Week 5 Module 5 Careers in Psychology Specialty Focus Areas IndustrialOrganizational


Week 5 Module 5 Careers in Psychology Speciay Focus Areas:


Social Psychology

Assignment Resources:

Industrial-Organizational Psychology –
— http://www.thepsychfiles.com/category/topics/io-psychology/
— Kuther and Morgan (2012) Chapter 8

Social Psychology –
— http://www.thepsychfiles.com/category/topics/social-psychology/
— Kuther and Morgan (2012) Chapter 10

American Psychological Association Website


Listen to several podcasts on each of the above web pages and select one from each for use in your assignment completion. NOTE: If either of the hot links above doesn’t work, paste http://www.thepsychfiles.com/ into your web browser and use drop-down menu under the Topics tab on the Psych Files website.

Week 5 Module Report
Use the above assignment resources to research Industrial-Organizational and Social Psychology, this week’s two speciaies of the larger field of psychology.

Write a report based on your findings that includes the seven elements listed below. A minimum of 4 pages is required for Module Report assignments. They are graded for thoroughness, evidence of ability to clearly articulate and apply knowledge learned, organization and clarity and the degree to which they meet requirements identified on the Module Report grading rubric including compliance with APA formatting rules.

1) The types of work professionals in speciay areas within the larger field of psychology do

2) The type and level of education one must achieve to work in those speciay areas

3) A description of work settings and average incomes one can expect in careers within the speciay areas.

4) Whether after researching the areas you find them to be career possibilities you are interested in or careers that don’t capture your interest and why

5) A description of the most interesting thing not previously known that you learned about the speciay areas

6) A description of an everyday and real-world human experience related to two pod-casts you select to listen to on the speciay web pages provided

7) A description of a Hot Topic that fits with what you know about each speciay area after researching it and how the two are related.

Social Science

Please help on these 3 thank you 1 In studying human sexuality which scientific


Please help on these 3, thank you.

1.In studying human sexuality, which scientific

perspective focuses on perception, learning, motivation, emotion, and/or personality?

The sociological perspective

The psychological perspective

The evolutionary perspective

The cross-species perspective

2.According to evolutionary theorists, sexual behaviors exist because

they reflect the greater reproductive success of women.

they once served the cause of reproduction (and might still do so today).

they are the resu of social learning over evolutionary time.

they stimulate parts of the unconscious mind (the id).

3.Early Christians strongly connected sex with sin. Which of the following was a teaching of early Christianity?

Prostitution was only acceptable for unmarried men or widowers.

Christian men could have two wives, but only if the first wife was unable to have a baby.

Divorce was legal only in the case of aduery (cheating).

Celibacy was the ideal, but marriage was acceptable.


In late adolescence and early adulthood we see an increase in rates of depression and suicide risk Given


In late adolescence and early aduhood, we see an increase in rates of depression and suicide risk. Given

what we know about this age group (think life events, cognition, identity and social skills), how could we create a program that helps peers identify the people they know who may be at risk? What should be included, and how could we best reach this group?

How can I answer this question?

Social Science

Did vineyard vines make a good strategic decision partnering with the brotherhood of the traveling plants?



Did vineyard vines make a good strategic decision partnering with the brotherhood of the traveling plants? How

should vineyard vines proceed with its social media strategy?Was vineyard the right partnership for the brotherhood? If so. Why? If not, what other brands or industries should the brotherhood have targeted? What should the brotherhood do next with its 10,000 followers?


Provision 1

The nurse, in all professional relationships, practices with compassion and


Provision 1: The nurse, in all professional relationships, practices with compassion and

respect for the inherent dignity, worth and uniqueness of every individual, unrestricted by considerations of social or economic status, personal attributes, or the nature of heah problems.

The world is made up of numerous types of people, cuures, societies, worldviews, religions, opinions and values. This is part of what makes humanity unique, special, complex and prone to conflict. The very thing that brings beauty to mankind can make it difficu for people to coincide in peace with one another. Consider for a moment the differences of each person below.


What does behavior reward systems?What are of some reward systems?How can


What does behavior reward systems?

What are of some reward systems?

How can

behavior reward systems be including in teaching practice?

Can the systems work with students from diverse backgrounds and show compassion and care in order to meet the emotional and social needs of students with special circumstances, different family dynamics, and medical diagnoses?

Can behavior systems establish a positive or negative within the classroom environment?

What your views on behavior reward systems?

Social Science

It seems more prudent to take your cue from the customer advisory board than from the focus group so you’ve


It seems more prudent to take your cue from the customer advisory board than from the focus group, so you’ve

decided to focus on the issue of price. But slashing price would have major ramifications, including a hit to your bottom line and a possible price war with competition. Before taking this step, you need more research to confirm whether or not the exploratory data was correct.

The relentless pressure to hold down costs leads you to consider a relatively inexpensive survey using the company’s mail panel. Like any mail survey, it would enable you to reach a diverse group – not just social media fans or other Internet regulars. You could develop a simple, standardized instrument asking respondents to rate the importance of price and other factors, like performance, in their purchase decisions. But you know that people who take time to participate in panels may differ significantly from the general population.

It may be worth spending more to use mail survey of a national consumer sample. You’d feel more confident moving forward based on resus from a large, relatively unbiased pool of participants. Low response rates could be a problem, but enclosing coupons or other incentives may help.

is the answer :

A) Mail Panel

B) National Consumer Sample


Consider the following scenario Imagine you are an active leading member of an


Consider the following scenario:

Imagine you are an active, leading member of an

organization whose mission is to strengthen the community of human service workers. You have been asked to speak to your local community of newly graduated human service workers who joined your organization. Your goal is to advocate for them to become involved in policymaking on a local, state, and federal level.

Create a 7- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that addresses the following:

  • Describe the beneficiaries of social welfare.
  • Describe 2 to 3 misconceptions regarding social welfare.
  • Describe 2 to 3 barriers regarding social welfare. Be sure to address financial aspects.
  • Describe 2 to 3 challenges associated with social welfare.
  • Explain how human service workers contribute to public policy.
  • Highlight 1 social welfare entity (i.e. SNAP, HUD). Speculate the role of the human service worker throughout the policy-forming process that influences the entity. Describe the sphere of influence a human service worker has for each phase of policy formulation. Connect activities a human service worker can contribute to in the policy-forming process.

Include 3 to 5 resources.

Question 1
Grant beneficiaries
Generally poorer territories’ have kept being reliance on government concedes: those with lower financial yield per capita had the most elevated rate of give…
Public Relations







A drug company is deciding how much to invest in Research and Development into finding a cure for diabetes.

The table below shows the company’s demand for financial capital for RD based on its expected rates of return from selling the cure. Every investment provides an additional 4% social return: that is, an investment that pays at least a 5% return to the drug company will produce at least a 9% return for society as a whole.

If the opportunity cost of financial capital for the drug company is 7%, the drug company will invest ___ in RD if it receives only the private benefits of this investment.

ANSWER a) $250

2) 13-59

A drug company is deciding how much to invest in Research and Development into finding a cure for the common cold. The table below shows the company’s demand for financial capital for RD of this cold drug,

based on its expected rates of return from selling the cure. Every investment has an additional 4% social return: that is, an investment that pays at least a 5% return to the drug company will produce at least a 9% return for society as a whole.

If the opportunity cost of financial capital for the drug company is 7%, the drug company will invest ___ in RD if it receives both the private and the social benefits of this investment.

ANSWER c) $308


1 Briefly define social media such as Google+® Twitter® Pinterest® LinkedIn® and Facebook® and how it


1. Briefly define social media such as Google+®, Twitter®, Pinterest®, LinkedIn®, and Facebook® and how it

differs from traditional media. In addition, how has social media impacted the workplace?

2. Given the increased prevalence of social media, how has your personal perspective of muicuuralism and diversity been impacted?

3. Select an organization you belong to. How do you think your perspective has impacted that organization? How do you feel that others in the organization have been impacted?

Engineering Technology

Describe the time period media (materials) methods and subjects significant to the realism movement



Describe the time period, media (materials), methods, and subjects significant to the realism movement. Explain

what religious, social, philosophical factors may have lead to the emergence of the realism movement and the major characteristics of the realism movement in art.

RUNNING HEADER: Realism Movement 1 Period, Media, Methods, and Subjects significant to Realism Movement
Institutional Affiliation
Date Realism Movement 2 Period, Media, Methods, and Subjects…

The labor participation rate was down to

in June of 2017, or
down over 3


The labor participation rate was down to 62.8% in June of 2017, or down over 3

percentage points since 2008. Each percentage point here equals about 2.5 million Americans. Why are more than 7.5 million previously employed Americans no longer looking for a job today? Why are a near record 95 million Americans (or 15 million more than in 2008) not looking for work? Are they discouraged? Are they finding solace in the rich welfare benefits being paid out?

Why are Social Security Disability payments being paid to over 2 million more people since 2008 and why are SNAP (food stamp program) payments up from 28 million recipients in 2008 to over 43 million recipients in 2016?

If many of these 7.5 million people (assuming the old normal labor participation rate held, remember, it held for thirty years in a row, before Obama) were looking for and finding jobs, it is a good bet that the American economy would be lots more robust than it presently is today. Do Americans collectively have the political will to produce more, instead of only worry about consumption? What might happen if we backed off passing new regulations, revoked ObamaCare and Dodd/Frank and lowered marginal tax rates significantly?


2 To 3 paragraphs please read instructions carefully

Before you begin to explore


2 to 3 paragraphs please read instructions carefully

Before you begin to explore

aggression and apply concepts from social psychology to it, it is important to examine one of the most fundamental social psychological concepts: construals. A construal is defined as the way in which people perceive, comprehend, and interpret the social world. The concept of construal has its roots in Gesta psychology—a school of psychology that stresses the importance of studying the subjective way in which an object appears in people’s minds, rather than the objective, physical attributes of the object.

Social psychologists have found that two motives are of primary importance in determining human thoughts and behavior: the need to feel good about ourselves and the need to be accurate. Self-esteem is people’s evaluation of their own self-worth, or the extent to which people see themselves as good, competent, and decent. Most people have a strong need to maintain a high self-esteem. This need can clash with the need for accuracy, referred to as the social cognition motive, leading people to distort their perceptions of reality (e.g., by explaining their personal deficiencies in more positive ways) so as to preserve self-esteem. Such distortions are more spins on the facts rather than complete delusions.

