A PIA is both a process and a document It is a process that focuses upon identifying and assessing risks related


A PIA is both a process and a document. It is a process that focuses upon identifying and assessing risks related

to privacy of data handled by a specific IT system or database. A PIA is also a document in which the results of the assessment are communicated to stakeholders. Some PIA’s are released to the public in full while others are redacted to remove sensitive / non-public information.

Answer the following questions regarding PIA’s.

1. What is privacy? Is it a right? An expectation? Discuss differing definitions, e.g. the average person definition vs. a legal definition, and how these differences impact risk assessments for privacy protections (or the lack thereof).

2. What are some important best practices for protecting privacy for information collected, stored, used, and transferred by the US federal government? Identify and discuss three or more best practice recommendations for reducing risk by improving or ensuring the privacy of information processed by or stored in an organization’s IT systems and databases.

3. Explain why federal government agencies and departments required to complete PIA’s. Must a PIA be completed for every federal IT system? Why or why not?

4. Name and briefly describe 3 benefits to citizens which result from the use of PIA’s. (Considering citizen’s needs for privacy and the protection of the privacy of individuals whose information is collected, processed, transmitted, and stored in federal government IT systems and databases.)

Information Security

Do you agree with this post? Yes or no? Please elaborate When


Do you agree with this post? Yes or no? Please elaborate.


considering the relationship between individuals and communities, there are two main considerations.

  1. The way that individuals understand their role and ability to act
  2. The way that individuals see and understand their actions within a larger social context

I believe that the relationship between the individual and the environment or natural world depends pretty much on the person’s physical and social environment. Throughout the history of mankind, man has affected the environment in ways that are irreparable, irretrievable, and irreversible. While a lot has been lost due to human actions, it is also true that what is now valued about the environment has been preserved and protected through human action as well. I believe that humans have the responsibility to protect and restore the environment community because the environment can actually influence the individual’s behavior and motivation to act. People have a strong role to play when it comes to the environmental community.

In today’s modern world of technology, every action people take is leading towards the destruction of the natural world. One example I can think of using the natural resources from the earth such as petroleum is depleting the earth from its natural resources, and the gas emissions from the manufacturing plant are already causing dangerously high pollution, which is damaging not just the environment, but it is also detrimental to mankind.

It has come to my mind when I was a kid, how I kept hearing the grown-ups talking about what was going in on the little island of Vieques, Puerto Rico. For over 60 years, the U.S. Navy used and abused the small island as a bombing range and site for military training exercises. The beautiful island got sick. From young children to old people, thousands got sick and believed their ailments were the cause of military exercises. The Navy eventually accepted to using heavy metals and toxic chemicals like depleted uranium and Agent Orange on the island. They, however, up to this day deny any link between their activities and the health conditions of the island’s residents. In 1997, nonetheless, a nonprofit organization noticed that the incident of cancer was extremely higher than the rest of Puerto Rico. Twenty-seven percent higher. A public grievance was filed against the Department of Health and this was just the beginning.

This is an excellent example of people’s beliefs, behaviors, and actions that can cause so much damage not just to the environment, but to humanity as well.


Please help with questions below!! Thank you so much!!!1) The predominant liabilities for


Please help with questions below!! Thank you so much!!!

1) The predominant liabilities for

savings institutions with less than $50 billion in total assets are:

A. Commercial deposits and FHLB borrowings

B. Transaction accounts, MMDAs and other savings deposits, time deposits.

C. Wholesale money market notes and reserves at the Fed

D. Checking accounts and money market mutual funds

2) Property/Casualty Insurance has several ratios that are used to describe profitability. One is the combined ratio that is determined by dividing the ______________ by total premiums written.

A. sum of the loss ratio plus loss adjustment expenses

B. sum of the loss ratio plus general expenses and broker’s commissions

C. 1.00 minus Operating Ratio

D. operating ratio minus dividends paid to policyholders

E. nominal ratio plus real ratio

3) A ________________ is an unregistered issue sold to a few large institutional buyers.

A. best efforts offering

B. shelf offering

C. SEC Rule 415 offering

D. private placement

E. fully underwritten public offering

4) One guarantee of all open-end mutual funds is

A. to have a minimum NAV for investors.

B. to have a minimum rate of return for investors.

C. none of the above

D. to earn the rate or return promised in the prospectus

E. to redeem investors’ shares upon demand at current NAV

5) Which of the following was not established by ERISA?

A. Prudent man rule applies to qualified Pension Plans

B. Minimum funding requirements

C. Minimum payouts for defined contribution plans

D. Insurance for pension plan participants

E. Maximum vesting times

6) A Financial Institution that makes a loan commitment to fixed-rate lending is exposed to

A. takedown risk

B. funding risk

C. credit risk

D. exchange rate risk

E. interest rate risk


1 A freerider problem arises when individuals presume that others will pay for public goods so that


1.A free-rider problem arises when individuals presume that others will pay for public goods so that,

individually, they can escape from paying for their portion without reducing production of the public good.

Select one:



2.In a monopolistically competitive industry, firms can earn economic profits in the short run that lead to industry exit and zero long-run economic profits.

Select one:



3.Most foreign direct investment occurs through the actions of small firms with operations that spill over to only one or two other countries.

Select one:



4.Technological improvement is the production of a wider array of goods and services that more fully provide consumer satisfaction.

Select one:



5.The geographic-based rationale for international trade is that firms seeking to take advantage of external economies and agglomeration naturally exchange products across borders, thereby generating international trade.

Select one:



6.Under the TRIPS agreement, copyrights have a minimum duration of 50 years.

Select one:




Which of the following pairs is an example of an




Which of the following pairs is an example of an is-a relationship?



b.Apple, Orange

c.Laptop, Computer

d.Car, Engine

Which Java statement is used to declare a class Triangle that is derived from class Shape?

a.public class Triangle implements Shape

b.public class Triangle extends Shape

c.public class Triangle is-a Shape

d.public class TriangleShape

A Java object can be a field in another Java object.



Which method is automatically called when a Java object is instantiated?





Assume that you have created a class named Dog that contains a data field namedweight and an instance method named setWeight(). Further assume that the setWeight() method is public and accepts a numeric parameter named pounds. Which of the following statements correctly sets a Dog‘s weight within the setWeight() method?

a.pounds = weight

b.weight = pounds

c.either of these

d.none of these

Engineering Technology

Explain the concepts of risk assessment and risk analysis as it relates to public transportation Explain the


Explain the concepts of risk assessment and risk analysis as it relates to public transportation. Explain the

impacts of actual and suspected threats of this public transportation. Explain the effectiveness of Critical Infrastructure Protection activities and their true impact on their ability to meet public needs. Explain the knowledge, skills, abilities, resources, and/or expertise of each partner. What problems can develop if there is a lack of cooperation within public-private partnerships.

Social Science

Corporate Fraud Please respond to the following As we’ve examined this week legislation centers mostly


Corporate Fraud Please respond to the following:

As we’ve examined this week, legislation centers mostly

around fraud in the corporate arena when it comes to technology. The government seems to want to ensure businesses are operating honestly. Search the web for an example of corporate fraud in the news in the past few years. A good search term is SOX. Read about what the company was doing that was considered fraud. Beyond the law, describe how you feel the company was behaving. Were they doing the right thing by all the people involved? Employees, customers, shareholders, the general public, etc. Can you think of a way a company may intend to do the right thing, but wind up on the wrong side of the law?

Engineering Technology

1 Which of the following is a/are communication(s) designed to deliver one consistent message to buyers?a


1,Which of the following is a/are communication(s) designed to deliver one consistent message to buyers?



b. Sales promotions

c. Public relations

d. All of these

2, Which pricing perspective assumes that the consumer is a rational decision maker and has perfect information?

a. Customer

b. Economic

c. Societal

d. None of these

3, What is a disadvantage of product positioning?

a. It provides a distinction from a competitor’s position.

b. It helps to solidify a customer’s purchasing decision.

c. Both A and B

d. Neither A nor B



I need help with this,
you are a public relations company launching a new environmentally

Eco-Friendly bags are reusable shopping bags that are an alternative to the single-use paper or
plastic bags. This bag is often made from fabric such as canvas, natural fibers , woven synthetic…
Project Management

Which of these actions is

least likely
to restore the trust of the American public in the free-market system?


