47 One Of The Advantages Of A Projectized Form Of Business Organization Is That Team Members Are More



One of the advantages of a Projectized form of business organization is that team members are more

likely to focus on the _______________________________.

-functional areas needs of the business such as marketing or supply chain management.

-cost of executing project activities

-needs of clients

-guidance offered by top management


The project schedule is primarily used to determine all of the following except _______________ .

-cost estimates

-activity start times

-activity end dates

-slack times

-activity end dates


Project managers have the highest level of authority and the most power in the _________ organizational structure






Which of the following best describes the activities that occur during the Executing phase of a project?

-Project plans are put into action.

-Project performance measures are compared with expected performance

-Project plans are developed

-Projects receive approval from the executive branch of the organization.


The beta distribution (also called the three point method) is useful when estimating activity completion times because it requires three estimates rather than one. It is particularly useful because it forces the person making these estimates to think about the worst-case, most likely and best-case scenarios.



Project Management

This Activity Will Enable You To Demonstrate The Following Performance Evidence

Administer the


o volunteer

– Develop selection criteria for each of the above recruitment needs

– Conduct fair and equitable selection interviews for each of the above recruitment situations

– Evaluate at least one applicant in each of the above selection processes to select individuals that meet a specific organisational need

Answer the activity in as much detail as possible, considering your organisational requirements.

Within a workplace environment, you must oversee the recruitment, selection, and induction for the following recruitment needs at least once:

– Casual, contract or temporary

– Full-time or part-time permanent

– Volunteer

This should involve the following:

– Developing the selection criteria for each of the above roles

– Conducting a fair selection and interview process

– Evaluating at least one individual for each of the above roles to select individuals that meet a specific organisational need.


Need Assistance With 3 Questions From A Case Study

ANSWERS 1. What are the key issues brought about in the conversation? What are the key symptoms, and
what are the underlying problems? Be specific in your answers.
The major issues in the…Operations Management

I Need Help With This Assignment Please No Plagiarism

You will be required to do a term paper on one of

Running head: WOMEN IN THE SCIENTIFIC REVOLUTION Women in the Scientific Revolution
Student’s Name
Institution 1 WOMEN IN THE SCIENTIFIC REVOLUTION 2 Explain what role women played in the…Management

Select A Project And Apply The Basic Project Management Concepts Use

systemized, phased approach to define,


Select a project and apply the basic project management concepts. Use systemized, phased approach to define,

organize, plan, monitor, and control.

The assignment should be divided into the following key areas:


· Introduction to the firm you have chosen for your assignment.

· Product or service.

· Location and its target market.

Body of Assignment:

Defining and Organizing Project:

• Define the Scope and Objectives

• Select the Project Manager and Team

• Recognize Organizational Structure

Planning Projects:

• Defining the Work Breakdown Structure

• Diagramming the network

• Developing the schedule

• Analyzing cost-time trade-offs

• Assessing risks

What Are

the different roles of management and leadership in application to different organisational situations,


what are the different roles of management and leadership in application to different organisational situations,

supported by theories and concepts

could you explain it

Operations Management

1 What Capital Allocation Plan For


1. What capital allocation plan for

The Wire Systems and Beyond Armor for the coming three-year period and the total HEVC investment each year would you recommend?

If possible, answer the following two questions using both (a) a re-formulation of the original problem, and (b) solver sensitivity analysis. Do the answers match? Why? (why not?)


2 Points


  1. Which of the following factors requires more involvement

Running Head: MANAGEMENT
Name Professor Institution Course Date MANAGEMENT Choose only the correct answer QUESTION 1
Which of the following is NOT one of the landmark changes in the last 50 years…Management

Please Answer The Attached 4 Business Law Cases


1. International Sales of Good – Drafting of Agreement
It has a principla office in which include the following; Riyadh, Iqra Street,Al Faisal Centre, RM
No67, South Arabia and John…Management

Elaborate On The Triple As In Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management
Amid the 1990s, organizations crosswise over fluctuated areas of the economy took
off strong activities to enhance their supply chains and remain aggressive. Clothing…Management

