Math 483/567 Design Of Experimentsbased On

Problem 2 (10 pts) Define the effect hierarchy principle. Give the definition of the minimum
aberration blocking scheme. Explain why the latter can be justified by the former. (See my notes
in class for reference.)Math

How Do I Solve This Position/ Minimum And Maximum Function

AP Calculus Problem Set 29
Upon completion, circle one of the following to assess your current understanding:
Completely understand Mostly understand
Sort of understand
Don’t understand
1) A particle travels along the x-axis according to the position function x(t) =43 -2t2 + 20t-2
during the interval [2, 6] where t is in seconds.
At t = 3, is the particle traveling to the left or to the right? Justify your answer.
When is the particle furthest to the left? What is its position then?
When is the particle furthest to the right? What is its position then?
At what time does the particle reach its minimum velocity? What is the minimum velocity?
At what time does the particle reach its maximum velocity? What is the maximum velocity?
At what time does the particle reach its minimum acceleration? What is the minimum
g) At what time does the particle reach its maximum acceleration? What is the maximum
h) At t = 2, is the speed of the particle increasing or decreasing? Justify your answer.
i) At t = 6, is the speed of the particle increasing or decreasing? Justify your answer.Math

These Questions Are Not For Credit In Class But I Need Explanations And Answers To Learn And Practice For Exam

Math 312 Homework 10 You may use the following facts without proof: 0 The functions sin 3:, cos 3:, and cm are difl‘erentiable on R,
and their derivatives are cos :c, — sin :c, and em, respectively. since
=1. o iim
3—H] Pmctice problems (do not submit): o Prove that the derivative of a constant function is 0.
0 Let f(:c) = (1:6 + b. Prove that f’(:c) = a for all 3:. Math

Find An Expression For F(X) That Involves An Integral Use This

– K
Area = 5
Area = 12
Area = 10
On A W N
Area = 1
Graph of f’
The figure above shows the graph of f, the derivative of a differentiable function f, on the closed interval 0 lt; x lt; 9. The
areas of the regions between the graph of f and the x-axis are labeled in the figure. The function f is defined for all real
numbers and satisfies f (6) = 7.
Let g be the function defined by g (ac ) = 202 – 1.Math

This Is Honestly The Sixth Try Not All On Here That I Have Tried To Get An Explanation That I Can Understand For

Find the approximate area under the curve by dividing the intervals into n
subintervals and then adding up the areas of the inscribed rectangles. The
height of each rectangle may be found by evaluating the function for each
value of x. Your instructor will assign you n1 and n2.
y = 2xx2 + 1 between x = 0 and x = 6 for niand n2
Find the exact area under the curve using integration y = 2x vx2 + 1
between x = 0 and x = 6
Explain the reason for the difference in your answers.Math

Let N∈N N≥1 And Let F

be a field. Consider the vectorspace F^nover F. For 1≤i≤n, let ei∈ F^nbeb. suppose 9 6162, by,- – book Span Ph
where man -1
lien by deletion theoren , then the te
The b2, 63,.-. but has a subset A
Such that A s tto basis of fin
Were fore heintz , es – -.. eng ,…Math

Find Sem Of Parametric Equations And Symmetric Equations Of The Line That Passes Through The Given Point And Is Parallel To The Given Vector Or Line

Find sem of parametric equations and symmetric equations of the line that passes through the given point and is parallel to the given vector or line. (For each line, write the
direction numbers as Integers.)
Point Parallel to (-4.6,3) 131=L31=z—5 (a) parametric equations (Enter your answers as a comma-separated list.) (b) symmetric equations
pl x+4 _ [—6 _z_3 2
6 A
\_, 2 (Tux—4: _6=2
‘ 2 —3
(«IX—2: 4-6—2 .’
u: Math

3 …

For this question consider: P : R2 → R2 given by orthogonal projection onto the line y = 3x and
S : R21)Given map is T : P3 R P3 is defined as T p x p 3 2 xp ‘ x where p’ x denotes the derivative
of the polynomial p x a )Let p, q P3 R be any two polynomials. T p q x p q 3 2 x p q ‘ x p 3 q 3 2 x p…Math

Please Help Me To Solve 4 And 5

4. Where in the proof of Theorem 2.3.3 did we use the following?
(a) The least upper bound axiom
(b) The assumption that {x } is bounded
(c) The assumption that {x } is increasing
5. Prove that a bounded decreasing sequence {xx } converges by
9(a) using the result proved in the text for increasing sequences;
(b) using the amp; – no definition of convergence and the set A = {xn | n EN}.
Theorem 2.3.3. A bounded monotonic sequence converges.
Proof. We prove the theorem for an increasing sequence; the decreasing sequence
case is left for the exercises (Problem 5).
Assume that {In } is bounded and increasing. To show that { n } is convergent, we
use the amp; – no definition of convergence, and to use this definition, we need to know
the limit of the sequence. We determine the limit using the set A = {xn | n EN},
the set of points in R consisting of the terms of the sequence {x}. Because {x} is
bounded, there is an M gt; 0 such that |X, | lt; M for all n, and this M is an upper bound
for A. Hence A is a bounded nonempty set of real numbers and so has a least upper
bound. Let a =. lubA. This number a is the limit of {x}, which we now show.
Take any amp; gt; 0. Since a = lubA, there is an element a E A greater than a – amp;;
that is, there is an integer no such that Xno = a gt; a – E. But {x } is increasing, so
Xno lt; Xn for all n gt; no, and a an upper bound of A implies that In _ a for all n.
Therefore, for n gt; no, a – amp; lt; xx lt; a, so |xn – a| lt;E.
Remark Note that, from the above proof, it follows immediately that, if a is the limit
of an increasing sequence {Xn}, then *n lt; a for all n E N. (Similarly, we have that
the limit of a convergent decreasing sequence is a lower bound for the terms of the
decreasing sequence.)Math

Financial Decisions

– We have many options for how to save, invest, or allocate our money.SomeShare/IRA Certificates
3 month (90 days)
6 month (180 days
1 year (365 days)
18 month (545 days)
2 year (730 days)

Please Help Solve This Study Question By Guiding Me Through

The London Eye is a large Ferris wheel that is a famous landmark of London. The function below
en on the Eye.
odels a person’s height above the ground (in feet) as a function of the number of minutes they’ve
f(t) =-221cos( # t) +221
What is the amplitude of f and what does this value represent in the context of the problemgt;
What is the period of f and what does this value represent in the context of the problem? Explain
how you determined the period.
Define a function g that relates the height of a person off the ground (measured in feet) as a
function of the distance traveled (measured in feet) using the cosine function.
Alter the function fto reflect the situation in which the London Eye rotates twice as fast.
Alter the function f to reflect the situation in which the radius of the London Eye is doubled.
Sketch graphs of the given function and the functions you defined in parts (e) and (f) on the same
set of axes.Math

Hi Please Find Attached Questions For This Week I Will

to get them done by Saturday morning .ill1a ) If log a b x b a x
So the exponential; equation for x log 5 1
is 5 x 625
625 1 log 5 54 4, as log a a x x
ln 48
ln b
2)log 7 48 , as log ab ln 7
ln a 1.9894 1.99 b)log 5 x3 y a

I Need Help With Part D I Recently Thought That It Was Not Possible Due To It Being A Continuous Function But

