheating, she apologizes for her mistakes, and seeks his forgiveness.

Use the information from this meeting to answer the following:

• Identify at least one case in which a situational or dispositional attribution is made and indicate whether it corresponds to primary deviance or secondary deviance.

• Identify at least two schemata in this example including one related to a stereotype.

• Identify one or more identity markers that distinguish categories of people and may be the bias for prejudice and stereotypes.

• Identify whether anyone is labeled as a deviant and whether it leads to stigma.

• Identify at least one strategy of destigmatization and at least three strategies of neutralization Yidan uses to resist being labeled as a deviant.

For each of these, provide both a definition of the concept and a quotation or close paraphrase from the description above which provides evidence of each concept.

Social Science

What Are The Top Three Diagnoses In Public Housing Primary Care Health Centers?

olgtltligtWhat health care services are provided to Native Americans and Alaskan Natives and what are


olliWhat health care services are provided to Native Americans and Alaskan Natives and what are

some prevalent diseases among this at risk-population and why?/liliWhat are some public assistance services available to the homeless population (children and adults)?/liliWhat are the top three diagnoses in Public Housing Primary Care health centers? /liliDescribe strategies for establishing healthy eating patterns in childhood and ways to encourage children to try new foods./liliConversely, what are some contributors to poor food choices and self-regulation in the family setting? /liliWhat is the link between sugar-sweetened beverage consumption and childhood overweight and obesity? /liliWhat is the BMI-age assessment and how is it used? /liliIdentify three or more barriers to physical activity among children./liliWhat is the reported obesity rate among children?/liliWhat does the 5, 2, 1, 0 recommendation by the AAP refer to? /liliDescribe services provided by the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC)./liliExplain strategies for providing nutritional education to low literate, illiterate and non-English speaking populations./li/ol


Group Discussion (Module Fifteen)Task There Are Two Things That You Need To Do In Order To


Group Discussion (Module Fifteen)

Task: There are two things that you need to do in order to

successfully. For this group discussion, I want to reflect on what you have learned about argumentation. While this is a critical thinking and writing class, much of what we learned about argumentation can also be applied to our daily conversations with family members, friends, co-workers, bosses, etc. Therefore, please respond to the following question:

How could you use or how have you used what you learned about argumentation in your daily conversations with family members, friends, co-workers, bosses, etc.?


This Week Focuses On

integrating visual and performing arts into the curriculum.What are some possible issues


This week focuses on integrating visual and performing arts into the curriculum. What are some possible issues

with incorporating hands-on visual or performing arts lessons and Arts assessments in the elementary curriculum? Suggest some possible solutions to these issues.


This Assignment Is Included With 3 Parts

PART 1 OF 3= Find a quote from the attachment about

A quote about history that has been manifested in the excerpt provided is clear that it
illustrates a range of different ways in which mutual relations between ‘the past’ and…English

Give A

persuasive message for following scenario:-

You are the human resources manager for Kindle which has


give a persuasive message for following scenario:-

You are the human resources manager for Kindle which has

recently started an internship for promising high school students interested in working in publishing. Part of this internship program requires four volunteers from the company to mentor the students and potentially write reference letters for the students to help them find a career and/or pursue post-secondary education when they graduate from high school. You realize that the mentorship role will lead to additional unpaid work for the employees. Write favour request to persuade employees to volunteer as mentors.

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This Is The Math 1118 Of Finance Please Help Me Quick


this is the math 1118 of finance . Please help me quick.

Thank you

Mathematics of Finance Assignment 3
20 Marks
Work in groups.
W :
Show all work. Circle your final answer
1. (3 Marks) What sum of money must be set aside at a child’s birth to provide for 9 annual payments of
$20,000 to pay for the child’s post-secondary education? The first payment comes on the child’s 19th
birthday. The interest rate is 6% compounded annually.
A = 20 000 / 1 – ( 4 + 0.06 ) = 236 633, 8455
The sum of money need to set aside equal :quot;
156035, 8455 –
(1 + 0 06) 18 –
= 47658. 61
2. (3 Marks) You would like to open a business in 3 years. This business will require $500,000 to startup. How
much should you deposit at the end of each month for the next three years into an account so that you will
have the required $500,000 at the end of three years. This account already has $100,000 in it. The interest
rate is 6% compounded monthly.
3. (3 Marks) Jill deposits $100 at the beginning of each month into an account paying 6% compounded
monthly. She makes these monthly deposits for 5 years. How much money is in her account at the end of 5
(3 Marks) $10,000 is borrowed today at an interest rate of 6% compounded annually. The loan is to be
repaid with 6 annual payments, with the first payment coming at the end of 3 years. What is the size of the
annual payment?Math

Give An Example Of When You Observed A Negative Communication Strategy Used Within Nursing Practice /Liliusing The Example Provided In The Previous Question What Positive Communication Strategies Would You Use To Build Improve Or Repair Relationships In Your Scenario

ulgtltligtExplain why the study of communication is an im­portant part of nursing


ulliExplain why the study of communication is an im­portant part of nursing

education?/liliGive an example of when you observed a negative communication strategy used within nursing practice./liliUsing the example provided in the previous question, what positive communication strategies would you use to build, improve, or repair relationships in your scenario. Explain why you feel that way./li/ul


Which Of The Following Is An Example Of A Job In The Tertiary Sector Of The Economy? /&Gt

manufacturing aircraft engines

working as an occupational therapist

harvesting strawberries

sewing tags onto sweatshirts

Which of the following is increasingly important in a postindustrial society?

a college education

physical strength and endurance

a range of mechanical skills

knowledge about agriculture

What are children taught more often in capitalist societies than in socialist societies?


mutual support


respect for elders

What is a defining aspect of corporations?

