A nurse in a mental health facility is caring for a client who is being aggressive toward other clients which of


a nurse in a mental health facility is caring for a client who is being aggressive toward other clients. which of

the following actions is the priority for the nurse to take. assist the client to explore techniques to reduce stress.

a.) role model healthy ways to express anger.

b.) suggest the client make a list of things that make him angry

c.) ask the client if he intends to harm others

d.) assist the client to explore techniques to reduce stress


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1 Microbiology and Human Health
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Microbiology and Human Health

UNIT 1 (14 Questions)Know the eight dimensions of wellness &amp


UNIT 1: (14 Questions)

Know the eight dimensions of wellness


If your cardiorespiratory level increases what happens to your heart rate?

What is cardiorespiratory endurance? And know examples of exercises.

Reasons for increase in Obesity in Americans

What is muscular strength?

What is muscular endurance?

What is flexibility?

What are essential nutrients?

What are macronutrients?

What are Omega 3 Fatty acids?

What are carbohydrates?

What are trans fat?

What are saturated fats?

UNIT 2: (4 questions)

-What is fight or flight?

-What is a stressor?

-What type of health conditions in humans may chronic stress produce?

-Can stress increase risk for cardiovascular disease and how?

UNIT 3: (4 questions)

-Describe a panic attack symptoms?

-Describe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and it’s symptoms?

-Which of the following are typical characteristics of a person suffering from depression?

-What is the definition of addiction and it’s symptoms? Describe some examples of addictive behavior?

UNIT 5: (8 questions)

-What is Diabetes mellitus and what is the definition of hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia?

-How does stress contribute to diabetes?

-What does the aorta do?

-What are things you can modify in your life to lower your risk for cardiovascular disease?

-What is hypertension?

What is an ischemic stroke and a hemorrhagic stroke?

-What is HDL? What lowers it or increases it with (Foods or exercise)

-What is LDL? What lowers it or increases it with (Foods or exercise)


Pamela Renquist owner of Advance Software Solutions Inc wants to install a stockbased retirement


Pamela Renquist, owner of Advance Software Solutions, Inc., wants to install a stock-based retirement

plan for herself and her employees. She has a young company that has averaged 5% a year growth since opening 5 years ago. Pamela has asked you, her financial advisor, to help her understand which type of plan would be more advantageous for Advance Software Solutions, a stock bonus plan or an ESOP. You tell Pamela that:

A – both plans are identical except that an ESOP can be integrated with Social Security while a stock bonus plan cannot, making an ESOP less expensive to provide

B – only a stock bonus plan requires a put option, making it more difficult to retire employees when company cash is short

C – the ability to use the ESOP to borrow money with tax deductible dollars could be advantageous to a young and growing business

D – an ESOP will dilute company ownership, but the diversification requirements in a stock bonus plan prevent that from happening

E – only an ESOP can be used to fund a corporate buy-sell agreement and should be used if Pamela want to control business succession

Question 37

Acorn Booksellers is a small business interested in adopting a qualified retirement plan. The owner of Acorn wants to be able to choose from more than one financial institution when implementing the plan. Acorn’s owner also wants to determine such things as the vesting schedule, and the contribution or benefit formula. As a small business, Acorn wants to keep costs down. You recommend that Acorn use:

A – a master plan, because no determination letter is needed

B – a master plan because it would give Acorn choice in funding institution or medium while keeping installation and implementation costs low

C – a prototype plan because it would give Acorn choice in funding institution or medium while keeping installation and implementation costs low

D – a prototype plan because it gives small employers a tax credit for implementation

E – a small business plan because it is specifically designed for small businesses

Question 38

John creates an irrevocable trust into which he transfers income producing property. The trust provides income to his children for life; remainder to the grandchildren. John has appointed his wife, Sue, as the Trustee of the trust. Sue, as the Trustee, is given the power to apply trust income to purchase life insurance on John’s life. Who is responsible for the payment of the income tax liability attributed to the trust income?

