Consumer Behavior (11th)

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Attitudes are expressions of favor or disfavor for a person or an object. Ego-defensive is a form
of an attitude. It forms so as one cannot get hurt by certain situation in their life. It is…Marketing

Do You Think The Ama’S Code Of Ethics Would Be Violated If Marketers Compiled A Mailing List Question Ollido You Think The Ama’S Code Of Ethics Would Be Violated If Marketers Compiled A Mailing List From Information Provided On Warranty And Product Registration Cards And Then Used The List To Send Customers Newproduct Information?

olgtltligtDo you think the AMA’s code of ethics would be violated if marketers compiled a mailing list


olliDo you think the AMA’s code of ethics would be violated if marketers compiled a mailing list

from information provided on warranty and product registration cards and then used the list to send customers new-product information? Why or why not? Does your opinion change if the company also sends people on the list special discount offers and private sale notices?/li/ol


Hello I Would Like To Know What Can Be Put At The End Of Each Sentence Of This Short Paragraph Thanksthe


Hello I would like to know what can be put at the end of each sentence of this short paragraph. Thanks


Samsung MU6500 contains most the features you really need without going overhead in order to keep the price very compelling. It has a curved screen with a black frame for those that want the immersive experience that curved screens offer value is the name of the game with this model. This is an example of

Within the Johnson and Johnson’s consumer products line, it has baby care, skin $ hair scare, wounds topicals, oral health care, women’s health, over -the-counter medicines, nutritionals, and visual care. This is an example of Johnson and Johnson having a many …

By monitoring their marketing environment, firms can determine how such factors influence consumers and how they should respond to them. Marketing opportunities exist for firms that can ….


One Of The Major Trends In Product Sampling Is Selective Sampling Of Targeted Groups Assume You Work For A


One of the major trends in product sampling is selective sampling of targeted groups. Assume you work for a

company that has just developed an energy bar that tastes almost as good as other energy bars, but has far fewer calories. Marketing research has identified the target market as economically upscale consumers, ages primarily 25 to 54, who reside in suburban and urban areas. Explain specifically how you might selectively sample your new product to approximately two million such consumers.


One Of The Forces In Porter’S Five Forces Model Is Threat To Entry

barriers to entry factors. The factors can be


One of the forces in Porter’s Five Forces model is threat to entry; barriers to entry factors. The factors can be

given as follows:

  • Economies of scale
  • Product differentiation (brand equity)
  • Capital requirements
  • Cost advantages of independent size
  • Access to distribution channels
  • Government regulations

Explain each of them separately in detail and argue how they can be barriers for new entrants.


000000gt List The Major Macroenvironmental Factors Discussed In The Textbook Question Span Style=Color #000000; List The Major Macroenvironmental Factors Discussed In The Textbook And Slides /Spanspan Style=Color #000000; Select One Of Those Factors Provide An Example Of Your Own And Explain How It Can Influence The Marketing Process?

span style=color:#000000gt list the major macro-environmental factors discussed in the textbook


span style=color:#000000; list the major macro-environmental factors discussed in the textbook

and slides./spanspan style=color:#000000; Select one of those factors, provide an example of your own, and explain how it can influence the marketing process? /spanspan style=color:#000000;span class=ql-cursor/span As a marketer, how do you deal with such a macro-environmental factor in order to protect your firm, use the existing opportunities and avoid potential threats?/span


Amazon’S Pricing A) What Are The Price Point Ranges For Each Product Type That Amazon Offers How Would You


Amazon’s Pricing:

a) What are the price point ranges for each product type that Amazon offers. How would you

visualize it with a table or chart to summarize the products and the price points. It could be bronze, silver, gold or small, medium, and large etc for different product types coffee, tea, brownies etc or TV’s, phones etc.

b) Is Amazon’s strategy penetration pricing or skimming?

c) Have Amazon segmented the market by price or some other segmentation approach?


When Developing Your Digital And Direct Marketing Plan You Calculated The Necessary Appropriation (Also Called A


When developing your digital and direct marketing plan, you calculated the necessary appropriation (also called a

budget) using the objective-and-task approach. Specifically, you determined the objectives for your digital and direct marketing plan, you identified the tasks necessary to accomplish the objectives, and you calculated the costs of those tasks. Unfortunately, this resulted in a figure that is grossly more than the firm can afford to spend in the coming year and there is no way the money can be obtained. Given that your budget is so out of line with current resources, what do you do?


Review Moosejaw Company Siteread The Article Below To Help You Understand The Questions I


Review Moosejaw Company Site

Read the article below to help you understand the questions I

need help with: by Alley White Daily Staff Reporter

Published November 18, 2009

Moosejaw Mountaineering, a Michigan institution known for its outdoor recreation apparel and gear, prides itself on its unpredictable and goofy promotions. Past catalog themes include food fights and bad family photos.

Some say its most recent catalog, however, may have gone too far.

The company has received a flood of negative feedback for its jail-themed Winter 2009 promotional campaign that appears to have offended customers and community members alike.

The winter catalog features models in Moosejaw merchandise posing behind bars and in other jail settings, including a page titled Letters to the Warden with letters from invented prisoners.

While the catalogs will be available starting today, much of the recent objection stems from an e-mail sent earlier this month to Moosejaw’s subscriber list.

Like the catalog images, the e-mail promotion features a model behind bars in a Moosejaw T-shirt, but also advertises a free Moosejaw Jail Activity Book that includes design your own prison tattoos and a don’t get shanked in the shower fun maze.

University alum Emily Harris wrote in a Nov. 9 post on the Moosejaw Facebook fan page that she found the campaign extremely offensive. Since that post, the fan page has become a soapbox for critics and defenders of the campaign alike — though the defenders are far outnumbered.

In an e-mail interview, Moosejaw Creative Director Gary Wohlfeill said the catalog was not intended to offend anyone.

Like all of our campaigns, our goal with Jail was to show our customers something unexpected and wacky and not take ourselves too seriously, he wrote. The idea behind this particular campaign was to parody the glamorization of crime and prison by pushing it to its completely illogical conclusion.

Wacky or not, many have expressed outrage at what they perceive as an insensitive and uneducated treatment of prison and incarceration.

Prison and jail is not a funny thing, said Penny Ryder, director of the American Friends Service Committee’s criminal justice program.

Ryder said she contacted Wohlfeill via e-mail to express her disdain after the promotion was forwarded to her. In his response, Wohlfeill wrote that offending people was certainly not our intent, nor would we want to capitalize on the suffering of another human being.

Ryder responded, suggesting to Wohlfeill that rather than portray prison in a satirical light, Moosejaw should consider hiring released citizens — formerly incarcerated individuals — to staff its warehouses. Wohlfeill replied that he would see what opportunities we may have to offer.

One of the main issues of people going back to prison is because they don’t get work, Ryder said in her interview with the Daily.

University alum Amit Weitzer, who works as a consultant and organizer for the Michigan Campaign for Justice, wrote in an e-mail interview that while the ad campaign would undoubtedly be offensive anywhere, it is particularly so in a state like Michigan where there are nearly 50,000 people incarcerated.

A 2008 Department of Corrections report listed the number of prisoners in the state at 48,686.

Both Weitzer and Mary Heinen, coordinator of community and youth programs with the University’s Prison Creative Arts Project, said that as a Michigan-based company — its headquarters are in Madison Heights — Moosejaw should be more in tune with the region’s concerns.

Heinen said she was particularly offended by the portrayal of female prisoners in the promotional materials, especially in light of a class action lawsuit against the Michigan Department of Corrections that resulted in an estimated $50 million payout last summer to 18 women who claimed to have been sexually assaulted by prison guards.

She said that in the photograph from the e-mail advertisement, a young, attractive woman wearing a tight T-shirt and hanging on to the bars of a cell had a come in and get me kind of expression.

It has a very sexualized vision, she said. The ad perpetuates the stereotype of the sexualization of women prisoners as something that they want, something they desire, when in fact it’s sexual assault.

University students involved with the Prison Creative Arts Project have made their opposition to the campaign known by posting on Moosejaw’s Facebook page, sending e-mails, making phone calls to the stores and forwarding a petition in the form of a letter to Harvey Kanter, president and CEO of Moosejaw.

Harris said she became involved with PCAP in 2002 and has remained actively involved, despite living in California. It was this continued enthusiasm that led her to mobilize as many people as (she) could to get in touch with Moosejaw to clarify just how problematic the ad is.

Harris’s main issue with the campaign was the company’s attempt to capitalize on human suffering to sell a product.

However, she noted that Moosejaw has been extremely responsive to all of the e-mails and comments she has sent. Wohlfeill said the company has responded to every person who has e-mailed and have published responses on Facebook.