2. Sketch the graph of a continuous function that has a local minimum at r = 1 and a
Horizontal asymptote at y = 0 (as x -+ 0o).
(a) Is your graph concave up or concave down at = 1?
(b) Is your graph concave up or down as it approaches the horizontal asymptote at
y = 0?
(c) Does your graph have an inflection point to the right of x = 1?
(d) Try to draw another graph with these properties that doesn’t have an inflection
point or explain why this is not possible.Math

Since F(X) And G(X) Are Continuous Function

2. Let f and g be functions from D – R. Now, define the functions max{f, g} and
min {f, g} from D – R by
max{f, g}(x) = max{f (x), g(x)}, min{f, g}(x) – min{f(z), g(x) }.
Assume that f and g are both continuous on D.
(a) Show that max{f, 9} := }(f +9) + 2f -gl
(b) Show that min{f, g} := }(f + 9) – Alf – gl.Math

A=[9 6 6


Find bases of the kernel of A (or the linear transformation

# 1
this means quot; Rz is replaced mp R 2-R,quot;
review row reduction
A = 1 9 – 9 61
RZ R, ARZ if this is
9 6
6 7 1/ 3 R, # RI
0 – 3
[3 .3 3]
echelon form
must have 3 entries for…Math

You Work At A Major Hotel Chain On A Product Development Team

This chain is interested in offering an incentiveName of the Students
Name of the Course
Week No – Statistics: This is a method of solving a problem by the collections
of information, analyzing this information, interpreting the analysis
and then…Math

Two Mth 163 Precalculus Projects Are Attached Below About

Polynomial and Rational Functions,ExploringProject Exam-2
Finding Zeros
A. It corresponds ¿ I of factoringhandout 1. 2. Similar example :
4 8 4 3 5 2 x y +6 x y +20 x y 10 2 x 4 y 3 ( y 5 +3+10 x y 7 )
1. It corresponds to B: of…Math

Part 3 Cset Up The Integral To Find The Arclength Of The Parametric Curve C From (1 0) To

(b) Evaluate
172 at the point where (x, y) = (0, -4).
(c) Set up the integral that would give the length of the arc from t = 1 to t = 2.
3. Given the parametric curve C defined by
*= 17 y = In( 1 + t).
(a) Determine
– and
(b) Determine the equation of the tangent line to C’ at t = 0.
(c) Set up the integral needed to find the arclength of C from (1, 0) to (0.25, In 4).Math

Question 1 Consider The Following Binomial Experiment

A study in a certain community showed that 8% of theQuestion 1 Consider the following binomial experiment: A study in a certain community showed that 8% of the
people suffer from insomnia. If there are 10,300 people in this community, what is the…Math

How Would I Find The Solutions To These Questions Is It A Geometry Based Question If So What Formula Must Be

1. The distance from New York City to Los Angeles is 4090 kilometers.
a. [3 pts]What is the distance in miles? (You must use unit fractions. Round to
the nearest mile and be sure to include units.)
b. [3 pts] If your car averages 31 miles per gallon, how many gallons of gas can
you expect to use driving from New York to Los Angeles? (You must
use unit fractions. Round to one decimal place and be sure to include

1 Let C Denote The Field Of Complex Numbers As With Any Field We Can Consider Vector Spaces Linear

3. For their; (inflation, are magir choose arbitraryr matrix mpruaantatiaa. usually
use the standard basis, and do the same as what we did in the previcrus
EIGI’CiSE. Ha hm we‘ll have [T13 = D and the set of minim: VH‘JSDI’S of Q
is the Drdmed basis ,8 {3] It’s not diagn-nalizahlc since dim[Eg} is 1 but not 4. Hill -ll{.’| [-3) It’s not diagonalimhla since its dimisflc polynomial rims not
split. ..1 [I [I l l {I
{h]1t’sdiaganafissab1awithfl= u 1 0 me: u u 1. 1 l l l
{:1} It’s diagnnalizahla 1with 13- (fl: 2 [I] and Q =(= l l —l)_
[a ]| It’s diagonafimable with D: ( —1 i]
[f] 111’; tfiagnnaligahle with D— – [— 1′:
i] J ‘I’J.T_ __J. L.-._– -__:_ 11__1-__ 4.1.- -L-___J.__JT’ L- d.L_ -1.-___|._ I. :. J.L_ I. Math

I Just Need Help Solving These Step By Step


I just need help solving these step by step

A = PehT
A = ) final amount
P =) Pricipal
9 7 rate of compounding devoursorting
for continuous
T = no of years
( = ) natural logarithm exponent
HIM, P= $ 600 0 9 = 4:5%=…Math

You Throw A Softball Straight Up Into The Air At A Velocity Of 30 Feet Per Second

You release the softball at a


You throw a softball straight up into the air at a velocity of 30 feet per second. You release the softball at a

height of 5.8 feet and catch it when it falls back to a height of 6.2 feet. nee to Use the position equation to write a mathematical model for the height of the softball.


Please Give Me Correct Answer And Explain Clearly To Find The Maxima And/ Or


Please give me correct answer and explain clearly to :

Find the maxima and/ or

minima for the following function : f(x) = x3/4 – 4×2 + x

FF ) = 1/ x
14* – 4x 2 + x
Find the first derivative and equate to zero
f ( x ) = 3×2 – 8x +1 =0
solving for * you get
21 = 10.54
of ( 10 54 ) = 1/ ( 10 54)3- 4(10-54 ) + 10.54
= – 141 . 1.
* 10 ….Math

Revenue Cost And Profit A Company Is Planning To Manufacture And Market A New Twoslice Electric Toaster After


Revenue, cost and profit. A company is planning to manufacture and market a new two-slice electric toaster. After

conducting extensive market surveys, the research department provides the following estimates: A weekly demand of 200 toaster at price of $16 per toaster and a weekly demand of 300 toaster at a price of $14 per toaster. The financial department estimate that weekly fixed cost will be 1400 and variable cost (cost per unit) will be $4

(A) Assume that the relationship between price P and demand X is linear. Use the research department’s estimates to express P as a function of X and find the domain of this function

(B) Find the revenue function in terms of x and state its domain

(C) Assume that the cost function is linear. Use the financial department estimate to express the cost function in terms of x.

(D) Graph the cost function and revenue function on the same coordinate system 0 less than or equal X less than or equal 1000. Find the break-even points and indicate regions of loss and profit.

(E) Find the profit function in terms of X

(F) Evaluate the marginal profit at x = 250 and x=475 and interpret results


Please Help With These Math Problems Please Type If Possible Please Show Work For Better Understanding Thank You


Please help with these math problems. Please type if possible. Please show work for better understanding.Thank you

in advance.