Consider, for instance, a man who proposed marriage and had his proposal rejected in front of his girlfriend’s entire family. This person faces a conflict between the need to maintain self-esteem and the need to be accurate. What should he think about being rejected by his girlfriend? He could protect his self-esteem and assume it was not his fau at all that she said no, or he could try to get an accurate assessment of what happened (e.g., perhaps proposing in front of her family was a bad idea; perhaps his relationship was not as solid as he thought) so it will not happen again. Social psychologists study people’s subjective construals of situations and how these construals are influenced by their self-esteem and social cognition motives.

An important application of this study is to better understand aggressive behavior, a social psychology topic that has far-reaching implications for individuals, groups, and society as a whole. One of the most important reasons for studying aggression is the goal of reducing violence. For example, individuals can be counseled to change the parameters of their situation, trained in communication and problem-solving skills, or provided with ongoing interventions such as anti-bullying programs. Social psychologists seek answers to questions such as: In aggressive situations, do people learn to be aggressive or is their behavior a function of their environment? Do some people have aggressive attributes and tendencies or do they become aggressive because of their unique situations? Are individuals from some cuures more aggressive than those from others?

A fundamental difference between social psychologists and lay people is the application of this construal approach in understanding how aggressive situations and other types of behavior arise. Social psychologists recognize and examine the power of the situation in influencing people. Lay people often cite the situation to explain their own behaviors, but they overlook the situation and instead cite personality to explain others’ behaviors. This is termed the fundamental attribution error.

For this Discussion, you consider why some individuals are aggressive toward others and how aggression escalates or can be reduced. You will compare how social psychologists and lay people might each explain various types of aggressive behavior, and in doing so, apply many of the concepts you explored in the Learning Resources this week, including construals, the fundamental attribution error, and the sometimes competing motives of self-esteem and social cognition.

To prepare:

Running head: SOCIAL PYSHCOLOGY 1 Social psychology
Course Name
Student Name
December 3, 2016 SOCIAL PYSHCOLOGY 2 Social psychology
Social psychology is the study of how people act, think, and feel…
Social Science

Cultural synergy is the ultimate goal of recognizing and responding to cultural


Cuural synergy is the uimate goal of recognizing and responding to cuural


  1. True
  2. False


Women are more likely to emerge as leaders in short-term groups and in task-oriented teams; men are more likely to emerge as social leaders in small groups.

  1. True
  2. False


Artifacts is a term used to describe a cuure’s environment that includes climate, geographical features and natural resources.


Essay PromptTo what degree do you believe Millennials’ use of social media and texting intensifies the


Essay Prompt

To what degree do you believe Millennials’ use of social media and texting intensifies the

human disconnect that drives them to seek affirmation through social media and texting in the first place? And what roles do society at large and Millennials themselves play in this? If it is human disconnect that drives Millennials to social media and texting for comfort, what role does society at large, including older generations, play in this issue? Also, if use of social media and texting is chemically addictive, releasing dopamine in the brain for a natural high, is it even possible to interrupt the relationship between Millennials and social media and texting?

Introduction is done, and just want a little help on the body paragraphs to explain my thesis. Attach it is my introduction

Running head: THE MILLENNIAL CONCEPT The Millennial Concept
Students Name:
Date: 1 THE MILLENNIAL CONCEPT 2 The Millennial Concept
….. (Continuation)… As to per the research,…

With a B2C buisness how can it benefit from a social media campaign when my objective is to increase sales by 20


with a B2C buisness how can it benefit from a social media campaign when my objective is to increase sales by 20

percent how do I Identifiy target audience,Description of a concept for the message (content) based on the target audience,Description of the social media marketing activities why the social media initiative is important and how it integrates into the overall marketing activities of the business


At a meeting of the American Association of Knitting Enthusiasts five people are elected to a committee to create


At a meeting of the American Association of Knitting Enthusiasts, five people are elected to a committee to create

a mission statement. Devin spends the entire committee meeting looking at her cell phone and texting and contributes nothing to the work. She is sure the other four will get the work done fine without her. Devin’s behavior is most likely the resu of

A. social facilitation.

B. in-group bias.

C. social loafing.

D. deindividuation.

Austin and Hallie just witnessed a serious accident where a cyclist crashed while riding through the park. The couple was shocked that none of the nearby people in the crowded park rushed over to help. According to the psychologists who first described the phenomenon of bystander apathy, which factor should increase the chances of the victim receiving help from others?

A. If the victim is female, she is more likely to receive help from bystanders.

B. If there are fewer bystanders, someone is more likely to help the victim.

C. If the members of the crowd are able to remain anonymous, they are more likely to try to help the victim.

D. If the victim is a priest or a nun, he or she is more likely to receive help from bystanders.

Bowen has been stuck in traffic all morning, and she’s late for an important appointment. Then a man in a blue car has the nerve to cut her off. Bowen honks her horn, pounds her steering wheel, and yells out the window. Which of these explains why Bowen has begun to display road rage?

A. frustration-aggression hypothesis

B. social and cuural factors

C. door in the face strategy

D. normative influence

Casey is jealous of his sister Yvette, who seems to get special treatment because she is very physically attractive. Yvette always breezes through airport security, and whenever she gets pulled over for speeding, she is able to talk her way out of getting a ticket. From which stereotype does Yvette benefit?

A. birds of a feather

B. reciprocal helping

C. What is beautiful is good.

D. eye of the beholder

Cedric walks into his boss’s office and says, I have a conflict next Thursday. Can I please have the day off? His boss thinks it over for a minute and then agrees to give Cedric the day off. The boss’s willingness to agree to a specific request is an example of

A. compliance.

B. conformity.

C. obedience.

D. attribution.

Craig said he had forgiven Josh for a past disagreement, but whenever Josh goes out with the group, Craig seems to stay at home. Which of Craig’s attitudes toward Josh likely remains negative?

A. simple

B. complex

C. implicit

D. explicit

Danielle is placed into a remedial mathematics class in her school even though she is sure that her skills should have qualified her for a regular math course. Her new remedial math teacher communicates that he does not expect Danielle to perform well in class. As a resu, she does not try very hard and gets very low grades in the class. Danielle’s performance in her math class most likely has been affected by a(n)

A. in-group bias.

B. self-fulfilling prophecy.

C. fundamental attribution error.

D. actor/observer bias.

Donna is madly in love with Harry. Whenever they are together she has a very strong sexual yearning for him, and when they’re apart she longs to be with him. Brain imaging studies show that this sort of passionate love is associated with activity in the __________ reward system.

A. norepinephrine

B. acetylcholine

C. serotonin

D. dopamine

Dr. Barker is an experienced medical professional, but he is also a smoker. In order to reduce the inevitable __________, he probably needs to change his behavior and quit smoking, because it will be very difficu for him to change his attitude and stop believing that smoking is bad for his heah.

A. social exposure

B. justification of effort

C. postdecisional dissonance

D. cognitive dissonance

During the election for a new city mayor, Sheila, one of the candidates, held several news conferences to explain in detail how she would address the important issues that the city was facing. Another candidate, Novia, bought TV advertisements that showed local celebrities supporting her for mayor. According to the elaboration likelihood model, Sheila was attempting to use persuasion by the ________ route and Novia was using persuasion by the ________ route.

A. secondary; primary

B. central; peripheral

C. primary; secondary

D. peripheral; central

Group leaders should refrain from expressing strong opinions at the beginning of discussions. Leaders should also encourage their teams to consider aernative ideas and treat dissenters respectfully. In this way, leaders can prevent which of the following from happening?

A. conformity

B. groupthink

C. risky-shift effect

D. deindividuation

Jamie wants to persuade her parents to let her go to Europe with her school choir. Which statement about persuasion is most accurate?

A. Jamie will be more persuasive if she delivers a strictly one-sided argument.

B. Jamie will be more persuasive if she addresses her parents when they are unable to pay attention to her arguments.

C. Jamie will be more successful if her arguments are memorable.

D. Jamie will be more successful if she prevents her parents from thinking too deeply about her arguments.

Janelle’s college adviser discouraged her from taking computer science because those classes tend to be difficu. Even though Janelle had an interest in programming, she began to doubt herself and worried that she would be unable to succeed in difficu, analytical courses. Her adviser’s expectations had the potential to turn into which type of outcome?

A. self-fulfilling prophecy

B. discrimination

C. prejudice

D. subtyping

Jenna knows that Johnny doesn’t treat her right. She also knows she can find someone who will treat her better. But for some reason, she keeps dating Johnny anyway. Which of these is true about Jenna?

A. Her attitude toward Johnny is simple.

B. Her attitude toward Johnny is complex.

C. Her attitude toward Johnny is accessible.

D. Her attitude toward Johnny is inaccessible.

Michelle is the department head of an African studies program at a local college. When Carmen, a Latina student, wants to enroll in the program, Michelle refuses to let her and tells her it was designed for African American students. Michelle’s unwillingness to admit Carmen to the program is most likely the resu of

A. a self-fulfilling prophecy.

B. making snap judgments.

C. prejudice.

D. discrimination.

Neil and Gretchen recently started dating, and they feel an overwhelming urge to be together all the time and to have sex as often as possible. Armando and Jenny have been married for several years, and they each feel lucky to be married to their best friend. Neil and Gretchen are experiencing __________ love, while Armando and Jenny’s relationship has evolved into __________ love.

A. companionate; passionate

B. passionate; companionate

C. egotistic; aruistic

D. aruistic; egotistic

Researcher Stanley Milgram wanted to understand why normal citizens would follow orders to injure or kill innocent people during World War II. He wanted to know what factors influence people to follow orders given by an authority figure. In other words, he wanted to understand which phenomenon?

A. discrimination

B. prejudice

C. obedience

D. situational attributions

Sarah was shocked by the news of her neighbor being sexually assaued. She was even more shocked, though, that so many people, including Sarah’s own mother, assumed her neighbor had provoked the attack somehow. According to this perspective, Sarah’s mother is making an attribution that seems to make the world seem safer and saner.

A. fundamental attribution error

B. actor/observer bias

C. just world hypothesis

D. self-fulfilling prophecy

The Sandersons have been married for over 40 years. They are a happy couple, and they tend to overlook each other’s bad behavior or respond constructively. What is this process called?