A – Sue, as an individual

B – The children and grandchildren as trust beneficiaries

C – Sue, as the Trustee, and the children and grandchildren based upon the DNI calculation

D – John, as the Grantor of the trust

Question 39

Wheels, a small bike sales and repair shop, has ten employees, 5 full time and 5 part time. Walt Morgan, the owner, can’t afford to provide many employee benefits, but he does provide all employees three full-pay sick days a year. He funds the sick pay out of his general assets. He also provides his full time employees with basic health insurance that has a high deductible to keep costs down. Walt pays an annual premium for this insurance out of his general assets. Under ERISA:

A – Walt must provide employees with a Summary Plan Description

B – Walt qualifies for the small welfare plan exemption

C – Walt must file an annual report to the IRS

D – Walt must do either a or b

E – Walt must do both a and b

Question 40

Sam has a daughter, Mary, to whom he would like to leave the bulk of his estate. All but which provision in Sam’s will would generally affect how much Mary will receive under Sam’s will?

A – The attestation clause

B – The debts clause

C – The residuary clause

D – The tax clause


My bacteria is Staphycoccocus Aureus

Subject: Enter a brief statement or sentence explaining the main

The methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), otherwise called the quot;superbug,quot; is a
wellspring of significant sympathy toward general health. Initially reported in…

1 Wholesome Snacks Inc the maker of a variety of cookies and crackers has just created a new vitaminpacked


1. Wholesome Snacks, Inc., the maker of a variety of cookies and crackers, has just created a new vitamin-packed

cookie. The new cookie has the potential to combat many of the health problems caused by malnutrition in children throughout poverty-stricken areas of the world. To date, however, many of the larger developing markets have resisted opening distribution channels to Wholesome’s products. Wholesome realizes that its new cookie could also help open the door for the company to sell its less nutritious products in these markets. Therefore, the company is offering the new cookie at a low cost to government relief programs in exchange for the long-sought distribution channels. The company feels the deal is good for business, but the countries feel it is corporate bullying.

What do you think about Wholesome’s idea for opening a new distribution channel?

2. Discuss the concept of supply chain integration. How does it result in better customer-related outcomes?

3. What advantages does franchising provide to franchisers as well as franchisees? If you were to start a business, would you open a franchise, why or why not?

4. How can a company create a good atmosphere on its Web site? What is a favorite website of yours and does it have a good atmosphere, why or why not?

5. Compare shopping at Wal-Mart and Publix. Why do you purchase items from these stores? List the factors that played a role in your decision. Which factor is most important to you?


A standardized form of assessment developed by Medicare for home health care providers is known as Select


A standardized form of assessment developed by Medicare for home health care providers is known as:



a. AForm




Adult day care allows informal caregivers to:

Select one:

a. Get a break from the physical and mental aspects of caregiving

b. Go shopping

c. Hold a full-time job

d. Any of the above

Home health care began as:

Select one:

a. Visiting nurse services

b. A spin-off from nursing homes

c. Hospital-based services

d. A demonstration project


You are the newly hired assistant to the director of human resources (HR) for a large innercity health care


You are the newly hired assistant to the director of human resources (HR) for a large inner-city health care

organization. The CEO has asked HR to develop a strategic response to numerous HR problems. The main problem has been the inability to recruit new physicians and registered nurses. The problem is compounded by a lack of teamwork among clinicians and between service departments, and a high rate of turnover of some of the best workers while less able workers remain employed. Consider the following questions:


LAST SETA new chemotherapy drug has been developed and it stopes the production of the



A new chemotherapy drug has been developed and it stopes the production of the

microtubules that are used to create the spindle fibers? Why is this an effective chemotherapy medication?

  • It prevents meiosis so patients with cancer cannot pass on the disease
  • It prevents cytokinesis, so new cells cannot form a tumor
  • It prevents DNA replication during the S phase
  • It prevents sister chromatids from pulling apart during anaphase of mitosis

Bacterial infections have become much more of a threat to human health due to which of the following?

  • A an increase in acquired antibiotic resistance by innocuous strains
  • B horizontal transfer of pathogenicity
  • C an increased use of antibiotics, horizontal transfer of pathogenicity, and an increase in acquired antibiotic resistance by innocuous strains
  • the increased use of antibiotics
  • D an increased use of antibiotics coupled with an increase in acquired antibiotic resistance by innocuous strains

Linked genes generally do not follow the laws of independent assortment.

  • are polygenic.
  • show pleiotropy.
  • reflect a pattern of codominance.

In mice, the gene for insulin-like growth factor is imprinted. During embryonic development, only the paternal allele for insulin-like growth factor is expressed. This means:

  • that the paternal allele is hyper-methylated.
  • that the maternal allele is expressed.
  • that the paternal allele is mutated.
  • that the maternal allele is imprinted.
  • that the paternal allele is imprinted. (my guess)

Which of the following diseases is not caused by a mutation in a mitochondrial gene?