Search the menus (Alt+/)
Normal text
. .
1 1
111|1 1 171 1 1|1 1 1211 1|1 1 1 311 1
1 1 14 1 1 1
1 1 15 1 1 1 |
1 1 1 6 1 1 1
1 17
2 .
f ( x) = Vx2- 4,8(x) =
x2+ 1
(a) Find (f + g) (x)
(b) Find (f – g) (x)
(c) Find (fg) (x)
(d) Find (f /g) (x) and state the domain.
(e) Find (f . g)(x) and state the domain.
(f) Find (g . f) (x) and state the domain.
3. Determine whether the function has an inverse function. If it does, find the inverse function. If
it does not, restrict the domain of the function and find its inverse.
(a) f(x) = x3+8
(b) f(x) = (x -4)2
(c) f(x) =1x- 21

A Clerk In A Bookstore Has 90 Minutes At The End Of Each Workday To Process Orders Received By Mail Or On


A clerk in a bookstore has 90 minutes at the end of each workday to process orders received by mail or on

voicemail the store has found in a typical mail order brings in a profit of $30 and a typical voicemail order brings in a profit of $40 each mail order takes 10 minutes to process and each voicemail order takes 15 minutes how many of each type of order should the clerk process how if at all do the maximum profit in optimal processing policy change if the clerk must process at least three email orders and to voicemail orders


Botany A Group Of Tasmanian Botanists Have Claimed That A King’S Holly Shrub The Only One Of Its Species In The


Botany A group of Tasmanian botanists have claimed that a King’s holly shrub, the only one of its species in the

world, is also the oldest living plant. Using carbon-14 dating of charcoal found along with fossilized leaf fragments, they arrived at an age of 43,000 years for the plant, whose exact location in south- west Tasmania is being kept a secret. What percent of the origi- nal carbon-14 in the charcoal was present?


Triangle Def Is Translated Using The Rule (X Y) → (X − 2 Y − 3) To Create Triangle D′E′F′ If A Line


Triangle DEF is translated using the rule (x, y) → (x − 2, y − 3) to create triangle D′E′F′. If a line

segment is drawn from point D to point D′ and from point E to point E′, which statement would best describe the line segments drawn?

They are parallel and congruent.

They are perpendicular to each other.

They share the same midpoints.

They create diameters of concentric circles.


Hi Could I Have Help With These Geometry Questions Regarding Triangles? A Step By Step Would Be Very


Hi, could I have help with these geometry questions regarding triangles? A step by step would be very


a) The vertices of a triangle are J(-2,2), K(-1,-3), and L(5,1).

i) is triangle JKL an equilateral, isosceles, or scalene triangle?

ii) Determine the perimeter of JKL

b) A(5,9), B(-3,3), and C(7,-5) are the vertices of a triangle. M is the midpoint of AB and N is the midpoint of AC.

i) Calculate the coordinates of M and N

ii) Show that MN is parallel to BC and half of BC


A $1249269 76b $752086 50c $752634 42d $1248392 562 Annie Opens A Savings






2.Annie opens a savings

account and makes a single deposit of $4000. The account has an annual interest rate of 2.3% compounded weekly. How much will be in the account 8 years later?




d.none of the above

Alia’s parents deposited $100 into a bank account at the end of each month since she was born. The account has an annual interest rate of 1.8% compounded monthly. How much was in the account on Alia’s 18th birthday?





The Smith’s purchase a home for $400000 and make a 20% down payment. They finance the remainder with the bank under the following conditions: payments are to be made at the end of each month, and the loan has an annual interest rate of 3.2% compounded monthly. If the mortgage has a term of 25 years, how much is the monthly payment?




d.none of the above


Three People Invest In A Treasure Dive Each Investing The Amount Listed Below

The dive results in 35 gold


Three people invest in a treasure dive, each investing the amount listed below. The dive results in 35 gold

coins. Using Hamilton’s method, apportion those coins to the investors based on their investment.

Investor Investment Allocation of 35 coins

Keegan $18,297

Tom $11,088

Trey $2,115


How Can I Find The Probability That


How can I find the probability that

the shipment is rejected?

. . . XD
Do Homework – Tom Campis
Rounding Numbers Calc.
Math 150 Statistics Fall 2019
Homework: Section 5.5 Homework
Score: 0 of 1 pt
11 of 17 (11 complete) gt; gt; W Score: 58.82%, 1…
Question Help
Suppose a shipment of 180 electronic components contains 4 defective components. To determine
whether the shipment should be accepted, a quality-control engineer randomly selects 4 of the
components and tests them. If 1 or more of the components is defective, the shipment is rejected.
What is the probability that the shipment is rejected?
The probability that the shipment is rejected is
(Round to four decimal places as needed.)
Enter your answer in the answer box and then click Check Answer.
at. .
All parts showing
Clear All
Check Answer

A Population Of Elk Increases By 12% Each Year Every Year After Births 10 Elk Are Added To The Population To


A population of elk increases by 12% each year. Every year after births, 10 elk are added to the population to

vary the gene pool. Let x sub n denote the size of the population after n years, starting with a population of 50 elk.

a) when does the population exceed 150 elk?

b) after the time found in part a, no more elk will be added to vary the gene pool and hunting will be allowed eliminating 10 elk from the population annually. What is the fate of the population?


Four People Have These Amounts Of Money X 2x X+12 And X3 A) Algebraic Expression That Gives The Total


Four people have these amounts of money: x, 2x, x+12, and x-3

a) algebraic expression that gives the total

amount of money they have

b) expression that gives each person’s share if they share the money equally

c) expression that gives the total remaining if each person spends $15

d) if the 4 people originally had a total of $119, how much did each person have?

. Peoples have money
x 1 2X , X12 ( x3
Now total amount = X+ 2x+ x+12 +x-3
= S X 412 -3
Now total money = sxtg
for equall share 2 5xtg
they all 4 spend $15 each
total . 15×4 = $60…Math

Math 316 Complex Variables


MATH 316 Complex Variables,

question in the picture above.

. Consider the following subsets of the complex plane: (a) (4 points) {z E C I Re(z2 + 1) = 0} (b) (4 points) {z 6 (Cl lz— 1| 3 2 and z 75 0} (c) (5 points) {z E (C | 2 7g 0 and — 7r/2 lt; Arg(z3) lt; 7r/2} Draw a picture of each of these subsets, and state (without proof) which of the following
conditions they satisfy: 0 bounded 0 open 0 closed 0 connected 0 a domain Math

I Need Help

Triangle ABC has coordinates A (-4, 4), B (4, 8), and C (4, 0).

a. Find


I need help

Triangle ABC has coordinates A (-4, 4), B (4, 8), and C (4, 0).

a. Find

the coordinates of the vertices of triangle A’B’C after a dilation using a scale factor of 0.75.

b. Find the coordinates of the vertices of triangle A’B’C after a dilation of triangle A’B’C using a scale factor of 4.

c. Use the scale factors given in parts (a) and (b) to find the scale factor you could use to dilate triangle ABC to its final image in one step. Explain.

2) If a figure has at least one vertex in every quadrant, will its dilation have at least one vertex in every quadrant? Explain.

3) The length of one side of an original figure is 110 units. The length of the corresponding side of the image figure is 11 units. What is the scale factor of the dilation?

4) You have $45 to buy noisemakers and hats for a party you are hosting. Each noisemaker costs $1 and each hat costs $3.