A. attribution

B. persuasion

C. aruism

D. accommodation

The more specific an attitude is, the more predictive of a behavior it is. Which scenario best exemplifies this?

A. Sean’s attitude toward spanking is more predictive of whether he will spank his children than his attitude toward parenthood in general.

B. Sean’s attitude toward parenthood in general predicts whether he will spank his children more accurately than does any specific attitude.

C. Sean’s attitude toward spanking will not be very meaningful until Sean has his own children.

D. Sean’s past experience with being spanked as a child is more predictive of whether he will spank his own children than his own attitudes toward spanking.

Using only a few seconds of security camera footage, Detective Mata observes thin slices of __________ and uses them as powerful cues for forming impressions of suspects.

A. expressions

B. behavior

C. judgments

D. attitudes

When Cody arrived at the gym, it was relatively empty. She started riding a stationary bike at a leisurely pace. After a few other people sat down on nearby bikes, however, she began to speed up her pace and push herself a bit more. What is this phenomenon called?

A. social facilitation

B. social loafing

C. deindividuation

D. group decision making

When he falls on the sidewalk during the winter, Jeremiah thinks, This ice is brutal! When he sees his friend Ed fall on the same icy sidewalk a few hours later, he laughs and says, You are really clumsy! Ed’s attitudes in these cases reflect the impact of the

A. actor/observer bias.

B. out-group bias.

C. in-group bias.

D. fundamental attribution error.

When walking home from work, Eric noticed a group of men standing near the intersection. Eric decided to take a different route home either instinctively or because of which of the following?

A. prejudice

B. snap judgment

C. observer bias

D. situational attribution

Which of the following is NOT one of the top five qualities that college students rate as the most positive characteristic in people they would want to be friends or romantically involved with?

A. intelligent

B. loyal

C. sincere

D. honest

Which of the following is an example of a complex attitude?

A. Ricardo tells people that he believes in being honest, yet he regularly steals small things from the grocery store.

B. Samuel believes that the government should have less say in people’s lives and tells others to vote for candidates who believe in a smaller government.

C. Tito’s opinions of rock bands tends to be very consistent with those of his friends, and he enjoys knowing that they have something in common.

D. Victoria dresses in conservative outfits even though her sister likes to dress in skimpy and revealing clothing.

Which of the following traits is considered attractive across all cuures?

A. good hygiene

B. slim body

C. tan skin

D. tall height

Which of these scenarios is an example of normative influence on behavior?

A. Emily noticed a number of cars slowing down and png over to the side of the road, so she pulled over too, in case an emergency vehicle needed to pass.

B. Outside her window, people walking on the street were all wearing coats and hats, so Emily made sure to dress warmly too.

C. Nobody at Emily’s new office wore sandals or denim, so she decided not to either.

D. Emily pulled up to the mall parking lot late in the evening and saw a lot of people headed out of the doors. She assumed the mall was already closed, so she headed home.

Which phenomenon may explain why some people want to join a fraternity or sorority badly enough that they will endure weeks of humiliation and physical discomfort to gain membership?

A. cognitive dissonance

B. insufficient justification

C. conditioning

D. justification of effort

Which researcher identified four interpersonal styles that lead to difficuies and, often, breakups between couples who are romantically involved?

A. Sternberg

B. Hatfield

C. Berscheid

D. Gottman

Social Science

Since this is a autobiography this is a little about me I am divorce a single parent with 2 kids I was in the


( Terminal Course Objectives) we have used so far

*Sociology, perspective, theory and method

*Social groups, social structure and sexuality

*Sexuality and social inequality

*Groups and Organizations

*Deviance, stratification and inequality

*Race, ethnicity, and gender equalities

Running head: SOCIO-AUTOBIOGRAPHY Socio-autobiography
Student Name
Course Title
Instructor’s Name
Introduction This paper is related to…

Could I get someone to proofread my essay? I’ll pay $20 for it


Could I get someone to proof-read my essay? I’ll pay $20 for it.

By Jordan T. Ryken BMGT 110
Professor Cohen
University of Maryland University College
18 September 2016 1…

Book for answers Outliers The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell1)

Explain, using evidence


Book for answers: Outliers The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell

1) Explain, using evidence

from Outliers, how you might be considered an outlier. (5 points)

2) Explain how cuural differences affect the likelihood of a plane crash in terms of language (deep vs. surface structure), power-distance, independent vs. interdependent cuures, and ambiguity aversion (uncertainty avoidance). (5 points)

3) Describe how different conceptions of intelligence (Cattellâs fluid vs. crystallized intelligence, Dweckâstheories of intelligence, Gardnerâs intelligences), explain the differences between geniuses who succeed and those who donât. Use specific example from Outliers to support your points. (5 points)

4) Using social psychology concepts (e.g. attributions, stereotyping, discrimination, conformity, obedience, or others) to explain why Joe Flom succeeded. (5 points)

5) Using the ideas of socialization and sociohistorical time, explain why some people (e.g. Northerners vs. Southerners, rice farmers) are different than others. Now use those ideas to explain the likelihood of your success. Provide specific examples from the book to support your points. (5 points)

Running Head: THE STORY OF SUCCESS The Story Of Success
1. One might be considered an outlier if one invariably becomes a beneficiary of
Social Science

Gender stereotypes influence and perpetuate what is known as patriarchy Patriarchy is a concept that considers


Gender stereotypes influence and perpetuate what is known as patriarchy. Patriarchy is a concept that considers

men the holders of power and authority resuing in domination of all sectors throughout society. Men have held the most powerful positions in the world and have guided our laws, policies, and cuure. Patriarchy not only impacts society on a global scale through structural oppression but also our daily lives. It influences individual relationships and the daily interactions amongst husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends, and colleagues. Feminist theory posits that men use violence in attempt to maintain this power and privilege. Domestic abuse and sexual assau are forms of violence that clearly exert power and control over a person. While abuse can be demonstrated by both men and women and survivors of abuse could be of either gender, statistics show that women are the overwhelming victims of abuse and violence. Patriarchy and the sexist and misogynistic viewpoints propagate views of women as subordinates who are meant to be kept in their place. Violence is a form of managing and maintaining a male’s role in society. To prepare for this Discussion, review the Johnson case. Reflect on the gender and sexism stereotypes expressed and the essential skills for social work practice you have learned throughout the program.

To prepare: View Johnson (Episode 2) and consider the gender and sexist stereotypes made around sexual assau by the professional in the episode. These stereotypes may revolve around gender, life circumstances, socioeconomic status, and education level.

By Day 3

Post an explanation of gender and sexist stereotypes and assumptions around sexual assau made by a professional you observe in the case study episode. Explain how these stereotypes perpetuate violence against women. Apply social work skills for social change advocacy to address sexism. Explain how social workers can respond to the stereotypes and assumptions you have identified in the Johnson case and how you might advocate for social change related to sexism while working with families, clients, and groups and collaborating with other professionals. Be specific about the skills you would apply and the actions you would take.

How do these stereotypes perpetuate violence against women?

Social Science

1) The American poor do not revolt against the class system most fundamentally because of __________________


1) The American poor do not revo against the class system most fundamentally because of __________________,

according to Thomas Edsall (Why Don’t the Poor Rise Up?).


political radicalization

heightened class solidarity

high rates of unemployment.

strong support for the Democratic Party

2) When people move up in the class structure they often feel they must lead a more expensive life-style similar to those in the new class they have moved into. What is this tendency called?

status anxiety

keeping up with the Jones’s

class solidarity

class consciousness

structural mobility

3)n Certainly up until about the last 30 to 40 years, the value of American men and women in the marriage market was predicated on quite different resources. For males, _____________ tended to be the most important, whereas for females, _____________ tended to be the most significant.

intellectual ability / homemaking skills

physical strength / physical attractiveness

mechanical ability / childbearing capability

money-making ability / physical attractiveness

None of the above are correct.

4) Many Americans lost their weah and experienced downward mobility during the 1930s Great Depression. Which type of social mobility did this reflect?





none of the above




Unlike Rousseau and Jefferson, who maintain that government resus from a social contract or from


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Unlike Rousseau and Jefferson, who maintain that government resus from a social contract or from

the consent of the governed, ____________ and ____________ claim that government (and all other social institutions) resus from class struggles in which seeks to economically dominate all others.

Nellie Wong; Emma Goldman

Karl Marx; Friedrich Engels

Karl Marx; Charles Mills

Friedrich Engels; Albert Camus

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In an argument for more freedom for teachers in the classroom, ____________ examines the fundamental concepts of democracy and contends that democracy represents the best means of social interaction.

Thomas Jefferson

John Dewey

Nellie Wong

Friedrich Engels

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Allen uses the term ____________ to refer to Native American systems of government that fuse pluralistic democracy with a recognition of the central importance of the power of women.





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Gandhi expresses the principles behind his method of resistance with the term ____________, which does not involve violence of any kind. He stresses that this is not passive resistance because a person must make an active decision to resist.


wu wei

Mitakuye Oyasin


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____________ writes that a government’s legitimacy comes from the consent of the people being governed.

Thomas Jefferson

Friedrich Engels

Charles Mills

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

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Thoreau advised that whenever a government engages in any activity that violates the dictates of conscience, citizens are morally required to make sure they don’t directly or indirectly support the actions of that government. This is referred to as ____________.




civil disobedience

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____________ argues that contemporary ideals of freedom and tolerance are derived from the pluralistic democracies of Native Americans and not from European models.

bell hooks

Emma Goldman

Paula Gunn Allen

Nellie Wong

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____________ argues that whenever a government engages in any activity that violates the dictates of conscience, the legitimacy of that government is necessarily suspect.

bell hooks

Emma Goldman

Henry David Thoreau

Stokely Carmichael

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____________ contends that human solidarity resus from the struggle for individual freedom.

John Stuart Mill

Albert Camus

Mohandas Gandhi

Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Rousseau contends that ____________ is the means by which humans form social institutions in order to assure their survival.



the racial contract

the social contract

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According to Wong, ____________ feminism is the only vehicle for resolving the problems of race, sex, sexual preference, and class struggle that pervade modern society.





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According to Dewey, ____________ is a way of life, not just a form of government.