Which of these actions is least likely to restore the trust of the American public in the free-market system?



T Inc.

T Inc. is an emerging company that wants to focus on personal selling, sales


PT Inc.

PT Inc. is an emerging company that wants to focus on personal selling, sales

promotion, and public relations activities. PT’s management understands that personal selling is about the personal communication aimed at customers, but they feel that determining more specifics about the products they sell will allow them to better achieve their goal. Another important route they would like to take is to learn more about the various types of sales promotion. Finally, management would like to focus more on publicity-based PR. By concentrating on these areas, the company believes that it will be able to successfully make a promotional campaign.

78. Refer to PT Inc. During which step of the personal selling process should an PT salesperson ask the prospect to buy the product?


Closing the sale




Answering objections


Approaching the prospect


Making the advertisement


1 The consensus perspective is most applicable to ______________


1.The consensus perspective is most applicable to ______________






2.There has been considerable debate over the legalization of marijuana. In a number of states, voters have decided to modify the law to legalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana for personal use. This is an example of the _________ perspective.





3.Which of the following is true of advocates of the social problems perspective on crime and criminality?

-They lay the cause of crime squarely at the feet of individual perpetrators.

-They suggest highly personalized crime-reduction strategies based on firm punishments and a wider use of police powers.

-They believe crime must be addressed in the same way as public health concerns.

-They believe people choose crime because it is exciting, offers illicit pleasures, and offers the companionship of other thrill-seekers.

4.Most contemporary criminologists primarily employ a(n) ________ perspective.





Social Science

Walmart should be my companyIn this topic you will select a publicly traded company and submit the name of


walmart should be my company

In this topic you will select a publicly traded company and submit the name of

the company to the instructor for approval by the end of the topic. Note: You will need to have this step finalized before you can complete the assignment detailed below, so it is in your best interest to select and obtain approval as soon as possible.

Select a company that is public and enjoys extensive analyst coverage (e.g., Apple, GE, Southwest Airlines, Walgreen, Exxon Mobile) to insure access to sufficient financially oriented material regarding your chosen company. The more information available, the easier it will be to perform the financial analysis.

As you move through the nine steps in conducting your analysis, you will research the market at each step for relevant data on your chosen company, including analyst reports and market information. Disclose all assumptions you are making in the case study (e.g., revenue growth projections, expense controls) and provide supporting reasons and evidence behind those assumptions. As your case study analysis develops over the span of the course, you will synthesize the research data and outcomes of the nine-step assessment process in order to assess the long-term financial health of the chosen company.

Component 1:

For this assignment, apply the following two steps of the nine-step assessment process to develop a 500-word analysis of the company you have selected and which has been approved by your course instructor:

  1. Analysis of Fundamentals: Goals, Strategy, Market, Competitive Technology, Regulatory, and Operating Characteristics
  2. Analysis of Fundamentals: Revenue Outlook

Note: You will be required to resubmit this assignment, revised to incorporate all instructor feedback, along with the other three component assignments as one comprehensive submission in Topic 8. To save time later in the course, consider addressing any feedback soon after this assignment has been graded and returned to you.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.

Running head: Strategic Plan Godaddy.Com 1 Strategic Plan Godaddy.Com
Date Strategic Plan Godaddy.Com 2
Strategic Plan Godaddy.Com
Introduction The managers as well as the…

I need this in the next 2 hours My approved topic is the police and public opinion

In this


I need this in the next 2 hours…. My approved topic is the police and public opinion….

In this

assignment, you will integrate the concepts of conflict resolution, group influence, and attribution to develop a program of conflict resolution to a current conflict situation.

Identify a conflict between two groups, and obtain approval from your instructor.

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you create a program to improve the relationship between police and a community. Be specific in identifying what community, company, or organization you are writing about.

Nature of the Conflict

  • Describe the context of the conflict. What kind of community or organization is this? Who are the stakeholders in the outcome of the conflict?
  • Identify the overt and covert issues presenting both sides.
  • Describe the effect the conflict has on the organization within which it exists and, if applicable, the surrounding community.
  • Identify attribution errors and how they will be addressed in the program.
  • Analyze the dynamics within each group and between groups. Who are the leaders? Does anyone stall or undermine the group? Is there a relationship between two subgroups?

Program Design

Running Head: PROGRAM OF CONFLICT RESOLUTION Program of conflict resolution
Name of student
Professor’s name
Course title
Date 1 Running Head: PROGRAM OF CONFLICT RESOLUTION 2 The relationship…
Social Science

There is some research to suggest that the more comfortable one is with racial disparity and racism the more


There is some research to suggest that the more comfortable one is with racial disparity and racism the more

comfortable they are discussing those topics in open forums whereas those who have not adequately or sufficiently examined the issues of racism (both culturally and individually) the less comfortable they are with discussing race in a public or group setting. Do you agree with this assertion?


1 When companies are interested in their impact on their local community as well as on the overall environment


1.When companies are interested in their impact on their local community as well as on the overall environment,

this is called _______. (ref-39)

a. ethics and social responsibility

b. sustainability

c. global coverage

d. service-dominant logic

2._______ loom(s) as one of the most misunderstood and mistrusted elements in marketing.(ref-40)

a. Advertising

b. Sales promotions

c. Public relations

d. All of these

3.What topic would NOT typically be addressed in a complete marketing plan? (ref-43)

a. Industry analysis

b. Organization structure

c. Both A and B

d. Neither A nor B


I Need assistance on how to approach the following situation/scenario 1) Shawn is creating a


I Need assistance on how to approach the following situation/scenario:

1). Shawn is creating a

business that provides advertising on public restroom stall doors. He is funding the project from his personal savings of $5,000 and does not expect to use any outside financing. Should he develop a business plan? Why or why not?

2). why a prospective business founder might want to establish a feasibility study or Business Model Canvas before developing a complete business plan.

3). How can spending time researching and writing a business plan save an entrepreneur time and money in the short run and long run?

4). Explain why the executive summary is the most important section of any business plan.


Chapter 6Business Foundations A Changing World When the Ford Fusion introduced


Chapter 6

Business Foundations A Changing World

When the Ford Fusion introduced

to the public, Ford had been planning this for many years. As with any successful product, there must be a plan, the plan must be implemented, and the plan with be watched and monitored to be sure it is doing what is planned. As stated in the text, Ford had goals that were very important in this strategic process; market share growth, great selection options, and going green.

  1. After reading chapter six and the case study on Ford, which of its three goals were the most important and why?


There are 5 forms of promotion

For EACH of the 5 forms (Advertising, Public relations or publicity, Sales


There are 5 forms of promotion. For EACH of the 5 forms (Advertising, Public relations or publicity, Sales

promotion, Direct marketing,Personal selling), select one or two commercials, ads, etc. that have been the most effective. Explain each definition, why each was so effective and, in comparison, why others are not.


Building strong public relations is a priority for all criminal justice organizations The public’s perception of


Building strong public relations is a priority for all criminal justice organizations. The public’s perception of

the organization is critical in the organization’s effort to acquire and maintain the public’s support. The media plays a huge role in shaping that perception. First, discuss how the media influences the perception of criminal justice organizations and certain practitioners such as police. Is the media’s reporting of events fair and impartial? Why or why not?

Lastly, in response to your peers’ posts, discuss what you as a criminal justice manager to have a positive impact on the public’s perception of your organization.