Each Phase Of Pharmaceutical Clinical Trial Involves Dosing Patients With A Drug Then Drawing A Sample Of The


Each phase of pharmaceutical clinical trial involves dosing patients with a drug, then drawing a sample of the

blood every house for fifteen hours. An analytical chemist who tests the blood sample can pipet one sample every 15 seconds. How long will it take her to pipet the samples for 2 patients from a 3 – phase clinical trial?

a). 7.5 min

b). 22.5 min

c). 25 min

d). 27.5 min


Solve The Problem Using Calculus Prove That The Degrees Of Two

Problem 1. Let m, n be nonnegative integers, and let ao, …, am and bo, …, bn be real numbers. Consider
the real-valued polynomial functions
f (x) = do +
g(x) = bo +
You know from Calculus I that the functions f and g are differentiable. Assume that m and n are the
degrees for f and g, respectively, and use what you know about derivatives to help prove the following
If f (x) = g(x) for all real numbers x, then m = n, and a; = bi for 1 lt; j lt;m.Math

Can You Help Me Prove That? It’S A Question

1 ;
34 1 2 Show that if I is a continuous real- valued function on [ a , 6\ satisfying
` of ( 20 ) 9 ( 20 ) dac = 0 for every continuous function } on [a , 6], then
f ( ac ) = O for all ac in [ a , 6 ) .Math

According To The Us Department Of Agriculture In 19961997 The Production Cost For Planting Corn Was $246 Per Acre


according to the us department of agriculture in 1996-1997 the production cost for planting corn was $246 per acre

and the cost for planting soybeans was $140 per acre. The average farm used 445 acres of land to raise corn and soybeans and budgeted $85,600 for planting these crops. If all land and all the money budgeted is used, how many acres of each crop should they plant?


Hi This Page Is From



This page is from

Course Hero.

I would like to know how the duty cost per dozen was calculated for question 2 and 3. If duty is an import charge why is question 2 in Icelandic money?

Can you help?


This Is My Calculus 3 Homework Of Sequences And Series


this is my calculus 3 homework of sequences and series

Extra credit
# Find the sum of the series
n=1 ninth 20
# Does S 2n+1
n=1 ( n+ 1) 2
converges or diverges.
Given n+2 = an . Prove S any is decreasing ?Math

Please I Need Help On 2 Iii And 2 Iv Math Analysis Questions Img_8007</a

2. i. Carefully, graph the function f(x, y)=-3x-3y+2 on the first octant of a properly labeled coordinate system.
ii. Use a ruler to generate a contour map for the function f(x, y) = Vx – y , using z=0, 1, and 2 .
iii. Given f(x,y)=-
3-2x’y log, (2xquot;
4xy3 -2x? y
find f,(x, y) . (Do not simplify.)
3-2x’ y 10g, ( 2×3)
iv. Give a point (x, y) where the function f(x, y )=-
cannot be evaluated, and state the reason.
4xy3 – 2x’ yMath

Find The Accumulated Value Of An Investment Of $10 000 For 3 Years At An Interest Rate Of 5 5% If The Money Is


Find the accumulated value of an investment of $10,000 for 3 years at an interest rate of 5.5% if the money is

a-compounded semiannually, b-compounded quarterly, c-compounded monthly, d-compounded continuously.

Compound Interest formula :. A = P (1 + r jut
final amount
initial amount , which is $10, 000
interest rat = 3010 =gt; in decimal form = 0.03
time in yrs
(a) -…Math

Given That

y1(t)=(t+r)^3is a known solution of the linear differential equation:

y (t+4)^2- 5y’ (t+4)+

5 points. |Given that yl (t) = (t + r)3 is a known solution ofthe linear differential equation:
(t+42y—5(t+4)y’+9y=fl t}—4 Use reduction of order to find the general solution of the equation. Math

Find The Vector X Determined By The Given


Find the vector x determined by the given

coordinate vector [x] b and the given basis B.

Find the vector x determined by the given coordinate vector [x], and the given basis B.
B =
[X]B =
(Simplify your answers.)Math

Find Any Particular Nontrivial Way If Possible To Express The

{I} Fine any parfieulsr nontrivial way, if possible, to express the zero vector in 3amp;1 as a linear combination of the vectors
[4,1], —2], [2, —1,{}} , and (5,4,—l] . Ifdoing this is possible, then write the linear combination in the manner discussed in
class. If this is not possible, explain whor it’s not. [2 points] Math

I Did

6 . 1
( a ) For each of the following matrices A determine if it is diagonalizable . If it is , find a diagonal matrix !)
and an invertible matrix P such that F- AP = D. ( You are not requested to find F-1, but it’s not a bad
idea to practice your skills in finding an inverse of a given matrix . If you do decide to find F -1, it is worth
to check that P- AP = D ; if you don’t , at least check that AP = PD.] Note that many of these matrices
appeared in Question 1 .Math

1) John’S Sales Last Week Were $251 Less Than Three Times Nancy’S Sales Together They Sold $1123 Determine How


1) John’s sales last week were $251 less than three times Nancy’s sales. Together they sold $1123. Determine how

much each person sold last week.

2) A restaurant holds 50 seats. Two types of seats are available the Friday night jazz festival: stage and dining. The cost of a stage is $15.00 and the cost of a dining is $5.00. If all 50 seats are sold the restaurant would collect $400.00. How many of each type of seat is available?

3) A polishing machine requires 1 hours to make a unit of Product A, and 4 hours to make a unit of Product B. The polishing machine operated for 200 hours producing a total of 80 units. How many hours were used to manufacture units of Product A?

4) Edgar and Janet divide a profit of $15 700. If Janet is to receive $4200 more than one-fifths of Edgar’s share, how much will Edgar receive?


I Have Been Working On This Problem But I Can Seem To Get It Into The Parameters That Are Being Asked The


I have been working on this problem but I can seem to get it into the parameters that are being asked. The

instructions are find the derivative of each function by using the product rule d(uv)/dx=(u)dv/dx+(v)du/dx. The instructions continue, Do not find the product before finding the derivative. The problem is:


I need some step by step help and an example that can help me with similar questions.

I really appreciate your time and help


Determine Whether The Matrix Is Elementary

Determine whether the matrix is elementary. If it is, state the elementary row


Determine whether the matrix is elementary. If it is, state the elementary row1
The matrix is elementary. It can be obtained from the identity matrix by interchanging two rows.
The matrix is elementary. It can be obtained from the identity matrix by multiplying a row by a nonzero constant.
The matrix is elementary. It can be obtained from the identity matrix by adding a multiple of a row to another row.
The matrix is not elementary.Math

A) F(X) Is Continuous For All Real


a) f(x) is continuous for all real


b) The limit as x approaches 1 does not exist

c) f(1) does not equal the limit as x approaches 1

d) f(1) is not defined

  1. If f(x) is a continuous function defined for all real numbers, f(-10) = -2, f(-8) = 5, and f(x) = 0 for one and only one value of x, then which of the following could be that x value? (5 points)






Evaluate Without Using A Calculator A) Log 0 00001 (2 Marks)B) Log3 729 (2 Marks)C) Log 1 (2


Evaluate without using a calculator.

a) log 0.00001 (2 marks)

b) log3 729 (2 marks)

c) log 1 (2


23. Express each of the following as a logarithm. Use a calculator to evaluate your answer correct to one decimal place.

a) 6x = 27

b) 4x+2 = 23

24. The number of people investing in a particular mutual fund at a bank is modelled by the function p(t) = 245(1.15)t

where t is the time in months, and p is the number of people.

a) How many people have invested in the mutual fund after 10 months?

b) How many months does it take for approximately 2000 people to invest in the mutual fund?