Moosejaw plans to move ahead with the Jail campaign. Wohlfeill said that while the company changed certain elements of the campaign and removed some shop signage after the feedback started coming in, they have no plans to remove the ads or catalogs.

But for Weitzer, that might not be enough. She wrote that while she has shopped at Moosejaw in the past, she refuses to do so again until the campaign has been recalled and a formal apology has been issued.

I’ll be happy to continue supporting a community company when it ends an advertisement campaign that is destructive to our community, she said.

Given what we learned about Ad Campaigns

  • What do you think about this Moosejaw jail time campaign?
  • Do you think it was clever or potentially disastrous for the company?
  • Do you think this campaign was reflective of the organization’s brand?
  • And lastly, whether you think it was a bad campaign or a good one, indicate what part(s) of the ad campaign (laundry listed on page 197, and covered on the following pages in more detail) you felt it likely addressed well/poorly (depending on whether or not you thought it was a good campaign or not).

Remember to source any references!


5 (10 Points) Two Oligopoly Firms Are In The Process Of Evaluating Their Marketing Strategies

Firm 1 can


5. (10 points) Two oligopoly firms are in the process of evaluating their marketing strategies. Firm 1 can

generate estimated profits of $10 mil. from strategy A if the second firm reacts by strategy C and $15 mil. from strategy A if the second firm reacts with strategy D. On the other hand, firm 1 may follow strategy B which could return profits of $8 mil. or $9 mil. if firm 2 reacts with strategy C or D respectively. The second firm’s potential profits are $8 and $12 mil. from strategy C depending on whether firm 1 undertakes strategy A or B and $7 and $8 mil. from strategy D, depending on whether firm 1 follows Strategy A or B.

a. Construct the payoff table for the above industry.

b. Does each firm have a dominant strategy? What is it.

c. Does the industry move toward an equilibrium position? If so, where?


In Your Industry There Are Very Strong Economies Of Scale And Other Cost Drivers Are Strong Government Drivers


In your industry there are very strong economies of scale and other cost drivers are strong, government drivers

are weak with little interference from national governments in your industry. However, market drivers are quite weak as consumers use the product in different markets in different ways and the image of your product varies greatly between countries. How would this knowledge impact your international implementation of functional (particularly production and marketing) strategies?


Chapter 7 Negotiating Sales Resistance And Objections For Winwin Agreements


Chapter 7: Negotiating Sales Resistance and Objections for Win-Win Agreements

CASE 7.2

Negotiating Price With A Taskmaster

Chuck Johnson and his sales manager, Tom Barnhart, have been trying to sell DuraFlor residential sheet vinyl to Bargain City Stores for many years. Johnson and Barnhart work for McGranahan Distributing Company of Toledo. McGranahan’s handles the DuraFlor line of resilient flooring products, which includes both flooring tile and sheet vinyl. In the resilient flooring market, the six competing major manufacturers all use traditional marketing channels of independent distributors, who sell to retailers, who, in turn, sell to the general public or contractors.

Bargain City operates a chain of sixty-five discount stores throughout Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana, with headquarters in Toledo, Ohio. The firm concentrates on secondary markets, and although they stock all the major product lines that other mass merchandisers offer, they have an excellent do-it-yourself building materials department. Don Schramm is the chief buyer for this department, and his strategy is to buy good value at the low end of the market to sell in Bargain City outlets. It is commonly known throughout the industry that Bargain City buyers always want good product quality at the lowest possible prices, with low price being their top priority.

The product that Johnson and Barnhart are attempting to sell to Mr. Schramm is a low-end line of twelve-foot sheet vinyl flooring called Imperial Accent. This line has twelve different patterns and fifty-six stock-keeping units. McGranahan’s sold the Imperial Accent line to Schramm seven years ago, and the sales volume was $250,000. Now, with Bargain City’s expansion, Johnson estimates the first-year order volume should be more than $500,000. Johnson lost the business when another distributor offered Schramm a 15 percent discount on a similar product made by Congolese Manufacturing. At the time, DuraFlor was unwilling to meet the competitor’s lower price, asserting that its superior brand awareness increased retailer inventory turnover and justified a higher price.

DuraFlor controls more than 60 percent of the entire resilient flooring market, but only 30 percent of the low-end twelve-foot sheet flooring market. DuraFlor has tended to neglect this market because the low-end market is a fiercely competitive one. The manufacturing process, called rotogravure, is so common that no manufacturer has a competitive cost advantage. The process allows virtually any picture to be made into a pattern. Thus, competitors can copy top sellers, making it difficult to maintain styling advantages.

Recently, Chuck heard that Bargain City’s current distributor for twelve-foot sheet vinyl is having financial problems and can’t keep its customers’ stores stocked. On the chance that Bargain City might be looking for a new supplier, Tom called Mr. Schramm and was delighted to hear him confirm a sales call appointment with him and Chuck.

Chuck and Tom have decided to ask the DuraFlor district manager, Ron Harris, to participate in the sales presentation to Bargain City because to win the Bargain City business his firm must ultimately lower the price to McGranahan Distributing. McGranahan’s current profit margin is 24 percent on the DuraFlor product.

In the pre-call strategy meeting, Johnson, Barnhart, and Harris decide to stress Imperial Accent’s improved styling and other product features. They will point out the inventory turnover benefits it offers Bargain City because of its high brand awareness with the store’s customers. The three of them agree that they will have to do some paper-and-pencil selling by demonstrating in specific numbers how profitable the DuraFlor line would be for Bargain City. They also agree that Johnson and Barnhart will finish the sales call with a review of the inventory monitoring, prompt delivery, and sales support that McGranahan’s can provide.

After waiting in the lobby of Bargain City’s large headquarters building for thirty-five minutes, a receptionist leads the three men to Mr. Schramm’s office. Schramm’s assistant buyer, Sixto Torres, is also there and, seeing the three of them march in, comments, Oh boy, they’re bringing in the big guns today. We’re in for a real dog-and-pony show, Boss. Everybody laughs, and greetings are exchanged all around.

Then Tom Barnhart says, We appreciate the opportunity to review the merits of the Imperial Accent line with you today, Don. I’m sure by the conclusion of our meeting that you’ll agree that it offers an attractive profit opportunity for Bargain City.

I’ll be the judge of that, snaps Schramm, peering menacingly over his bifocals while leaning forward in his chair.

Here are the twelve patterns in the Imperial Accent line, says Chuck Johnson, as he lays the patterns before Schramm and Torres. As you can see, DuraFlor has restyled the line with five new patterns, including geometric designs, floral, and the always-popular brick patterns. We’ve also brightened the color palette in the line because market research has shown us that low-end buyers prefer brighter colors.

What do you think of this pattern, Sixto? asks Harris, holding up a bright red, rather garish thirty-six-by-thirty-six-inch sample.

It’s really ugly, replies Torres. I wouldn’t have it in my house. But who cares what I think about the pattern—how does it sell?

It’s brand new, and we don’t have any data on it yet, answers Harris.

Barnhart jumps in. Don, Sixto, here’s a list of the top twenty-five sellers nationwide, by color and by pattern. We suggest you begin by stocking all the patterns to see how they sell in your different markets. We’ll ship new inventory promptly to any of your stores as needed.

Schramm leans forward, Mm, so we won’t have to stock anything in our warehouse?

That’s right, Don, we’ll handle all the inventory concerns and my salespeople will regularly call on all of your stores to make sure the twelve-inch roll racks are fully stocked, says Barnhart.

Harris chimes in, The Imperial Accent line is really coming on strong lately, Don. Holding up a sample of the new embossing, he continues, Our improved rotogravure process allows us to emboss the product now, enabling it to hide subfloor irregularities better than any product on the market. We’re also using new ‘hi-fidelity’ inks that give these brighter colors.

Schramm puts his glasses on and folds his arms as his assistant picks up one of the samples and compares it to a sample of the Congolese product they are now carrying. This doesn’t look any different from the Congolese product, says Torres. How many mils is the wear layer on your product?

Eight, says Harris.

Congolese has a ten-mil wear layer, replies Torres.

That’s because they pump it up with air. We don’t do that. Our research shows this product is the most durable in its product class. Harris is tired of competitors making claims that imply greater durability, while what they’re doing is literally blowing hot air into the product. DuraFlor has always been conservative in its product claims, perhaps too conservative.