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Socrates tells Crito that the obligation to ____________ is greater than any other obligation, including the obligation to one’s family.





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____________ argues that, because all forms of government are founded on violence, they are harmful and wrong; they should be abolished, to make way for a new society that recognizes unrestricted individual liberty.

bell hooks

Emma Goldman

Henry David Thoreau

Stokely Carmichael

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Unlike Martin Luther King, Jr., Stokely Carmichael does not consider ____________ to be an effective method of gaining equal rights and reversing the effects of racism.






Question Add on to the following response for a group discussion board please add any sources



Add on to the following response for a group discussion board.

please add any sources


Oil and gas has become a huge fossil fuel offered in Central Asia. In particular, oil and gas is most aboundantly found in the west side of Central Asia (MapMaster). There are pipelines and basins located in Kazakstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Azerbaijan (MapMaster).

Economic opportunity surfaced when foreign interest was attracted by the large amounts of fossil fuels (Aslund 2003). Kazakstan, being the counrty with the least amount of debt and the most amount of oil to offer, is the top trader in the group of countries (Aslund 2003). China eventually bought out the rights to develop two oil fields in Kazakstan for $9 billion (Christoffersen 1998).

With all of this economic development, leads to social development as well. Many of the countries in Central Asia were and still are struggling with poverty and a high death rate. This has decreased in areas that are more involved in fossil fuel trade (Ishkanian 2006). The trade of oil and gas has offered new jobs and opportunities for the citizens of the countries. This has socially developed them for the better.

Åslund, A. (2003). Sizing up the Central Asian economies. Journal of International Affairs, 75-87.

Christoffersen, G. (1998). China’s intentions for Russian and Central Asian oil and gas (Vol. 9, No. 2). National Bureau of Asian Research.

Ishkanian, A. (2006). Social policy and development in Central Asia and the Caucasus. Central Asian Survey, 25(4), 373-385.

MapMaster™ : Central Asia Layered Thematic. MapMaster™ : Central Asia Layered Thematic. N.p., n.d. Web. 07 July 2016.

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Central Asia: a major player in the oil and gas energy
The Asian continent is providing strong competition to the Middle East when it comes to
domination of the oil and natural gas…

Social Stratification PaperFor the Week 3 assignment you will research and write essay on


Social Stratification Paper

For the Week 3 assignment, you will research and write essay on

stratification. The page count requirement is in place to indicate how much elaboration is expected in your responses to the prompts below. Therefore, please elaborate in your responses and support your points with material learned in Week 3.

In a formal research essay, please remember to format your paper per APA standards. This includes the organization of your paper (introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion) and the citing of your sources. Please ensure that your paper is free of spelling, grammar and usage errors.

In your paper please address the following:

Is stratification universal? Provide at least two examples to support your opinion.

How do the primary sociological paradigms (Functionalism, Conflict Theory, Symbolic Interactionism) interpret the concept of stratification?

In your opinion, do you think social stratification is necessary and/or inevitable in societies? Why/why not? Be sure to support your opinion.

1 Running head: SOCIAL STRATIFICATION Social Stratification
Institution Affiliation
Social Stratification
Stratification is referred as a way in which…

Hi I need help creating a Policy brief Proposal

This is a master’s level course. I attached the


Hi, I need help creating a Policy brief Proposal. This is a master’s level course. I attached the


Drawing on several sources of information, including Internet resources and peer-reviewed academic journals, select a topic that affects some portion of the environment (physical, social, workplace environment, enabling heahy behaviors) and population (children, adolescents, young adus, middle age, older adus). Please cite everything that you get from other sources with the text.

1 Running head: COLLEGE STUDENTS BODY ARTS College Students Body Arts
Students’ Name
Increased deviance and conflicts among college going students with…

1 Chinese religion is built upon four basic foundation blocks Understanding these and how they relate is vital


1. Chinese religion is bui upon four basic foundation blocks. Understanding these and how they relate is vital

to properly understand Chinese religion!What are those four ideas, and how would you summarize each in your own words?How do these ideas fit into Daoism and Confucianism?What is your general reaction to these four ideas, and which one do you find most intriguing?2. Confucius lived during a time of great social upheaval and disorder. Much of his teaching is a response to that situation. Please respond to the following:What were the two ideals held by Confucius and what did he see as the key to their fulfillment?How would you summarize the sources of human excellence according to Confucius?What is your response to these Confucian values?3. As the text points out, in Confucian thinking to a great extent, human being are their relationships. Yet not all relationships are equal, so Confucianism has a hierarchy known as The Five Great Relationships.What is your response to how the relationships are ranked in importance?How do you react to the idea that following these leads to social harmony?What do you think about the Confucian idea of seeing each other strongly in terms of relationships and social roles rather than individuals?4. Daoism has one book which is considered by most to be a central scripture for their religion, which is discussed in the text reading.What are the two names for the book?What concept is often referenced in this book, and how would you attempt to describe this concept?Do you like/dislike, agree/disagree with the kind of thinking found in this concept?5. Reading your reactions to the kind of thinking found in the Daodejing has been enjoyable!Let’s consider the main teachings of Daoism from the Daodejing and the Zhuangzi. Please respond to the following:What are the four main teachings, and how would you describe each of them in your own words?How do you respond to the teachings, and why?6. A passage found in the Daodejing declares: The softest things in this world May be harder than the hardest Soft water can wear away the hardest rock; Soft water can go through the strongest calm. Knowing this, I know the value of calm. Knowing this, I know the value of patience. Knowing this, I know the value of persistence.What might be examples of soft and hard things?Can you recall an example in your own life which illustrates this passage?Do you see American cuure as more hard or soft, and why?

1. Chinese religion is bui upon the four basic blocks of Tian, Veneration of
ancestors, seeing patterns in nature and Yang and Yin. Tian was believed to be a
powerful god who could be contacted…
Other Subjects

1)True/False Monopoly reduces social welfare so the government should always prohibit


1)True/False: Monopoly reduces social welfare, so the government should always prohibit


2)Assume the demand for GMs new Hummer H2 is P = 100000 – 500Q, the marginal revenue is MR = 100000 – 1000Q, and the marginal cost is MC = 600Q. a) Please figure out the profit maximizing P and Q. b) What is the consumer surplus and what is the producer surplus?


Social Psychology AssignmentPSY 150 General PsychologyInstructions For each example


Social Psychology Assignment

PSY 150: General Psychology

Instructions: For each example

below, identify which social psychology term fits best by placing the appropriate letter in the space.


A. Self-fulfilling prophecy

B. Stereotype

C. Fundamental attribution error

D. Just-world hypothesis

E. Hawthorne Effect

F. Cognitive dissonance

G. Prejudice

H. Discrimination

I. Deindividuation

J. Aruistic behavior

K. Bystander effect/bystander apathy

L. Conformity


1. Bill has always considered himself an honest person, but yesterday he doesn’t tell a waitress that she undercharged him for the meal. _____

2. A racist makes a mean remark and then later gets hit by a bus on the way home. _____

3. Students at UNC got out of control after they won the football game, and two cars ended up getting overturned on Franklin Street. _____

4. A white banker does not approve a loan to a black person because she doesn’t think it will be repaid. _____

5. All old people drive slowly. _____

6. Mary is behind a person in the check-out line who is short a dollar. Mary gives the person a dollar. _____

7. Juan looks down on all overweight people because he feels that they don’t have any self-control. _____

8. Anita interviewed for two jobs. She didn’t get the first one and blames it on the stupidity of the interviewer. She gets the second job and thinks that, obviously, she is the best candidate. _____

9. Whenever I run out of gas, I blame it on the gas gauge being broken. Whenever my sister runs out of gas, I tell her that she should be more careful and keep up with how much gas she has in her car. _____

10. A couple are fighting in a crowded subway train, and the husband starts hitting the wife. Everybody acts as if they don’t see it. _____

11. Martha, a sweet woman who is kind and always helping other people, wins the lottery. _____

12. A man of one race does not approve of his daughter marrying her fiancé, who happens to be of another race. _____

13. There are no parking spaces left except for an off-limits area on the grass. Jim and his friends drove around the parking lot waiting, and as soon as one person parked there, everyone else joined him. _____

14. Nicole was standing outside of a restaurant and her uncle pulled up in a Jaguar. She heard the person behind her whisper, Drug dealer. _____

15. A store manager mounted fake video cameras in his store and noticed that shoplifting fell sharply during the following month. _____

16. The waitress assumed that Valerie wouldn’t tip very well, and therefore she gave bad service, and as a resu ended up with a small tip. _____

17. When a co-worker loses his temper, you think he’s just mean, but when you lose YOUR temper, you say that nothing went right that day. _____

18. Women who dress nicely get waited on faster. _____

19. At a Halloween party, guests wore masks all night, and the hostess was surprised to find that everyone was much more talkative and outgoing than usual. _____

20. When Jamal’s younger brother was finally allowed to hang with his older brother’s group of friends, he began to engage in behaviors he normally would not have engaged in, in order to belong. _____

Social Science

Which of the following statements is true?Select one a

The social


Which of the following statements is true?

Select one:

a. The social

auditing process is voluntary, whereas financial audits are mandatory for publicly traded corporations.

b. Law for publicly traded companies requires both financial audits and social audits.

c. The social auditing and the financial auditing processes are both voluntary processes that can provide great benefit to the company.

d. The financial auditing process and the social auditing process are both primarily concerned with the company’s financial performance.

e. Financial auditing is generally optional for a corporation, whereas social auditing is mandatory for publicly traded corporations.


According to the reading social deviance can be perceived as positive or negative depending on the


According to the reading, social deviance can be perceived as positive or negative, depending on the


Provide an original example of social deviance (not one from the book) that might be considered ‘negative.’ Provide another that might be considered ‘positive.’ Explain why each example might be perceived as ‘negative’ or ‘positive’. How might the concept of social control contribute to the negative or positive perception?


Please check me this work I didAssignment provide analysis based on readings from chapter 7 on


please check me this work I did

Assignment: provide analysis based on readings from chapter 7 on


1- provide analysis using Emile Durkheim and Robert Merton’s theory on anomie and deviance.

2- provide a conclusion discussing your reaction to Bob’s life events and what social controls influenced Bob to conform to behavioral societal norms.