  • Turner syndrome
  • Leber’s Inherited Optic Neuropathy (LHON)
  • secretion of lactic acid into the bloodstream: neurogenic muscle weakness
  • myoclonic epilepsy
  • cardiomyopathy (this is my guess)

Which of the following is FALSE of epigenetic inheritance?

  • It affects the phenotype.
  • It occurs during gamete or early embryonic formation.
  • It may be passed on to offspring.

Mitosis results in the formation of two genetically identical daughter cells. This is because:

  • after replication, the material is compared and corrected to be identical.
  • the chromosomes pair up (synapse) in prophase as a counting mechanism.
  • all the genetic material is duplicated then segregated equally to the daughter cells.
  • daughter cells are initially haploid, but they duplicate their chromosomes to become diploid again.
  • the number of chromosomes needs to be reduced before cytokinesis.

A horticulturist is breeding a new variety of houseplant in which two genes control leaf color. G (allele for green) is dominant to g (yellow) and B (second allele for green) is dominant to b (yellow). The recessive homozygous condition of either gene will mask a dominant allele. What color is a plant with the genotype Ggbb?


Liz’s Health Food Store has estimated monthly financing requirements for the next six months as


Liz’s Health Food Store has estimated monthly financing requirements for the next six months as


January$8,400 April$8,400 February2,400 May9,400 March3,400 June4,400

Short-term financing will be utilized for the next six months. Projected annual interest rates are:

January8.0% April15.0% February9.0% May12.0% March12.0% June12.0%

a. Compute total dollar interest payments for the six months. To convert an annual rate to a monthly rate, divide by 12.

14) Calculate the osmotic pressure of 12 0 g of glucose C6H12O6 dissolved in enough water to make 725 mL of


14) Calculate the osmotic pressure of 12.0 g of glucose, C6H12O6, dissolved in enough water to make 725 mL of

solution at 27oC.

15) Which solution has the higher osmolarity: 5.0% (m/v) NaCl or 5.0% (m/v) KI ?

16) For the rehydration therapy for cholera patients, the World Health Organization (WHO) uses an aqueous solution made with 3.5 g NaCl/L, 2.5 g NaHCO3/L, 1.5 g KCl/L and 20 g of glucose (C6H12O6)/L.Assuming that the ionic compounds break up fully into their ions (glucose is molecular), calculate the osmolarity of the solution.

17) Calculate the freezing point of a solution that contains 50.0 g of sucrose dissolved in 200 g of water?

18) The freezing point of a glucose solution is -3.2oC. In this solution how many grams of glucose are dissolved in each 100g of water?


Case Study about Numi Tea *For the Introduction and body


Case Study about Numi Tea

*For the Introduction and body

(refers to theNumi Tea text )

Numi Tea founders, siblings Ahmed and Reem Rahim, immigrated to the United States when they were young children and grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. Reem became a biomedical engineer, and Ahmed traveled the world as a photographer, settling for a time in Prague where he opened two teashops. In 1999, the two reconnected in Oakland, California, and started Numi Tea in Reem’s apartment.

In recent years, demand for organic and ethically produced products has exploded. At the same time, economic influences have driven affluent and natural foods consumers to large discounters, grocery chains, warehouse clubs, and online shops. In the positioning of our brand we wanted to target a certain type of customer base, from natural health food stores to fine dining and hotels, to universities and coffee shops, says Ahmed, Numi’s CEO. But what I’ve been most surprised about in our growth is the mass market consumer.

According to Jennifer Mullin, vice president of marketing for Numi, the average Numi consumer is college educated, female, and buys two to three boxes of tea per month—usually green tea. She also buys organic products whenever possible. Until Mullin joined the team, Numi had assumed its customers fit the same profile as its young staff. Mullin’s findings proved that the company needed to put additional energy toward older customers and moms as well as its target college market.

To reach younger consumers, Numi boosts product awareness on college campuses, where people are more inclined to be interested in issues of sustainability, fair-trade, and organics. The big hurdle there is price. Because Numi teas are a premium product, they have a higher price point than conventionally produced teas. And since college students have limited cash, Numi determined that it could access college customers best by getting university food service departments to serve tea as part of prepaid meal plans. The strategy has been a success. Not only do these food service contracts represent huge accounts for Numi, but they also encourage trial by students. Sampling is Numi’s most successful marketing activity for attracting new users, and now students can drink Numi teas essentially for free.