Harris continues talking, interrupting Barnhart, who is urging the discussion back to what McGranahan’s can do for Bargain City. Don, look at this profit opportunity, says Harris, handing a sheet of paper to Schramm. If you buy Accent from McGranahan’s at two dollars and five cents per square yard and sell it for three ninety-nine, you’ll make almost 49 percent gross margin. Now with sixty-some stores, eight rolls per store, and seven turns a year, with the average roll being, say, one hundred square yards, that’s a profit of $369,000. I know it will take a while to get the Congolese off your racks, but you could be generating these kinds of profit dollars in a year or two. Harris smiles and looks at Schramm.

Schramm crosses his arms again and stares at the sheet Harris has put on his desk. He rubs his eyes and grimaces slightly. Well, for one thing, Ron, if I were to pay two dollars and five cents per square yard for this product, Sixto would have my job the next day. It’s nice of you to try and help me run my department, but if I made a 49 percent margin on this product, it wouldn’t exactly be a bargain for the customer, now would it?

I think Ron was just trying to point out the profit potential, Don. Obviously, you’ll be changing the numbers to fit Bargain City’s marketing strategy, offers Johnson. And remember that 2 percent of all your purchases will accumulate in a fifty-fifty co-op advertising fund.

We’re only paying a dollar eighty-two per square yard for the Congolese product. Can you meet that price? asks Schramm.

We’ll sure try, quickly responds Barnhart. What about it, Ron, can we get there?

I don’t know for sure, says Harris to Schramm. Let me talk to the product manager and get a price to Tom, and he’ll give a price to you. If we can meet Congolese’s price, will you give us the business, Don?

Maybe, Schramm replies. Come back with your best price and we’ll see. The products look similar to me, your styling has improved, and the co-op program is good. But I’ll look at what your competitors are offering before I make up my mind.

Remember, Don, we’ll carry all the inventory, service your stores so the managers won’t have to remember to order, and deliver the products right off our own truck so you won’t take any risk of damage during delivery. And those costs are all in the price of the goods. You’ll never get a bill for delivery charges. What have you got to lose? How about giving us a shot at the sheet goods business? pleads Johnson.

We’ll see, says Schramm.

Later that week Harris calls Barnhart with a wholesale cost that would yield McGranahan’s a price of $1.90 per square yard with a normal margin. Barnhart calls Johnson into his office and asks if he will be willing to take a 2 percent commission instead of 3 percent in order to help bridge the 8 percent gap. Thinking that it is critical to meet the competitor’s price of $1.82 in order to win the business, Johnson agrees to take the cut in his commissions. Barnhart calls Schramm with the price of $1.82 per square yard, reviews all the benefits of the Imperial Accent line and the services provided by McGranahan’s, and asks for the order. Schramm says he will let him know in a few days, after he hears from other suppliers.

When Schramm calls back three days later, he says McGranahan’s can have the business if they will take another nickel off their price. Apparently, the Congolese distributor has lowered the price to keep from losing the business. Barnhart really doesn’t have a nickel to give. He has already cut the price to the bone, and another nickel off will reduce McGranahan’s gross margin to 17 percent, not too attractive considering all the services they will be providing. Barnhart thinks for a few minutes, then calls Johnson in to discuss the new terms that Bargain City is requesting.

Reprinted with permission of James T. Strong, Dean, California State University, Dominguez Hills.


1.Should McGranahan’s lower the price to Bargain City by another five cents? Should Johnson agree to take an even lower commission to win the order?

2.How successful do you think Johnson, Barnhart, and Harris were in negotiating price resistance during the sales call? What types of techniques did Johnson, Barnhart, and Harris use to negotiate resistance? Do you think more persistence could have won the three-member sales team the Bargain City order?

3.Do you think it was a good idea to bring Ron Harris, the district manager of DuraFlor, along to help make the sales presentation to Bargain City? Why or why not?

4. How well overall did the sales team (Johnson, Barnhart, and Harris) do in negotiating concessions? What, if anything, should they have done differently?

5.What would you advise Chuck Johnson and Tom Barnhart to say in responding to Mr. Schramm’s request for another nickel cut in price to win the Bargain City business?


How Should Telenor Allocate Resources/Lilito Earned Vs

olgtltligtHow could Telenor bring the offering to life through different marketing mix


olliHow could Telenor bring the offering to life through different marketing mix

decisions?/lilia. What should the actual product feel and look like?/lilib. What is the ideal way to communicate about it? How should Telenor allocate resources/lilito earned vs. paid vs. owned media?/lilic. What should be the message?/lilid. What product and service offers make sense?/lilie. Should Telenor have branches, existing telecommunication branches, or have no/lilibranches? How to reach out to customers? f. How should the financial service be priced?/li/ol


Which Of The Following Is

nota reason why you would want to segment the market?



Which of the following is not a reason why you would want to segment the market?

a) The

market has a segment of affluent customers that aren’t well targeted.

b) To increase sales in a marketplace where the current targeting approach isn’t working.

c) The marketplace is too small.

d) To increase sales by selling to new customers in different locations or with different characteristics.

Group of answer choices

a) only

c) only

b) and c) only

a), c) and d) only

b), c), and d) only

b) only


C Order Management

At which inventory level is operations management considered to be doing an excellent


1. At which inventory level is operations management considered to be doing an excellent


A. Below the minimum level

B. Above the minimum level

C. Absolute minimum level

D. Absolute maximum level

2. Which of the following represents the costs for warehouse storage and handling of finished goods inventory?

A. Quality

B. Stock-out

C. Ordering

D. Carrying

3. Regarding supplier performance measurement, the number of customer complaints comes under _______ measures.

A. service

B. quality

C. delivery

D. cost/price

4. The construction industry uses which of the following pricing methods?

A. Markup

B. Cost-plus

C. Target-return

D. Perceived-value

5. Which of the following marketing budgets is based on previous years’ data and experience levels?

A. Percent-of-sales

B. Customer-mix

C. Top-down

D. Bottom-up

6. Market research is useful in

A. performing baseline market segmentation methods.

B. understanding the consumers’ buying experiences.

C. identifying niche markets.

D. niche markets, buying experiences, and segmentation.

7. A company needs to make a 20% profit on all products. What pricing method should it use to achieve its profit goal?

A. Perceived-value

B. Cost-plus

C. Markup

D. Target-return

8. A toy store has a new game in stock, but customers aren’t buying it. Which of the following types of inventory increases when customers aren’t buying this game?

A. Raw materials

B. In-transit

C. Work-in-process

D. Finished goods

9. Loretta orders a custom cake that takes three days to make from the time it’s ordered. The three days is called _______ time.

A. value

B. quality

C. cycle

D. supplier

10. When raw materials and finished products move from upstream suppliers to downstream producers and customers, it’s called

A. reverse logistics.

B. pull supply chain.

C. forward logistics.

D. push supply chain.

11. A company doesn’t know how much to price its products, so it’s using focus groups and surveys to understand what customers are willing to pay. This is called _______ pricing.

A. cost-plus

B. target-return

C. perceived-value

D. markup

12. In capacity management, which of the following is a long-term plan to increase the capacity?

A. Creating additional work shifts

B. Asking employees to work overtime

C. Expanding an existing manufacturing factory

D. Building a new manufacturing factory

13. A double electronic auction occurs between

A. many buyers and many sellers.

B. one seller and many buyers.

C. one buyer and one seller.

D. one buyer and many sellers.

14. Last month, a restaurant used 50 pounds of vegetables. This month, the restaurant orders another 50 pounds of vegetables. This is an example of

A. forward logistics.

B. a pull supply chain.

C. a push supply chain.

D. reverse logistics.

15. Which of the following customers pose a high risk if ignored?

A. Below-average

B. Major

C. Average

D. Loyal

16. A factory adopts a new strategy where the right materials are used at the right time in the production process. This strategy is called

A. materials management.

B. just-in-time.

C. order management.

D. effectiveness.

17. Selling an expensive antique car via electronic auction generally occurs between

A. one buyer and many sellers.

B. one buyer and one seller.

C. one seller and many buyers.

D. many buyers and many sellers.

18. When an online retailer suggests other products that would work with the products the customer is purchasing, this is an example of

A. lateral-selling.

B. cross-selling.

C. up-selling.

D. down-selling.

19. When expected customer sales data is driving the demand for products, it’s called

A. forward logistics.

B. pull supply chain.

C. push supply chain.

D. reverse logistics.

20. Selling price = Unit cost + Desired profit represents which of the following pricing approaches?

A. Standard markup

B. Target return pricing

C. Profit-maximization

D. Demand-based pricing


Name Two

ethical principles for digital transformation that you think businesses need to adhere to and


Name two ethical principles for digital transformation that you think businesses need to adhere to and



Hi I Need Help In This

assignment. 1) question 2) walmartrelated to 1)(a) Mission/Vision
Wal-Mart previously has an enormous standing for contribution one end shopping and the lowly
value in municipality. If they remain on expanding the services that they…Marketing

Mistakes In Content No Matter How Small Convey Carelessness In Business Communication And


Mistakes in content, no matter how small, convey carelessness.