Social Science

The Mazatec people among others in remote rural areas of Mexico had a long tradition of


The Mazatec people, among others in remote rural areas of Mexico had a long tradition of

using Psilocybemushrooms in ways that were intended to help people deal with physical and emotional problems. Through the work of Richard Schultes, Gordon Wasson and others, the world became aware of the hallucinogenic properties of these mushrooms. This discovery and others that followed added to the sum of human knowledge, but also had negative consequences. Outsiders traveled to Mexico to seek access to hallucinogenic mushrooms, disrupting the lives of local residents and making it more difficult for them to continue traditional practices that had been a part of their culture for many generations. Elsewhere in the world, hallucinogenic mushrooms were abused to the point that most governments elected to make their possession illegal. Your assignment is to address the following questions.

1) Do you think the dissemination of information about Psilocybe mushrooms following their discovery in Mexico should have been handled in a different manner? If so, explain how this could have been done in a way that might have engendered fewer negative consequences. If not, explain why you think the manner in which the situation was handled was appropriate.

2) In general, do you think it is desirable and/or necessary to deny or restrict public access to certain information? If so, under what circumstances would this be justified, who would make this decision and how would limitations on access be accomplished (e.g., through laws, standards of professional conduct, or education to achieve shared societal values)? If you favor making all information freely available, explain why you think this is a better policy.

You can refer to your notes from recent lectures for background information related to these questions. You can also draw on other sources of information if you wish, including those that are available on Canvas: Resources / Optional reading / Lectures 13-16. No references are required, but if you take ideas or quotations directly from any source other than lecture notes, a citation of that source should be included. Any style of citation is acceptable.

Your answer to each question should be presented in paragraph form. There is no upper or lower limit on length. You should aim for an answer that is complete but concise. Be sure your ideas are clearly expressed. Proof-read your answers carefully to avoid errors that will compromise your intended meaning.

The assignment is worth 80 points, 40 per question. For each of the two questions, points will be awarded as follows:

In my opinion, the information dissemination concerning the Psilocybe mushrooms should have
been handled in a different manner. I stand by this because in such a case, the mushrooms are…

This week we follow advances in science and specifically in astronomy Through brief biographies of some of the


This week, we follow advances in science and specifically in astronomy. Through brief biographies of some of the

great figures in science, we examine the public influence and theological implications of their work. Finally, we have an opportunity to compare past understandings of the universe with our understanding of it today.

This week’s primary objectives are:

  • Accurately and effectively communicate ideas, information, arguments, and messages to present material in a historical context.
  • Investigate and evaluate historical information from global, social and ethical perspectives to guide decision making.
  • Convey historical information by writing and speaking clearly and appropriately for different audiences and with an appreciation of diverse viewpoints.
  • Demonstrate a chronological understanding of the different peoples, events, and cultures that have shaped human civilization.

Three biographies on Copernicus, Galileo, and Newton provide an overview of the life and times of these greats as well as their legacies.

Tully’s article on the size of the universe allows you to compare the understanding of those in the past to our knowledge today.

Running head: COPERNICUS TO NEWTON SCIENCE REVOLUTION Copernicus to Newton Science Revolution
Student’s Name
Institution 1 COPERNICUS TO NEWTON SCIENCE REVOLUTION 2 Copernicus to Newton Science…

Bus 300 Assignment 2How do you describe the government relations tactics that can be would use


Bus 300 Assignment 2

How do you describe the government relations tactics that can be would use

as part of a public relations campaign, and explain in detail how these tactics will help achieve objectives.

Help me draft a news release for a public relations campaign for a nonprofit organization.

Can you help me explain in detail how the content, style, and essentials of the news release will help persuade the public to this point of view.


Please review my essay with the following criteria feedback appreciated Student used standard essay


Please review my essay with the following criteria, feedback appreciated –

  • Student used standard essay

format: Introduction/Body/Conclusion.

  • Student demonstrated proper use of grammar, spelling, punctuation, citation style, etc.
  • Student demonstrated an understanding of course content and key concepts, as discussed in the text.
  • Student was able to examine, assess, evaluate, and/or analyze course content and key concepts.
  • Student provided a clear and well-developed response to the question.
  • In today’s business words businesses and agencies in both private and public sector are using wiki’s in both their internal and external websites allowing teams, user communities, and the public to crowdsource knowledge in electronic form. Using wikis is a great way for teams and other groups to collaborate on writing projects, from brief articles to long reports and reference works. However, wikis require a unique approach to writing. Individual writers must relinquish traditional expectations of authorship, including recognition and control (the value of a wiki stems from the collective insight of all its contributors).

    For a business, the wiki’s authors should keep some things in mind when contributing to the wiki. When setting up the site, management should encourage all team members to look at what has been written, and offer improvement if possible. This could simply be with a standard operating procedure for ordering office supplies. The more detailed and user friendly it is, the more beneficial it will be. Using a wiki to writea standard operating procedure like this, is a great way to succession plan for management. In addition, writers should use page templates and other formatting options to make sure the content is consistent with the rest of the wiki. Wikis also provide editing and commenting capabilities, so participants should use the appropriate tool for each activity. Finally, new users should take advantage of the sandbox, which is a safe, nonpublished section of the wiki where contributors can practice editing and writing. (Bovée and Thill, pp. 212-213)

    There is a three-step writing process for wikis to help you be successful. This depends on if you plan on creating a new wiki, adding material to an existing wiki, or revising material. If creating a new wiki, the writer should think about what the long-term plan is with the wiki, this will help them develop a template, guidelines, and policy for the wiki. If the writer wants to contribute to a existing wiki, they should figure out how material will fit into the wiki in a positive way. Adding to a existing wiki may be easier than creating a whole new one, as it will help the writer understand the layout of the wiki and now the system works. If there is a wiki the writer does not agree with, there is a discussion facility to share your concerns with other contributors. (Bovée and Thill, pp. 213)

    The wiki environment is a great place to get information, provide your expertise on a subject with new information, add to current wikis, and discuss with others how a wiki should be formulated. Wiki’s can be used to organize a company’s products and information, as a training environment for staff, and as a knowledge base. There are endless uses for wiki’s in a business, and as long as those use it consistently and accurately it can be a great asset to a company’s success.


    If the government and through the enforcement of antitrust laws believes the presence of competition in


    If the government, and through the enforcement of antitrust laws, believes the presence of competition in

    the marketplace achieves the highest level of market efficiency and fosters economic growth, why do governments have monopoly in providing some services such as DMV offices, professional licensing, business licenses, policing, public transportation, etc.? Is there efficiency in the government monopoly model? Or is there a room for improving efficiency in government agencies? Do you think we will have better public services if the government has competition?

    What has been the impact of convergence and integration on public relations practice?What


    What has been the impact of convergence and integration on public relations practice?


    major ethical and legal considerations should public relation personnel have? Be specific.

    How can complex information, scientific or technical, be simplified and clarified?

    In preparing a media kit for a special event, what should you include? Describe each item.


    Public Relations (PR) can be an important tool in our marketing

    At its core, public relations is


    Public Relations (PR) can be an important tool in our marketing.

    At its core, public relations is

    about influencing, engaging and building a relationship with key stakeholders across a myriad of platforms in order to shape and frame the public perception. Can you think of a company that is particularly good at using PR?


    These days monitoring social media for mentions is a key function of public relations Fortunately there are


    These days, monitoring social media for mentions is a key function of public relations. Fortunately, there are

    many excellent tools that can help in this area.

    Continually scanning for mentions (not only of the organization but also competitors, regulators, suppliers and other key publics) can help nip problem situations in the bud while at the same time uncovering potential opportunities. It is a fundamental role of proactive public relations.



    I need help please 21 The SEC Securities &amp

    Exchange Commission requires public companies


    I need help please.