They have a legal existence separate from their members.

They stifle competition by controlling the market for their products.

They enrich their shareholders and their upper-level executives.

They have headquarters in one nation and factories in other nations.

Which of the following is an example of capital flight?

an American company hiring tech-support personnel in the Philippines

a company declaring bankruptcy and liquidating its assets to pay its outstanding debts

a British company closing a domestic shoe factory and opening a new one in Vietnam

a company merging with its competitors and establishing a monopoly over its market

What is long-term unemployment?

unemployment for six months or more

unemployment for three months or more

unemployment in which the person has stopped looking for work

any unemployment that causes neg


Which of the following is an example of a job in the tertiary sector of the economy?


manufacturing aircraft engines

working as an occupational therapist

harvesting strawberries

sewing tags onto sweatshirts

Which of the following is increasingly important in a postindustrial society?

a college education

physical strength and endurance

a range of mechanical skills

knowledge about agriculture

What are children taught more often in capitalist societies than in socialist societies?


mutual support


respect for elders

What is a defining aspect of corporations?

They have a legal existence separate from their members.

They stifle competition by controlling the market for their products.

They enrich their shareholders and their upper-level executives.

They have headquarters in one nation and factories in other nations.

Which of the following is an example of capital flight?

an American company hiring tech-support personnel in the Philippines

a company declaring bankruptcy and liquidating its assets to pay its outstanding debts

a British company closing a domestic shoe factory and opening a new one in Vietnam

a company merging with its competitors and establishing a monopoly over its market

What is long-term unemployment?

unemployment for six months or more

unemployment for three months or more

unemployment in which the person has stopped looking for work

any unemployment that causes neg

Share A Real Life Application Where You Used The Theory

This can be in your education, home, work,


Share a real life application where you used the theory. This can be in your education, home, work,

volunteer, or any other parts of your life.

Social Science

Imagine You Are 1st

grade teacher, working with 5 and 6 year old children. The principal calls you into his


Imagine you are 1st grade teacher, working with 5 and 6 year old children. The principal calls you into his

office one day, saying that a complaint was received from Shelly’s mother, Mrs. Sands. Shelly is a student in your class. Here is the letter she sent:

Dear Principal,

I am very concerned that Shelly is not getting a good education in her first grade class. She is making lots of mistakes that I don’t think she should be making! For example, the other day I saw Shelly playing with dolls. At first I thought she was just playing make believe, but she got very upset when another child pretended to steal the doll’s bottle. Shelly thought the doll was going to starve to death! I told her teacher about it, but the teacher laughed it off and said it was normal.

I also noticed that Shelly is acting very self-absorbed and manipulative. For example, I asked her for an idea of what could be good dinner to surprise her older brother with, and she said spaghetti. Spaghetti is her favorite food, not her brother’s! I think she asked for spaghetti to try to trick me into making it. I told her teacher about it, but again, the teacher laughed and said it was normal. I’m worried her teacher is encouraging this behavior in Shelly!

Finally, I noticed that when Shelly and her brother were playing cashier at home, her brother tricked her into giving her more money than him! They each had five coins, and Shelly wanted more, so her brother made her five coins appear more spread out on the table. Even though Shelly still only had five coins, she thought she now had more than her brother, because they were more spread out than his! I told the teacher about it, as I’m concerned Shelly is not learning to add properly, but Shelly’s teacher again laughed it off and said it was normal.

I do not think Shelly’s teacher is doing a good job with Shelly, and I think Shelly should be removed from the class. Please help.


Mrs. Sands (Shelly’s mom)

The principal asks you to compose a letter to Shelly’s mother, addressing her concerns. Your letter should include the following components:

1. Were the behaviors Shelly was displaying normal? Why or why not? Use vocabulary and examples from Piaget’s theory to assist in describing each of Shelly’s behaviors.

2. How do you think that the parent should respond to their children when children engage in these errors? How will you, the teacher, respond when Shelly demonstrates these errors during class? Give at least two recommendations.

3. Describe a detailed class activity that you will be doing in the first grade classroom in the future to help all of your student foster cognitive development? Be sure the classroom activity relates to a specific behavior that Shelly’s mother described. Describe the directions to the activity, the cognitive error it is addressing, and the purpose of using this activity in the classroom- why will it help Shelly and her classmates?

Social Science

Re Text Ch 12 Essentials Of Sociology A Giddenswhy Was Education So Rapidly Expanded According To


Re: Text Ch 12, Essentials of Sociology, A. Giddens

  1. Why was education so rapidly expanded according to

Marxist sociologists?