Both Budgets May Be Combined Into A Single Schedule

(appendix) Production and direct labour budgets: manufacturer
Alpha Mann Lid makes and sells computer carry bags. Bill Blake, the company accountant, is responsible for
preparing the company’s annual budget. In compiling the budget data for next year, Blake has learned that
new automated production equipment will be installed on 1 March. This will reduce the direct labour per unit
from 1 hour to 0.75 hour.
Labour-related costs include employer superannuateon contributions of 9 per cent of employee wages,
workers’ compensation insurance of $0.20 per hour, and payroll tax equal to 7 per cent of employee wages.
These on-costs are treated as an additional direct labour cost. The accountant estimates that a wage increase
for production workers of $4.00 per hour will take place on 1 April.
Management expects to have 16 000 bags on hand at the beginning of the budget year, and has a policy
of carrying an end-of-month inventory of 100 per cent of the following month’s sales plus 50 per cent of the
second following month’s sales.
This and other data compiled by Blake are summarised in the following table:
Direct labour hours per unit
Wage per direct labour hour
Estimated unit sales
20 000
24 000
16 000
18 000
18 000
Sales price per unit
Manufacturing overhead:
Shipping and handling (per unit sold)
$ 3.00
$ 3.00
$ 3.00
$ 3.00
$ 3.00
Purchasing and material handling (per
$ 4.50
$ 4.50
$ 4.50
$ 4.50
$ 4.50
unit produced)
Other (per direct labour hour)
1. Prepare a production budget and a direct labour budget for Alpha Mann Lid, by month and for the first
quarter of the next budget year. Both budgets may be combined into a single schedule. The direct labour
budget should include direct labour hours and show the detail for each direct labour cost category.
Z. For each item used in the firm’s production budget and direct labour budget, identify the other components
of the annual budget that would also use these data.
Prepare a manufacturing overhead budget for each month and for the first quarter.Managerial Accounting

No Copy Paste Is Allowed


Select any service organization with which

Running head: THE PAYPAL COMPANY The PayPal Company
Table of Contents 1.0 PayPal Executive…Operations Management

This Is For

Legal Aspects of Safety and Health

Unit IV Assignment

Based on

Based on the Citation and Notification of Penalty letter you received in Unit III, prepare a
document that summarizes at least five actions you would take as soon as possible after you
reviewed the…Operations Management

Recommendations About Differents Ways To Introduce Teams To Help Draft A New Training Program In The Manufacturing


recommendations about differents ways to introduce teams to help draft a new training program in the manufacturing

department. The program has been rolled out, but senior management is struggling to get buy-in from many long-term employees. This resistance to acceptance and adoption of the new training program is causing division within the department.

Operations Management

Hi There I’Ve Just Embarked On A Masters Level Course And As A Maths


Hi there.

I’ve just embarked on a Masters level course and as a Maths

graduate, I’ve no experience in evaluating text and therefore I’m struggling with the absolute basics.

I’m looking for advice on how to critique the document ‘Leadership and management: Spotting the difference Expert perspective’.

This is a very short (non-assessed) task, but alas, my inexperience means I’m struggling. Do you have any advice on how I could answer the question:

To what extent do you agree with the statements:

• The distinction between leadership and management has been exaggerated and this has damaging consequences.

• To the extent that you can properly distinguish between the two, it’s important to recognise fully, the central importance of management.

It has to be answered with reference to the questions

•Why is it of interest to you?

•What did you agree with?

•What did you disagree with?

•What questions did the article raise for you?

•How does it relate to what you have learned in the class and your professional context?

•How does it relate to other articles on the topic?

•How does it equate with your experience as a professional?

•How well have they made their argument?

•Are there any omissions or flaws in their argument?

•Have they over-stated their case?

The reason I’m struggling is that I agree almost entirely with what the author is saying and I’m unsure of how to approach a critique when my only thoughts are ‘yes, I agree’.

I’d be most grateful for even the most basic, simple pointers you could offer.

Operations Management

What Laws Are Being Broken And How?Is It Illegal For The Company To Tell The 200


What laws are being broken and how?

Is it illegal for the company to tell the 200

workers that they did not need a union?

An organization that operates over 600 stores lost a worker due to murder while the worker was working on site. Workers complained about lack of security so 15 of them telephoned the union requesting a union organization effort. The union sent representatives to 60 stores and left union authorization cards. Two days later the company notified the union that an injunction had been issued during a prior union campaign prohibiting solicitation on company property.