    21. The SEC Securities Exchange Commission requires public companies

    to do the following:

    a. file audited financial statements with SEC

    b. Change CEOs on a regular basis

    c. Regulates the Money Supply

    d. Prohibits foreign bribery

    22. What does the Sarbanes-Oxley Act require companies to do?
    Financial Accounting

    Public goods are often thought to be goods or services that are provided by the government but that is confusing


    Public goods are often thought to be goods or services that are provided by the government, but that is confusing

    cause and effect. What are the characteristics of a public good? Hint: Who provides the public good is not one of the characteristics.

    Consider open educational resources (OER), for example, open textbooks. These are available free online from companies like OpenStax College and Lumen Learning. Make a case for why OER can be considered public goods. Hint: Who covers the cost of providing these products and why is that relevant to your answer?


    In The Wealth of Nations Adam Smith argued The interest of the dealers however in any particular


    In The Weah of Nations, Adam Smith argued, The interest of the dealers, however, in any particular

    branch of trade or manufactures, is always in some respects different from, and even opposite to, that of the public. To widen the market and to narrow the competition, is always the interest of the dealers. To widen the market may frequently be agreeable enough to the interest of the public; but to narrow the competition must always be against it, and can serve only to enable the dealers, by raising their profits above what they naturally would be, to levy, for their own benefit, an absurd tax upon the rest of their fellow-citizens. The proposal of any new law or regulation of commerce which comes from this order ought always to be listened to with great precaution, and ought never to be adopted till after having been long and carefully examined, not only with the most scrupulous, but with the most suspicious attention. It comes from an order of men whose interest is never exactly the same with that of the public, who have generally an interest to deceive and even to oppress the public, and who accordingly have, upon many occasions, both deceived and oppressed it. (CP 25) What would Smith say about changes underway in the American economy in the years between 1890 and the New Deal?

    US History

    Suppose that in a small island economy household savings are S = 15% of GDP private investment is I = 10% of


    Suppose that in a small island economy household savings are S = 15% of GDP, private investment is I = 10% of

    GDP, public sector spending is G = 21% of GDP, transfers are Z = 1% of GDP, interest payments on public debt are INT = 1% of GDP and private consumption is C = 70% of GDP. What is the vaule of its current account balance?

    (a) current account surplus of 1% or GDP.

    (b) current account surplus of 0% or GDP.

    (c) current account deficit of 1% or GDP.


    Rudra here are the questions that I need help with this week

    Happy New Year by the way.
    If you would please


    Rudra here are the questions that I need help with this week, Happy New Year by the way. If you would please

    be a bit more informative in explaining questions that ask why and how it helps me to understand better. Thank you


    School Type
    Private Part a Part b Cost 30 Year…
    Statistics and Probability

    Public Relations

    – Read about the following Public Relations (PR) disaster from Business Insider and then post


    Public Relations – Read about the following Public Relations (PR) disaster from Business Insider and then post

    your comments on how you, as an airport director, would avoid getting involved in this PR nightmare.

    Public Relations

    According to my text The practice of public relations 2010 custom edition by F P Sietel attitudes are


    According to my text The practice of public relations: 2010 custom edition by F.P. Sietel, attitudes are

    based on a number of characteristics. How do you elaborate on how public relations can take advantage of one of these characteristics to shape public opinion. I want to know how to describe and explain at least one example of how this characteristic was a focus of a selected public relations campaign.

    I also read that one goal of public relations is to manage public opinion on a particular topic. For the public relations campaign selected, analyze the methods used to shape public opinion. How do can you justify why these methods were either successful or unsuccessful.


    Missing something below which is preventing the code from running no errors using Netbeans but it will not run


    missing something below which is preventing the code from running no errors using Netbeans but it will not run ,

    any ideas ?

    package TestPolygon;


    * CMIS 141

    * Jonathan Warren

    * February 2,2017

    * Purpose: Write a Java test program, named TestPolygon, create 5 different polygons representing the 5 test

    cases created. Create one using the no argument constructor.


    public class TestPolygon{

    public static void main(String[] args) {

    //Make a polygon with defau construct

    Polygon defauPolygon = new Polygon();

    //Construct polygon #2

    Polygon polygonTwo = new Polygon(5, 4.0, 3.0, 2.0, 1.5, 25.0);

    //Construct polygon #3

    Polygon polygonThree = new Polygon(10, 10.0, 3.5, 3.5, 7.0, 40.0);

    //Construct polygon #4

    Polygon polygonFour = new Polygon(4, 2.0, 2.0, 3.0, 1.5, 5.0);

    //Construct polygon #5

    Polygon polygonFive = new Polygon(7, 7.0, 7.5, 7.5, 2.0, 11.0);

    //Defau Polygon

    System.out.println(Defau polygon data);

    //Get methods for defau

    int defauPolygonSides = defauPolygon.getSides();

    System.out.println(Defau polygon has # sides: + defauPolygonSides);

    double defauPolygonLength = defauPolygon.getLength();

    System.out.println(Defau polygon has side length: + defauPolygonLength);

    double defauPolygonX = defauPolygon.getX();

    System.out.println(Defau polygon has X Coordinate: + defauPolygonX);

    double defauPolygonY = defauPolygon.getY();

    System.out.println(Defau polygon has Y Coordinate: + defauPolygonY);

    double defauPolygonApothem = defauPolygon.getApothem();

    System.out.println(Defau polygon has apothem: + defauPolygonApothem);

    double defauPolygonPerimeter = defauPolygon.getPerimeter(defauPolygonSides, defauPolygonLength);

    System.out.println(Defau polygon has perimeter: + defauPolygonPerimeter);

    double defauPolygonArea = defauPolygon.getArea(defauPolygonApothem, defauPolygonPerimeter);

    System.out.println(Defau polygon has area: + defauPolygonArea);

    //To string method

    String defauPolygonString = defauPolygon.toString();


    //Set methods for defau


    defauPolygonSides = defauPolygon.getSides();

    System.out.println(Defau polygon now has # sides: + defauPolygonSides);


    defauPolygonLength = defauPolygon.getLength();

    System.out.println(Defau polygon now has side length: + defauPolygonLength);


    defauPolygonX = defauPolygon.getX();

    System.out.println(Defau polygon now has X Coordinate: + defauPolygonX);


    defauPolygonY = defauPolygon.getY();

    System.out.println(Defau polygon now has Y Coordinate: + defauPolygonY);


    defauPolygonApothem = defauPolygon.getApothem();

    System.out.println(Defau polygon now has apothem: + defauPolygonApothem);

    defauPolygonPerimeter = defauPolygon.getPerimeter(defauPolygonSides, defauPolygonLength);

    System.out.println(Defau polygon now has perimeter: + defauPolygonPerimeter);

    defauPolygonArea = defauPolygon.getArea(defauPolygonApothem, defauPolygonPerimeter);

    System.out.println(Defau polygon now has area: + defauPolygonArea);

    // Second Polygon


    System.out.println(Polygon #2 data);

    //Get methods for polygon #2

    int polygonTwoSides = polygonTwo.getSides();

    System.out.println(Polygon #2 has # sides: + polygonTwoSides);

    double polygonTwoLength = polygonTwo.getLength();

    System.out.println(Polygon #2 has side length: + polygonTwoLength);

    double polygonTwoX = polygonTwo.getX();

    System.out.println(Polygon #2 has X Coordinate: + polygonTwoX);

    double polygonTwoY = polygonTwo.getY();

    System.out.println(Polygon #2 has Y Coordinate: + polygonTwoY);

    double polygonTwoApothem = polygonTwo.getApothem();

    System.out.println(Polygon #2 has apothem: + polygonTwoApothem);

    double polygonTwoPerimeter = polygonTwo.getPerimeter(polygonTwoSides, polygonTwoLength);

    System.out.println(Polygon #2 has perimeter: + polygonTwoPerimeter);

    double polygonTwoArea = polygonTwo.getArea(polygonTwoApothem, polygonTwoPerimeter);

    System.out.println(Polygon #2 has area: + polygonTwoArea);