  • Why might sociologists be opposed to tracking in school?
  • Why are sociologists often critical of the idea of universal education as a great equalizer?
  • What does the term hidden curriculum refer to?
  • *I am looking for short, brief, answers only. THANK YOU!*


    1 How Much Would An Investor Have To Set Aside Today In Order To Have $20 000 Five Years From Now If The Current


    1.How much would an investor have to set aside today in order to have $20,000 five years from now if the current

    rate is 15 percent?

    2.If we deposit $5,000 today in an account paying 10 percent, how long does it take to grow to $10,000?

    3.Assume the total cost of a college education will be $50,000 when your child enters college in 12 years. You have $5,000 to invest today. What rate of interest must you earn on your investment to cover the cost of your child’s education?


    Shoshana Zuboff Likes To Reflect On Some Of The Special Students She Taught At The Harvard Business School Some


    Shoshana Zuboff likes to reflect on some of the special students she taught at the Harvard Business School. Some

    students, she recalls, threw themselves at learning as if their lives depended on it. One of those students, Edward, had a troubled past. His parents split up when he was a small boy, and he was on his own much of the time as his mother needed to work. Edward and his mother lived in a neighborhood where drugs and gangs were common. By the sixth grade, he was a drug dealer, and later he ended up in a penitentiary. Then he had the good fortune to meet a judge who offered him two years in a drug rehabilitation program in return for good behavior. After rehab, he got a job, enrolled in a community college, and made the dean’s list several times. A counselor encouraged Edward to set his sights high, so he applied and was accepted to an Ivy League school, where he studied business and economics. This success led to his acceptance into the Harvard Business School, where he met Professor Zuboff.

    Although Edward had accomplished a great deal since leaving the penitentiary, he felt a growing sense of shame over things he did not know. During one lecture, Professor Zuboff briefly mentioned the name of an author who had written about Auschwitz. After class, Edward asked, What is Auschwitz? Because of his disadvantaged childhood, he had missed out on many learning experiences that most students take for granted. To avoid giving away his deep-seated, inner secret, he mastered many defense strategies to protect his image among his peers. Professor Zuboff noted, he was haunted by the sense of not knowing what he didn’t know or how to learn it.

    With help from this caring professor and her husband, who agreed to serve as his mentor, Edward began a program of study designed to fill in the gaps in his education. His self-esteem improved greatly as his program of self-improvement unfolded. Today Edward runs a successful consulting firm that focuses on leadership and emotional intelligence.


    Need Help With My Microeconomics Homework (Screenshot


    Need help with my microeconomics homework (screenshot

    available). Which policy is the most successful to reduce drug related crime?

    How we can summarise it?
    When demand is inelastic price effect is greater than the output effect and total
    revenue follows price. When demand is elastic output effect is greater than the
    price effect and total revenue follows output
    In case of demand which is unit elastic the percentage change in price is equal to the
    percentage change in quantity demanded, so there is no change to TR (regardless
    whether the price increases or decreases) and TR is maximised.
    The tools of supply and demand can be applied in many different kinds of markets. Such as
    the market for wheat, the market for oil and the market for illegal drugs.
    7.17, For example do drug bans increase or decrease drug-related crime?
    Assume that the Australian government increases the number of customs
    inspectors and police officers devoted to preventing drug imports. What happens?
    The higher number of customs inspectors will decrease the supply of drugs which raises the
    price and leads to a reduction in quantity sold. If demand is inelastic, total expenditure on
    drugs (same as total revenue for seller of drugs) will increase. If demand is elastic, total
    expenditure on drugs by drugs users will fall.
    Instead of increasing the number of customs inspectors assume that the government
    pursued a policy of drug education. What happens? The demand for drugs
    decreases(demand curve shifts left) which lowers price and quantity sold. Total expenditure
    must fall (since both price and quantity fall).
    Which policy in your opinion be more successful in reducing drug
    related crime. Use the theory of elasticity in your posting.Microeconomics

    What Are The Characteristics And Skills That You Have As A Leader That Define Your Leadership Question Ulliwhat Are The Characteristics And Skills That You Have As A Leader That Define Your Leadership Style?

    ulgtltligtWhat are the characteristics and skills that you have as a leader that define your leadership


    ulliWhat are the characteristics and skills that you have as a leader that define your leadership

    style? What are your strengths? What are your areas of need?/liliHow do you incorporate the concept of collaborative leadership in your approach to working with students with exceptionalities, i.e. your professional Special Education practice?/li/ul



    Hi, Kenji. This is my first economics course, and many of the concepts


    GINNY: Hi, Kenji. This is my first economics course, and many of the concepts

    discussed in class are really confusing. Today the professor explained that the true cost of going to college includes both the tuition I pay as well as something called the opportunity cost of going to college. I don’t understand. I pay $38,000 per year in tuition. The tuition is what I pay to the school, so it seems like that should be my true cost!

    KENJI: Hi, Ginny. Many concepts in economics can be confusing at first. Let’s talk it through.

    Economists think of costs a bit differently than just the dollar amount that you pay. To an economist, the true cost of college includes the total value of what you give up in order to acquire your college education. In other words, not only did you give up the tuition money that you paid, but by attending college, you gave up opportunities to do other things with your time as well. This is where the idea of opportunity cost comes from.

    The opportunity cost of your decision to go to college is the value of the next best alternative that you gave up. Suppose that your next best alternative to college is to work as a cashier. By not going to college, and taking this job, you could earn $19,000 per year. Then your opportunity cost of college is______, and your total cost of a year of college is ____ per year.