The next day company leaders met to discuss the workers concerns and the no solicitation policy and discussed how unionization will not necessarily do the employees any good. Later that week, the company had a paid meeting with Approximately 200 sales assistants where they were told they did not need a union. The employees were asked to voice their complaints which were: getting less than 40 hours work per week; not having breaks; not being paid for overtime work; working alone at night; and poor lighting at the stores.

The next day a memo went out with very fair solutions to all complaints to be implemented immediately. The company posted no solicitation signs in all stores and directed that those signs be enforced or risk being fired. Later that month another paid meeting was conducted where workers were asked to select committee representatives to meet with management to discuss their complaints. Management officials left the room while the employees selected their representatives.

The union filed a representation petition with the NLRB seeking an election in a unit of all affected sales assistants. The company president told the managers to tell the sales assistants that if they joined the union, the company would close those stores. The first meeting of the Employee Management Committee was held and and demands were granted.


Employees With Complacent Attitudes Are Hard To Overcome Especially Those Who Are Considered To Have


Employees with complacent attitudes are hard to overcome, especially those who are considered to have

tenure. People alignment is the process of matching the attributes of employees with their skills, motivation, attitudes, and behaviors with the strategic requirements of the organization (Spector 2010, p. 45). We live in a fast-paced world with constant changes. How we as leaders and managers overcome those changes will be a challenge now and into the future. It seems that the roles, responsibilities, and duties of a leader have changed throughout time.

What can someone do to prepare themselves for those changes to make sure the strategic plan is achieved? Please explain


Ben Has Recently Inherited $50 000 00 And Decides To Invest In A Computer Repair Business To Be Known As ‘Bb


Ben has recently inherited $50,000.00 and decides to invest in a computer repair business to be known as ‘BB

Computer Repairs’. Ben and his good friend Bill, who has studied marketing and computer science, agree in writing that:

• Ben will arrange a three-year lease of a building, which he will make available as a shop and storage centre for the business.

• Ben will also pay all of the business’s expenses and does all the accounts, but will have no part in the day-to-day management of the business.

• Any profit from the venture will be divided evenly between Ben and Bill.

• Bill will run the shop.

Is there a partnership between Ben and Bill?

Include reference to relevant legislation and cases where appropriate.


When The Strong Dictatorial Rule In Backenstein Unexpectedly Collapsed Due To The Shocking Death Of The Royal


When the strong dictatorial rule in Backenstein unexpectedly collapsed due to the shocking death of the royal

family in an explosion, the nation’s economy experienced drastic changes. The laws became more restrictive, the country lost many locally produced resources and products, and the distribution of wealth became inequitable. The unexpected event that led to these changes can best be described as a(n) _____ event.


Human Resource Management Recruiting And Talent Managementintegration Of Recruitment


Human Resource Management

Recruiting and Talent Management

Integration of recruitment

with other organizational factors is challenging but important. These factors include_____.

A. the external job market and the process used by an organizations main competitors

B. the external job market, legal requirements and the overall HR strategy

C. the organizations business strategy, profitability and speed of technical changes taking places in the market.

D. recent changed to job titles and pay scales


Bloom Et Al (2012) ‘The Organization Of Firms Across Countries Quarterly Journal Of Economics) Has Found That


Bloom et al (2012) ‘The organization of firms across countries, Quarterly Journal of Economics) has found that

delegation is more likely in firms that are located in countries in which the management can trust workers. More recently, Meagher and Wait (2015) have found that delegation of decision-making authority is more likely when the workers trust the management.

In the context of the infinitely repeated game studied in class, briefly discussion both results.


1 Identify One Or More Circumstances When A Company Might Wish To Delay Introducing Its Product Use An Example Of


1.Identify one or more circumstances when a company might wish to delay introducing its product. Use an example of

a product that will you may have used overtime, such as the iPhone, and comment on the firm’s market strategies especially regarding pricing.

2.How can managers ensure that a team reaps the benefits of diversity while not being thwarted by some of the challenges that diversity raises?