    //To string method

    String polygonTwoString = polygonTwo.toString();


    //Set methods for polygon #2


    polygonTwoSides = polygonTwo.getSides();

    System.out.println(Polygon #2 now has # sides: + polygonTwoSides);


    polygonTwoLength = polygonTwo.getLength();

    System.out.println(Polygon #2 now has side length: + polygonTwoLength);


    polygonTwoX = polygonTwo.getX();

    System.out.println(Polygon #2 now has X Coordinate: + polygonTwoX);


    polygonTwoY = polygonTwo.getY();

    System.out.println(Polygon #2 now has Y Coordinate: + polygonTwoY);


    polygonTwoApothem = polygonTwo.getApothem();

    System.out.println(Polygon #2 now has apothem: + polygonTwoApothem);

    polygonTwoPerimeter = polygonTwo.getPerimeter(polygonTwoSides, polygonTwoLength);

    System.out.println(Polygon #2 now has perimeter: + polygonTwoPerimeter);

    polygonTwoArea = polygonTwo.getArea(polygonTwoApothem, polygonTwoPerimeter);

    System.out.println(Polygon #2 now has area: + polygonTwoArea);

    //Polygon #3


    System.out.println(Polygon #3 data);

    //Get methods for polygon #3

    int polygonThreeSides = polygonThree.getSides();

    System.out.println(Polygon #3 has # sides: + polygonThreeSides);

    double polygonThreeLength = polygonThree.getLength();

    System.out.println(Polygon #3 has side length: + polygonThreeLength);

    double polygonThreeX = polygonThree.getX();

    System.out.println(Polygon #3 has X Coordinate: + polygonThreeX);

    double polygonThreeY = polygonThree.getY();

    System.out.println(Polygon #3 has Y Coordinate: + polygonThreeY);

    double polygonThreeApothem = polygonThree.getApothem();

    System.out.println(Polygon #3 has apothem: + polygonThreeApothem);

    double polygonThreePerimeter = polygonThree.getPerimeter(polygonThreeSides, polygonThreeLength);

    System.out.println(Polygon #3 has perimeter: + polygonThreePerimeter);

    double polygonThreeArea = polygonThree.getArea(polygonThreeApothem, polygonThreePerimeter);

    System.out.println(Polygon #3 has area: + polygonThreeArea);

    //To string method

    String polygonThreeString = polygonThree.toString();


    //Set methods for polygon #3


    polygonThreeSides = polygonThree.getSides();

    System.out.println(Polygon #3 now has # sides: + polygonThreeSides);


    polygonThreeLength = polygonThree.getLength();

    System.out.println(Polygon #3 now has side length: + polygonThreeLength);


    polygonThreeX = polygonThree.getX();

    System.out.println(Polygon #3 now has X Coordinate: + polygonThreeX);


    polygonThreeY = polygonThree.getY();

    System.out.println(Polygon #3 now has Y Coordinate: + polygonThreeY);


    polygonThreeApothem = polygonThree.getApothem();

    System.out.println(Polygon #3 now has apothem: + polygonThreeApothem);

    polygonThreePerimeter = polygonThree.getPerimeter(polygonThreeSides, polygonThreeLength);

    System.out.println(Polygon #3 now has perimeter: + polygonThreePerimeter);

    polygonThreeArea = polygonThree.getArea(polygonThreeApothem, polygonThreePerimeter);

    System.out.println(Polygon #3 now has area: + polygonThreeArea);

    //Polygon #4


    System.out.println(Polygon #4 data);

    //Get methods for Polygon #4

    int polygonFourSides = polygonFour.getSides();

    System.out.println(Polygon #4 has # sides: + polygonFourSides);

    double polygonFourLength = polygonFour.getLength();

    System.out.println(Polygon #4 has side length: + polygonFourLength);

    double polygonFourX = polygonFour.getX();

    System.out.println(Polygon #4 has X Coordinate: + polygonFourX);

    double polygonFourY = polygonFour.getY();

    System.out.println(Polygon #4 has Y Coordinate: + polygonFourY);

    double polygonFourApothem = polygonFour.getApothem();

    System.out.println(Polygon #4 has apothem: + polygonFourApothem);

    double polygonFourPerimeter = polygonFour.getPerimeter(polygonFourSides, polygonFourLength);

    System.out.println(Polygon #4 has perimeter: + polygonFourPerimeter);

    double polygonFourArea = polygonFour.getArea(polygonFourApothem, polygonFourPerimeter);

    System.out.println(Polygon #4 has area: + polygonFourArea);

    //To string method

    String polygonFourString = polygonFour.toString();


    //Set methods for polygon #4


    polygonFourSides = polygonFour.getSides();

    System.out.println(Polygon #4 now has # sides: + polygonFourSides);


    polygonFourLength = polygonFour.getLength();

    System.out.println(Polygon #4 now has side length: + polygonFourLength);


    polygonFourX = polygonFour.getX();

    System.out.println(Polygon #4 now has X Coordinate: + polygonFourX);


    polygonFourY = polygonFour.getY();

    System.out.println(Polygon #4 now has Y Coordinate: + polygonFourY);


    polygonFourApothem = polygonFour.getApothem();

    System.out.println(Polygon #4 now has apothem: + polygonFourApothem);

    polygonFourPerimeter = polygonFour.getPerimeter(polygonFourSides, polygonFourLength);

    System.out.println(Polygon #4 now has perimeter: + polygonFourPerimeter);

    polygonFourArea = polygonFour.getArea(polygonFourApothem, polygonFourPerimeter);

    System.out.println(Polygon #4 now has area: + polygonFourArea);

    //Polygon #5


    System.out.println(Polygon #5 data);

    //Get methods for Polygon #5

    int polygonFiveSides = polygonFive.getSides();

    System.out.println(Polygon #5 has # sides: + polygonFiveSides);

    double polygonFiveLength = polygonFive.getLength();

    System.out.println(Polygon #5 has side length: + polygonFiveLength);

    double polygonFiveX = polygonFive.getX();

    System.out.println(Polygon #5 has X Coordinate: + polygonFiveX);

    double polygonFiveY = polygonFive.getY();

    System.out.println(Polygon #5 has Y Coordinate: + polygonFiveY);

    double polygonFiveApothem = polygonFive.getApothem();

    System.out.println(Polygon #5 has apothem: + polygonFiveApothem);

    double polygonFivePerimeter = polygonFive.getPerimeter(polygonFiveSides, polygonFiveLength);

    System.out.println(Polygon #5 has perimeter: + polygonFivePerimeter);

    double polygonFiveArea = polygonFive.getArea(polygonFiveApothem, polygonFivePerimeter);

    System.out.println(Polygon #5 has area: + polygonFiveArea);

    //To string method

    String polygonFiveString = polygonFive.toString();


    //Set methods for polygon #5


    polygonFiveSides = polygonFive.getSides();

    System.out.println(Polygon #5 now has # sides: + polygonFiveSides);


    polygonFiveLength = polygonFive.getLength();

    System.out.println(Polygon #5 now has side length: + polygonFiveLength);


    polygonFiveX = polygonFive.getX();

    System.out.println(Polygon #5 now has X Coordinate: + polygonFiveX);


    polygonFiveY = polygonFive.getY();

    System.out.println(Polygon #5 now has Y Coordinate: + polygonFiveY);


    polygonFiveApothem = polygonFive.getApothem();

    System.out.println(Polygon #5 now has apothem: + polygonFiveApothem);

    polygonFivePerimeter = polygonFive.getPerimeter(polygonFiveSides, polygonFiveLength);

    System.out.println(Polygon #5 now has perimeter: + polygonFivePerimeter);

    polygonFiveArea = polygonFive.getArea(polygonFiveApothem, polygonFivePerimeter);

    System.out.println(Polygon #5 now has area: + polygonFiveArea);



    Engineering Technology

    I was hoping I could get help with the following You have been given the responsibility of


    I was hoping I could get help with the following:

    You have been given the responsibility of

    working with your organization’s CEO to do a competitive market analysis of the potential success of one of their existing products.