    As The Cnl On A Cardiothoracic Stepdown Unit What Is The One Recommendation You Would Make To Decrease The


    As the CNL on a cardiothoracic step-down unit, what is the one recommendation you would make to decrease the

    chance of readmission of your patient population?

    A. visiting nursing for all patients

    B. all follow up appointments scheduled prior to patient discharge

    C. pharmacy to visit with each patient prior to discharge home to review medications

    D. all patients should be enrolled in a cardiac rehabilitation program

    Survey results of the nursing staff reflect poor perceptions and a discomfort with addressing spiritual issues with patients. The ultimate success of focused staff education can be measured by:

    A. trending quarterly patient satisfaction scores pertaining to spiritual care during hospitalization

    B. a follow-up survey of the staff after education to solicit feedback

    C. an open discussion of how the nurse would address spiritual care in a given scenario

    D. feedback shared during discharge phone calls


    I Have Also Attached The Original Document With The Same Questions /&Gt


    Part 1

    The Toledo Mudhens, a minor league baseball team, breaks an average of eleven bats per week during a 42 week season. The team purchases it bats from a national supplier. The order cost is $295 and the annual holding cost is 25 percent of the purchase price.

    What is the annual demand for bats?

    If bats cost $30.00 each, what is the economic order quantity for bats?

    What is the total annual cost associated with the EOQ quantity?

    What impact will an decrease to $195 in the order cost have on the EOQ quantity?

    Suppose the Mudhens break an average of 9 bats per week during the season, what impact will this have on the EOQ quantity? (Assume the order cost is $295)

    Assume the bat manufacturer offers the Mudhens the following price schedule

    Order Quantity Price per Unit

    – 49 $28.00

    – 143 $27.00

    144 or more $26.50

    How many bats should the team order if the discount applies to all units?

    What is the total annual cost associated with the best order quantity?

    Part 2

    Below is the Bill of Materials (BOM) and Master Production Schedule (MPS) for a chair. The number in the parenthesis indicates the quantity needed and the lead time is shown in weeks.










    Quantity Needed









    Determine the timing of the Pl

    41) A Firm Will Always Make An Economic Profit If A) P = Atc B) P &Gt


    C) P = MC.

    Micro Module 2 Homework.pdf x
    lt; -gt; C @ File | fs1/users/bianca.dahlinger/Desktop/Micro%20Module%202%20Homework.pdf
    Micro Module 2 Homework.pdf
    14 / 15
    n maustry attract
    A) high revenues B) normal profit C) economic profit D) low cost E) lack of competition
    MR A
    MR 3
    MR 2
    (note: each of the above horizontal curves (lines) represent a different demand curve for firm
    A. Remember that in pure competition a firm’s demand curve D = P = MR)Microeconomics

    5 Macro Economic Questions About

    AS/AD and IS/LMif asking illustrate the short run effects of anQuestion one
    Crowding Out is a decrease in investment which is brought about by increase in interest rates due to expansionary fiscal po
    When the government increases borrowing,prevailing interest…Economics

    1 Points


    1. Consider a firm that employs some resources that are owned by

    1. Economic profit is
    the difference between total revenue and the opportunity cost of all of the resources used
    in production.
    (opportunity cost of all resources include the…Economics

    I Need Help With My Data Exercise

    1 In macroeconomics. Please let me know if you need any information.Economic Statistical Data Institution: Instructor: Name: Economic Statistical Data Real GDP is an aggregate measure of the value of economic output adjusted for prices changes.
    Nominal GDP is the…Economics

    I Need Answer By

    Thursday 6pm

    Multiple choice questions

    1 Economic profit
    a is a theoretical measure of a firms performance and has little value in real world decison
    b can be calculated by subtracting implicit costs of using owner owner-supplied…Economics

    You And Some Friends Are Discussing News That Could Change The World As We Know It If The Worldchanging Company


    You and some friends are discussing news that could change the world as we know it, if the world-changing company

    survives! Hermes, a

    new automaker, unveils a new automobile that runs on plastic grocery bags and gets 100 miles to the bag. It enjoys a monopoly on this new

    technology. Assume that Hermes is a profit-maximizing firm and currently operates at a negative economic profit in the short run.

    1. Draw a correctly-labeled graph for Hermes, showing the profit-maximizing price P and quantity Q of the new car. Also shade the area

    of the negative economic profit.

    2. Why would Hermes continue to operate in the short run if it is earning negative economic profit?

    3. What would happen to the total revenue of Hermes if it decided to make one fewer car than Q ? Why?

    Monopoly making economic loss
    Unit cost amp; revenue ($) – thousand
    Quantity (thousands of units sold per year)Microeconomics

    Initially An Economy Has 90 Million People Employed 10 Million People Unemployed And 15 Million People Not In


    Initially an economy has 90 million people employed, 10 million people unemployed, and 15 million people not in

    the labor force. Because of a new round of tax cuts, households expectations for the economy improve. 4 million people who previously were not in the labor force now join it. Now there are 92 million employed. What happens to the unemployment rate? Provide an economic explanation as to what happened to the unemployment rate and why ?