Add references

Operations Management

Human Resource Managementcompensationbusiness Strategy Should Impact Compensation For


Human Resource Management


Business strategy should impact compensation. For

example _____ might ______

A. a highly innovative company with rapidly changing products and services, have flexible job descriptions and pay scales

B. a highly customer focused company, have flexible job descriptions and pay scales.

C. A highly innovative company with rapidly changing products and service, rewards cost savings and improvements in productivity

D. a highly customer focused company, focus on rewarding cost savings and productivity improvements


Some Of The Rude And Mean Comments Found On The Internet About Businesses Are Your Service Is Bulshit


Some of the rude and mean comments found on the internet about businesses are,

  1. Your service is Bulshit

and you are worthless business trying to fool your consumers.

  • You should sell off your business and sit down at your home watching cartoon
  • One of the most pathetic service experience I have ever had.
  • The worst people conducting the business in the worst possible way.
  • I am done with you guys, there are better alternatives to your shitty service.
  • There can always be a better way to rectify and sell your shit to your customers. Don’t full them
  • Never will I ever be associated with this darn business
  • What on earth gave me the mindset of being involved with this service. God save me.
  • Shut down your business, you are worthless guys with worthless service
  • Thanks, I got one business I will not associate with further.
  • How an a manager respond to diffuse a problematic situation.Management

    In The Following Discussion Question You Will Examine The Shortterm Financing Needs Of The


    In the following discussion question, you will examine the short-term financing needs of the


    What is meant by the terms working capital? What are the components of working capital? How does management decide the correct amount of working capital? In your opinion, what is the most important element of working capital? Why?

    Discussion Question 2

    In this discussion question, you will analyze the effects of short-term financing decisions on the organization.

    How does the organization manage the short-financing needs of the organization? How do working capital policies affect the short-term financing needs of the organization? Should all short-term assets such as accounts receivable and inventory be financed with short-term financing? Why or why not?


    A)Provide Examples Of Three Different Types Of Innovation

    b)Explain the concepts and theories of


    a)Provide examples of three different types of innovation.

    b)Explain the concepts and theories of

    innovation and how these link to innovation in practice and

    c)Explain the context for innovation in the workplace including:

    ● core business values

    ● overall objectives

    ● broader environmental context

    ● the need to ensure the value and benefit of innovative ideas and projects


    You Are Hired As Manager Of Internal Audit For A Company Similar To Pharmor (The Company In A Recent Case


    You are hired as Manager of Internal Audit for a company similar to Phar-Mor (the company in a recent case

    study). The internal controls for a long time have been weak at best. As a result of the deteriorating controls, management has gained the approval of the Board to change the environment. Upon being hired by management who you believe sincerely expects and demands a change in the environment, you are charged with bring about the requisite change in ethical climate in the organization.

    Managerial Accounting

    I Am Struggling With My Assignment Could You Please Provide A Guidance Of How To Answer Those Questions I Am


    I am struggling with my assignment. Could you please provide a guidance of how to answer those questions. I am

    truly appreciate any helps.

    1. Developing Self-Awareness (Chapter 1)

    You are a sales manager in the Northwestern division of a large clothing manufacturing company. Recently, you and some other managers in your division attended the yearly national sales meeting in Chicago. Just now one of the other managers who attended the conference has come into your office. He says, While I was at the conference, I took out some friends of mine in Chicago to dinner at an expensive restaurant, and charged it to my expense account. I said they were potential clients. Now my boss is questioning that. He says he wants proof. Would you write him a note saying you were there and that they were really potential clients? What will you do? How will you do it? Why?

    Aspects that should be addressed / included in your answer:

    Identification of personal stage of moral development, explanations of how stage is likely to influence behavior, identification of own interpersonal orientation, explanation of how orientation is likely to affect what one is likely to do.

    2. Solving Problems Analytically and Creatively (Chapter 3)

    You are working in a lower-level managerial position in a Boise firm. Your boss stops by to visit you one day, and says I have got this problem with my boss. She is new to the firm, and seems to be taking pleasure in turning everything upside down. She has instituted new reporting procedures, new meeting schedules, new budgeting process, new everything! Now, I have been here far 15 years, and the old system makes sense to me. I have tried to be diplomatic by holding my peace, but I do not see any reason to change. If you ask me, I think she is one of those libbers, out to show her power. What will you do? How will you do it? Why?