    Select your organization and a product produced by that organization from IndustryWeek.

    Write a 2,100-word analysis of the current market conditions facing your product, making sure that you address the following topics:

    • Define the type of market in which your selected product will compete, along with an analysis of competitors and customers.
    • Analyze any comparative advantages and international trade opportunities.
    • Explain the factors that will affect demand, supply, and prices of that product.
    • Examine factors that will affect Total Revenue, including but not limited to:
    • Price elasticity of demand
    • Factors that influence productivity
    • Various measures of costs, including opportunity costs
    • Externalities and government public policy and their effect on marginal revenue and marginal cost
    • Recommend how your organization can maximize their profit-making potential and increase their presence within the market served by the product.

    Use a minimum of 3 peer-reviewed sources from the University Library.

    Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

    Choosing one of the organisations/products from: http://www.industryweek.com/resources/iw50best/2015

    Running head: MARKET ANALYSIS 1 Market Analysis
    Student Name
    Course Title
    Sep 15, 2016 MARKET ANALYSIS 2
    Market Analysis I have chosen Apple organization. This company deals with computer and…

    Hi i need some help with this question Thank you so muchThe opportunity cost of a new public


    Hi, i need some help with this question. Thank you so much

    The opportunity cost of a new public

    library is the

    A) Money cost of the construction to build the library

    B) Cost of building the library now rather than waiting and building the library in five years

    C) Created by the increase in traffic around the new library that resus from the public’s desire to use the new resource

    D) Other public goods that now cannot be provided to the community because of the resources used for the library.


    Q14 Which of the following is closest to a perfectly competitive market?

    a. computer


    Q14. Which of the following is closest to a perfectly competitive market?

    a. computer


    b. athletic shoes

    c. wheat

    d. handmade guitars

    Q16. The profit maximizing level of production

    a. is not measurable for a perfectly competitive firm.

    b. is where the difference between marginal revenue and marginal cost is maximized.

    c. ignores the relation of total revenues and total costs.

    d. is the quantity at which marginal revenue equals marginal cost.

    Q23. For the monopolistic competitor, which is INCORRECT?

    a. The profit maximizing rate of output is where the marginal cost curve intersects the marginal revenue curve.

    b. The marginal revenue curve is downward sloping and lies below the demand curve.

    c. Because the firm has some control over price, its demand curve slopes downward.

    d. If the firm in a monopolistically competitive industry were making economic losses, firms would enter the industry.

    Q24. Profitable price discrimination involves

    a. charging a higher price to new customers and a low price to old ones.

    b. charging a higher price to weahier customers.

    c. charging a higher price for goods that cost more to produce.

    d. charging a higher price to customers with a relatively low elasticity of demand.

    Q28. Signaling occurs as part of

    a. noncooperative behavior.

    b. advertising.

    c. price leadership.

    d. opportunistic behavior.

    Q36. External costs can be defined as

    a. the cost of providing all public goods and services.

    b. the sum of all private production costs.

    c. the cost of running the federal government.

    d. the cost associated with private production, but partially borne by society.

    Q37. What would happen in a free market system when production of a good generates negative externalities?

    a. There would be a shortage of the good.

    b. The equilibrium quantity of the good would be more than the efficient amount.

    c. The equilibrium quantity of the good would be less than the efficient amount.

    d. There would be a surplus of the good.

    Q38. Which of the following is an incidence of market failure?

    a. Firms change their production plans in response to a tax.

    b. The price of a good exceeds the opportunity cost of producing it.

    c. The firm producing the good is earning zero economic profit.

    d. Consumers change their buying habits in response to a tax.

    Q39. Which one of the following is TRUE?

    a. Private goods are subject to the principle of rival consumption.

    b. Public goods are those that generate positive externalities.

    c. Public goods are a subset of private goods.

    d. Private goods are produced for a local market; public goods are produced for a national market.


    You have applied for a public relations (PR) position with a RM 10 2 million savings and loan association


    You have applied for a public relations (PR) position with a RM 10.2 million savings and loan association,

    a conservative financial institution that has been in existence for over 50 years. The organization has never employed a PR person before. Now that its assets have risen above 10 million, however, the president of the institution feels it is time to hire someone to ‘do the PR’.

    During an interview, the president admits he is not sure what PR is, but he is fairly sure he wants the person he hires to plan promotions and stage events that will attract new customers, write stories that will get free space and time in the local media and start an employee publication. The president also states that he is open to suggestions about the position and asks you to explain how you would establish a professional, effective PR program if you were hired.

    Public Relations

    Hello how do i get free access for one day?

    hello how do i get free access for one day?
    hello how do i get free


    hello how do i get free access for one day? hello how do i get free access for one day? hello how do i get free

    access for one day? hello how do i get free access for one day?

    Public Relations

    Think of a firm that relates to your major program of study where you currently work or a firm that interests


    Think of a firm that relates to your major program of study, where you currently work, or a firm that interests

    you. This firm can be in the private sector, a government entity, a military unit, or a public sector firm.

    Provide some background information on the firm and provide an example of how this firm has instituted technological change. Describe this change. Determine the nature of the technological change, and explain how the change either increased outputs (positive technological change) or decreased outputs (negative technological change). How is the firm operating more efficiently or how has the firm increased production? What economic model might apply? In your opinion, what sort of technological change might take place in the future?

    You may have to do some research for this assignment. Consider doing an interview with a person who works for the firm. You may also use the Internet. If you use the Internet, avoid biased sites such as press releases or public relations sections of the firm’s website. Be sure to cite your sources.

    Student’s name
    Lecturer’s name
    Course title
    Date of submission Apple Inc.
    Apple was formed by Stephen Paul Jobs and Stephen Gary Wozniak in 1976; they created their
    first computer and named it…

    Topic Shortdistance transportationYou have the sample and the paper instructions attached one


    Topic: Short-distance transportation

    You have the sample and the paper instructions attached.


    source to start: http://www.economist.com/blogs/graphicdetail/2015/08/taxis-v-uber

    Here are some tips:

    1. Introduction

    Market type;Oligopoly?

    2.Demand (consumers point of view)

    Public transportation

    Elasticity and Inelastic


    time saving

    Buying cars




    4.Moral Issues, Policies

    Consumer surplus and Producer Surplus

    5. Conclusion

    Running head: TAXIS VS UBER 1 Taxis vs. UBER
    Institution TAXIS VS UBER 2
    Taxis vs. Uber For a long time now, the yellow taxis in New York have been the market leader in the car
    hire and taxi…

    PLEASE PROVIDE PROFESSIONAL LEVEL WORKFor this paper the following elements must



    For this paper, the following elements must

    be addressed:

    • Describe a current IT-related ethical issue: Since this is a paper exercise, not a real-time situation,you may want to construct a brief scenariowhere this issue comes into play, and thus causes an ethical dilemma. The dilemma may affect you, your family, your job, or your company; or it may be a matter of public policy or law that affects the general populace.See the list below for a list of suggested issues, which may be a source of ethical dilemmas.
    • Define a concise problem statementthat isextractedfrom the above description or scenario. It is bestif you define a specific problem caused by the dilemma, that needs a specific ethical decision to be made, that will solve the dilemma. Be aware that if it is a matter of public policy or law, that it may require a regulatory body or congressional approval to take action to implement a solution.
    • Analyze your problemusing one of the structured decision-making frameworks chosen from Module 2.Make sure that you identify the decision-making framework utilized. In addition, the steps in the decision-making framework selected must be used as major headings in the Analysis section.
    • Consider and state the impact of the decision that you madeon an individual, an organization, stakeholders, customers suppliers, and the environment, as applicable!
    • State and discuss the applicable ethical theory from Module 1that supports your decision.