Bob M was born in the 1950s. He lived with his mother and step-father in Bronx. Bob’s biological father was not around much or very involved in Bob’s life. Bob’s mother was a heavy drinker. She was verbally abuse to Bob when she was sober. The step-father was very abusive to Bob and his mother. Bob endure physical beatings almost daily.

The average hours of sleep among college students has reduced over the years Poor sleep has been associated with


The average hours of sleep among college students has reduced over the years. Poor sleep has been associated with

deficits in attention, reduction in academic performance, impaired driving, risk-taking behaviors,depression, impaired social relationships, and poorer heah. It is believed that college students may have limited knowledge about sleep hygiene and the behaviors that supports sleep heah, which may lead to poor sleep hygiene behavior (Dietrich et al., 2016).

In this fictitious study examining the effects of sleep education on sleep hygiene, students were randomly assigned to either participate in a formal sleep education program or a control program (on group work). Sleep hygiene behavior was assessed at the conclusion of the study using a self-report Likert-based questionnaire.


What is the independent variable? What is the dependent variable?

Social Science

Question 1 of 502 0 PointsWhich of the following is not a main cause of the French


Question 1 of 50

2.0 Points

Which of the following is not a main cause of the French


A.Financial overreach

B.Single transforming event

C.The ancient régime government

D.Public opinion Reset Selection

Question 2 of 50

2.0 Points

Which of the following was not one of the thinkers most responsible for forging the new scientific method?




D.Locke Reset Selection

Question 3 of 50

2.0 Points

The Enlightenment is best classified as a development that looked that the world with this perspective:

A.Natural law



D.Revealed truth Reset Selection

Question 4 of 50

2.0 Points

The father of modern economics is typically considered to be:




D.D’Alembert Reset Selection

Question 5 of 50

2.0 Points

Hobbes was interested in applying this approach to social studies:




D.Scientific Method Reset Selection

Question 6 of 50

2.0 Points

Marxism spread for various reasons. Which of the following is not one of them?

A.Dissemination of ideas to labor leaders

B.An unchanging ideology

C.Non-industrial societies with a peasant presence

D.Force through revolution Reset Selection

Question 7 of 50

2.0 Points

After the early European encounter with the Americas, what was the leading cause of population decline and death?




D.Poverty Reset Selection

Question 8 of 50

2.0 Points

What was considered the most important division within the Ottoman Muslim community?

A.Sunni and Shii

B.Muslim and non-Muslim

C.Christian and Muslim

D.Jew and Muslim Reset Selection

Question 9 of 50

2.0 Points

When the Portuguese arrived in Brazil in 1500 which of the following did they find?

A.Precious metals

B.Domesticated animals


D.Towns Reset Selection

Question 10 of 50

2.0 Points

What was not one of the main impacts of the Napoleonic invasion of Egypt between 1798 and 1805?

A.Destroyed Egyptian military

B.Shattered the elite class

C.Demolished property rights

D.Ended the study of Egyptian history Reset Selection

Question 11 of 50

2.0 Points

Which individual was most known for modernizing Egypt starting in 1805?

A.Muhammad Ali

B.Abd al-Wahab


D.Ibn Saud Reset Selection

Question 12 of 50

2.0 Points

Social historians have explored many aspects of Ottoman society including coffee, sex, literature, religion, and entertainment. What is one of the main historical sources that are used to learn about these aspects of society?

A.Legal proceedings

B.Archeological digs

C.Anthropological studies

D.Military conquests Reset Selection

Question 13 of 50

2.0 Points

Which European nation was considered a pioneer in early contact with Black Africa?




D.France Reset Selection

Question 14 of 50

2.0 Points

According to Dunning what was the general theme of 19th century politics to mid-century?

A.Conflict between liberalism and conservatism

B.Conflict between Tories and Whigs

C.Conflict between liberalism and democracy

D.Conflict between conservatism and equality Reset Selection

Question 15 of 50

2.0 Points

Which of the following is not generally considered one of the causes of the American Revolution?

A.Seven Years War

B.Stamp Act

C.Boston Tea Party

D.Intolerable Acts Reset Selection

Question 16 of 50

2.0 Points

The home of the original Industrial Revolution, and the transformation from hand to machine production, was which nation?

A.United States



D.Great Britain Reset Selection

Question 17 of 50

2.0 Points

Which industry did machines of the Industrial Revolution first impact?




D.Food Reset Selection

Question 18 of 50

2.0 Points

Isaac Newton, according to some, was the person most responsible for changing the way people think about their world. Which of the following is not associated with him?

A.Invented reflecting telescope

B.Developed calculus

C.Defined the three laws of motion

D.Ignored the Bible Reset Selection

Question 19 of 50

2.0 Points

Who is most often regarded as the person that officially launched fascism?




D.Mussolini Reset Selection

Question 20 of 50

2.0 Points

What was the eventual impact of the Russian Revolution on China?

A.Conversion to Communism

B.Rejection of Marxism

C.Spread of Democracy

D.Denial of Leninism Reset Selection

Question 21 of 50

2.0 Points

What was the Qing Empire’s reaction to the Anglo-French attack on Beijing in 1860?

A.Pleasure at the defeat of the invading armies

B.Fear over the barbarians from the Western Ocean

C.Agreement to a peace treaty

D.Signing of trading policy Reset Selection

Question 22 of 50

2.0 Points

After the Portuguese arrived on the China coast, who were one of the first groups of people to follow?

A.Jesuit missionaries

B.Curious scientists

C.Fur traders

D.Mercenaries Reset Selection

Question 23 of 50

2.0 Points

Which of the following did not precede the European revolutions of 1848-1851?

A.Poor harvests

B.Trade cycle downturn

C.Political stability

D.Financial and banking panic Reset Selection

Question 24 of 50

2.0 Points

Which United States president famously called the Soviet Union the evil empire?




D.Clinton Reset Selection

Question 25 of 50

2.0 Points

Those who visited the 1851 International Exhibition, in which visitors left calling the nation which sponsored it the workshop of the world, was held in which city?




D.Liverpool Reset Selection

Question 26 of 50

2.0 Points

Which of the following terms is least descriptive of the views of Rousseau?



C.Civilization is good

D.Man is born free Reset Selection

Question 27 of 50

2.0 Points

In the late 18th century there were notable British travelers to India who left important narratives of their experiences behind. Which of the following was not among them?




D.Haafner Reset Selection

Question 28 of 50

2.0 Points

What was the major initiating reason that led various European powers to undertake overseas voyages to Asia?




D.Slavery Reset Selection

Question 29 of 50

2.0 Points

In the Mughal Empire, which of the following was its greatest source of architectural pride?

A.Taj Mahal

B.Great Wall

C.The Royal Tombs

D.Humayun in Delhi Reset Selection

Question 30 of 50

2.0 Points

Which of the following is not associated with John Locke?

A.Two Treatises on Civil Government


C.Empirical theory of knowledge

D.Contract theory of civil government Reset Selection

Question 31 of 50

2.0 Points

Which is not considered a cause of World War II?

A.Pearl Harbor

B.Third Reich expansionism

C.Delayed reaction to Hitler

D.Unraveling of the WWI settlement Reset Selection

Question 32 of 50

2.0 Points

Prior to 1960 no scholar had given a complete and systematic account of this aspect of Louis XIV’s thought:

A.Political theory

B.Social theory

C.Scientific Theory

D.Military theory Reset Selection

Question 33 of 50

2.0 Points

Which of the following was not representative of the fighting of World War I?

A.Soldier courage

B.Trench squalor

C.High command intelligence

D.Futile sacrifice of life Reset Selection

Question 34 of 50

2.0 Points

The secularizing belief that science, as opposed to theology, provides the supreme model for all reliable knowledge is known as?

A.Natural Selection



D.Communism Reset Selection

Question 35 of 50

2.0 Points

Which continent can be said to have dominated the world economy in 1890?




D.Africa Reset Selection

Question 36 of 50

2.0 Points

The Scientific Revolution is best classified as a time in which the leading thinkers believed in:

A.Earth-centered universe

B.Finite universe

C.Infinite universe

D.Pre-modern universe Reset Selection

Question 37 of 50

2.0 Points

Which of the following is the best perspective for understanding the Cold War?




D.Third World Reset Selection

Question 38 of 50

2.0 Points

Which of the following wars is most necessary to understand and grasp the origins of the Cold War?



C.Korean War

D.Vietnam War Reset Selection

Question 39 of 50

2.0 Points

Of the various Cold War leaders in the Soviet Union, which did the most to improve relations with the United States?




D.Stalin Reset Selection

Question 40 of 50

2.0 Points

According to David Painter, throughout the Cold War, the Soviet Union was an incomplete superpower. What was the only area in which the Soviet Union was the equal of the United States?

A.Popular support

B.Industrial infrastructure


D.Manpower Reset Selection

Question 41 of 50

2.0 Points

By the late 20th century which of the following was not a factor that tarnished the image of Communism?

A.Faering Soviet economy

B.Awareness of human rights

C.Environmental abuses

D.Military strength Reset Selection

Question 42 of 50

2.0 Points

The start of the Agricuural Revolution is typically associated with what general year?

A.c. 1650

B.c. 1750

C.c. 1850

D.c. 1950 Reset Selection

Question 43 of 50

2.0 Points

Which of the following was not an impact of Asian trade on Europe between 1500 and 1820?

A.Expanded European shipping

B.Good will among European companies

C.Improved social life

D.Created new fashions Reset Selection

Question 44 of 50

2.0 Points

The Cold War dominated international relations between 1945 and 1991. Which is not associated with it?

A.US and USSR tension

B.Costly arms race

C.Conflict in the Third World

D.Unification of domestic and international politics Reset Selection

Question 45 of 50

2.0 Points

World War II is considered a catalyst in the 20th century, and by its end, did all of the following except?

A.Accelerated the demise of Europe’s global influence

B.Brought to prominence the United States and Soviet Union

C.Continued Germany’s bid to dominate the Continent

D.Ushered in a new era with nuclear weapons Reset Selection

Question 46 of 50

2.0 Points

Which of the following nations owned the East India Company?




D.Netherlands Reset Selection

Question 47 of 50

2.0 Points

In mid 19th century Europe, what was the main source of weah and power of the elite?