    Aspects that should be addressed / included in your answer:

    Identification of possible blocks to creativity, identification of a creative analogy, bringing back analogy to provide a creative solution or new viewpoint.

    3. Managing Conflict (Chapter 7)

    Your office neighbor talks very loudly on the phone. It is very hard for you not to be disturbed in your work. You have talked to her about it in the past but it keeps going on. You are sitting in your office. It is happening once more and you are quite irritated about it. You have decided to confront this person now. What will you do? How will you do it? Why?

    Aspects that should be addressed / included in your answer:

    Use of recognizable conflict resolution approach, explanation of why this approach is appropriate, identification and explanation of reasonable alternative

    4. Leading Positive Change (Chapter 10)

    You are in charge of a large sausage manufacturing company. Up until now, everything has been running smoothly, but you believe it is time for a change. You have been reading about empowerment and teamwork, and you think that if you can reorganize the employees into self- directed teams, your sausage company has a chance of becoming the most profitable sausage company in the United States. Your management philosophy is that any profits the company makes should be shared with the employees. Employees are concerned however, because they think that any change may be accompanied by downsizing and layoffs. What will you do? How will you do it? Why?

    Aspects that should be addressed / included in your answer:

    Establishing a climate of positivity, creating readiness for change, articulating a positive vision, identifying and explaining actions to be taken.


    Human Resource Managementrecruiting And Talent Management

    There are many sources of


    Human Resource Management

    Recruiting and Talent Management

    There are many sources of

    potential candidates, _______

    A. but the best is to either hire from within the organization somebody that an existing employee has recommended.

    B. and careful consideration of both internal and external sources must be considered. The right mix depends of the circumstances and the particular position to be filled.

    C. and careful consideration of both internal and external sources must be considered. The right mix is 80% external and 20 20 internal – apply the 80/20 rule

    D. but in most cases it is best to use employment agencies as they have the expertise and extensive databases.

    I went with B. The rest make no sense. Just want to make sure.


    Human Resource Managementrecruiting And Talent Managementwhich Of The Following


    Human Resource Management

    Recruiting and Talent Management

    Which of the following

    statements about recruitment is true?

    A. Recruiting and selection (of a candidate to fill a position) are interchangeable terms

    B. Recruiting and selection (of a candidate to fill a position) are closely related terms. Recruitment refers to attracting a pool of qualified candidates whereas selection is making the hiring decision

    C. Recruiting and selection (of a candidate to fill a position) are closely related terms. Recruitment refers to searching databases to find highly qualified candidates whereas selection is making the hiring decision.

    D. Recruiting includes the steps of sorting and ranking job applicants


    I’M Not Sure How I Am Going To Get Help With This Question The First I Posted The Question The


    I’m not sure how I am going to get help with this question. The first I posted the question, the

    tutors were asking what is the video. I attached the video and now its a violation. What exactly do I need to do to get help with this question or is it that you can help me with the question?

    I don’t understand this question. I watched a video called Modern Shed-Managerial Planning Goal Setting .m4v. Please help! Thank you

    How might being an outside contractor add stress to Scott Pearls’ job?

    a. How does his person environment affect his responses to stressors?


    Human Resource Management Recruiting And Talent Management Employee Referrals


    Human Resource Management

    Recruiting and Talent Management

    Employee referrals


    A. low-cost and reliably way to identify people to fill positions because the person is known.

    B. a low cost recruitment method, but run the risk of hiring people that are similar to those already in the company instead of hiring for the skills needed.

    C. low cost but run the risk of upsetting employees because you need to choose between referrals made by different employees.

    D. to be avoided

    I would say either b or c


    A Company Has Four Related Product Lines Since They Are Aimed At Different Segments Of The Market The Company


    A company has four related product lines. Since they are aimed at different segments of the market, the company

    calculates separate PL statements for each of these product lines. There are certain machining and assembly centers that work on products for each of the lines. OH costs from each of those centers are allocated to product cost of each product manufactured using rationally computed cost drivers taking total costs of each center at capacity divided by units of the driver available at capacity and then applied to each unit based on units of the driver used. (Basically an ABC approach.) The company also has a significant amount of sales and marketing and administrative OH, much of it fixed and shared by all four product lines, and which is allocated to the respective product lines based roughly on relative sales volume.