    Using The Graph Above What Is The Profit Maximizing Or Loss Minimizing Output And Price?

    Using the graph


    1. Using the graph

    above, what is the profit maximizing or loss minimizing output and price?

    2. Using the graph above, what is the profit or loss at the profit maximizing or loss minimizing point?

    3. What would happen in this market in the long run. Be sure to explain in detail what happens in the market and the firm. What would be the long run price, and output.

    4. How, if in the long run there is zero economic profit, do producers stay in business? *(think about the difference between economic and accounting costs and the implications of this.)*


    __________ Is The Amount Of Real Gdp An Economy Can Produce By Fully Employing Its Existing Levels Of Labor


    __________ is the amount of real GDP an economy can produce by fully employing its existing levels of labor,

    physical capital, and technology, in the context of its existing market and legal institutions.

    Select the two correct answers below.

    Select all that apply:

    • Full-employment GDP
    • GDP
    • Potential GDP
    • Real GDP

    2.Factors that may change net exports are

    Select all that apply:

    • changes in the price levels of countries
    • changes in the relative growth rates of countries.
    • changes in domestic consumption of US goods
    • changes in government spending

    3.Although you can make a purchase with a credit card, _______.

    Select the two answers below that correctly fill in the blank.

    Select all that apply:

    • it is not considered money.
    • it is considered as a long-term loan.
    • it is considered as a short-term loan.
    • it is not considered as a reliable way to purchase goods and services.

    4.t he long run aggregate supply curve is

    Select the correct answer below:

    a)horizontal at a fixed price level

    b)vertical at the full employment level of GDP

    c)upward sloping, illustrating the tradeoff between inflation and GDP

    d)downward sloping, illustrating a negative relationship between price level and GDP

    5.Economic adjustments can be slow if

    Select the correct answer below:

    a.people cannot form expectations about the futureMacroeconomics

    Chapter Name Economic Fluctuation &Amp


    note: the home country is INDIA according to the


    chapter name Economic fluctuation unemployment

    note: the home country is INDIA according to the


    C. Economic Fluctuations and Consumption (9 Marks)
    1. Sickness and accidents are one of the largest shocks that affect households. These
    shocks include the costs of healthcare and the loss of income.
    a) Name your home country. What are the two main mechanisms that exist in your
    home country that help insure households against the shocks of healthcare costs?
    Are these examples of co-insurance or of-insurance? (2 marks)
    d) Name the cause of an economy-wide shock that has occurred in your home
    country. Did households have access to any form of co-insurance to help with the O
    shock? (2 marks)

    Land Not Developed Is Sometimes Called Dead Capital This Means That The Sole Objective Of Land Development Is


    Land not developed is sometimes called dead capital. This means that the sole objective of land development is

    to turn this dead capital into useful capital for the creation of economic wealth for the good of the state and all citizens.

    Is the above statement true?

    oIf in your opinion a statement is incorrect or partially correct only, explain why you think so by giving reasons or

    oIf you fully concur with a statement, please also explain.


    4 (10 Points) In A Perfectly Competitive Industry Demand Is P = 850 2qand Industry Supply


    4. (10 points) In a perfectly competitive industry, demand is:

    P = 850 – 2Q

    and industry supply


    P = 250 + 4Q

    a The supply is simply the sum of the marginal cost curves of all the firms in the industry. Suppose that all the competitive firms collude to form one single monopoly firm. (Collusion changes neither the demand nor the cost conditions in the industry.)

    b Discuss the economic effects of the change in market structure. More specifically, quantify the possible changes in the market price and output of the commodity.


    Please See Below Advocates Of Globalization Including Professional Economists And Business


    Please see below:

    Advocates of globalization, including professional economists and business

    leaders stress the benefits of globalization on economic growth. According to them, one of he benefits of globalization is that it will strengthen the middle class, which is the driving force of the economy.

    Do you think that globalization will further economic growth and strengthen the US middle class? Or do you see it as a threat to the well-being of the middle class? Provide your arguments in favor or against this claim.


    In Chapter 7 The Environment Part Ii Hite And Seitz (2016) Discuss The Existing Tension Between


    In Chapter 7: The Environment – Part II, Hite and Seitz (2016) discuss the existing tension between

    development and the environment. Development brings economic growth as well as social and environmental changes. To a developing country, economic growth may be of a higher priority than the consequences to the long-term health of its citizens or its environment. On the other hand, poverty can also harm the environment such as how searching for land to farm contributes to deforestation.

    Do wealthy nations using the labor of developing nations have responsibilities to the people and environment of that country? Why or why not? Be sure to use examples of existing companies to support your response


    The Characteristics Of Perfect Competition In The Long Run Include All Of The


    The characteristics of perfect competition in the long run include all of the

    following except:

    Select one:

    a. efficient production

    b. output at minimum long run average total cost

    c. marginal cost equals price

    d. positive economic profit

    e. total revenue equals total cost


    Economists Consider Both Explicit Costs And Implicit Costs When Measuring Economic Profit The Reason They


    Economists consider both explicit costs and implicit costs when measuring economic profit. The reason they

    consider implicit costs is that

    Group of answer choices

    a business must cover its opportunity costs as well as its out-of-pocket expenses to be truly profitable.

    most businesses forget to pay their implicit costs.

    implicit costs include expenses like taxes and fees to the government.

    they are more conservative than accountants, who consider only accounting costs.

    implicit costs are typically far larger than explicit costs.