For many organics consumers, the most compelling reason for drinking Numi tea is its health benefits. But while Numi is organic, the company rarely advertises this aspect of its business. Some analysts feel that if organic and natural become mere marketing buzzwords, a lack of trust may arise among consumers, as some products will inevitably fail to live up to marketers’ claims. With this in mind, Numi believes it is best to educate consumers about the product. We have an in-house PR team that works with editors of women’s magazines to educate consumers on tea and make sure they understand the healthy properties of tea, says Jennifer. The team always follows up by sampling at Whole Foods stores, or at events targeted toward environmentally conscious customers.

While Numi is still fairly new, the company is expanding rapidly in the U.S. and enjoying success overseas as well. Whatever the marketing and PR teams do to promote the tea products—store sampling, environmental events, or partnerships with like-minded companies such as Clif Bar—they always keep an eye on the demographic and psychographic profiles of their consumers.

*For the conclusions (refers to the questions below)

1.How will you describe the target market of Numi Tea? Explain

2.What is the marketing mix used by Numi Tea? Discuss the combination.

3.How is Numi Tea differentiated from its industry?Give details.


Aamuun and Asad are refugees from Somalia currently living in Albuquerque New Mexico Aamuun was pregnant when


Aamuun and Asad are refugees from Somalia currently living in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Aamuun was pregnant when

the couple arrived. During the first 4 months of Aamuun’s pregnancy, she lived on very meager food portions. After arriving in the United States, her diet improved greatly. She gave birth to a healthy girl of normal birth weight. The family is having some difficulty adjusting to their new home, but they are receiving help and support from their new community. Fortunately, they will continue to have access to health care as their baby grows and develops.

1. How might Aamuun’s meager food intake affect the long-term development of their baby?

2. How does this case illustrate potential epigenetic changes?

3. Will Aamuun and Asad’s grandchildren be at an increased risk of disease due to epigenetic changes? Why or why not?

4. What can health-care professionals do to support this family?


9 You are working on a project to move the contents of an office from one location to another You need to move


9.You are working on a project to move the contents of an office from one location to another. You need to move

heavy furniture such as desks, filing cabinets, lounges and photocopiers.

It is anticipated that the move will take two days as there is a lot of furniture, equipment and a lot of paperwork to be moved.

The company will use a removals company, but employees are also expected assist with the move.

Although this is not a major, on-going project you should conduct risk assessments and formulate risk management plans.

Why are risk assessments and risk management plans necessary and what areas should be covered by the plans? Consider business risk, health and safety risks and possible injuries.

12 You are employed as a supervisor at the local mail distribution centre. The centre wishes to develop a new staff recruitment and selection process, to be implemented within the next three months. You have been assigned the responsibility of project manager. Describe how you would determine if the plan was finalised. Explain your approach to gaining approval to commence the project.


Justin is a 3½ -year-old boy who comes in with his mother. She is concerned that he has



Justin is a 3½ -year-old boy who comes in with his mother. She is concerned that he has

obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Justin’s mother says that her husband has struggled with OCD all his life; he was first diagnosed when he was 11 years old thanks to an alert teacher who suggested mental health care. Justin’s mother has been very proactive in studying genetic risk, and she knows that Justin is at significantly increased risk due to the early-onset in his father. Which of the following behaviors by Justin would be most consistent with OCD?

A. Clear social difficulties in addition to an apparently unusual need for cleanliness and order in his bedroom

B. Refusal to go to bed without his blue stuffed elephant; this began over a year ago and is getting progressively worse

C. Insistence upon precise placement of plate, cup, utensils and food on plate when eating; when he cannot achieve this, he will not eat

D. A concomitant diagnosis of ADHD for which the family is currently in behavioral therapy

Social Science

Your company bakes and sells a unique line of lowsugar lowfat frozen pies Thanks to a proprietary blend of


Your company bakes and sells a unique line of low-sugar, low-fat frozen pies. Thanks to a proprietary blend of

ripe fruit and vibrant spices developed by Steve, your pastry chef, your products are acclaimed for their taste and quality. In fact, they have won coveted international culinary awards. They are routinely praised by food critics – and ordinary pie-eaters – who are committed to healthy eating.