D.Ships Reset Selection

Question 48 of 50

2.0 Points

Which of the following revolutions did the most to universalize natural rights to its fulfillment by actualizing freedom and overthrowing slavery?

A.French Revolution

B.Haitian Revolution

C.American Revolution

D.Agricuural Revolution Reset Selection

Question 49 of 50

2.0 Points

Which of the following were not one of the main gains that Europeans received from early contact with the Americas?




D.Silk Reset Selection

Question 50 of 50

2.0 Points

The participants of the Glorious Revolution placed a greater emphasis on developing England’s Constitution than nearly any others in its history. The resu is best described as:




D.Unanimous Reset Selection


To which of the following scenarios does the premise of social responsibility and customer welfare best


To which of the following scenarios does the premise of social responsibility and customer welfare best


A. A company must reduce the cost of sales by buying parts at a lower price from a company that is under investigation for safety violations.

B. A company decides that advertising a flame retardant bedspread does not provide a high enough return on ad dollar investment.

C. A company decides to re-design a product and incorporate eco-friendly parts and child safety features.

D. A company decides to cut down on an ever rising rate of shipping damage claims by re-designing packaging to include Styrofoam.


24 ____ Is the description of people who take their own life due to the lack of ties to a group or the community


24. ____ is the description of people who take their own life due to the lack of ties to a group or the community.

25.____is the separation of races by residential patterns. 26._______ is the movement by an individual or group to a higher social stratum. 27.______ is the hypothesis that all human behavior is determined by genetic factors. 28.______ is a form of observation in which the research participates to some degree in the lives of the people being observed. 29.______ is a statement that specifies a relationship between two or more variables that can be tested through empirical observation. 30.______ is a form of reactivity whereby subjects improve an aspect of their behavior being experimentally measured simply in response to the fact that they are being studied, not in response to any particular experimental manipulation. 31.______ are the ways in which we learn our gender identity and develop according to cuural norms of masculinity and femininity. 32._______is the ranking of ethnic groups in a social hierarchy on the basis of each group’s similarity to the dominant group. 33._____ is a process in which an increasing population of a total population becomes concentrated in urban settlements. 34._____ is a set of interrelated theories that offer explanation for important aspects of social behavior.


1 …

How does deviance cause social change?

Give an example of something being deviant in one cuure but


1. How does deviance cause social change?

2. Give an example of something being deviant in one cuure but

normal in another.

3. Give an example of something being deviant at one time but normal at another time in the same cuure.

4. Give an example of positive deviance.

5. What is the difference between informal and formal social control?

6. How is gossip a form of social control?

7. What are the 4 reasons people are put into prison?

8. Does rehabilitation really happen while a person is incarcerated? Why or why not?

9. Why aren’t inmates more successful when they reenter society after being incarcerated?

10. Give examples of two types of deviant behaviors: one is that is against the law and one that is not against the law but still seen as deviant in our society.


Due Week 10 and worth 235 pointsThis assignment uses the information you have gathered for your weekly


Due Week 10 and worth 235 points

This assignment uses the information you have gathered for your weekly

World View Chart Assignments. Choose one (1) category (origin of all things, nature of god, view of human nature, view of good and evil, etc.) from the chart to focus on for this assignment. Consider how the selected aspect relates to each of the religions covered and to your own social or work experiences.

Write a two to three (2-3) page paper in which you:

  1. Select one (1) category from the completed World View Chart. Provide a rationale for choosing this category.
  2. Describe the selected content and explain the significance of the selected category across the religions studied.
  3. Provide one (1) specific example of how the selected category is manifested in your social environment.
  4. Use at least three (3) quality resources as references for the assignment and document your sources using APA Style for in-text citations and references.Note:Wikipedia and similar Websites do not qualify as quality resources.
  5. Write clearly and coherently using correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, and mechanics.

Your assignment must:

Religious Studies

Introduction to GeographyAs per usual please read the posted issue

Social media and political


Introduction to Geography

As per usual, please read the posted issue – Social media and political


1) Why is social media a powerful force for economics?

2) How has social media impacted politics and commerce over the last decade?

3) Do you think its role will change in the future? If so, how? If not, why not?

Some areas you may want to discuss include: What social media do you prefer? What do you use the most? Which one(s) do you not use or like? Which ones have the greatest impact on society? Are all economies impacted from social media, or do you think it is only certain areas?

Be sure you reference the article and any other sources used or available to share with others.


What kind of a program was the Freedmen’s Bureau which was created after the Civil War?Select


What kind of a program was the Freedmen’s Bureau, which was created after the Civil War?



a. A universal program

b. A residual program

What was President Franklin Pierce’s justification for vetoing the funding Congress allocated to Dorothea Dix’s proposal to build mental hospitals across the nation?

Select one:

a. There was not enough money in the federal treasury for such an ambitious enterprise, and families should take care of their own mentally ill members.

b. The United States Constitution did not authorize federal spending for social welfare benefits.

Which of these three main social work paths most emphasized community organizing for social justice in partnership with the poor they served?

Select one:

a. Charity Organization Societies (COS)

b. The Child Saving Movement

c. The Settlement House Movement

Which African American Pioneer rescued and cared for abandoned children as she worked as a maid in a train station?

Select one:

a. Mary McLeod Bethune

b. Carrie Steele-Pitts

c. Janie Porter Barrett

d. Nannie Burroughs

Which Social Gospel activist claimed that faith in the Gospel of Jesus eliminated the right to have categories of deserving and undeserving poor?

Select one:

a. Jane Addams

b. Dorothy Day

The hotly debated Shepherd-Towner Act of 1921 was revolutionary, in that the federal government provided matching funds to states to provide care for pregnant women and young children. Why were these funds allowed to be used only for education and not to provide actual medical care?

Select one:

a. Medical doctors argued that publicly provided clinics would cut into their medical practices and cause them to lose money.

b. The states and private charities provided enough funding to cover medical care for mothers and children.

What is the political strategy of Fusion, which was exhibited both by the leaders of local government in Wilmington, North Carolina in 1898 before the white supremacist coup d’etat and by the Progressive Party that Jane Addams and other social workers joined in the 1920’s?

Select one:

a. Republicans and Democrats working together to make government as efficient as possible

b. Grassroots citizens working together across race and class lines to model social equity and to fight for equal protection and social justice for all groups

What is sociological jurisprudence?

Select one:

a. Bringing research data into the discussion of laws and policies that affect social welfare

b. Legal decisions that enforce the rights of the poor and disenfranchised

What is the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE)?

Select one:

a. A membership organization that advocates for the rights of social workers and their clients

b. The association that sets the standards and curriculum protocols for schools that train social workers

What is meant by the term living wage?

Select one:

a. The living wage is double the minimum wage.

b. A wage calculated to cover basic living expenses, by county, for various family sizes

What is North Carolina General Statute #95-98, regarding labor rights?

Select one:

a. A law from the 1950’s that prevents public workers (teachers, police, fire fighters, social workers, etc.) from joining together to collectively bargain with their employer–the state or local governments–regarding pay, benefits, and working conditions

b. A law confirming the right of labor unions to exist in North Carolina and to bargain for worker rights

What is North Carolina General Statute #95-98, regarding labor rights?

Select one:

a. A law from the 1950’s that prevents public workers (teachers, police, fire fighters, social workers, etc.) from joining together to collectively bargain with their employer–the state or local governments–regarding pay, benefits, and working conditions

b. A law confirming the right of labor unions to exist in North Carolina and to bargain for worker rights

During what decade did American women achieve a series of important gains as to federal legal protections and rights?

Select one:

a. 1960’s

b. 1970’s

c. 1980’s

To what does Section 8 refer?

Select one:

a. The regulation that if you have committed a crime you are not allowed to live in public housing

b. The portion of the Housing and Community Development Act that allocates money to help eligible people pay up to 70% of the cost of rent to private landlords

Why is Stonewall important to American social justice advancement?

Select one:

a. It brought to light the way police and the general public engaged in extreme brutality to persons identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender.

b. It signaled the beginning of the gay pride/rights movement.

c. Both a. and b.

What percentage of American workers have contingent (part-time, contract, temporary) jobs?

Select one:

a. 20%

b. 30%

c. 40%

Block grants from the federal government do what?

Select one:

a. Move control of federal social welfare funds to state legislators and state and county social welfare administrators

b. Increase the authority of the federal government to determine who receives welfare benefits and how much they should receive

What are Voodoo Economics?

Select one:

a. The economic policies of Haiti, a model that President Reagan took for his national budget

b. A label President George Herbert Walker Bush’s economic adviser gave to the Republican strategy of shrinking government spending and reducing taxes on the weahy, so the spending of the rich would trickle down to benefit ordinary Americans

By roughly what percentage did President Reagan cut funding for the program Aid to Families with Dependent Children (cash assistance for families)?

Select one:

a. 20%

b. 12%

c. 17%

Where can you find county-by-county (NC) sources of assistance for mental heah crises and care?

Select one:

a. NC Crisis Solutions Initiative

b. NC Heah Access Coalition

or the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program, how many hours per week do you need to work in an eligible service agency to qualify for loan forgiveness?

Select one:

a. 28

b. 30

c. 40

What is the policy of Charitable Choice?

Select one:

a. A provision of the tax code allowing people to donate to any form of social welfare agency, religious or not.

b. An initiative allowing government funds to go not only to incorporated secular nonprofits, but to overtly sectarian religious congregations that host social welfare programs

c. A provision of tax law that says that religious organizations cannot campaign for specific political candidates without losing their tax-exempt status

How did Blue Cross heah insurance get started?

Select one:

a. Baylor Hospital in Texas wanted a way to fill their beds, so they offered a monthly pre-payment plan to school teachers.

b. Doctors across America came together to form Blue Cross.

Under a single-payer heah care plan, people can choose any medical provider they want and still be covered for that medical care.

Select one:

a. True

b. False

At what point in American history did the Solid South of Democrats move to becoming Red States, dominated by Republicans?

Select one:

a. During Reconstruction Era after the Civil War

b. After President Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964

US History


a position on the
controversial topic and provide evidentiary/logical reasons


BROWN VS BOARD OF EDUCATION. Take a position on the controversial topic and provide evidentiary/logical reasons

for your decision to take that position. Engage with opinions that conflict with yours.