Please Find The Matrix A Associated To The

1 1 0 1 1 0
*1: 2 gag: 0 ,173: 2 ,151: 2 332: 0 433: 2
1 —1 3 1 2 —1 Let T : R3 —gt; R3 such that T(17j) : 133-, j : 112, 3. Find the matrix A associated
to T in the canonical basis. Find a basis of its kernel and its image. Verify your
answers. Math

Prove That If T Rn &Gt

Rm is a one-to-one linear24. Prove that if’ T . {quot; – #` is a one – to- one linear transformation and S’ = (VI , I’ ] . …. It’ is a set
of linearly independent vectors from # quot;, then ( TIVI ) , TIVE) . …. TIVE’!’ is a set of linearly
independent vectors from `
Hint . Begin the proof by considering the dependence test equation :
[ I’ll vi ) + [ ] ( quot; ; ) + … + CT ( VA ) = 1`
Rewrite the left side using the linearity properties of’ I’ and use the Kernel Test for Injectivity .Math

Let A And B Be Invertible N × N Matrices C D Are A Generic N × N And N × P Matrices Respectively F = Dt D


Let A and B be invertible n × n matrices. C, D are a generic n × n and n × p matrices respectively. F = Dt D.

Mark all statements that must be correct.

a). DtA is a p × p matrix

b). F is a p × p matrix

c). (CD) t = Ct Dt

d). (A B) −1 exists and is B−1 A−1

e). A B = B A

f). A C B is invertible.

g). B−1 A B is invertible.

h). F is invertible.

j). B−1A−1ACB = C

k). (At ) −1 exists and is (A−1 ) t

l). At = A (a.k.a. A is symmetric)

m). F t = F

n). v 0F ≥ 0, for any vector v of appropriate dimension

o). v 0F v ≥ 0, for any vector v of appropriate dimension (a.k.a. F is non-negative definite)

6. (14 pt) Let A and B be invertible n x n matrices. C, D are a generic n x n and n x p
matrices respectively. F = D D. Mark all statements that must be correct.
( ) D’A is a p x p matrix
( ) F is a p x p matrix
( ) (CD) = Ct Dt
( ) (AB) – exists and is B-1 A-1
() AB = BA
( ) ACB is invertible.
( ) B-A B is invertible.
() F is invertible.
( ) B-A -‘ACB = C
( ) (At) -1 exists and is (A-1)t
( ) At = A (a.k.a. A is symmetric)
( ) F = F
( ) v’F 2 0, for any vector v of appropriate dimension
( ) v’Fv 2 0, for any vector v of appropriate dimension (a.k.a. F is non-negative

The Following Are Data Regarding The Years Of Experience (X) And Monthly Salary Of Drivers


The following are data regarding the years of experience (x) and monthly salary of drivers



Find the equation of the line or the general regression equation.

Notes in inputting answer:

-use small caps

-round off numbers to the nearest whole number

-do not add spaces between numbers and symbols

use the format








Er Looking At The Dri Tables You Are Concerned That You May Not Be Able To Afford The Food That Will Provide


er looking at the DRI tables you are concerned that you may not be able to afford the food that will provide

enough protein for your diet. So, you decide to compare the price per gram of protein for the foods you commonly eat. The following four items were priced at Wal-Mart in 2014.

hint: find how many grams of protein are in whole package item. Then find unit rate. For example, if a tin of sardines has 2 servings and each serving has 5 grams of protein and I ate the whole tin I would have eaten 10 grams of protein. If the tin costs $2, each gram of protein cost me 20 cents.

Which item is the best purchase in terms of price per gram of protein?Servings
Grams of
Food Item
Price per item
per item
Protein per
Price per gram
(whole package)
of protein
Bush Pinto
Jif Peanut


A As2+Bs+C&Gt

integral from 0 to s (bt+a)dt.

Can you please explain me, what this

Here the transformation T : P2 (s) −→ P2 (s) is defined by
Zs 2 T (as + bs + c) = (bt + a)dt.
0 Let a1 s2 + b1 s + c1 , a2 s2 + b2 s + c2 ∈ P2 (s) and k be a scalar.

To show that T (a1 s2…Math

1 Find The Xcoordinates Of Any Relative Extrema And Inflection Point(S) For The Function F(X) =



Find the x-coordinates of any relative extrema and inflection point(s) for the function f(x) =

3x(1/3) + 6x(4/3). You must justify your answer using an analysis of f ‘(x) and f (x). (10 points)


What is the maximum volume in cubic inches of an open box to be made from a 16-inch by 30-inch piece of cardboard by cutting out squares of equal sides from the four corners and bending up the sides? Your work must include a statement of the function and its derivative. Give one decimal place in your final answer. (10 points)


The position function of a particle in rectilinear motion is given by s(t) = 2t3 – 21t2 + 60t + 3 for t ≥ 0 with t measured in seconds and s(t) measured in feet. Find the position and acceleration of the particle at the instant when the particle reverses direction. Include units in your answer. (10 points)


Calculus Help

color:rgb(0,0,0)A company (1 point) A company manufacturers and sells x electric drills per month. The monthly cost and
price-demand equations are C(x) = 75000 + 50x, JC = 210— —, 0 lt; lt; 5000.
p 30 J— (A) Find the production level that results in the maximum revenue. Production Level = (B) Find the price that the company should charge for each drill in order to maximize profit. Price = (C) Suppose that a 5 dollar per drill tax is imposed. Determine the number of drills that should
be produced and sold in order to maximize profit under these new circumstances. Number of drills = Math

This Grade 12 Advanced Functions And Vectors This

Two Ferris wheels are rotating side by side at the Math Fair. The first Ferris wheel has a radius
of Tim and makes one complete revolution everv 16s. The bottom of the wheel is 1.5m above
the ground. The second Ferris wheel has a radius of Em and completes one revolution mrv 2i] 5. The
bottom of this wheel is 12m above the ground. a} Write the equation of a sinusoidal function that models the height of one car as it goes
around the Ferris wheel assuming that the car starts at the minim um at time zero. b} Write the equation of a sinusoidal function that models the height of one car as it goes
around the Ferris wheel assuming that the car starts at the minim um at time zero. c} 1Which car {1 or 2] will be higher at a time of 6 seconds? How much higher? Math

Classroom Scenario

room Scenario Mr. Hamilton was frustrated with Danny’s performance in Math because he believed that Danny could do much better than what he wasdoing in Math. Being a caring and responsible teacher, Mr. Hamilton feels very concerned about Danny’s performance and future. He wants to make Danny realize that he can do much better in his future if he starts paying more attention toward his studies especially Math.
Mr. Hamilton should involve Danny’s parents in his effort of improving Danny’s grades. Like he is in charge in the classroom, Danny’s parents have the charge in the home. Mr. Hamilton should meet with Danny’s parents and inform them what role they can play in improving Danny’s academic performance. This includes monitoring Danny’s activities at home, providing Danny with a proper place to focus his attention, and linking timely completed homework with rewards. It is vital that Danny’s parents adopt the same approach that Mr. Hamilton has adopted i.e. praising Danny at the display of good performance, and look disappointed at poor performance and yet, encourage him to do better next time rather than scold him.
The monitoring system that can help determine the effectiveness of the instructional interventions should comprise both behavioral assessment and performance assessment. “Prereferral intervention strategies are generally determined by a committee of general education teachers before any specialists are included in the plan” (D’Amico and Gallaway, 2008, p. 4). For optimal performance, it is imperative that Danny feels satisfied and happy with the monitoring system. One way to achieve this is by gauging what intervention strategies Danny feels comfortable with. Instructional interventions can also be established by way of mutual consensus between Mr. Hamilton, Danny, and Danny’s parents.
D’Amico, J., and Gallaway, K. (2008). Differentiated Instruction for the Middle School Math
Teacher: Activities and Strategies for an Inclusive Classroom. John Wiley &amp. Sons.