    Concerning your paper:

    • Prepare a minimum 3- 5 page, double-spaced paper and submit it to the LEO Assignments Module as an attached Microsoft Word file.
    • Provide appropriate American Psychological Association (APA) source citations for all sources you use. In addition to critical thinking and analysis skills, your paper should reflect appropriate grammar and spelling, good organization, and proper business-writing style.

    For example, Kidder’s approach has nine steps, which are:

    • Recognize that there is a moral issue.
    • Determine the actor (whose moral issue is it?).
    • Gather the relevant facts.
    • Test for right-versus-wrong issues.
    • Test for right-versus-right paradigms (what sort of dilemma is this?).
    • Apply the resolution principles (ends-based, rule-based, or care-based).
    • Investigate the trilemma options (look for common ground or compromise).
    • Make the decision.
    • Revisit and reflect on the decision. (Kidder, 1995, p. 183-187)

    Reminder: Each of the steps for whatever framework that you select must be a major heading in the Analysis section of your paper.

    Here are some suggested issues for you to consider, the additional text is designed to help you flesh out the issue:

    One evening, James, a lecturer at a private university received an email from the University public relations officer
    informing him of a post on the University’s twitter handle…
    Engineering Technology

    Question 1The profitmaximizing firm equates the marginal benefit of labor to the marginal


    Question 1

    The profit-maximizing firm equates the marginal benefit of labor to the marginal


    cost of labor


    units of labor


    question 2

    Salaries for professions (such as architect or medical doctor) that require a long period of study are typically higher than those for other jobs. The reasons for this are all of the following EXCEPT __________.

    students sacrifice a good deal of present income

    status deserves more reward in the form of wages

    long periods of schooling incur greater current costs

    future income is worth less than present income

    question 3

    The demand for labor has three features. Which of the following is NOT one of those features?

    talent and efficiency demand

    interdependent demand

    technologically determined demand

    derived demand

    question 4

    If paying living expenses for a foster child in New York City makes the Iowan Reynolds family feel better, the child and the family have __________.

    regional interdependencies

    egalitarian philosophy and goals

    interdependent utility functions

    independent utility functions

    question 5

    Jonas is an elderly person living in poverty in rural Georgia. He is more likely to benefit from a redistribution policy that __________.

    depends on productivity

    is based on equality of resus

    seeks equality of opportunity

    encourages economic growth

    question 6

    Jonas is an elderly person living in poverty in rural Georgia. He is more likely to benefit from a redistribution policy that __________.

    depends on productivity

    is based on equality of resus

    seeks equality of opportunity

    encourages economic growth

    question 7

    Monopoly rent seeking is a(n) __________.

    benefit to society

    efficient allocation of resources

    advantage for large corporations

    extra cost of monopoly

    question 8

    The rent involved in rent seeking __________.

    represents a transfer from producer to consumer

    represents a transfer from producer to government

    is artificially created by a government or quasigovernment unit

    is artificially created by a monopoly or oligopoly

    question 9

    In public choice theory, what assumption is made regarding the private market?

    The private market never fails; thus, there is no need for government intervention.

    The private market may fail, but the government may also fail in attempting to correct the problem.

    The private market may fail, but government will always improve the outcome.

    The private market and the government both encourage public interest rather than self-interest.

    question 10

    Public choice theory suggests that voters are more likely to adopt proposals with long-delayed benefits if the __________.

    benefits favor one region over another, so that there is the opportunity for logrolling

    benefits are dispersed rather than concentrated

    costs can be delayed or concealed

    costs are presented as present values


    Which type of goods has well established property rightsa public goodsb commom goodsc club


    which type of goods has well established property rights

    a. public goods

    b. commom goods

    c. club


    d. private goods

    which price will a monopoly set?

    a. above marginal cost

    b. Equal to marginal cost

    c. equal to fractional cost

    of marginal cost

    d. below marginal cost which condition

    determines the profit maximizing output for a monopolist?

    a. price equals average total cost

    b. marginal revenue equals marginal cost

    c. price equals average fixed cost

    d. marginal revenue equals average fixed cost

    what is effect on import tarrif on domestic price of bananas

    b price Increases

    b price decreases

    b price matches the global market price

    50 Classify the effect of a tariff on each situation

    a. Demand for foreign goods (increase or decrease)

    b. The domestic quantity of goods produced (increase or decrease)

    c. The domestic quantity demanded (increase or decrease)

    d. Domestic government revenue (increase or decrease)


    In a perfectly competitive market all producers sell (identical or very different) goods or


    In a perfectly competitive market, all producers sell (identical or very different) goods or

    services. Additionally, there are (few or many) buyers and sellers. Because of these two characteristics, both buyers and sellers in perfectly competitive markets are price (takers or makers) .

    True or False: The market for public utilities, such as gas and electricity, does not exhibit the two primary characteristics that define perfectly competitive markets.




    Question 1 Effective Rate of Protection Assume that country Pacifico is an open economy


    Question 1: Effective Rate of Protection

    Assume that country Pacifico is an open economy

    and the world price of cars is $10. The domestic demand for cars in Pacifico is Q=90-P, and the domestic supply curve of cars in Pacifico is Q=2P. Assume that the government of Pacifico would like to increase the production of cars by domestic producers. In order to support this goal, the government of Pacifico imposes an import tariff of $10/car for imported cars.

    1. What is the market equilibrium for cars in Pacifico before the government impose the import tariff? (How many cars were demanded by Pacifico residents, how many cars were supplied by domestic producers, how many cars were imported?)
    2. What is the effect of the import tariff?

    Question 2: Sachs, The Age of Sustainable Development

    In The Age of Sustainable Development, Sachs explains that approximately 3⁄4 of world’s poor live in 2 regions.

    1. Which regions are they?
    2. What are the specific characteristics of each of these two regions that contribute to their
    3. high poverty rates?
    4. What are Sachs’s suggestions on strategies to eradicate (or at least alleviate) poverty in
    5. each of these two regions?

    Question 3: Sachs, The Age of Sustainable Development

    1. In Chapter 9 of The Age of Sustainable Development, Sachs explains two general interventions that we can do to stop the vicious spiral of disease and poverty and turn it into the virtuous spiral of heah and weah. What are these two interventions?
    2. Sachs also explains the role of building local infrastructure as investment in public heah. Please give 2 examples of local infrastructure and explain how they matter as investment in public heah.

    Question 4: Woo, The Art of Economic Development

    Running head: THE AGE OF SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT The Age of Sustainable Development
    Student’s Name
    Question 1: Effective Rate of Protection

    I am needing someone to proof read a paper and assess for punctuation and grammar errors



    I am needing someone to proof read a paper and assess for punctuation and grammar errors.


    public heah nurse along with the community heah nurse both play very important roles within the nursing community. The roles while similar, there are some differences noted. In this paper I will be addressing the differences between the two, differences in the levels of prevention, the roles and responsibilities, and current issues that are facing the community and public heah nurse.

    According to the Association of Public Heah Nurses, their practice is to promote and protect the heah of population while not only using their nursing knowledge but to look at social aspects along with public heah science. The uimate goal of a public heah nurse is to promote overall heah and to help in the prevention of disease and disability (Association of Public Heah Nurses [APHN], 2019).