In business communication, and

business in general, careless mistakes can be extremely costly to an organization. In fact, several businesses have lost millions of dollars due to proofreading, spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors in documents (see the link below). In addition, customers and stakeholders may make business decisions (to buy or not to buy, etc.) based on small or minor errors in marketing materials or business documents.

In this digital age of rapid communication, how can you justify the time it takes to stop and revise a message? Have you made business decisions based on a company’s mistake?


Companies Often Emphasize Either Functional Or Psychological Needs Their Products


Companies often emphasize either functional or psychological needs their products

fulfill. Visit and identify a luxury car company that emphasizes functional needs and one that emphasizes psychological needs.

Trace how you might go through the steps in the consumer decision process if you were thinking of purchasing a vehicle from need recognition to post-purchase.

Which factors likely influenced your decision process?


Hi My Name Jenny My Questions Are Is Market Segmentation And Market Positioning Different? If Yes What


Hi my name Jenny. My questions are:

Is market segmentation and market positioning different? If yes, what

are the differences between them?

As the paragraph below about Cotton: On’s Strategy, where should I put this paragraph in market segmentation or market positioning?

STP Approach

STP approach is used to ensure that a product’s role is inside the right manner in the relation to marketplace section. Cotton:On designed a approach that sought to persuade consumers to buy Cowgirls and cowboys as one way to draw a particular market segments. From Cotton:On’s marketplace segments, is clear that positioning of the statement is significantly supported by elements of products blend in addition to the efforts made by using software builders. Notably, the most suitable market segments identification approach for computer games is the age standards. Similarly, adoption basis concerning segmentation is also a criterion for determining marketplace segmentation.Marketing

1) What Is The Difference Between Mass Marketing And Differentiated Marketing?2) With The


1) What is the difference between mass marketing and differentiated marketing?

2) With the

current movement towards consumers having more power in the marketplace, can old-fashioned, traditional segmentation strategies work?

3) What are the problems and challenges facing organizations with segmentation strategy?

4) Can small businesses utilize the concepts of segmentation, or simply stick to a niche segmentation approach?

5) How does consumer behavioral decision making process relate to a particular segmentation or targeting strategy?


Compare The Following Statements Regarding Relationship Marketing To Determine Which Is Most


Compare the following statements regarding relationship marketing to determine which is most


Relationship marketing is best described as the use of personal selling to persuade consumers to buy products.

Relationship marketing has waned as a viable strategy with the advent of the Internet.

Relationship marketing is most successful when firms focus on attracting, maintaining, and enhancing customer relationships.

Very few companies in today’s marketplace are engaged in relationship marketing.

Relationship marketing focuses on satisfying the needs of all the company stakeholders.


Prices Are Often Set To Satisfy Demand Or To Reflect The Premium That Consumers Are Willing To Pay For A Product


Prices are often set to satisfy demand or to reflect the premium that consumers are willing to pay for a product

or service. Some critics shudder, however, at the thought of $2 bottles of water, $150 running shoes, and $500 concert tickets.

Prices should reflect the value consumers are willing to pay versus prices should reflect only the cost of making a product or delivering a service.


After Reading (


After reading ( )

What would be an example of an advertising campaign that uses Influencer Marketing?

What potential ethical dilemmas did you discover, or do you believe have the ability to take place?

Influencer marketing is built on community and relationships. What guidelines, rules, or protocols do you believe should be in place to protect consumers from unethical influencer marketing?



What’s the channel relationship between structure and function? (based on functional spin-off theory?


1. What’s the channel relationship between structure and function? (based on functional spin-off theory?


2. What is authority based governance? Partner-based? Hybrid?

Authority based governance.

– role specification :

– planning

– incentives

– monetary

– reinforcement

Hybrid based.

– long term focus

– mutual focus

– shared goals

Partner based

– information sharing

– flexibility

– mutuality

– solidarity

– role integrity

3.What do re sellers need?

Financial performance: Cash flow, profits.



Long time survival:

please fill all points, thank


Explain Your Answer

Jim recently graduated with a marketing degree.In the past two months he has applied for several


a) Jim recently graduated with a marketing degree. In the past two months he has applied for several

positions advertised by market research companies. Jim however has not yet been able to secure a position. Is Jim frictionally unemployed, structurally unemployed or cyclically unemployed? Explain your answer. (2 marks)

Involuntary Attention Is Autonomic Meaning That It Is Beyond The Conscious Control Of The Consumer And Occurs As


Involuntary attention is autonomic, meaning that it is beyond the conscious control of the consumer and occurs as

the result of exposure to surprising or novel stimuli. When attention is devoted to a stimulus in this way, an orientation reflex occurs. An orientation reflex is a natural response to a threat from the environment. In this way, the orientation reflex represents a protective behavior.

Give examples of two advertisements that have involuntarily caught your attention. Which aspect of the advertisements attracted your attention?


With Marketers Increasingly Adopting More And More Refined Market Segmentation Schemes Fueled By The Internet


With marketers increasingly adopting more and more refined market segmentation schemes – fueled by the Internet

and other customization efforts – some claim mass marketing is dead. Others counter there will always be room for large brands employing marketing programs to target the mass market.

Take a position: Mass marketing is dead versus mass marketing is still a viable way to build a profitable brand. I need APA references


Internal Analysis · Define Internal Analysis And Describe Why An Internal Analysis Is Important Identify


Internal analysis

· Define internal analysis and describe why an internal analysis is important. Identify

the main elements of an internal analysis. (Theory).

· Examine the current internal marketing environment, highlighting the most influential factors. (Application).

o Among the factors and analysis identified in your research as important, ensure to also include a comprehensive audit and evaluation of the current marketing positioning, targeting and marketing mix.


How To Answer These Questions Below 1 For Many Years Procter &Amp

Gamble (PampG) viewed


how to answer these questions below:

1.For many years, Procter Gamble (PG) viewed

its Ivory soap as just plain old soap. PG focused on how well it made Ivory soap and not on what customers wanted from a bar of soap. What type of orientation did the company have?

a. sales

b. production

c. market

d. customer

2.Mimi fashion designers use computer-assisted design software to create what it thinks women should wear. The company regularly hires industry experts to examine its factories to find waste that can be eliminated. For the last two years Mimi has lost money. What should the company do?

a. hire more retail efficiency experts to trace down any production problems

b. increase its sales force to find more potential customers for the firm

c. focus on its target market to see what needs and wants should be met by Mimi

d. cut prices so that its prices will be at least 10 percent below those of its competitors

3.Which of the following is a drawback of the sales-orientation philosophy?

a. It gives excessive importance to the needs and wants of the marketplace.

b. It cannot convince people to buy goods that are neither wanted nor needed.

c. It places little emphasis on the assessment of manufacturing plants and facilities.

d. It gives importance to the production function over other functions.

4.Livin’ Styles is a home décor company that is well known for its varieties of designs. The management of Livin’ Styles collaborates with its customers and co-creates designs. What does this example illustrate?

a. following a sales orientation

b. focusing on environmental value

c. delegating authority

d. creating customer value

5.What is created when customer expectations regarding product quality, service quality, and value-based price are met or exceeded?

a. a value line b. quality products c. dissonance excellence d. customer satisfaction

6.Which of the following best describes customer relationship management?

a. It involves targeting the average customer or everybody.

b. It involves establishing and tracking customer interactions with the company.

c. It considers all customers as one large group that should be targeted with a single promotional strategy.

d. It is used by sales-oriented firms to convince customers to buy their products.

7.What marketing tools does an organization use to achieve its goals?

a. advertising and personal selling

b. production, promotion, and pricing

c. the marketing mix

d. aggressive promotion

8.Which of the following strategies are put into place by a company that has a market orientation?

a. integration of all the activities of the firm to satisfy customer wants

b. focus on company needs and wants

c. differentiation of the firm’s products from other firms’ products

d. sales growth fuelled through the application of aggressive sales techniques


A Whollyowned Subsidiary Is Complex Costly And High Risk But Offers The Maximum Control And Potential For Above


A wholly-owned subsidiary is complex, costly and high risk, but offers the maximum control and potential for above

average returns. Strategic alliances and joint ventures allow companies to share the resources and risk to enter international markets.

Is this statement true or false? Why? Explain, Example

Adaptation is a much more effective marketing strategy for international businesses. Cultures still have their own individual needs and customs.

Is this statement true or false? Why? Explain, Example


1) Why Should Firms Understand The Marketing Mix?2) How Has The Paradigm Of The


1) Why should firms understand the marketing mix?