QUESTION: Of the theories of Brown, the white supremacy theory is more powerful than the integration theory. Argue for or against.The white supremacy theory is a complex social phenomenon or in other words is a relatively
new invention that was created to make Europe’s efforts to colonize and conquer the whole
world seem…

Social Science

1 Complete the following sentence then explain the results Marketers cannot create measures with business value


1. Complete the following sentence, then explain the resus: Marketers cannot create measures with business value

unless they first have: ____________________.

2. Explain the difference between measurement and evaluation.

3. Explain the nature and the importance of social media monitoring.

4. What is the role of listening in tracking social media activities?

5. Explain the Valid Metrics Framework and how it can be useful to the social media marketer.

6. Identify 4 issues in choosing the right social media metrics, both quantitative and qualitative.

7. Discuss the importance of business objectives and ROI as part of the monitoring process.

8. Define Key Performance Indicators.

9. Identify two ways that Google Analytics can shed light on SMM activities.

Question 1
Marketers cannot create measures with business value unless they first have strategies
Question 2
Measurement is the way toward thinking about physical characteristics of items and…

Should criminal justice agencies maintain a social media presence?

Should police


Should criminal justice agencies maintain a social media presence? Should police

departments have a dedicated social media unit? How have social media sites assisted

law enforcement in fighting and investigating crime?

Social Science

In today’s society the media plays a significant role in how people receive information The use of social media


In today’s society, the media plays a significant role in how people receive information. The use of social media

in particular has continued to increase and does not show any indication of slowing down.

  • How important is it for law enforcement officers and agencies to have a presence on social media?

  • Do you think it is beneficial for law enforcement to maintain profiles on social media with information pertaining to suspects, current crime trends, and other community information?

Social Science

A History of the World in 6 Glasses pages 56901 Why did the Greeks mix their wine with water?


A History of the World in 6 Glasses pages 56-90

1.Why did the Greeks mix their wine with water?

2. What was kottabos? 

3. How did wine’s link to social status lead to the death of Marcus Antonius? 

4. What was a convivium? How did it emphasize the guests’ social statuses? 

5. How did Christianity help maintain wine-drinking cuure in much of Europe? Why don’t 
Muslims typically drink wine? 

It was done on the grounds that the absolute best wines originated from Greece where dried
grapes were utilized rather than the ordinary reap. This delivered a much sweeter wine that

1 A monopolist can produce at a constant marginal and average cost of $1/unit and faces a market demand curve of


1. A monopolist can produce at a constant marginal and average cost of $1/unit and faces a market demand curve of

Q = 100 – 20P and MR=5-Q/10 where Q is quantity (in thousands), MR is marginal revenue and P is price.

a. Calculate the quantity and price that maximizes the profit for the monopolist.

b. What is the efficient level of output (maximizes social welfare) of the market?

c. Calculate the consumer surplus, producer surplus and deadweight loss under monopoly? Show these areas on the graph.

d. What is the profit of the monopolist?

e. If the monopolist finds a way to perfectly discriminate prices of each consumer, what is the size of producer surplus, consumer surplus?

2. Suppose the government provides a production subsidy s to firms in monopolistic competitive market. Explain what happens to profit of the typical firm in the market, the number of firms in the market both in short-run and in long-run?

3. Larry, Curly, and Moe run the only pub in a small town. Larry wants to sell as many drinks as possible without losing money. Curly wants the pub to bring in as much revenue as possible. Moe wants to make the largest possible profits. Using a single diagram of the pubs demand curve and its cost curves, show the price and quantity combinations favored by each of the three partners. Explain.



According to Piaget, children learn to use language proficiently during the


61. According to Piaget, children learn to use language proficiently during the


a. Sensorimotor

b. Preoperational

c. Concrete operational

d. Formal operational

62. According to Erikson, one of the central questions of middle aduhood is ___

a. Will I have and be able to keep a girlfriend or boyfriend?

b. How can I help future generations?

c. Who am I and what am I going to do with my future?

d. How can I learn to feel productive?

63. During the resistance stage of the general adaptation syndrome, ___

a. The person resolves the conflict with the stressor.

b. The person gains renewed coping abilities.

c. The body’s resistance to disease breaks down.

d. The body fights the stressor.

64. Which of the following is a symptom of post-traumatic stress disorder?

a. Lack of moral standard

b. Flashback

c. Delusions of grandeur

d. Inflexibility

65. Floyd has recently lost his job. Which of the following is an emotional-focused method of coping that reduce the adverse effects of stress?

a. Looking for a new job

b. Mediating

c. Developing a strict budget and sticking to it.

d. Consider a career change.

66. A characteristic that may be present in individuals who lack the ability to bounce back from stress

a. Type A behavior

b. An optimistic style of thinking about the self and the future.

c. The belief that they have little or no control over what happens to them.

d. A reliable social support networks.

67. The ___ is based on the assumption that varying levels of stress are associate positive life events.

a. Approach-avoidance scale

b. Social readjustment scale

c. Annoyance scale

d. Wechsler scale

68. Researchers in the fields of psychoneuroimmunology

a. Study the effects of psychological factors on the body’s resistance to disease.

b. Believe that the ability to resist stress is genetic.

c. Argue that biological causes of disease are more important than psychological factors.

d. State that social support has little influence on an indivisual’s ability to manage stress.

69. One reason for the connection between stress and illness is that stress

a. Change how the brain functions.

b. Causes the body to release hormones like corticosteroids that affects the immune system.

c. Reduces appetite

d. Increases the number of red and white blood cells produced by the immune system.

70. According to Freud, which of the following resides at the level of the precocious?

a. Our current thoughts, feelings, and memories.

b. Memories that are easily accessible.

c. Represses memories.

d. Working memories.

71. The principle by which the ego operates is called the ___ principle.

a. Reality

b. Libidinal

c. Pleasure

d. Satisfaction

72. Myra lost her job and said to herself, I need to get out of that job anyway. Now I can find something else. is using the defense mechanism of ___

a. Regression

b. Rationalization

c. Sublimation

d. Fixation

73. According to Freud, personality develops in a series of

a. Psychosocial stages

b. Psychosexual stages

c. Psycho-cognitive stages

d. Psycho-rational stages

74. Personality is strongly insluenced by role models and behavioral consequences according to ___

a. Neo-Freudians

b. Cognitive theoris

c. Learning theories

d. Psychoanalytic theories

75. Which group of personality theories view humans as innately good?

a. Psychoanalytic

b. Behaviorist

c. Humanistic

d. Trait

76. Twin studies are important in the study of the ___ of personality.

a. Behavioral assessment

b. Twinning

c. Behavioral genetic

d. Androgyny

77. You took a personality test, and the resus indicated that you are very outgoing. On which of these approaches to personality is the test probably based?

a. Evolutionary

b. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

c. Five-factors or big five (trait) theory

d. Psychoanalytic theory

78. Gray took a personality test that included over one hundred objective questions about his preferences and behaviors. The test was probably a(n)

a. Self-report inventory

b. Projective test

c. Structured survey

d. Aptitude test

79. Which type of test asks people to respond to vague, ambigious stimuli?

a. Self-report inventory

b. Structure interview

c. One that measures typical personality traits but not abnormal behavior

d. Projective

80. According to Albert Bandura’s social learning (social cognitive) theory of personality, a person who believes that s/he can accomplish goals has___

a. External locus of control

b. Self-effecacy

c. Fully met esteem needs

d. Internal locus of control

81. Kevin found a wallet under a desk in his psychology classroom that contained fifty dollars in cash and several credit cards. According to Freud, what part of his personality will urge him to keep the cash but turn in the wallet?

a. Preconscious

b. Ego

c. Id

d. Superego

82. Barbie experienced shortness of breath when she throught about the prospect of failing her psychology test. She fear she was having a heart attack and asked her roommate to take her to the emergency room. Barbie was probably experiencing a(n)___.

a. Seizure

b. Panic attack

c. Compulsion

d. Attack of agoraphobia

83. Even though Beth has over a hundred decorative china teacups, but she cannot stop herself from buying more of the yard sales and flea markets. This pattern resembles the disorder known as___

a. Panic disorder

b. Complex phobia

c. Obsessive compulsive disorder

d. Bipolar disorder.

Social Science

Child maltreatment takes many forms including physical emotional or sexual abuse and emotional or physical


Child mareatment takes many forms, including physical, emotional, or sexual abuse, and emotional or physical

neglect. In the United States, between 2.7 and 3.6 million cases of child mareatment are reported, and approximately 800,000 cases are substantiated each year. Substantiated mareatment harms one in every 90 children between the ages and 2 and 5 years of age annually.

Ahough certain cuural conditions and values–poverty and social isolation among them–are almost universally harmful, some practices that are considered mareatment in one cuure or in one time period are acceptable in others.

How can one reconcile their own personal beliefs or attitudes about raising children when they encounter behaviors that are considered mareatment in the United States, but perceived as acceptable in other cuures?

Social Science

42 Economics deals primarily with the concept of a scarcity B poverty C change D power 43


42. Economics deals primarily with the concept of a. scarcity. B. poverty. C. change. D. power 43.

Approximately what percentage of the worlds economies experience scarcity? A. 25% b. 50% c. 75% d. 100% 44. Factors of production are a. the mathematical calculations firms make in determining their optimal production levels. B. social and political conditions that affect production. C. the physical relationships between economic inputs and outputs. D. inputs into the production process.


Hi Nightowl how are you? Are you available for an assignment? Please see attached and let me know soon

Part is


Hi Nightowl, how are you? Are you available for an assignment? Please see attached and let me know soon. Part is

completed and if you have any questions let me know. Thank you

Running head: BACKSLIDER’S REDEMPTION A Backslider’s Redemption
Your Name
Your University
Your School of Engineering, Social Sciences, etc
Number and Name of Course
Instructor’s Name
Date of…
Religious Studies

In what ways does adolescent

complicate adolescents social and family relationships?


In what ways does adolescent egocentrism complicate adolescents social and family relationships? Do

adus entirely outgrow egocentrism and personal fables?

Social Science

1) Weber

status groups
are defined by??

a particular lifestyle.

a tendency to include


1) Weber, status groups are defined by??

a particular lifestyle.

a tendency to include


high levels of educational attainment.

high levels of prestige within the broader community.