Until now, you and Steve have been focused on perfecting your core competency. Your slogan – The world’s best taste — with good health baked in!– appears on only a single storefront facility, but even there, you’ve always noticed a mixed composition of buyers: pies sell briskly to both individual pie-lovers and owners of local restaurants. Now that you’re ready to expand, you’ve identified two potential opportunities.

One option is to build a national, direct-mail consumer market. Because your target audience is highly involved with healthy foods – and there is minimal competition – you could charge a premium price and build an enduring reputation. However, shipping and advertising costs would be substantial, cutting into your profits.

The other option is to focus on restaurant chains that specialize in healthy food. While you couldn’t charge businesses as much as consumers, your profit margin would be higher in the business market because advertising is less important and you could sell a big volume of pies to each account. The drawback: neither you nor Steve has experience dealing with the collective decision-making entity known as a buying center.

please answer; is it:

A) Consumers

B) Restaurant Chains


1 …

What are two ways that some prokaryotes are able to survive in extreme


1. What are two ways that some prokaryotes are able to survive in extreme


2. Describe three ways that microorganisms in soil contribute to the ecosystem as a whole.

3. Give two examples of genera that produce endospores, and explain why they are important in human health.

4.What are coliforms? Why are they important in assuring water quality? Why is

This is what I have done so far in my final project I am trying to find sources to support how some social


This is what I have done so far in my final project. I am trying to find sources to support how some social

workers have a background of abuse and that is what makes them want to become a social worker to advocate. Also was hoping you could give me advice on how I am doing so far and proof read. Thanks you instructions are at the end and I just want help with what I have done so far. Not for you to do it for me. I got flagged.

As a final project, I have chosen the Human Service Center; a nonprofit agency that serves a diverse population. The mission of the Human service center (2019) is to assist people in achieving self-sufficiency, independence and healthy lifestyles to the maximum extent possible (para. 1). The agency offers mental health counseling and substance abuse counseling. Also, they offer community support, case management, family therapy, and SASS services. In addition, they have their own psychiatrist. They have two residential facilities for individuals with severe mental illness. Furthermore, they have a day program at their main office for those individuals to support independence; they can earn a paycheck through sheltered employment (Human Service Center, 2019).

Professional and Responsibilities

For my interview I have chosen Dionne Gerfon, LCSW. Mrs. Gerfon is a manager over crisis counselors and school counselors. I am a crisis worker for the Human Service Center and Mrs. Gerfon is boss. As a crisis manger her activities are but not limited to reviewing crisis packets, entering billing, entering ccybs packets into cornerstone website, and sass reports for the state. Medicaid billing requires tracking for 7 day follow ups and 30-day follow-ups. Also, she attends monthly and weekly meetings, supervision, and reports on hospital stays. Indeed, for clients at the school, Medicaid billing is done per minute for what they are working on and she is required to see a certain number of clients per month. In addition, she must update mental health treatment plans and IEP’s every six months. Furthermore, she reaches out to parents, teachers, vice principals, principals to ensure clients are making progress to reach their goals. She works as a team with other individuals to create IEP goals and tracks progress. Mrs. Gerfon also refers clients to other services such as: community support program, family therapy, individual case management, whereas they are all offered through the Human Service Center. It is also her responsibility to make sure that children that have went through crisis are received treatment.

Her past led her to social work. She felt like she would be able to help because she has been through it all. Some examples she gave were her parents were divorced and she was adopted. Also, she wanted to help others.

Advancement was easy for her, but she feels like she is stuck because she is already manager of two programs. Furthermore, overall, she is satisfied with her career. Mrs. Gerfon was a stay at home mom for 20 years before she decided to go to school, whereas she wanted to get her children raised before she started her career. For immediate self-care, she gets up from the computer and walks up and down the hallways. Also, she spends time with her family, goes on vacations, and gets her nails done (D. Gerfon, personal communication, July 7, 2019).

After interviewing Mrs. Gerfon, I felt overwhelmed because of all the responsibilities she has. The Human Service Center is a great place to work but because it is state funded; the employees are underpaid. As she was naming all her responsibilities it was in my head; you deserve more. As we all know, it isn’t how much you make but getting up every morning and enjoying going to work. I went to the main office for our interview and that is where the day program is, which serves the developmentally delayed population. Being around the DD population did not bother me because I work in an intermediate care facility. I thought social work sounded better until she named off all that goes with it. The hardest part for me is paperwork, as it has been something I have never enjoyed.