    The United States Is Able To Experience Economic Growth To The Extent That A

    the government


    The United States is able to experience economic growth to the extent that:

    A. the government

    involves itself in the economy.

    B. jobs are protected from outsourcing.

    C. trade is restricted.

    D. consumers are encouraged to buy domestically produced goods.

    E. specialization and trade are encouraged.


    Assume The Market For Beef Is Perfectly Competitive Beef Producers Are Currently Earning A Zero Economic Profit


    Assume the market for beef is perfectly competitive. Beef producers are currently earning a zero economic profit.

    If consumers switch from beef to chicken, which of the following is most likely to occur?

    Select one:

    a. Beef producers will incur economic losses in both the short run and the long run.

    b. Beef producers will earn economic profits in the short run and there will be no additional adjustments in the long run.

    c. Beef producers will incur economic losses in the short run. Some producers will exit the industry until those remaining beef producers are earning a zero economic profit.

    d. Beef producers will incur economic losses in the short run. Some producers will exit the industry until those remaining beef producers are earning an economic profit.


    For The Following Questions First State Whether The Test Needed Is A Zstatistic Or Tstatistic And Calculate The


    For the following questions, first state whether the test needed is a Z-statistic or T-statistic and calculate the

    test statistic.

    Note: Feel free to make a new cell to do some calculations with Python if need be.

    a. The grades on a statistics test at GW University are normally distributed with μ = 55 and σ = 12. George scored G = 65 on the exam. You want to test whether George’s score is more than the mean.

    b. The heights of the statisticians working on the Large Hadron Collider project seems to be normally distributed with μ = 68 inches and σ = 5 inches. Dr. Numbercrackers’ height is H = 61 inches. You want to test is Dr. Numbercracker’s height is different from the mean.

    c. The Bureau on Economic Development conducted a survey of families residing in a small town of Gugelshnackel. 100 residents were surveyed and the survey revealed that X ̄ = 45, 000 and s = 10, 538. You need to test whether mean income is statistically different from a null hypothesis of 40,000.

    Statistics and Probability

    Over The Past Few Years Australian Residential Properties Have Attracted Considerable Interest From Foreign


    Over the past few years, Australian residential properties have attracted considerable interest from foreign

    investors. This has resulted in a significant increase in the number of new apartment developments, particularly in Fortitude Valley and Newstead.

    Answer the following questions:

    a)Metro Properties is currently producing apartments that result in its marginal cost being lower than the market price of apartments. Taking the apartment construction industry as being perfectly competitive, this suggests Metro Properties should [a] the quantity of apartments that it is currently constructing to maximise economic profits. Type I for Increase, D for Decrease or M for Maintain.

    b)Assume Metro Properties currently sells 42 apartments per year in Newstead for an average of $570,000. If the average total cost (which includes opportunity cost) is equal to 70% of the sale price, what is the economic profit generated by Metro’s Newstead operations in millions of dollars to three decimal places? $[b] million. Answer in millions of dollars (with three decimal places).

    c)If other construction firms are able to copy Metro’s operations, it is likely these other firms will [c] the Newstead apartment market. Type E for Enter or X for Exit.


    Pat Is The Owner Of A Grocery Store In A Rural Town There Are No Substitutes For The Products Sold In His Store


    Pat is the owner of a grocery store in a rural town. There are no substitutes for the products sold in his store

    for 300 kilometres. Assume demand for his products are linear.

    Select the item from the list provided to make the following statements true:

    a)Pat’s __________ curve is twice as steep as his demand curve.

    b)The closer price is to __________ for products Pat sells, the smaller the deadweight loss will be.

    c)In monopolistic competition, the producers still have some degree of __________.

    All Answer Choices

    1. Supply

    2. Government regulators

    3. Economic profits

    4. Marginal revenue

    5. Demand

    6. Minimised

    7. Deadweight loss

    8. Differentiated

    9. Marginal cost

    10. Opportunity costs

    11. Maximised

    12. Market power


    Project Selection Procedures A Crossindustry


    Project Selection Procedures: A Cross-Industry



    The art and science of selecting projects is one that organizations take extremely seriously. Firms in a variety of industries have developed highly sophisticated methods for project screening and selection to ensure that the projects they choose to fund offer the best promise of success. As part of this screening process, organizations often evolve their own particular methods, based on technical concerns, available data, and corporate culture and preferences. This list gives you a sense of the lengths to which some organizations go with project selection:

    The Royal Bank of Canada has developed a scoring model to rate its project opportunities. The criteria for the portfolio scoring include project importance (strategic importance, magnitude of impact, and economic benefits) and ease of doing (cost of development, project complexity, and resource availability). Expected annual expenditure and total project spending are then added to this rank-ordered list to prioritize the project options. Decision rules are used (e.g., projects of low importance that are difficult to execute get a no-go rating).

    Exxon Chemical‘s management begins evaluating all new project proposals in light of the business unit’s strategy and strategic priorities. Target spending is decided according to the overall project mix portfolio. As the year progresses, all projects are reprioritized using a scoring model. As significant differences between projected and actual spending are uncovered, the top management group makes adjustments for the next year’s portfolio.