    The company determines the following key numbers for each line:

    Product A Product B Product C Product D Company Total

    Total sales $25,000,000 $20,000,000 $15,000,000 $10,000,000 $70,000,000

    Mfg.Cost Alloc $5,000,000 $4,000,000 $3,000,000 $2,000,000 $14,000,000

    Corp OH Alloc $4,000,000 $3,000,000 $2,000,000 $1,000,000 $10,000,000

    Other Costs $18,000,000 $12,000,000` $8,000,000 $4,000,000 $42,000,000

    Net Income ($2,000,000) $1,000,000 $2,000,000 $3,000,000 $4,000,000

    Senior management decides that the Product A Line should be discontinued to eliminate the loss, and thus increase net income. A production analyst who recently graduated from the graduate business program and excelled in the managerial accounting class urged them to reconsider, arguing forcefully that this move would very likely reduce corporate net income. In fact, it would probably cause another of the lines (probably B) to then become a money loser, leading to its elimination, and subsequently making the problem even worse!

    Who is right, the senior management or the analyst? Explain in detail what would most likely occur, how, and why. Use numbers to illustrate your answer, but also explain the logic of what would happen. Discuss both the shared manufacturing costs and the corporate overhead.

    1. Who is right, the senior management or the analyst?
    Analyst is right
    2. what would most likely occur, how, why
    a) Computation of profit under senior management suggetion.
    PARTICULARS…Managerial Accounting

    Question Question 1 What Is The Relationship Between The Social



    Question 1.

    What is the relationship between the social

    responsibility of a corporation and its competitive advantage. provide examples please and Using references

    Question 2.

    forces driving industry competition’ the text relative to Porter’s Five Forces of Competition framework. Consider the role of the following key forces of suppliers, substitutes, buyers, and potential entrants.

    Select a Middle Eastern company of your choosing and assess the power of each of five forces on that firm:

    a. How powerful are the buyers, suppliers, and substitutes? How formidable are the barriers to entry and how intense is the rivalry among existing firms?

    b. Which of the forces has the biggest impact on the firm? Why?


    Acoording Owens R &Amp

    Valesky, T. (2010). Organizational behavior in education: Leadership and school


    Acoording Owens, R., Valesky, T. (2010). Organizational behavior in education: Leadership and school

    reform (10.a ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson. Chapter 12

    Why do the school reforms fail?


    (35) Which Of The Following Is An Outcome Associated With Organizational Downsizing? A


    (35) Which of the following is an outcome associated with organizational downsizing?


    employees who remain are mo loyal to the organization

    b. there is an increase in management

    c. remaining workers are more motivated to work because they fear also losing their jobs

    d. the organization becomes more efficient and competitive

    (36) Dr. I is interested in examining differences in worker job satisfaction based on the type of product a team is assigned to work on in the laboratory. In this example, the independent variable is

    a. job satisfaction

    b. the type of product worked on by the team

    c. the workers assigned to each team

    d. team performance

    Social Science

    (1) Identify The Three Internal Corporate Governance Mechanisms (2) Pick One Of The


    (1) Identify the THREE internal corporate governance mechanisms.

    (2) Pick ONE of the

    mechanisms : Briefly describe the mechanism + explain how it contributes to the internal governance of the firm….. For example :How does it help foster ethical behavior and/or practices within the organization?

    Operations Management

    I Need A Good Strategy For A Job Search Answering This Questions I Will Only Use The Answers As A Guideline For


    I need a good strategy for a job search answering this questions. I will only use the answers as a guideline for

    my own answers. Thank you so much in advance.

    What is the value of a planned job search strategy?

    How can you incorporate the luck and social factors into your job search strategy?

    How do you stay positive in developing and executing a job search plan?


    A Regular Review Of The Environmental And Safety Management Plan Ensures That The Organization Achieves The Lowest


    A regular review of the environmental and safety management plan ensures that the organization achieves the lowest

    potential for adverse impact on the safety and health of patients, staff, and visitors.