Describe the agency. Including:

Services offered

Mission of the agency

Clientele or population served

Describe the social worker’s job activities and professional roles

Explain what brought the social worker to the field and their work history

Explain opportunities for advancement and what the social worker does for professional development

Describe the social worker’s overall job satisfaction and strategies they use for self-care

Analyze your experience. Specifically,

Discuss your thoughts and feelings related to the agency, clientele, and type of work.

Reflect on why you may have experienced these reactions to the agency, clientele, and type of work.

Explain which social work values and ethics were evident (or not evident) during the interview.

Explain how social and economic justice relates to the services provided or population served by this agency.

Explain how cultural competence was demonstrated (or not demonstrated) within the agency or by the social worker.

Social Science

Health and Wellness The Medicine Wheel WayWells


Health and Wellness: The Medicine Wheel Way


Fargo Manager: The Pressure Was Unbearablehttp://www.cnn.com/videos/cnnmoney/2017/01/24/fmr-wells-fargo-managers-the-pressure-was-unbearable.cnn/video/playlists/stories-worth-watching/

and answer the following question:

1. What strategies can you implement to ensure work-life balance in your life?


1 And 2 Imagine you are the Human Resource Manager at a company and an employee came to you upset because she


1 and 2: Imagine you are the Human Resource Manager at a company, and an employee came to you upset because she

felt a male co-worker had sexually harassed her by repeatedly asking her out dates even after she repeatedly said no. What would you do? Formulate the conversation you would have with the female employee, based on the concepts found in chapter 2 of your textbook. Name of the textbook is Human Resources Student Edition 3 and the author is Denisi/Griffin. Summarize the questions you would have with the male employer based on the concepts found in Chapter 2 of your textbook.

3. Explain the human management process, its role in supporting overall strategies, and the various functions involved in human resource management,

4, Explain the key provisions of major government legislation affecting human resource management including equal opportunity, affirmative action, health and safety, and labor relations.

Assignment is to be 1 page, 1in margins, and typed double space

Thanks, DEEZEE67

Question 1
I would hear her out then have a meeting with the alleged male co-worker and hear his side of
the story. Then after gathering facts call them both to a meeting and if it is true she is…

QUESTION 2Pioneering advertising tries to develop goodwill toward an individual



  1. Pioneering advertising tries to:
  2. develop goodwill toward an individual


  • develop primary demand for a new product market (industry) or a new idea within an industry.
  • remind customers and build a brand image.
  • develop selective demand.
  • build demand for a specific brand.

    1. Publicity:
    2. includes pay-per-click ads on the internet.
    3. is mass selling that is unpaid.
    4. is any paid form of nonpersonal presentation of ideas, goods, or services by an identified sponsor.
    5. is more expensive than all other promotion methods.
    6. All of the above are true.


    1. A S.W.O.T. analysis
    2. seeks to assess a company in relation to the competitive landscape by scanning the market for signals, warnings, omens, and tips.
    3. focuses on what a firm plans to do to Satisfy Wishes Of a Target customer.
    4. summarizes a firm’s Strategy, Wishes (of its customers), Outlook, and Tactics.
    5. helps defend a firm against potential competitors by developing a set of competitive safeguards, weapons, offensives, and tactics.
    6. identifies a firm’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.


    1. A computer software company sent three computer magazines some information about the latest release of its popular software program. One of the magazines printed a story about the new version. This is an example of:
    2. personal selling.
    3. advertising.
    4. publicity.
    5. sales promotion.
    6. None of the above.


    1. A farmer’s cooperative in California is sponsoring TV ads aimed at communicating new health benefits of garlic in order to get more Americans to eat garlic. The ads don’t mention any brand names. This is an example of ______________ advertising.
    2. competitive
    3. pioneering
    4. indirect competitive
    5. reminder
    6. comparative


    1. A firm would likely pursue penetration pricing when
    2. it expects no competition.
    3. the firm owns a patent which allows it to charge premium prices.1. QUESTION 1
      The most important goal of quot;competitive advertisingquot; is to:
      develop selective demand rather than primary demand.
      remind customers about a product.
      promote the products of an…

    1 …

    Under the following conditions, what are the equilibrium price and quantity of health care goods?