    Have any of you been involved with changing a company’s strategic direction? It could be a small mom and pop store, a corner cafe or a large Fortune 500 corporation.

    Once again, if you have never been directly involved, please pick an example where you would like to add strategic direction to a company or store.


    Hello Can I Get Some Assistance With This Question And Will Appreciate Your Help In Showing The Steps On How To


    Hello, Can I get some assistance with this question and will appreciate your help in showing the steps on how to

    solve? Bell Canada stocks a certain switch connector at its central warehouse for supplying field service offices. The yearly demand for these connectors is 15 000 units. Bell estimates its annual holding cost for this item to be $25 per unit. The cost to place and process an order from the supplier is $75. The company operates 300 days per year, and the lead time to receive an order from the supplier is two working days.

    a) Find the economic order quantity.

    b) Find the annual holding costs.

    c) Find the annual ordering costs.

    d) What is the reorder point?


    Operations Management

    East Side Inc Has No Debt Outstanding And A Total Market Value Of Rm136 000 Earnings Before Interest And Taxes


    East Side, Inc. has no debt outstanding and a total market value of RM136,000. Earnings before interest and taxes,

    EBIT, are projected to be RM12,000 if economic conditions are normal. If there is strong expansion in the economy, then EBIT will be 27 percent higher. If there is a recession, then EBIT will be 55 percent lower. East Side is considering a RM54,000 debt issue with a 5 percent interest rate. The proceeds will be used to repurchase shares of stock. There are currently 2,000 shares outstanding. Ignore taxes. What is the change in EPS (in percentage) if the economy enters a recession as compared to a normal economy assuming that the firm recapitalizes.


    Article Amp Hit With New Class Actionsamantha Bailey The


    ARTICLE : AMP hit with new class action

    Samantha Bailey, The

    Australian, 27 June 2019, page 20

    A second law firm has filed a class action against financial services giant AMP on behalf of superannuation fund members who were allegedly charged unreasonable fees.

    After announcing an intention to file back in May, Slater Gordon filed a class action on behalf of super members yesterday, alleging that more than 2 million Australians had been charged excessive fees on their superannuation accounts.

    It also alleges that customers failed to secure an appropriate return on cash-only investment options. Superannuation members trusted that AMP would act in their best interests when managing their retirement savings, senior associate Nathan Rapoport said. Instead, they charged exorbitant fees.

    Both AMP Super and NM Super, as trustees of the funds, should have taken steps to secure the best deal for members on a commercial, arms-length basis. He said that members who had funds deposited in cash- only investment options were shortchanged because they received interest rates below what a reasonable and diligent trustee could have obtained on the open market.

    AMP said the proceedings would be vigorously defended.

    AMP and the trustees of its superannuation funds are firmly committed to acting in the best interests of their superannuation members and acting in accordance with legal and regulatory obligations, the company said. We encourage any customers who have concerns to contact AMP. We have reduced the administration fees on some of our cash investment options to address the issue of negative returns in the small number of funds impacted by this issue.

    We are also compensating ¬affected customers for lost earnings. The case, funded by Therium Litigation Finance, claims compensation for AMP’s conduct dating as far back as July 1, 2008.

    The class action comes after AMP’s reputation was battered by the Hayne royal commission.

    The commission heard one case of a client losing money after the cash deposit was eaten up by investment and administration fees. It also heard allegations that AMP misled ASIC in the fee-for-no-service scandal, and claims that AMP’s board had tampered with an independent report on an investigation into the scandal by law firm Clayton Utz.

    The revelations forced the exit of chairman Catherine Brenner and former chief Craig Meller.

    Slater Gordon rival Maurice Blackburn filed a class action against AMP last month, alleging super members were charged high fees. The Federal Court will now decide which of the two law firms will proceed with the class action.

    AMP is facing a separate class action brought by Maurice Blackburn over disclosure obligations, after the latter won the right to proceed in the NSW Supreme Court, beating four other firms. AMP shares closed up 2 per cent at $2.07 yesterday.

    Q:Select one of the following theories/hypotheses AND explain how to apply selected theory to the article. (Please do not combine theories.)

    Theories of regulation

    • Public interest theory

    • Capture theory

    • Private interest theory (economic theory)

    Political economy or systems based theories

    • Legitimacy theory

    • Stakeholder theory (select one branch)

    o Ethical (moral) branch

    o Managerial branch

    Economics or market based theories

    • Efficient market hypothesis and Capital market research

    • Agency theory

    • Positive accounting theory (plus select one hypothesis)

    o Political cost hypothesis

    o Bonus hypothesis

    o Debt hypothesis


    A $2 And 200 Bushelsb $2 And 200 000 Bushelsc $2 000 And 200 000 Bushelsd $2 000 And


    a. $2 and 200 bushels

    b. $2 and 200,000 bushels

    c. $2,000 and 200,000 bushels

    d. $2,000 and

    1,000 bushels

    2) A perfectly competitive firm earns an economic profit in the short run if price is ________.

    a. equal to marginal cost

    b. equal to average cost

    c. greater than average total cost

    d. greater than marginal cost

    3) In part, perfect competition arises if ________.