    If particular work areas continue to have trouble complying with policy, and identified risks keep appearing on incident reports, etc., what might the leadership approach be to address the negative impact of this lack of compliance? What is done in your organization?


    Kate Vucic’S Is The Team Leader For The University Recruitment For A Software Developer Her Team Focuses


    Kate Vucic’s is the team leader for the university recruitment for a software developer. Her team focuses

    on hiring new employees from university campuses. There are 20 people on her team. Each person is responsible for finding new employees for different departments.For example, one person only hires computer programmers; another hires accountants. The team researches the jobs needed, creates the job posting, posts them electronically on Workopolis and Craig’s List, accepts the resumes, and does preliminary interviews on campuses across Canada.


    Recently Managers Have Switched To Contemporary Tools Such As Strategic Planning Mission And Vision Statements


    Recently managers have switched to contemporary tools such as strategic planning, mission and vision statements,

    and customer relationship management. Their switch is attributed to:

    a.managers’ recent abandonment of efforts to cut costs and improve efficiency.

    b.the need for permanent changes that are effective in multiple situations.

    c.managers’ focus on employee engagement and customer loyalty.

    d.the need for tools that can guide managers’ thinking during times of rapid change.

    e.the need to aggressively counteract competitor’s efforts.


    Which Of The Following Is The Result Of Globalization ? O A ) Globalization Prevents The Economic


    Which of the following is the result of globalization ? O A ) Globalization prevents the economic

    systems of different countries from merging with each other . B ) Globalization weakens cultural barriers and reduces dissimilarities between nations . C ) Globalization decreases organizational efficiency and effectiveness . D ) Globalization decreases the interconnectedness of the world’s markets and businesses . O F ) Globalization hinders the flow of financial and resource capital between countries .


    Imagine That You Are An Attorney Who Is Advising A Business Owner About Her Choice Of Business Entity Explain To


    Imagine that you are an attorney who is advising a business owner about her choice of business entity. Explain to

    her what the advantages and disadvantages are for deciding upon a particular type of business entity. Make sure that you specifically identify all the advantages and disadvantages for at least 3-4 different choices of entity, even if you conclude that one type of entity is better for her than any of the others.


    Target Costingoregon Equipment Company Wants To Develop A New Logsplitting Machine For Rural Homeowners


    Target Costing

    Oregon Equipment Company wants to develop a new log-splitting machine for rural homeowners.

    Market research has determined that the company could sell 5,000 log-splitting machines per year at a retail price of $700 each. An independent catalog company would handle sales for an annual fee of $3,000 plus $40 per unit sold. The cost of the raw materials required to produce the log-splitting machines amounts to $90 per unit.

    If company management desires a return equal to 10 percent of the final selling price, what is the target conversion and administrative cost per unit? Round answer to the nearest cent. $Managerial Accounting

    Need Help Answering These Two Dq’S Question I Or Iiquestion Ihow Have You Seen


    Need help answering these two DQ’S question I or II

    Question I

    • How have you seen

    an organization’s innovation, or lack of it, affect their success? Provide specific examples.

  • What is the role of the manager in an organization’s innovation?
  • Question II

    Of the 11 groups in the task environment, which five do you consider most important and why?


    1) All Of The Below Are Types Of Internal Performance Measures For Controlling The Sales Plan Except


    1) All of the below are types of internal performance measures for controlling the sales plan except:


    [KM1]in the evaluating and was replaced with for and stage of the sales management planning process was replaced with the sales plan in the course to match this document.

    a.Website visits

    b.Production turnover

    c.Sales force turnover

    d.Customer service

    7) Which of the following would not be a way for sales management to modify the sales organization structure as needed?






    Outside The Courthouse A Convicted Politician Gives A Short Speech Apologizing For The Trial’S Impact On The


    Outside the courthouse, a convicted politician gives a short speech apologizing for the trial’s impact on the

    people in his district. His apology is considered a type of _______ speech.

    A. dedication

    B. goodwill

    C. acceptance

    D. farewell

    A popular columnist is upbeat and enthusiastic, regularly giving reinforcement and approval to other members of the local press club. What group maintenance role is he fulfilling?