Cognitive Behavioral Theory in a Beautiful Mind

41000 In this essay, an attempt would be made to analyze the case and find a probable solution by making use of the ‘Cognitive Behavioral Theory.’ Nash had a mental health problem, schizophrenia, which had surfaced during middle age and stood as a stumbling block between his work and family. The gravity of the problem increased so much that Nash had to leave his job as a professor and eventually became institutionalized. His wife and his roommate Charles stood by Nash, as the depths of his make-believe or imaginary world surfaces. The precipitating set of circumstances could have stemmed from the fact that he was frustrated about not being able to come out with something unique in the mathematical arena, being a Math prodigy himself. His actions of arrogance and anxiety showed the extent of his stress and suffering. This problem had never occurred before but manifested itself when he could not accept his failure. He suffered a harrowing experience for many years to come to terms with himself and finally during the 1970’s he makes his foray into the world of academics by returning once again to teaching and research. Nash being a Mathematical genius had always aspired to create something original and unique that would be useful to society and the world at large. However, when his attempts failed to materialize, he withdrew himself from social circles and became a recluse in his own world. His obsession about making a significant contribution towards the subject of Math and the failure to achieve it had probably triggered his schizophrenia and led to his institutionalization. As a patient, he exhibited his anger and frustration through his actions because he was trapped in a helpless situation.

Investigating Professional Education Settings

“Make your lives extraordinary!” says the Robin Williams character, John Keating who encourages his students to follow their passions. He is an unconventional teacher who encourages his students not to follow by rote learning methods but to follow their passions and to learn to think for themselves. The character of Jaime Escalante, a Math high school teacher in East Los Angeles is equally unconventional and daring in his classes, forever challenging his students to perform. He has a simple philosophy about learning – students will rise and perform to the level of the expectations about them and he constantly challenges the invisible barriers that exist in the students’ minds, about their Hispanic race and their poor socio-economic status being barriers to their performance in their lessons and challenges them all to study for an advanced AP calculus exam. The relationship between the teacher and his students in the “Dead Poets Society” that of mentor and co-conspirator, encouraging them to eschew traditional male socialization norms instilled in them by their own fathers, to follow a more unconventional path, although the non conformist views propagated by John Keating are unable to fly because the boys must face the reality of traditional socialization and gender roles.

According to Spence, “in contemporary society, gender is a central organizing principle in men’s and women’s images of themselves….and the construction of their social world is indisputable.”5 The socialization of males begins at home at an early age, because parents teach their children sex-appropriate roles and at adolescence, there is socialization along same-sex lines between parent and child.6 These gender roles continue when males move into the world and in the exclusive boy’s prep school that is featured in “Dead Poets Society,” it becomes obvious that the conventional roles of socialization continue to persist in spite of the unconventional teacher’s efforts.&nbsp.

Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics Education

61500 The first section of the article has been set apart to make an in-depth study of the STEM education situation in the US utilizing all the data available from previous studies. The second section comprises of a detailed review of the existing federal programs in this context, with a focus on a few selected programs. The third and final section has dealt with the legislative options being considered by federal authority to implement remedial measures. The article introduces the topic by saying that many studies had found the country lacking in sufficient numbers of students, qualified teachers and skilled practitioners in STEM sectors. In the article, the gravity of this situation is described using relevant figures and the measures were taken by the government to rectify this problem are also analyzed. It is pointed out that in a recent international assessment, carried out among 15-year old students, “the US ranked 28th in math literacy, and 24th in science literacy (Kuenzi, 2008, p.1).” The article also has suggested that this has to be understood in the backdrop of “many US math and science teachers lack(ing) an undergraduate major or minor in those fields” (Kuenzi, 2008, p.1). It is specifically noted in this article that “the US ranks 20th among all nations in the proportion of 24-year olds who earn degrees in natural science or engineering (Kuenzi, 2008, p.2).” The legislation introduced in the 110th Congress based on previous study reports have been thoroughly scrutinized by Kuenzi’s article. The purpose of the report is stated as “to put these legislative proposals into a useful context” (Kuenzi, 2008, p.3)