2) The fact that the poor in our society are typically defined by other Americans as being morally unworthy reflects which dimension of inequality?





3) Regarding the instructor’s model of reward inequality, theories that are individualist, social reproduction, or cuure of poverty in nature generally relate to matters of labor





4) Cuural capital refers to???

the social connections one has.

the amount of money one possesses.

how much weah is accumulated in one cuure as opposed to another.

none of the listed answers is correct.

5) Significant differences relative to social esteem, honor, and moral worth relate to the _____________ dimension of inequality.




social class

6) The concept of social closure most closely relates to??

cuure-of-poverty arguments.

the idea that stratification is needed to keep society heahy.

the important role of unions in advancing the interests of members.

denying people access to education or training opportunities, or generating an occupational monopoly.

7) Sociologists who argue that reward inequality can best be explained by such explanations as social closure and social reproduction most likely identify with ____________ theory.????




symbolic interactionist

8) Having extensive contacts and social networks which can work to your advantage in the pursuit of schooling and employment information and opportunities relates to one’s ___________ capital.




none of the above

9) As discussed in your instructor’s video on reward inequality, the cuure of poverty thesis holds that some families remain in poverty over generations because????

poor people are continually oppressed by the cuure of the haves.

rich people need to have the poor around to do the dirty, disagreeable work.

poor people confront limited opportunities, which if they could take advantage of, they would, and thus rise out of poverty.

their members are caught up in forms of belief and behavior, which while helping them to adapt to poverty, keep them from taking advantage of opportunities to rise out of poverty.

9) The article Problem: A Massive Teacher Shortage. Solution: The Philippines identifies a problem facing many school districts in the U.S. Consistent with our understanding of reward inequality, the most appropriate solution to the problem which would not harm American teachers would be to???

raise teacher salaries.

allow teachers to form unions.

allow greater immigration to the nation.

minimize illegal immigration.

10) According to your instructor’s model of reward inequality, political _____________ would most likely argue that differences between individuals in terms of intellect or effort are the primary reasons for large differences in income.???






It is thought that kinship or genetic relatedness between two individuals plays a role in the evolution of


It is thought that kinship, or genetic relatedness between two individuals, plays a role in the evolution of

cooperative and/or aruistic behaviors within some animal social groups. In order to determine the role of kinship, r must be calculated. Recall that the coeffecient of relatedness (r) is the probability that the homologous alleles in two individuals are identical by descent.

What is the coefficient of relatedness between my father’s full sister and me?

A.If there is inbreeding , the individuals of a social group
may have very high degrees of genetic relatedness .
But if WE assume no inbreeding . and thus random
mating , we have the following values for r in human
populations :`
Identical twins
Genetic clones
Full siblings
Parent – child
Half – siblings
Uncle. nephew
Aunt – niece*
Uncle – niece
Aunt- nephew
Grandparent- grandchild
First cousins
1/ 8
Husband – wife
Unrelated individuals


1 …

One-half of the general psychology students completed computer simulations of a topic in psychology.


1. One-half of the general psychology students completed computer simulations of a topic in psychology.

The remaining half of the students spent an equal amount of time reviewing the text and their lecture notes. Both groups were then tested on the course information.



Type of IV:

2. One-half of a fraternity at the University of Kansas at Lawrence watched the television program The Day After. The program was a dramatic presentation of a nuclear holocaust. The remaining members of the fraternity watched the programs on one of the other major networks during the same time period. The fraternity members were then individually interviewed regarding their attitudes toward nuclear disarmament.



Type of IV:

3. Couples completing divorce proceedings were given the opportunity to watch videotapes dramatizing some of the problems that frequently occur in divorced families. Along with demonstrating the problems, the programs showed ways the problems could be handled. Other couples went through the standard court proceedings but did not view the videotapes. Six months later the children from both types of divorced families were interviewed regarding their happiness and self-esteem.



Type of IV:

4. Drivers who were arrested for driving while intoxicated were required to attend safe-driving classes as part of their punishment. One-half of the drivers were also required to ride in ambulances on weekends during the time when alcohol-related accidents were likely to occur. The other half spent an equal amount of time assisting meter readers ticketing illegally parked cars. Two years later the drivers were interviewed regarding their accident rates, arrest rates, and their patterns of social drinking.



Type of IV:

5. Parents of children (ages 1 month to 3 years) were offered free membership in a support group Parents as Teachers (PAT). The PAT parents received information about childrearing, were visited by a public heah nurse, and attended meetings conducted by pediatricians who provided free advice. Names of the parents who were unable to work the PAT activities into their schedules and who did not join the support group were recorded. Four years later the children from both types of parents had their intellectual and social maturity tested prior to admission to kindergarten class.



Type of IV:

6. Couples who contact lawyers indicating an interest in obtaining a divorce were assigned to one of two groups. Group 1 consisted of couples who worked with one lawyer who acted as a mediator. Group 2 consisted of couples who worked with lawyers from different law firms. One year after the divorce were granted, all of the adus involved were interviewed regarding the fairness of their divorce settlement.



What does it mean to live in a ‘disadvantaged neighborhood?’

What are some examples of lacking


What does it mean to live in a ‘disadvantaged neighborhood?’ What are some examples of lacking

‘family resources?’ What makes schools the ‘worst?’ What makes the labor market ‘tough’? As a society, what can be done about these shortcomings? What do you think the criminal justice system can do to be just (fair) to those experiencing these forms of social disorganization?


) Discuss the importance of The Future of Nursing (the IOM Report) for the advanced practice nurses’


) Discuss the importance of The Future of Nursing (the IOM Report) for the advanced practice nurses’

role in the political process related to heah care policy.2) Select one key recommendation of the IOM and identify steps/actions that you could take to promote this IOM recommendation at work, in your community, to your legislators/lobbyists, at your university i.e. join a committee, meet with legislators/lobbyists, use of social media, etc.

Importance of The future of nursing- IOM report
By (student name)
Institution affiliation
Date Importance of The future of nursing- IOM report
The future of nursing is as critical…
Social Science

Hi! This is a geopolitics class We are going to write an essay for the exam I need help for preparing for the


Hi! This is a geopolitics class. We are going to write an essay for the exam. I need help for preparing for the

essay prompts. Below is the study guide. Please give me some writing suggestions in detail. Thanks a lot!

Analytical Essays

The Modern Geopolitical Imagination. Be able to discuss the socio-historical construction of the modern geopolitical imagination as defined by Agnew and as elaborated on throughout the first half of the semester in class. Be sure to include in your answer an exploration of the four main elements that comprise the modern geopolitical imagination, providing examples to illustrate how each works to inform our vision(s) of the geopolitical world and our place in it.

a. Note: This essay may appear in the form of a geopolitical speech or statement that you will be asked to ‘decode’.

Visualizing Global Space: Mackinder’s Geographic Pivot of History. Provide a critical geopolitical analysis of Mackinder’s geographic pivot of history as an example of the geopolitical element of visualizing global space. Be sure you can describe Mackinder’s geopolitical world as a structured whole – the 3 regions of his map and his arguments for this geopolitical representation of threat. In your answer, be sure you are able to discuss the context (re: Britain as hegemonic empire) in which Mackinder’s paper was written, the physical geographic rationale behind the ‘heartland theory’, the historical significance of the region in Mackinder’s geopolitical imagining, and the turn-of-the-century geopolitical context in which Mackinder delivered his address. Briefly discuss the continuing relevance of Mackinder’s geopolitical vision for US Cold War geopolitics, and why it remained relevant.

A World of Territorial Nations and States. Be sure you are able to discuss this element in geopolitical coding, the ways of seeing world geopolitics that lie behind it, and the banal nationalism through which this way of seeing is maintained. Also, discuss the consequences of this way of seeing that Agnew has labeled the territorial trap, providing examples from readings and class discussions. Be able to use the construction of American identity through Captain America Pre-WW II Comics (process of identification and differentiation by creating/disciplining/contrasting with the Other) to illustrate.

Popular Geopolitics and Time into Space during the Cold War: Star Trek representations of the First, Second and Third Worlds. Be able to discuss the concept of mapping time onto space through the use of the Star Trek episode we watched and analyzed in class, particularly in terms of its representation of the First, Second and Third Worlds, and its conversion of time into space in legitimizing geopolitical behavior on the ‘Third World’ planet (and US geopolitical behavior in Vietnam).

Time into Space: From Imperialism and Social Darwinism to Developmentalism. Be able to discuss this element of geopolitical coding, using the example of imperialism/social Darwinism and how this way of mapping time onto space morphed into developmentalism with the onset of the Cold War. Be able to critically analyze the basic tenets of developmentalism as a non-communist manifesto in world politics.

Pursuit of Primacy: Hegemonic Cycles. Be able to discuss this element of geopolitical coding, the two models of hegemonic cycles discussed in class (Modelski and World Economy Models), and be able to trace the period of US hegemony in the 20th century. Be able to bring President Bush Sr’s State of the Union address (New World Order) into the discussion of how primacy/hegemony are asserted in practical geopolitics.

Running Head: MODERN GEOPOLITICAL IMAGINATION Modern geopolitical imagination
Student Name
Course Title
Professor Name
University Name
Social Science

Solution Focused therapists believe that it is preferable to

______during the initial session with a


Solution Focused therapists believe that it is preferable to ______during the initial session with a


a) Form a solvable complaint

b) Conduct a thorough social history of the client

c) Solve the client’s presenting problem

d) A and c

Social Science

Infants are hardwired to be interested in their caregivers and others from the moment of birth



Infants are hard-wired to be interested in their caregivers and others from the moment of birth. This

inevitably leads to social interactions with those interesting people, and uimately facilitates attachment to them. Given their natural social tendencies, from the first few weeks of life infants connect socially and emotionally with their caregivers in give-and-take exchanges, mimicking verbal interactions of older individuals. These exchanges reflect a caregiver-infant synchrony that is important for the child’s heahy development.

Sadly, not all infants are exposed to environments that provide interesting social interactions with others. Worldwide, many orphanages and other institutions that provide care for infants do not have enough staff to provide adequate nurturance and social interaction. As a resu, infants are left in their cribs unattended, other than to be fed or have their diaper changed.

In what ways do you think this problem affects the psychosocial development of children, and what can be done to minimize those effects?

Social Science