2) How has the paradigm of the

marketing mix changed in the last 15 years?

3) Has the shifting balance of power to consumers changed the way the marketing mix/program is implemented?

4) Should small businesses focus only on the marketing tactics of the 4p’s?

5) What are the challenges facing development and implementation of a marketing strategy with implementation of the marketing tactics?

6) Should the marketing strategy drive the marketing tactics or should the marketing tactics drive marketing strategy?

7) Does the way companies approach the marketing mix/tactics differ based on the industry it is in (e.g., retail vs. services vs. healthcare vs. government vs. nonprofit)?


1) How Are Blogs Being Used For Marketing?2) What



) How are blogs being used for marketing?


) What

technologies and techniques are employed in location

based mobile marketing?

Why is

local mobile marketing so attractive to marketers?


) Define privacy, information privacy, the right to be forgotten, and informed consent.


) Describe the virtual merchant business model and its unique challenges in becoming





) Why have newspaper revenues declined over the past 15 years?


) Identify and describe the main types of portals.


) What services do e



et marketplaces provide?

Describe at least five


of Net marketplaces.


Using What You’Ve Learned Today Develop A Strategic Outline For

Your outline


Using what you’ve learned today, develop a strategic outline for

Your outline

should include:

  1. A clear definition about what the organization does and what the website is expected to do.
  2. An outline of the audiences served by the website and an understanding of who they are.
  3. Identify one main objective for the website and two secondary objectives.

Document MUST be no more than one page (Only the first page will be graded).


Will Businesses That Have Take Then Time Effort And Investment To Understand The Infrastructure Of Our Sales And


will businesses that have take then time, effort and investment to understand the infrastructure of our sales and

use tax system in this country be the winners?

Home Depot has survived in the Internet age by showing customers the basics of to do it yourself projects? Best Buy has survived by having really knowledgeable sales people who can show you how to effectively use all those features that you know are present on TV’s and Appliances but you have no idea how to effectively use. And competitive brick and mortar companies have learned how to effectively integrate online sales into their overall marketing strategy.

As in any other aspect of business, will those companies, online or brick and mortar, who best understand and meet the needs of their customers be the winners in the end?

Engineering Technology

Read The Following Paragraph And Select The Correct Answer For Each Question?Costco’S Mission


Read the following paragraph and select the correct answer for each question?

Costco’s mission

statement is:

Costco’s mission is to continually provide our members with quality goods and services at the lowest possible prices. In order to achieve our mission we will conduct our business with the following Code of Ethics in mind:

  • Obey the law
  • Respect our vendors
  • Take care of our employees
  • Take care of our members

If we do these four things throughout our organization, then we will realize our ultimate goal, which is to reward our shareholders.

Walmart’s mission statement is:

We save people money so they can live better.

Which of the following is referenced in Costco’s mission statement, but not Walmart’s?

– Select your Answer –

-customer wellbeing


-the desired effects on customers of the firm’s actions

According to a New York Times report in 2005, Costco was paying its employees 42 percent more per hour than Walmart at that time, while offering lower prices than other establishments. According to an Op-Ed published in response, an academic study showed that Walmart entering a market decreased prices in rural areas by 8 percent and in urban areas by 5 percent. This resulted in consumer savings of approximately $16 billion per year, primarily in rural locations and primarily for customers who, according to the analysis of the Op-Ed writers, need the most help. As far as you can judge by these reports, were Costco and Walmart being true to their mission statements?

– Select your Answer –

-Neither company was being true to its mission statement.

-Only Costco was being true to its mission statement.

-Only Walmart was being true to its mission statement.

-They were both being true to their mission statement.

In the initial article in the New York Times, the CEO of Costco, Jim Sinegal, was quoted as saying Costco’s customers stay loyal because they like that low prices do not come at the workers’ expense. This means that Costco’s customers are concerned that ________.

– Select your Answer –

-Costco does not allow concern for employees lead it to lessen its commitment to its customers

-Costco is socially responsible in its marketing activities

-Costco is spoiling its employees

-Costco’s prices stay low no matter what

New Part: Select the correct answer to each question?

The facilitation of effective and efficient exchanges is the goal of marketing management.

– Select your Answer –



Which of the following terms could be described as doing the right thing for the organization to achieve its objectives?

– Select your Answer –



-marketing control process


Which of the following is the correct order of activity?

– Select your Answer –

-organizing, planning, controlling, implementing

-organizing, planning, implementing, controlling

-planning, controlling, organizing, implementing

-planning, organizing, implementing, controlling

New part: select the answer below and fill in the blank?

In June 2012, Microsoft unveiled the Microsoft Surface, a tablet meant to compete with Apple’s iPad. Those present at the unveiling were not allowed to touch or use the tablets. Now some analysts are expressing uncertainty about whether the devices were designed more for consumer play or for business.

The analysts’ response demonstrates there is uncertainty about ________.

– Select your Answer –

-Microsoft’s marketing mix

-the appropriateness of the promotion variable in Microsoft’s marketing mix

-the Surface’s target market

-the technological forces in Microsoft’s marketing environment

Nike’s description of the Air Native N7 says, Nike N7 is our commitment to bring sport and all of its benefits to Native American and Aboriginal communities in the USA and Canada. Through activity, competition and play you can unleash the power of your generation.

How does Nike’s choice of this target market fit with its mission statement: To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete.

– Select your Answer –

-The description shows Nike’s commitment to social responsibility.

-The description shows that this product is a model of innovation.

-The Nike N7 is a product designed to gain market share with a particular group of athletes.

-The Nike N7 is a product designed to inspire a particular group of athletes.


Answer The Question1

What is marketing? Discuss fully target market.

2Discuss fully


Answer the question

1 What is marketing? Discuss fully target market.

2 Discuss fully

the Controllable Factors and Uncontrollable Factors.


Chapter 2

3 Define the two types of organizations. Identify and discuss fully the 3 levels of an organization.

4 Define Core Values and give some examples from the BP case. Define fully Mission and give an example.

5 Identify and explain fully the 4 Growth Market Product Strategies.

6. Identify and explain fully the BCG Matrix.


Chapter 4

7 Explain fully the difference between Ethical Legal behavior. Discuss moral idealism and utilitarianism.

8 Explain fully what is meant by social responsibility. Identify and explain the 3 Concepts of Social Responsibility. What is a social audit and the 5 steps?

9 What role does sustainable development play in Starbucks’approach to social responsibility (SR) and the 3 concepts of social responsibility? Discuss the 3 concepts of social responsibility.


Chapter 5

10 Identify and discuss fully the 5 Stage Decision Process.

11 Discuss fully High Involvement Purchases. Give 2 examples of purchases that for you are high involvement.

12 Explain fully Selective Exposure, Selective Comprehension, and Selective Retention.

13 How does understanding consumer behavior help Best Buy grow dramatically? What is an advantage and disadvantage of customer centricity at Best Buy?

Chapter 8

14 What is marketing research? Define the 3 main types: exploratory, descriptive, and causal.

15 Identify and define the 5 steps of marketing research.

17 Explain the difference between internal and external secondary data. Discuss fully the advantages and disadvantages of secondary data.

18 What is the difference between primary data and secondary data? What is questionnaire data? What are focus groups?

Chapter 9

19 What is market segmentation? What are the criteria for forming segments?

20 Discuss the 4 bases for segmentation. Identify and discuss the criteria for selecting segments.

Chapter 19

21 What is the difference between reach and frequency? What is CPM?

22 What are the advantages and disadvantages of outdoor advertising? What are the advantages and disadvantages of tv advertising? What are the advantages and disadvantages of magazine advertising?

23 What are the objectives, advantages, and disadvantages of coupons, samples, and point of purchase displays?

24 Discuss public relations and publicity tools.


Corporation Developed A New Product That It Believes Will Have Broad Market Appeal The Company’S Recent Cost And


Corporation developed a new product that it believes will have broad market appeal. The company’s recent cost and

marketing studies revealed the following:

a. New equipment costing $360,000 would need to be acquired to produce the product. The equipment is estimated to have a six-year useful life, with no salvage value at the end of the six years.

b. Sales in units over the next six years are projected as follows:

Year 1-20,000

Year 2-30,000

Year 3-50,000

Years 4-6 – 60,000

Production and sales of the new product would require working capital of $450,000 to finance accounts receivable, inventory, and day-to-day cash needs. This working capital would be released at the end of the project’s life.

c. The product would sell for $35 each; variable costs for production, administration, and sales would be $22 per unit.

d. Fixed costs would total $240,000 per year. These fixed costs are for salaries, maintenance, property taxes, insurance, and straight-line depreciation on the new equipment (see item a. above). Note that the annual depreciation on the new equipment referenced in item a. above is on a straight-line basis over the six-year life.

e. To gain rapid entry into the market, the company would need to advertise heavily. The advertising program would be:

Year 1-2 – $200,000

Year 3 – $180,000

Years 4-6 – $120,000

f. The company’s required rate of return is 20%. Ignore taxes.