    a. each firm’s minimum efficient scale is large relative to demand

    b. each firm produces a good or service identical to those produced by its competitors

    c. there are significant barriers to entry

    d. there are more firms than barriers to entry

    4) Under which circumstances will a profit-maximizing perfectly competitive firm shut down in the short run?

    a. when it is earning a normal profit

    b. whenever its marginal cost is less than its marginal revenue

    c. when the price is less than its minimum average variable cost

    d. whenever its total cost is greater than its total revenue

    5) When the long-run average cost curve is downward-sloping, ________.

    a. economies of scale are present

    b. diseconomies of scale are present

    c. the firm experiences constant returns to scale

    d. the average fixed-cost curve must be upward-sloping


    Kelly Is A Producer In The Showbag Market Selling Her Showbags At The Market Price Of $5 00

    olgtltligtEvery year at the Brisbane Exhibition (the ‘Ekka’), hundreds of vendors sell Showbags


    olliEvery year at the Brisbane Exhibition (the ‘Ekka’), hundreds of vendors sell Showbags

    containing an assortment of goods. Assume the market for Ekka Showbags is perfectly competitive. Kelly is a producer in the Showbag market, selling her Showbags at the market price of $5.00. At the profit-maximising output level of 46 Showbags, Kelly’s average total cost is $4.20 per Showbag. The minimum average variable cost is $3.70 per Showbag./liliAnswer the following questions:/liliKelly’s economic profit or loss is (use a negative value if a loss). Answer in dollars, rounded to two decimal places (ie: to the nearest cent)./liliState whether the following statement is true or false: At the profit-maximising quantity, Kelly is making an economic profit of $1.30 per Showbag. Type T for true, or F for false ./liliState whether the following statement is true or false: Kelly should shut down if the market price is $3.69 per Showbag. Type T for true, or F for false ./li/ol


    1 What Are The Types Of Monopolies?

    Why do monopolies exist?What are some examples?

    Is a market


    1. What are the types of monopolies? Why do monopolies exist? What are some examples?

    Is a market

    structure when there is one seller of a good or service that does not have a substitute.

    2. What is market power? What are barriers to entry?

    3. How do you graph a monopoly? What curves are needed? Why do the curves (especially MR) look the way they do? 4. How does the graph differ when you are making an economic profit vs. economic loss? Identify the profit or loss.

    5. What is the difference between a monopoly and a competitive market?

    6. How do monopolies choose their price and quantity?

    7. How do monopolies affect society’s well-being?

    8. What do governments do a bout monopolies?


    Aramis Pte Ltd (Aramis) Is A Manufacturer Of High Tech Machineries And Has A 31 December Year End



    Aramis Pte Ltd (Aramis) is a manufacturer of high tech machineries and has a 31 December year end. The

    Sword-Fight model is one of many models of high tech machineries that it carries.

    Aramis spent significantly on research and development. The research and development costs of the Sword-Fight model were $500,000 and $800,000 respectively. The development costs of the Sword-Fight model are amortized on a straight-line basis over 10 years with zero residual value, starting from 1 January 2011.

    The Sword-Fight model has been facing intense competition in recent years from competitors offering value-for-money alternative models. By 31 December 2016, the management of Aramis re-assessed its Sword-Fight model and concluded that the model will have reached the end of its economic useful life in two years’ time. The recoverable amount of the Sword-Fight model is estimated to be $80,000 as at 31 December 2016.


    (i) Briefly explain the accounting treatment(s) of the following items in accordance with the relevant Financial Reporting Standards in Singapore:

    (a) Research costs (b) Development costs (c) Goodwill

    (ii) For the financial year ended 31 December 2016, identify the relevant accounting issues relating to the development costs of the Sword-Fight model and prepare the necessary journal entries where applicable.

    (iii) Calculate the amortization expense of the development costs of the Sword-Fight model for the next two financial years after 31 December 2016.

    Answer to Question ii
    The depreciable amount of an intangible asset with a finite useful life shall be allocated on a systematic basis over its useful life. Amortisation shall begin when the asset…Financial Accounting

    What Are The Conditions For A Perfectly Competitive Market? What Are Some Reallife Examples Of Perfectly


    What are the conditions for a perfectly competitive market? What are some real-life examples of perfectly

    competitive markets? What are economic profit-maximizing strategies that may be made by a perfectly competitive firm? Identify a good that you regularly purchase and you feel is in perfect competition – how do the characteristics of the goods and the market structure it operates in affect the firm’s ability to change the price?


    Those Questions Should Use A Sum Of Relevant Economic Theories (If Require) For The Justification Of Their


    those questions should use a sum of relevant economic theories (if require) for the justification of their

    answers,can also use figures (i.e., supply and demand curves) for presenting their answers.

    Explain the effect of this crisis on USA’s labour market in long-run?

    Explain the effect of this crisis on the levels of Americans’ consumption in long-run?


    Your City And Department

    isfaced with an economic downturn and you have been asked todevelop


    Your city and department is faced with an economic downturn and you have been asked to develop

    a team of members from all ranks within your fire department, including both union and civilian personnel. This new team will determine the programs, projects, policies and procedures that need changed get the budget in order for next year. The city manager has asked that you develop a plan of how to build and maintain your team.

    a big report