    A. The follower

    B. The elaborator

    C. The harmonizer

    D. The standard setter

    Twelve people have one characteristic in common – they are all gay parents – which allows them to assist each other in coping with specific problems they confront in society. They have organized a/an _______ group.

    A. intervention

    B. consciousness-raising

    C. encounter

    D. assertiveness training

    When someone gives a persuasive speech hoping to move listeners in one direction but actually shifts listeners in the opposite direction, this is called a

    A. negative persuasion

    B. positive persuasion

    C. selective exposure

    D. persuasion continuum

    Based on criticism of her last speech, the one thing a student speaker wants to do is to be clear. What’s one of the guidelines for clarity that will help her accomplish this?

    A. Avoid abstractions

    B. feel free to include slang and street language

    C. add extra words for embellishment and emphasis

    D. Use specific terms and numbers


    1 Identify And Briefly Describe Major Management Theories From Early 1900s (At Least 4 Distinctive Movements Or


    1. Identify and briefly describe major management theories from early 1900s (at least 4 distinctive movements or

    schools of thought).

    2. Describe the differences between High context culture and Low context culture and give ex-amples.

    3. Information technology has enabled many changes in the structure of organisations. Explain.

    4. Explain six distinct attributes which describe the structural differences between organisations.

    5. Discuss three approaches on how managers make decisions with examples.

    6. Explain the stages of team development and the likely behaviours at each stage.

    7. Differentiate Contents theories and Process theories of motivation and name two theories in each category.

    8. Briefly describe Kurt Lewin’s Force Field Analysis and give an example of how it can be ap-plied in practice (personal or work-related).


    1 When Determining Whether An Agent Has Apparent Authority The Focus Is On Words Or Conduct By The


    1.when determining whether an agent has apparent authority, the focus is on

    1. words or conduct by the

    principal directed to the third party

  • the third party’s subjective belief
  • express instructions given by the principal to the agent
  • words or conduct by the agent directed to the third party
  • 2.Jenna hires Ralph serve as her agent to purchase commercial property on her behalf. Jenna instructs Ralph to not agree to more than $250000 for any property, Jenna and Ralph agree the agency will last 6 months and Ralph will receive a lump sum of $5000 if a purchase is completed . in this example , Ralph’s authority in the agency relationship is

    1. actual and implied
    2. apparent and implied
    3. actual and express
    4. apparent and express

    3.Peter hires Brian and tells Brian that he has the authority to make purchases for Peter’s company in this case, Brian is

    1. the third party
    2. the principal
    3. not an agent since there is no mention of payment
    4. an agent

    4.which of the following is the heaviest weighted factor in determining whether is an employee or independent contractor?

    1. the manner in which the worker is paid
    2. the degree of control the hiring party exercises over the means by which the work is accomplished
    3. how long it will take the worker to complete the work
    4. whether the hiring party classifies the worker as an employee or independent contractor

    5.an agent who accepts a kickback from a third party has breached

    1. no duty as long as the agent would have contracted with the third party anyway
    2. his/her duty of obedience
    3. his/her fiduciary duty to the third party
    4. his/her fiduciary duty to the principal

    6.Which of the agent’s duty continues after the agency ends?

    1. care
    2. obedience
    3. notification
    4. confidentiality

    7.which agent authority can potentially continue after the agency relationship ends?

    1. express and implied
    2. implied
    3. express
    4. apparent

    8.which of the following is a principal’s duty to an agent

    1. reimbursement
    2. segregation
    3. confidentially
    4. obedience

    9.which of the following terminates an agency relationship through operation of law

    1. revocation (by the principal) or renunciation(by the agent)
    2. the specified result of the agency has been accomplished
    3. the principal or the agent has learned the other has died
    4. mutual agreement between principal and agent to terminate the agency

    10.which of the following is true of an agent who terminates the agency relationship in violation of the agency agreement( ie… wrongfully)? the agent has


    7 (5 Points) The Development Of A New Product Was Much Lengthier And More Expensive Than The Company’S Management


    7. (5 points) The development of a new product was much lengthier and more expensive than the company’s management

    anticipated. Consequently, the firm’s top accountants and financial managers argue that the firm should raise the price of the product 10 percent above the original target to help recoup some of these costs. Does such a strategy make sense? Explain carefully.