Please show how came to this answer

1. Determine the net present value of the investment, construct a schedule that shows the calculation of cash flows for the current year and for years 1 through 6. Then, calculate the NPV assuming a discount factor of 20%. Ignore taxes.

2. Would recommend that John Corporation accept the new product in its product line? Why or why not?


Step 1 Research Marketing Plan Templates Go Online And Search For Marketing Plan


Step 1: Research marketing plan templates.

Go online and search for marketing plan

templates. Review these templates and the different pieces of information they include.

Step 2: Describe the marketing mix and the marketing plan.

In a brief write-up, describe the components of the marketing mix, as well as the major features included in a typical marketing plan, based on your template research findings. How is the marketing mix incorporated into these plans? Explain why these features are important to include in a marketing plan.


A) Suppose A Studio Manager Is Thinking About Whether Or Not To Produce A Movie (Movie X) A Movie Can Become A


a) Suppose a studio manager is thinking about whether or not to produce a movie (movie X). A movie can become a

blockbuster, which will generate a net profit of $10M, or it can become a failure, in which case it will generate a net loss of $4M. The studio manager estimates that movie X has a 50-50 chance of becoming a blockbuster or a failure.

Now a marketing research company offers to provide a research service that allows the studio to know in advance whether movie X will be a blockbuster or a failure.

i. Without doing any marketing research, what is the expected profit/loss if the studio produces movie X?

ii. Without doing any marketing research, should the studio go ahead and product movie X?

iii. How much (in terms of $) is this marketing research service worth to the studio?

b) Repeat question (a). This time, however, assume that the studio can still make a net profit of $2M (rather than a net loss of $4M) even though the movie is a failure. How would your answer to (a) (i), (ii), (iii) change as a result?


Choose A Unique Social Media Incident Discuss The Impacts On The Company’S Brand And Marketing


Choose a unique social media incident. Discuss the impacts on the company’s brand and marketing

strategy-how they responded, was the incident ultimately good or bad? Why? Discuss impact on consumers and consumer opinions. An example would be Cracker Barrel and Brad’s Wife. (If you’re not familiar with this incident, review at You can use this incident or another that you’ve found or noticed.


Project Managers Are Invaluable To An Organization But In My Organization Like I Am Sure Yours It Wasn’T Always


Project managers are invaluable to an organization, but in my organization, like I am sure yours, it wasn’t always

the case. Originally, before project managers, projects were managed by the functions (marketing, engineering, supply chain) to various degrees of success. These were folks who were good at their primary role, but not necessarily always great project managers. After a couple of poorly executed projects, the marketing function made a case for full-time project managers and the function was created. With this team we are able to execute on twice the projects we had before and much higher level of consistency by project.

Where is your organization within the life cycle of project manager? Do you need to be in a project management function to be effective?

Project Management

Given Amazon’S Dynamic Pricing Capabilities What Can Amazon Customers Do To Pay The Lowest Question Olligiven Amazon’S Dynamic Pricing Capabilities What Can Amazon Customers Do To Pay The Lowest Price Possible?

olgtltligtGiven Amazon’s dynamic pricing capabilities, what can Amazon customers do to pay the lowest


olliGiven Amazon’s dynamic pricing capabilities, what can Amazon customers do to pay the lowest

price possible? Be sure to describe dynamic pricing and clearly cover what customers can do to pay the lowest price./liliWhat can small retailers without online sales capabilities do to compete successfully with Amazon? Consider strongall /strongthe marketing strategies you have studied in the course to explain your answer. Consider the customer experience while in a brick and mortar store when answering this question./li/ol


To Discuss The Case Washlet Prepare The Answers To The Following Questions 1 The Washlet Or Shower


To discuss the case: Washlet. Prepare the answers to the following questions:

1. The Washlet or Shower

Toilet was a quick success in the Asian market (China and Korea), so why is this product having such difficulty penetrating the market in Germany and the US?

2. What after-sales services can TOTO provide to enhance willingness of customers to try the Washlet in their homes?

3. How can TOTO increase the sales performance at the point of sales and in general?

4. Should TOTO keep the target segment high-end only, or should it expand its target segment?


Realizing That The Right People For These Positions Could Come From A Variety Of Places You Decide To Investigate


Realizing that the right people for these positions could come from a variety of places, you decide to investigate

the strengths and weaknesses of hiring from within the organization, through referrals, and by using advertising methods. What are your opinions on the following?

1. What are two (2) advantages and two (2) disadvantages of hiring internal candidates for sales positions?

2. What are two (2) benefits of hiring people referred to the company by friends or relatives?

3. Discuss one (1) difference between the kinds of applicants that will come in from a newspaper ad versus postings on online job boards. Does this difference indicate anything about future job performance?

Part B: Once your selection has been made, you move to the next step – training. Please respond to the following:

1. How is sales training related to recruiting and selecting salespeople?

2. How can sales training contribute to salesforce socialization?

3. What four (4) methods are used for delivering sales training?


Electronic Commerce Cis 3318 Week 3 Required Discussionso You Are At A


Electronic Commerce CIS 3318

Week 3 Required Discussion

So you are at a

luncheon for enhancing literacy in your local community. It is one of your passions. You are seated next a person that runs a well established chain of local BBQ restaurants. They begin chatting with you and here are the questions you are asked:

1. What common consumer characteristics can be influenced by marketing strategies and online advertisements? I want to increase my popularity! What is the evidence to demonstrate they work?

2. Do users read and click on online ads? What is the evidence to demonstrate they work?

I do not want to just throw my money at an unsupported solution just because some tech person says it works.

Support your post with sources, proof and polish, and then submit.

This is the same quality you would produce in the workplace to get your ideas accepted. This person may be convinced enough to hire you on the spot. You never know!


Many Market Researchers Have Their Favorite Research Approaches Or Techniques Although Different Researchers


Many market researchers have their favorite research approaches or techniques, although different researchers

often have different preferences. Some researchers maintain that the only way to really learn about consumers or brands is through in-depth, qualitative research. Others contend that the only legitimate and defensible form of marketing research uses quantitative measures.

Take a position: The best marketing research is quantitative in nature versus the best marketing research is qualitative in nature.


Different Ads Have Different Appeals In Summary We Could Categorize Them Intorational


Different ads have different appeals, in summary we could categorize them into

  1. Rational

appeals: show the desired benefits such as function, quality, economy, etc.

  • Emotional appeals: use positive emotions such as love, pride, joy, and humor. (Be careful with negative emotions such as fear, guilt, and shame).
  • Moral appeals: directed at the sense of right and wrong.
  • Please answer the following two questions

    1) Please use or the companies’ websites to find a real world ad clip for each appeal, and post their links here.

    2) For each clip, please evaluate the ad.


    I Would Appreciate You Guide Me Through The Answer Drug Companies Are Being Accused Of


    I would appreciate you guide me through the answer.

    Drug companies are being accused of

    charging unreasonably high prices to patients and biasing the decisions of doctors through various marketing practices. Comment on the ethicality of this using the consumer sovereignty test (Smith, 1995) with a relevant company as an example


    Please Give An Example How To Answer 1 Descriptions Of How You Feel You Improved Your Knowledge Skills


    Please give an example how to answer

    1. Descriptions of how you feel you improved your knowledge, skills,

    abilities, and yourself in this session through this course. 2 Ways you might measure the future effects of what you have learned in this course or your future progress/improvement.