    1. Under the following conditions, what are the equilibrium price and quantity of health care goods?

    There are many health care providers and patients. Calculate the consumer surplus, producer surplus, total costs of care and dead weight loss. [Hint: the total cost of care is the triangular area between marginal cost curve and X axis. In this model the total costs of care is 36=(12*6)/2]

    Demand Curve P = 24 – 2Q

    Marginal Revenue Curve P = 24 – 4Q

    Marginal Cost Curve P = 2Q

    The next two questions draw on the following hypothetical scenario Pills &amp

    Co., one of the top-five


    The next two questions draw on the following hypothetical scenario:

    Pills Co., one of the top-five

    pharmaceutical companies globally, is pursuing an ambitious project (the Gamma Project). It is essentially an aggressive acquisition program in which Pills Co. will fully acquire two of its biggest direct rivals within two years. It also plans acquisitions of one large and two mid-sized Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) companies. A big part of the Pharmacy Benefit Management business is managing prescription drug costs for health plans and insurers; PBMs do it by buying patented drugs from the drug manufacturers on behalf of the health plans.

    For the purposes of this exam, let’s define the pharmaceutical industry so that it includes all patented pharmaceutical incumbents worldwide, such as Novartis, GlaxoSmithKline, Merck, Pfizer, Eli Lilly, Johnson Johnson, AstraZeneca, Bristol-Myers Squibb and others like them. They discover new drug targets through extensive RD, patent them, obtain necessary approvals, manufacture and sell drugs. Most important supplier groups for the industry are workforce (scientists, support staff, manufacturing staff), commodity chemicals producers, laboratory and scientific equipment manufacturers, IT and other professional services suppliers, including marketing agencies. Let’s exclude from the industry definition the companies that mostly manufacture and sell non-patented (generic) medications, like Teva Pharmaceuticals. Please note that you will not need any additional knowledge about the pharmaceutical industry or PBM to answer the next two questions – you should be able to fully answer them using the information contained here, even if you have had no prior familiarity with the industry.

    Question 16: If the Gamma Project is fully implemented, how will it affect the industry for the patented pharmaceuticals?

    a.It will significantly increase the rivalry

    b.It might decrease the bargaining power of the buyers

    c.It might decrease the barriers to entry

    d.It will dramatically increase the bargaining power of suppliers


    Course World Cultural GeographyTopic

    Population and Health

    Reference: James M.


    Course: World Cultural Geography

    Topic; Population and Health

    Reference: James M.


    Note: Answer each of the following questions accordingly. Answers should be correct, substantive, and professional like a graduate work. Use in-text citation and references in APA format. Answer to the questions should be at least 200 words or 2 paragraph. Explain and cite examples to expound the the gist of the answers.

    Respond to the following questions ( in at least two paragraph): Answer each question correctly and substantively.

    1.) What is the relationship between improvements in global health and the appearance of age-sex pyramids over the last century? What impact has the Industrial Revolution had on human populations, and how have populations that have had such revolutions typically responded?

    1. The most important demographic characteristic of a population is age structure and sex
    structure. It determines the potential for future growth of the population. The composition of a

    Pasteur Jenner Eisen

    and You.

    Pasteur, Fleming, Koch and Jenner made significant contributions to the


    Pasteur, Jenner, Eisen and You.

    Pasteur, Fleming, Koch and Jenner made significant contributions to the

    study of microbiology in 18th and 19th centuries. There have been tremendous scientific advancements since Pasteur’s time during the golden age of microbiology. Their work was revolutionary and had broad implications for human health.

    Question – Why do you think that some species/strains of bacteria are resistant to disinfectants? In your post, refer to the structural features we learned about in module one and the mechanism of action of disinfectants that we have learned about in the current module. Some potential organisms to focus on in your discussion are Mycobacterium, Pseudomonas or Bacilus.

    Please this is a 250 words with proper APA style formatting.

    Running head: BACTERIA RESISTANCE TO DISINFECTANTS Bacteria Resistance to Disinfectants
    Institution 1 BACTERIA RESISTANCE TO DISINFECTANTS 2 Bacteria Resistance to Disinfectants
    Studies trying…

    Please give

    answers to the following questions: Strategy Map

    1. Per the text, the


    Please give answers to the following questions: Strategy Map1 Running head: BUSINESS MANAGEMENT Business Management
    Student’s Name
    Business Management
    In marketing, the health care complexity element will always…