Exercise assignments

Chapter 6_ Freedom versus Relativism Chapter 6_ Freedom versus Relativism Define and explain the terms determinism, indeterminism, fatalism, predestination, universal causation, and freedom.
This is the philosophical thought that each occasion or state of undertakings, including each human choice and movement, is the unavoidable and important outcome of predecessor states of issues. In other word, Determinism implies the same thing as widespread causation. that seems to be, for each impact, occasion, or event in actuality, a reason or reasons exist. There is no such thing as an uncaused occasion.
This is a hypothesis that says one occasion does not so much cause an alternate occasion to happen. An illustration is: Just on the grounds that I finished defectively in math does not mean I didnt attempt my best.
This is the view that whatever is going to happen, is going to happen, regardless of what we do. At the end of the day, the perspectives of believers in the doctrine shows that everything is controlled by the way of presence and past human impact.
This is about God being in control of all that happens through history, including his decision of sparing some individuals for himself, while permitting others to go their own specific route along the way of sin. It is an idea hard joined to Gods sway, which is a statement used to portray the complete and private control God has over his creation.
Universal causation
This is the idea that each occasion is required by forerunner occasions and conditions together with the laws of nature. The thought is aged, yet first got subject to illumination and numerical examination in the eighteenth century.
Freedom is the right and limit of individuals to focus their own particular movements, in a group which can accommodate the full improvement of human possibility. Flexibility may be delighted in by people yet just in and through the group.
2. Differentiate between hard and soft determinism, indeterminism, and fatalism. What are the problems associated with each theory?
Fatalism is the belief that all events are irrevocably fixed and predetermined so that human beings cannot alter them in any way. Hard determinism is the theory that if all events are caused, then freedom is incompatible with Determinism while Soft determinism is the theory that all events are caused but that some events and causes originate with human beings. The hard determinist criticizes the soft determinist by questioning how human beings can be said to originate any events when, if one traces causes back far enough, they end up being outside of the control of human beings (Thiroux &amp. Krasemann, 2006).
Some of the problems associated with these theories is that hard determinists push language out of context. Their arguments do not account for the complexity of the nature of human beings. Like the psychological egoist, they try to reduce what is in fact really complex to something simple, and this reductionism will not work. More so human minds and human perception are open ended and creative humans create their experience of the world. They are not mere passive receivers of sense experience, but active seekers and creators. In addition, Soft determinism seems to be the only tenable position. Acceptance of this position allows us to assign moral responsibility to human beings and to praise, blame, reward, and punish them when and if it is justifiable to do so.
3. Discuss whether you believe human beings are free or determined. If they are free, to what extent are they free? How is freedom linked with moral responsibility? What dignity does determinism attribute to human beings? If they are determined, what difficulty does this raise for morality?
As disclosed by nature substance is that which exists in itself and is considered as far as itself. Substance, then, is the reason for itself showing that causality is the same thing as sensible suggestion. Furthermore, God is the same thing as Nature, essentially, the psyche and the bodies are two parts of the same thing. This is an affirmation that all that exists is one substance and the mental and the physical are distinctive qualities of that substance. From this discernment, evidence indicating those human beings are determined.
4. How does the existentialist view of human consciousness relate to the argument for human freedom?
You will discover the rationality area under Arts and Humanities. As Sartre brings up in incredible subtle element, anguish, as the awareness of opportunity, is not something that people welcome. rather, we look for strength, character, and embrace the dialect of flexibility just when it suits us: those demonstrations are recognized by me to be my free demonstrations which precisely match the self I need others to take me to be. We are "sentenced to be free," which implies that we can never basically be who we are however are differentiated from ourselves by the nothingness of having ceaselessly to re-pick, or re-submit, ourselves to what we do. Normal for the existentialist standpoint is the real trick that we use much of lives formulating methodologies for denying or sidestepping the anguish of flexibility. One of these systems is "lacking honesty." Another is the speak to values
5. Research any of the following men and their work and explain in full the extent to which you think their theories are valid or invalid where freedom and determinism are concerned: Calvin and predestination. Newton and scientific determinism. Darwin and biological determinism. Hegel and historical determinism. Marx and economic determinism. Freud and psychological determinism. Skinner and behaviorism. William James and indeterminism. and Sartre and freedom.
Calvin and predestination
John Calvin’s doctrine of predestination has often been rejected as unjust. As stated by John Calvin, destiny is Gods unchangeable pronouncement from before the production of the world that he would uninhibitedly spare some individuals (the choose), destining them to endless life, while the others (the criminal) might be "banned from access to" salvation and sentenced to "unceasing passing. Calvin was mindful so as to recognize the destiny of people from the corporate decision of countries, for example, Israel. He contended that a description of destiny is just finish when it incorporates the race of people.
Newton and scientific determinism
As stated by the deterministic model of science, the universe unfolds in time like the workings of a flawless machine, without a shred of arbitrariness or deviation from the decided laws. The individual most nearly connected with the foundation of determinism at the center of up to date science is Isaac Newton, who existed in England about 300 years prior. Newton showed that his three laws of movement, consolidated through the methodology of rationale, could faultlessly anticipate the circles in time of the planets around the sun, the states of the ways of shots on earth, and the timetable of the sea tides all around the month and year, in addition to everything else. Newtons laws are totally deterministic on the grounds that they infer that anything that happens at any future time is finished controlled by what happens now, and additionally that everything now was totally dictated by what happened at whenever previously.
Darwin and biological determinism
Science is a political battleground more so than the other common sciences, where a political talk just truly exists around requisitions of advances and, after it’s all said and done typically due to the living effects of those innovations – that is their consequences for human or creature wellbeing and the environment. It is in this setting that different originations of what involves "personal temperament" have been furiously bantered about, and different clear endeavors to comprehend or clarify human (and creature) practices have been have advanced, and ideological fights battled.
Since the time that Charles Darwin initially distributed his Origin of Species in 1859, the relationship between the procedures of "regular choice" Darwin portrayed in nature has been nearly interwoven with human social and monetary structures. The expression "survival of the fittest", regularly ascribed to Darwin, was indeed initially utilized by political scholar Herbert Spencer in his The Principles of Biology in 1864, preceding being received by Darwin for later releases of Origin.
Thiroux, J. &amp. Krasemann, K. (2006). Ethics. Theory and practice Eleventh Edition [Paperback]. New York. CRC Press.

SPSS Statistics Project

Nevertheless, we will assess the hypothesis using a two-tailed test. So according to given conditions we state that null hypothesis and alternative hypothesis will be

The scales utilized within the test instruments will be designed to denote the use of detailed statistical algorithms on the collected data. Preliminary data analysis will include descriptive statistics, which will encompass univariate analytic techniques such as means, modes, and standard deviations, and exploratory descriptive statistics, which will ascertain if the data collected, is normally distributed.

So the Pearson correlation (r) of popularity and math scores is equal to -0.368. So according to this small value of correlation coefficient, we conclude that there is a week negative association between these variables. This may imply as popularity level increases, math test scores decrease, and vice versa.

We use the correlation method to determine whether some variable that’s not under our control is associated – correlated – with another variable of our interest. Correlational studies aim at identifying relationships between variables.

So in the relationship between children’s level of popularity with their peers and their performance in academic tests they respond that there is no significant relationship between these popularity level and their maths scores.

The Descriptive procedure displays univariate summary statistics for several variables in a single table and calculates standardized values (z scores). Variables can be ordered by the size of their means (in ascending or descending order), alphabetically, or by the order in which we select the variables. Simple it is a useful procedure for obtaining summary comparisons of approximately normally distributed scale variables and for easily identifying unusual cases across those variables by computing z scores (Kinner, 2006, p.152).

Importance of Health Promotion

This, therefore, means that health promotion has positive effects on practices and policies that support the organization’s profitability an individual’s employability Zenzano et al. 2011).
3.0 Importance of Health Education
Health education builds the skills, knowledge and positive attitudes of students about health. Health education teaches about social, mental, emotional and physical health. In addition to that, it motivates students to maintain and improve their health, reduce risk behaviors and prevent diseases. Healtheducationstudents are helped to learn skills that they will apply in making healthy choices in their entire life (Davidson 2010).
Effectivehealtheducationresults in positive changes in the student’s behavior which in the long run lower their risk around tobacco, alcohol and other drugs, prevention of injuries, sexuality and family life, physical activity, mental, nutrition and emotional health and prevention of diseases. Learning in other subjects is promoted through health education. One study indicated that math and reading scores of third and fourth-grade students were high for those who underwent a comprehensive health education and lower for those who did not. A number of studies have shown that the performance of healthier students is high. Their attendance is high, perform better on tests and have better grades. Thismeansthathealthystudentslearnbetter (Zenzano et al. 2011).

4.0 Role of Nurses in Health Promotion
Nurses have an important role in improving the adherence of the patient to the medicine. They do this by checking the knowledge of the patients, they’re understanding and providing them with personalized support and information. In addition to that, each nurse is supposed to ensure that their patient’s adherence to medicines improved. A follow-up to find out if there is a matter affecting the medicine taking the behavior of the patient should also be carried out by the nurse. Nurses are supposed to check the treatment management of the patient and take the necessary action if the patient fails to adhere(Zenzano et al. 2011).