    Contemporary Marketing This course provides a comprehensive treatment of marketing principles and market analysis for the practicing manager, so as to understand contemporary marketing practices and develop sound marketing strategies.Marketing

    The Marketing Plan (optional company your pick)

    The marketing plan (McDonalds Company) 01 June The marketing plan (McDonalds Company) A marketing plan is an outline of an enterprise’s proposed initiatives to gain and maintain market control for its products. This paper seeks to explore McDonalds Company’s marketing plan.
    Executive summary of McDonalds marketing plan
    McDonalds is an established international company that faces diversified market challenges. It, in response, has developed a marketing plan to facilitate its effectiveness in a competitive industry. The company’s marketing strategies include product branding and the company’s logo, “the Golden Arches” (McDonalds, p. 1). McDonalds marketing plan focuses of issues such as research, the 4P’s, its target population, and its marketing objectives. The company, being a restaurant offers fast foods and is in constant touch with its customers. Its market plan also evaluates customers’ to determine achievement levels in marketing initiatives (McDonalds, p. 1- 6).
    The company’s target market
    McDonalds primarily targets children and young adults for its products. This as a result identifies three major categories of the company’s audience. The first category is parents who take their children to restaurants. Another category consists of grown up children and youths who visit the stores on their own. Adults on tight work arrangements also form part of the company’s target population (McDonalds, p. 3).
    Pricing strategy
    McDonalds’ pricing strategy is based on continuous research that identifies customers’ perceived value of its products. The company, as a result, builds its image and develops loyalty and utility among its customers. This is then used to determine prices at which customers are willing to pay for the products. Though the food industry is competitive, the company does not adopt pure price reduction because of it has marketing disadvantages (McDonalds, p. 5).
    Product distribution
    The company is majorly a retail enterprise and focuses its distribution channels to its outlets. Strategic location of its outlets is therefore the main element of its product distribution (McDonalds, p. 1).
    Product promotion
    McDonalds adopts a diversified approach to promoting its products. Its promotional initiatives include advertisements, “sales promotions, point of sales display, merchandising, direct mail, telemarketing and loyalty schemes” among others (McDonalds, p. 5). Advertising also employs different media forms that include print media in posters and magazines, audio media such as radio stations, and audiovisual media (McDonalds, p. 5).
    Strengths and weaknesses
    McDonalds major marketing strengths include its brand imaging and research based marketing strategies. Its major weakness is lack of innovation that leads to monotony in its product mix (McDonalds, p. 3).
    Analysis of the marketing plan
    Wallace and Forte explains that a good market plan is economical, precise, “simple and easily understood, informative and customer oriented” (Wallace and Forte, p. 90). These features identify with McDonalds’ marketing plan and qualify it to be effective for the company. The plan should however be revised to include innovation into product differentiation as an alternative marketing strategy (Wallace and Forte, p. 90).
    McDonalds Company is an established international corporation in the fast food industry. The company’s marketing plan is effectively presented but should be modified to include more marketing strategies.
    Works cited
    McDonalds. “Marketing at McDonalds.” McDonalds Corporation. 2008. Web. 1 June 2012. .
    Wallace, Candy, and Forte, Greg. The Professional Personal Chef: The Business of Doing Business as a Personal Chef. New Jersey, NJ: John Wiley &amp. Sons, 2007. Print.

    Examples of Oganizational Change (

    Social Media and Organization Change Introduction This paper is aimed to analyze the video produced by Erik Qualman which is based on the book named Socialnomics. The video has been retrieved from Youtube and it is named as Social Media Revolution. In the context of this video, this paper describes the organizational change in Samsung and it also describes the benefits which have been enjoyed by its customers, investors and employees.
    Social Media Revolution
    In the contemporary world, social media has dominated every single aspect of life to a significant level. From business to news and from advertisement to organizational culture, every aspect of human life has become associated with social media to an immensely elevated level. It can be said that social media has become the most appropriate tool to become successful for any organization (Socialnomics ).
    Organizational Change in Samsung
    Samsung has become the number one smart phones selling brand in the world but the point of inquiry is how? The answer to this question is hidden in the organizational change which has been adopted by this organization in accordance with the contemporary world of technology and social media. The focus on human resource and technology along with the incorporation of social media has helped Samsung to acquire such position (Weiss).
    The adoption of contemporarily dominating forces like innovation and social media has played a sufficient role to lead Samsung towards its success. It did not only help Samsung to become number one but has also worked as the motivational force for its employees. Marketing via social media and apps relating to social media by Google has also assisted investors of Samsung to make most of the profit out of their investments. Along with the consumers who are provided with what they desire to have in the form of Samsung smart phones equipped with every contemporary technology and social media (Weiss).
    The organizational change is a positive inscription if it concords with the contemporarily dominating forces like social media and technology.
    Work Cited
    Social Media Revolution. Dir. Erik Qualman. Socialnomics . 2009.
    Weiss, J.W. Organizational Change. San Diego: Bridgepoint, 2012. Print.

    Hotel service operation management

    164000 SWOT analysis of the Web based training and development in this hotel helps us to carve a niche in the market. The marketing plan based on the hotel has to be designed and implemented to achieve the goals of business. It also provides knowledge regarding the strengths and the weaknesses of the business. By recognizing and analyzing the marketing strategic plan, the hotel can overcome its difficulties smoothly. The management and operation team of the Hotel solved the problem of worker turnover by increasing the expense of training and salary. For future strategic action plan, report recommended that room for conferences must be constructed at first rather than in the last year. The financial analysis of the Seaside Hotel includes the Total hotel revenue and total hotel net income, Rooms department revenue and rooms net income, Food &amp. beverage department’s revenue and food &amp. beverage net income, Occupancy, average daily rate (ADR), and REVPAR, Refurbishment spending and extra facilities built analysis, Short term and long term stability ratios, Staff turnover and EMS spend and activities. This plan could attract more businessmen and raise hotel competitiveness. The report also provides information regarding the effectiveness of Web based training and development method in the Hotel business. Appendixes of the report include Current Balance Sheet, Statement of Income for 3 years and Monthly indicator report for the three years. Report also includes aims, objectives, strategy, and formulation of program feedback and control of the study. Report shows the proper implementation of promotional mix could raise the market share and develop business growth in the face of strong competition. HOTS report also shows client satisfaction and loyalty through employee training and development program, by way of increasing profitability and development of the hotel, which was formed by satisfied, faithful, and productive workers. Finally the report shows that the proper

    Obesity IN usa

    Pomeranz, J. S. Stephen, D. T., Stephen, D. S., Lainie, R and Kelly, D. B. (2009). Innovative legal approaches to address obesity. Quarterly , 87 , 185-213.
    The author is researcher at Yale University, Rudd centre for food policy and obesity. This article connects development in public health and nutrition with legal advances so as to define promising avenues for preventing obesity through the application of law. In this paper, 2 sets of raw approaches are direct application of law to factors that contribute to obesity and innovative legal solution to address inefficiencies in the current regulatory policies to control obesity. Limiting children food marketing, confronting the potential addictive properties of food, compelling industry speech, regulating conduct using litigation, considering performance based regulations as an alternative to regulatory actions, preemption are examples of such strategies. This paper will help you to know which law policies are in place, the gaps in regulatory policies and new innovative ones that can be put in place to address the problem.
    The practical guide identification,evaluation and treatment of overweight and obesity in adults. NHLBI obesity education initiative. Retrieved from
    The authors of this handbook are knowledgeable people in diverse fields eg physiology, physical exercise, physician, primary care, clinical nutrition and surgeons from different Universities. The book gives clinical guidelines on identification,evaluation and treatment strategies. This guideline will equip you with tools you need to effectively know how to identify and manage obesity in an efficient manner.
    Whitaker, R. W., Wright, J. A, Pepe, M. S., Seidel, K. D and Dietz, W. H. (1993). Predicting obesity in young children become obese adults? Prev.Med. , 22, 167-177.
    This paper explains the role of genetics in obesity. This knowledge is good as it will give you a good background on genetic basis of obesity.
    William, H. D., Donald, E. B and Alicia, S. H. (2009). Public health law and the prevention and control of obesity CDC. The milbank quartery,Vol.87 (1), 215-227.
    This paper identifies actionable options that sectors and organizations at various jurisdictional levels can consider adopting. The findings from this paper have shown that law pays a critical role in control of chronic diseases and the behaviors that lead to them. This paper will familiarize you with some of these actionable options which can be exploited.
    Angelo, D. P. (2010). Definitions and classfication of obesity. Pfizer Inc.
    The author, medical doctor, senior director medical lead academic medicine, specialty care business unit.The main areas covered here are, classification of obesity and etymology, diagnosis techniques, epidemiology and mortality. This Paper equips you with substantial background information on the obesity. It also explains that obesity can be a phenotype of some diseases.

    Peter, T. l., Louis, P., Robert, M. M and Claude, B. (1999). Seven year stability of indicators of obesity and adipose tissue distribution in the canadian population. American journal of clinical nutrition , 69 (6), 1123-1129.
    This paper is published in a credible journal.This study was carried out to examine the stability of adipository and adipose tissue distribution.It points out a number of of obesity indicators you may employ in you study.
    WHO. (2000, Feb.). The Asia pacific perspective:Redifining obesity and its treatment.
    WHO is a credibile organisation.The articles proposes new criteria to define obesity in different geographical areas. As BMI and waist circumfrence may not abe appropriate in in some geographical areas.This may point to you new areas of research,The paper also explains economic costs, health consequences ,prevention and treatment.
    Teret, S. (1986). Litigating for public health. American journal of public health , 76, 1027-29.
    Litigation as an innovative strategy is well articulated. This paper explains to you how litigation has been successfully used to address health problems.
    WHO. (2011, Mar.). Obesity and overweight fact sheets. Retrieved from
    The article summarizes definition of obesity, facts about obesity, associated risk factors, effect of obesity strategy for prevention and control. It is a credible site, relevant and recently updated. This paper presents an indispensable work for anybody who wants to do research on obesity.
    Lee, J.M. (1973). The form of a reductio ad absurdum. Notre Dame journal of formal logic , 14, 381-386.
    The author explains a mode of argumentation which will help you to present your arguments clearly.