    According to an annual meeting held by the American Public Heah Association 2013 it was discussed how the termonlogy such as public heah nursing and community heah nursing are used interchangeably. The document goes on to state that public heah nursing action occurs through community applications of theory, evidence and a commitment to heah equity. When looking at the two, you will see that a community heah nursing will typically focus on wellness visits, management of a patients acute or chronic illness. When examining community heah, you will see that this includes heah efforts within a community. This is made possible through the government and private funded organizations such as the American Heart Association and the American Red Cross. The public heah nurse will plan their care surrounding an entire population base. The population base that the public heah nurse is responsible for can range from working at the federal level, down to the local level (McEwen Nies, 2015, p. 6). The public heah nurse will help promote well-being within a population by promoting an environment in which the individuals within a population care be well (American Public Heah Association [APHA], 2013). Regardless if the nurses focus is on an individual or community basis, their focus is on prevention of disease and heah promotion versus the diagnosis and treatment of disease

    Within the field of heah care, we know that there are three levels of prevention used. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention primary prevention looks at the intervention before a heah issue takes place. This can come in the form of vaccinations, changing eating habits, elimination of tobacco products, weight loss strategies, and banning substances that have been noted cause a disease or heah condition (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC], 2019). Again, within this stage, we are looking at prevention and education. Nursing activities during the primary prevention phase can come in the form of public service announcements, free conferences or seminars discussing the benefits or primary prevention. I believe that also adding some type of incentive may help promote primary prevention. For example, an individual receiving a discount or reward for utilizing their local gym so many times per month.

    Secondary Prevention is looked at as a screening process to help identify diseases in their earliest stages, this is done before the onset of the signs and or symptoms become noticeable. This can be accomplished through measures taken such as a woman receiving regular mammograms to help detect breast cancer early on. Another example would include an individual receiving regular visits by their primary care provider to have their cholesterol evaluated to help decrease their risk for stroke and or heart attack [CDC], 2019. Nursing activities during the secondary prevention phase can come in the form of free blood pressure and or blood glucose checks to help assess for pre hypertension and or diabetes.

    The Tertiary Prevention phase is aimed towards management of a disease after an individual has already been diagnosed. This goal during the Tertiary phase is to slow or stop the disease from further progressing [CDC], 2019. An example of Tertiary prevention would include a patient who had been a smoker for the past thirty years had recently quit after being diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease or a patient who has been diagnosed with cancer but has recently started radiation or chemotherapy. Nursing activities during tertiary prevention may come in the form of the public heah nurse providing the patient with resources in order to stop smoking or financial resources that may be available to them to help offset the cost of their cancer treatments.

    The roles and responsibilities of a public heah and or community heah nurse are to focus on the overall improvement of heah within a certain population or a community to help recognize any unmet needs. Public heah nurses use their skills to help support the heah of a population. Some of the responsibilities of nurses within these roles include practices such as analysis and assessments of individuals within a population and or community. Data can then be taken, then used in order to implement a plan of care. The nurses within this setting also help in policy development. Policy development in this setting helps families and individuals within the area they serve. Communication with families and other individuals must be done in order to determine the knowledge level and attitudes about the types of medical services that are needed within a population base. Other roles and responsibilities of both the public heah nurse and community heah nurse also include cuural competency, financial management and lastly, leadership programs (Nursesources, 2019). Public heah nurses use what is called The Intervention Wheel as a framework for their specific practice. By utilizing the Intervention Wheel, it helps highlight their particular role as a public heah nurse. The public heah nurse role also includes tasks such as collaboration, advocacy, planning, and policy development (Nies McEwen, 2015).

    Through research, it was found that there are many issues that community and public heah nurses face. For example, the number of public and community heah nurses were noted to be subpar. This makes it difficu for these nurses to perform their job at the individual and population level (Misund Dahl, 2018). Additional issues that face public heah nursing include the enactment of the Affordable Care Act (Nies McEwen, 2015). There have been issues between other members of public heah speciaies and public heah or community nurses. The reason for the issues resus from each public heah disciplines is because there may be a difference between the way a public heah nurse manages a patient compared to another discipline. In the public/community heah nursing profession there is much autonomy, it makes it difficu to assure competency Minnesota Department of Heah-Public Heah Nursing Council, 2016, p. 7).


    Hello I need assistance with the questions below 1

    A firm reported the



    I need assistance with the questions below:

    1. A firm reported the

    following: Net Income 100,000; Depreciation 25,000; Change in NWC 15,000 What is the CFO (cash flow from operations)?

    2. What is the Cash Flow from Investing? Beginning Net PPE 50,000; Ending Net PPE 200,000; Depreciation Expense 40,000

    3. What is the Cash Flow from Financing? Accounts Payable 50,000; Stock Issuance 75,000; Increase in Bonds Payable 125,000; Dividends Paid 80,000

    4. If a fund for annual college scholarships of $100,000 is to last forever, how much must be invested today if the interest rate is 5%?

    5. The SEC Securities Exchange Commission requires public companies to do the following: a. File audited financial statements with SEC; b. Change CEOs on a regular basis; c. Regulates the money Supply; d. Prohibits foreign bribery

    6. What does the Sarbanes-Oxley Act Require companies to do? A. Have a board of directors; B. Make estimated tax payments; C. Make estimated tax payments; D. Have internal control audits

    7. If a company produces and sells a product only in the U.S., what international developments may affect its sales? A. Fluctuating exchange rates; B. Imports of competing products; C. Immigration Policy; D. Inflation in Europe

    8. The SEC requires the following to file audited financial statements: a. All companies; b. All for-profit companies; All publicly-traded corporations; d. There is no such requirement

    9. Which best describes conceptually the valuation of financial assets in financial markets? A. based on opinions of Wall Street analysts; b. The NPV of anticipated cash flows; c. Based on the book value of assets and liabilities; d. none of the above

    10. What accurately describes an efficient market? a. Prices are low; b. Prices do not fluctuate; c. Deviations from fair value are quickly eliminated; d. It is a monopoly

    11. If a firm’s goal is to maximize stockholders weah, which would the firm avoid? a. Stock buybacks; b. Risky long-term investments; c. Investments with negative NPV; d. Transparancy in financial statements

    12. To evaluate a non-public company, what sources would you use? a. The financial states filed with the SEC; b. The latest stock price quoted in the Wall Street Journal; c. The PE of a comparable public company; d. The book value of equity in its balance sheet

    13. Which section of the Statement or Cash Flows describes the production and sales of the firm’s product? a. Cash Flow Operations; b. Cash Flow Investing; c. Cash Flow Financing; d. Cash Flow Securities

    14. For calculating cash flows, why is depreciation added to Net Income? a. To offset taxes; b. Depreciation is a non-cash deduction; c. To determine pre-tax income; d. None of these

    15. What functions do market prices serve? a. Convey information; b. Affect incentives; c. Affct allocation of resources; d. All of the answers

    16. What explains the size of the yield spread of junk bonds over Treasury? a. The investor-perceived riskiness of the bond; b. The firm’s ROE; c. The firm’s efficiency ratio; d. The firm’s Beta

    17. What does Beta measure?

    18. What is the most effective use of financial statements in valuing a stock? a. Use the book value of equity on the balance sheet; Use data to estimate future earnings; d. Read the footnotes

    19. If market interest rates rise, what impact does it have on a given bond?

    20. What impact did the recent corporate tax have on a firm’s WACC?

    21. Why do firms often use sensitivity test in analyzing investment projects?

    22. If debt is less costly than equity, why don’t firms maximize debt use? a. Required by the SEC; b. Uncertainty of forecast assumptions; c. Auditors require it; d. Required section of financial statements

    23. If debt is less costly than equity, why don’t firms maximize debt use? a. Excessive debt increases risk of bankruptcy; b. Restricted by Federal tax regulations; c. It reduces financial leverage; d. It increases operating leverage

    24. Why does a firm’s investment opportunities affect it dividend payout ratio? A. Maximization of shareholder weah strategy; b. Limited access to market financing; c. Attempts to increase stock price; d. All of these

    25. If two annuities have the same payments and term, why is an Annuity Due more valuable than an Ordinary Annuity? a. They have equal value; b. Annuity Due payments occur earlier; c. Annuity Due uses a lower discount rate; d. Ordinary annuities are consider more risky

    Thank you

    Describe the spoils system

    In the context of Public Administration and Policy. What is it?
    What were


    Describe the spoils system. In the context of Public Administration and Policy. What is it? What were

    its political origins? Why did it persist for so long?

    Social Science