Research Methods Exercise

Research Methods Exercise Check for Understanding: Directions: Answer the Multiple Choice and True/False Questions below about Research Designs to check your understanding.
1. If a researcher finds a negative correlation between two variables, then as values on one variable decrease, values on the other variable _______.
a. Increase
b. Decrease
c. Remain the same
d. Become negative
2. In an experiment, the potentially causal factor that is manipulated by the investigator is called the ___ variable.
a. Dependent
b. Independent
c. Control
d. Experimental
3. Dr. Johns carefully monitors and records the behaviors of children in her classrooms in order to track the development of their social and intellectual skills. Dr. Johns is most clearly engaged in:
a. Survey research.
b. Experimentation.
c. Replication.
d. Naturalistic observation.
4. ______T_____ Quasi-experimental research lacks random assignment but typically
compares two groups that naturally exist (like boys vs. girls or two different classrooms of students).
5. ____T_______ A true experiment includes random assignment of participants to
either the experimental or control groups and allows researchers to determine cause and effect.
Directions: For the following scenarios, identify the following:
Independent Variable (IV), Dependent Variable (DV), Experimental Group (EG) and Control/Comparison Group (CG)
1. A principal is curious about the effectiveness of her afterschool tutoring program in increasing math grades. She compares the math test scores of students who attend the program to students who do not attend the program.
IV: After school tutoring program participation
DV: Math Grades
EG: Students attending the program
CG: Students not attending the program
2. Do teachers’ instructions influence students’ beliefs about the difficulty of concepts? To answer this research question, after a lecture where some teachers purposefully used phrases like “this concept is difficult” and other teachers taught the lecture without this phrase, students completed a survey indicating their perceived level of difficulty of the content.
IV: Wording of instructions
DV: Students perception of difficulty
EG: students who heard phrases like “concept is very difficult”
CG: students who did not hear such phrases
Directions: Read the scenarios below and identify the following about each research study. One to two words or phrases are fine for answers. This exercise will prepare us for what is to come next week when we evaluate research studies!
1. The type of research design: (experimental, quasi-experimental, or non-experimental)
2. The goal of the research: (predict, explain, describe, or control)
3. The method of data collection: (case study, survey, natural observation, laboratory, field)
4. Some advantages of the research design: (strength of findings. what conclusions can be drawn)
5. Some disadvantages or limitations of the research design: (time. efficiency. cost. training. limitations of conclusions)
Research Scenarios:
1. Researchers wish to examine the behaviors of college students at local bars. They hire young graduate students and train them to go to local college bars every Thursday, Friday, &amp. Saturday night for one month and record their observations of students. To be accurate, the graduate research assistants engage in conversations with the patrons and ask if they are college students. If so, they observe &amp. record the number of drinks consumed and flirtatious behavior over the course of the night. At the end of the month, the graduate students turn in their observations which are synthesized into a descriptive summary of college student behavior at local bars.
TYPE: non-experimental
GOAL: describe behavior in relation to flirtation and alcohol consumption
METHOD: natural observation
ADVANTAGE: simple methodology, natural settings leading to natural behavior
DISADVANTAGE: non-predictive, difficult to re-produce, many extenuating variables
2. Research out of the University of Washington examines what happens when students expect to be given alcohol but are actually given a placebo drink (non-alcoholic beverage that looks and tastes like alcohol but has no alcohol in it!). Students are invited to participate in the research study. Researchers then randomly assign students to one of four conditions: 1. expect alcohol/given alcohol. 2. expect alcohol/not given alcohol. 3. not expect alcohol/given alcohol. 4. not expect alcohol/not given alcohol (see the image below for clarification). Students are then instructed to come to the “Bar Lab” (a laboratory on campus designed to look like a bar. see image below) on their assigned day. Students in the expectation conditions are told that they will be given alcohol that day and then are either given the alcohol in group 1 or given the placebo drink in group 2. Students in the non expectation condition are told they will not be given alcohol and then are either tricked and given alcohol in group 3 or not given alcohol but given the placebo drink in group 4.
TYPE: experimental
GOAL: explain effects of alcohol intoxication (IE are they placebo effects or pharmacological effects)
METHOD: laboratory
ADVANTAGE: controlled variables, statistically rigorous,
DISADVANTAGE: unnatural settings may change participant’s behavior

The Differences between Goals and Choices

Do you know anyone who seems to be the opposite time-management type from you? What differences have you noticed in that person’s style of time management?
I have known a friend who is never able to manage time no matter how hard he tries. The differences that I have noticed in him have included the fact that he is always rushing for things and he usually asserts his own self in a much less manner about things as I do. The result is that he usually ends up being late on most of the occasions.
What is the biggest time management challenge you face right now while learning in the online environment? What specific strategy do you think will help you the most as you face this challenge?
The biggest time management challenge that I face at the moment is of managing deadlines. These deadlines create problems for me since all of them are usually one after the other and thus my mind is always in a loop to solve the anomalies which exist. The strategy that I can make the best use of is taking one deadline at a time and working to full effect towards the completion of the task at hand. This will make me go with the flow and not to rush up things (Sternglass 1997).
5-What is the difference between an "active learner" and a "passive learner" to someone who has not taken this course. Would you consider yourself an active or passive learner?
An active learner is a person who is proactively consistent with his learning endeavors. A passive learner, on the other hand, tries to learn where there is a dire need to study and get acquainted with the different study regimes. I am an active learner since I remain abreast with the changing times.
6-Describe how you usually feel when you take a test-your emotion (positive and negative) and level of confidence. If you usually experience negative emotions when you take a test, describe how you like to feel instead. Be as specific as you can.
I usually feel very good when I test my emotions. I usually experience positive emotions whenever I take a test since I am always ready and willing to take a test. Since I want to achieve the best possible grades, I am always geared to give in my very best and this can only be done when I take the test in a positive fashion.
7-Whether your mathematical background is strong or not, you can probably think of one change you would like to make in your study habits in Math?
My mathematical background is adequately sound. The one change that I would like to incorporate is in the form of remaining alert with each and every question that comes under math. This is because there are at times tricky questions which need more attention than the previous ones. I need to show more perseverance and commitment to my math study regimes.
8-Identify three online databases (either print or electronic) in your college library. Use these databases to find two books and two magazine articles about a subject that interests you. Post the results of this research as an online link in your discussion response
The answer to this can only be found from the college library.
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Math paradoxes

The key concept here is that there are an infinite number of rooms, so that our logic – which would terminate in the ‘real world’- can go on forever. This is called ‘Hilbert’s infinite hotel paradox’ and the famed hotel is often jokingly referred to a “Hilberts” analogously to “Hiltons”!
Infinity is a very hard concept to understand and possess the most absurd properties of any mathematically definable object. Cantor was the first mathematician to study the properties of infinite sets in greater detail. Suppose you group together all the even numbers (2, 4, 6, 8, 10…) and all the perfect squares (1, 4, 9, 16…) separately into two groups. Which group has more members? If selection was from a small set, say from the first 100 numbers, then the answer is fairly obvious. There are 50 even numbers in the list from 1 to 100 while there are only 10 perfect squares. As the set grows larger, we expect the ratio to remain the same. However, if the grouping is from the entire set of integers, then lo and behold, we find the rather unusual result that both the groups have exactly the same number of members! This is because, for every even number from the first set we can find a perfect square in the other set. Thus, since for every element in the first set there is a corresponding element in the next set, we have to conclude that no set has more members than the other. as if this were to be so, some even number would have no perfect squares to relate to.
Series’ show the remarkable properties of “Convergence and “Divergence”. These properties happen to be very well studied as they find applications in most branches of engineering. Take an apple pie and cut it in half. Cut one of these halves in half again and repeat the process. Initially you have 1 object (in this case a pie). It then becomes . The third iteration reduces it to . It is easy to see where we are going.