    Case study An Epidemic of Food Poisoning

    An Epidemic of Food Poisoning Identify the etiological agent of this outbreak of food poisoning. The etiological agents of this outbreak of food poisoning were the Norwalk virus and scombrotoxin – agents that are most commonly associated with seafood and improperly prepared foods (Wallace, 1994). While these two agents do not often cause death, they are known to cause serious damage to the digestive tract. These agents come to be effective due to water quality, disease surveillance, and seafood harvesting, processing, and marketing. Simply put, more care needs to be put in tending to seafood before selling it to companies and consumers. This also applies to foods that involve water in its preparation, such as corn and potatoes.
    2. Was it food infection of intoxication?
    The food was infected by the way it was handled, prepared, and shipped to the place where it was served. It was all done during the preparation stages. The proper methods were not taken to make sure that the food was prepared properly before being given to companies and consumers.
    3. How did the food get contaminated, and which item was contaminated?
    The food that was contaminated was the boiled shrimp and the boiled corn. The shrimp was contaminated when it was set in the hot water for fifteen minutes. When the shrimp was left to set, it was left in the dirty water and then put into the containers for transfer. The corn was contaminated when it was placed back into the boxes in which it was ordered, after it had been shucked and cleaned.
    4. How did you arrive to your conclusions? Why did you eliminate the other major causes of food poisoning?
    I came to my conclusions by looking at the way that the food was prepared, and how it was tended to recklessly. I was able to eliminate the other major causes of food poisoning by this fact. It was not a matter of the food being tainted or intoxicated, just improperly prepared. While the food went though the processes of being clean, it then was not given the chance to remain so before being served to people. As far as coming to the conclusions of the etiological agents involved, I came to those conclusions as they are the most common agents in cases of seafood poisoning.
    Wallace, B. “Seafood-associated disease outbreaks.” 1994. Online. Available Retrieved April 21, 2008.
    Arnold, T. “Toxicity, Shellfish.” 2007. Online. Available Retrieved April 22, 2008.

    Discuss whether benchmarking to achieve greater efficiency should lead to greater profitability

    Through this method, Young (2003) explains that business personalities are able to know how well their competitors perform within the industry, and the reason as to why these companies are able to perform in a manner identified. Wöber (2002) further explains that benchmarking is always used to measure the performance of a business organization/industry by using specific indicators, e.g. cost per unit of the substance, productivity per unit, etc.
    Benchmarking is a process that is used in strategic management, whereby business organizations are able to evaluate different aspects of their business organization, in relation to the best practices of the industry. Orr and Orr (2014) maintains that this helps managers of business organizations to come up with the best policy that can help them improve the performance of the business organization. Furthermore, benchmarking as a process normally helps managers of a business organization to adapt some of the best practices of an industry into their operations. This can be social responsibilities, or marketing procedures. Benchmarking is always a continuous process, and this is mainly because organizations seek methods of improving their performances, and best practices. However, there is a considerable debate on whether benchmarking helps in improving the profitability of a business organization. Orr and Orr (2014) explains that because benchmarking is a method of understanding the best practices of an industry, and implementing those practices, it will most definitely lead to an increase in the profitability of a business organization.
    This is an assertion that Kerimodou (2013) is against. In their research concerning benchmarking, the authors denoted that organizations which have high technical efficiency are not always the best performers regarding profitability. In their research,

    Environmental Analysis HTC

    Hence a strategic plan has been suggested in this study which could address this particular issue concerning the organization. The strategic implementation plan has also been recommended which can help HTC revive its position in the market and lead to increased revenue generation and profitability in the long run.
    This study entails formulating a strategic plan for HTC Corporation. The company engages itself in the business of designing, manufacturing and marketing Smartphone that is based on the Android operating system developed by Google and Windows operating system developed by Microsoft (“Company Profiles for HTC Corp (2498)”). The strategic plan and its implementation process have been discussed after analyzing the internal and external environmental factors affecting the organization.
    Environmental analysis of HTC Corp. refers to the various internal and external factors having an impact on the business activities carried out by the company. SWOT analysis can be used as an effective strategic tool to analyze the internal and external factors associated with the organization (Williams, Champion, and Hall 108). The primary objective of using the SWOT analysis is to uncover the opportunities, strengths, threats, and weaknesses of the company. The SWOT analysis of HTC Corp. is presented below:
    A. Strengths: The research and development (R &amp. D) capabilities of HTC is immense. The company has been involved in investments related to enhancing its R &amp. D capabilities on a consistent basis since its inception. A significant portion of the revenues generated by the company accounts for R &amp. D investments made by the company. Moreover, R &amp. D professionals constitute most of the employees working in the organization.

    The evalution of copycats impact in market

    The evaluation of Copycats impact in market Instruction I chose this article with an interest of knowing how copycats’ presence in the market influence clients’ judgments under varied conditions. Mainly, this encompasses utilizing “similarity” strategy with an intention of swaying clients’ decisions while shopping. Hence, take unfair advantage of the already established trademark’s reputation to benefit without toiling for it. The article’s content is explicit and well supported by research’s tests detailing how copycat’s similarity influences clients’ judgments.
    In this article, authors’ premise encompassed high-similarity copycats would loose while the subtle copycats gain in the presence of a leader brand (Van Horen &amp. Pieters, 2012). Since, the clients will be capable of making critical comparisons backed by former theories, which they have regarding the leader brand. Therefore, the article’s authors hypothesized that “shopping situation” usually avails consumers with an ample time meant to explicitly compare copycat brands with the leader, whereby the blatant lose and the subtle copycats gain (Van Horen &amp. Pieters, 2012). To prove this hypothesis, the authors utilized both comparative and noncomparative evaluations to ascertain which copycats’ category would gain or lose under each test (Van Horen &amp. Pieters, 2012).
    Results indicated that, moderate-similarity copycats gained under comparative evaluation contrary to high-similarity copycats because leader brands acted as their standard measures (Van Horen &amp. Pieters, 2012). Conversely, high-similarity copycats gained under noncomparative evaluation whereas the moderate or subtle lost due to the assimilation aspect (Van Horen &amp. Pieters, 2012). In the latter test, there was no leader brand meant for comparison, hence the clients ended up suggesting the high-similarity copycats being close to the standard brand (Van Horen &amp. Pieters, 2012).
    In conclusion, despite a recent court ruling declaring reputation riding is unacceptable, subtle copycats will still benefit without the leader brands’ corporations prosecuting them (Van Horen &amp. Pieters, 2012).
    Van Horen, F. &amp. Pieters, R. (2012). When High-Similarity Copycats Lose and Moderate- Similarity Copycats Gain: The Impact of Comparative Evaluation. Journal of Marketing Research, 49, 83 –91.

    Bank of America or McDonalds

    This is because they help the organization in achieving several objectives. This includes planning and executing functions such as marketing.
    Talent management program has aided the expansion of the bank in America. This has made the management of the bank tap the best talent from the market. According to Goldsmith &amp. Carter (2010), the bank has been successful because their talent management plan facilitates the training of employees. In the plan, several principles have assisted in devising a comprehensive program for succession at the bank. Goldsmith &amp. Carter (2010,) assert that the implementation of the program led to the growth of the bank. Indeed, the management engaged in consultations prior to designing programs that helped in equipping employees with skills necessary for enhancing growth at the institution.
    The bank devised a seven-point program that emphasized the importance of leadership at the helm of the organization. According to the plan, the transition of roles happens at the departmental level. This handled leadership dilemmas that led to the fall of competitor banks. The bank survived by recognizing diversity in populations when designing programs that tap talent. The institution believes that success is a combination of stratagem that taps the potential of different employees (Lawler, 2008).
    The human resource department designed phases for tapping talent into the firm. Initially, they recruited the best from the job market. Thereafter, they collaborated with firms that assisted in designing programs for recruiting the best. The management succeeded in their ventures because they sought advice from professional bodies and reputable recruitment agencies (Lawler, 2008). The selection process ensured that members selected to fit in the organization.