MBA5102 V4 Changing Times Business in the 21st Century (7854465139)For this week’s assignment you have


MBA-5102 V4: Changing Times – Business in the 21st Century (7854465139)

For this week’s assignment, you have

been assigned the job of leading a very diverse team. After earning your MBA, you have been hired by the VP of Marketing of the North American firm XYZ Beverage Company, a major producer of healthy and natural fruit and vegetables drinks that are sold in grocery stores and other food and beverages retailers in U.S., Europe, and other parts of Asia.

However, the organization’s line of beverages is becoming dated, facing changing consumer tastes and stiff competition from both bigger (those firms with the red and blue labels, respectively) and many smaller rivals. You have been assigned to lead a diverse project team of 20 employees to review the product line to find flavors, ingredients, product names, and packaging that best suits the current and even future needs of your firm’s very diverse customer base. Your team has been purposely composed of members from different levels of the organization from management to production-line workers. An effort was also made to make sure the project team is diverse in terms of race, age, gender, and region, including several members from Europe and Asia who will participate virtually using email, phone, and video conference.

No one beverage suits everybody, so the firm’s management wants a line that mixes beverages that have mass appeal that cross diverse markets while having other beverages that best suit certain market segments. To accomplish these goals, your team members must strongly bring in their viewpoints while working synergistically with the rest of your team to propose the most effective line of products possible.

As a new hire, the Marketing VP wants a preliminary report from you about

particular aspects of the program plan. In that report, the VP wants you to address the following:

  • Provide an initial statement you will make to your team members that emphasizes the goals of the project and how you plan to both respect the diversity of your team members while harnessing that diversity to produce the best results.
  • Explain four (4) possible challenges you foresee arising from the diverse nature of your team in the implementation of this project. Recommend specific strategies to address each of the difficulties. One of the important aspects of this report is creating a list of difficulties and solutions that logically and effectively present your ideas to leadership. You want to show your VP that you clearly know the issues and have the know-how it takes to effectively lead this project. When you develop your argument for each challenge and strategy, be sure to consider the context of the company.

Support your assignment with at least three scholarly resources. In addition to these specified resources, other appropriate scholarly resources, including seminal articles, may be included.


Can I get help understandIng this? I’m at a loss this week’s lesson you learned about the U S Census


Can I get help understandIng this? I’m at a loss.

this week’s lesson, you learned about the U.S. Census

Bureau’s most recent racial and ethnic categories. For this assignment, consider the racial and ethnic categories used in the 2010 Census with the four racial, ethnic, and gender categories used in the 1790 Census: Free white males, free white females, all other free persons, slaves (Pew Research Center, 2015). Analyze the concepts of race, ethnicity, and gender as social constructs, just as sociologists do, by addressing the following:


Hello tutors I need your help with this question A give an example of gender racial


Hello tutors,

I need your help with this question,

A. give an example of gender, racial

or ethnic stereotyping that you see in everyday life. Explain how does stereotyping contribute to institutionalized discrimination and what would need to happen for this to be eliminated.

B. Briefly acquaint yourself with the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy entry about George Herbert Mead

by stanford material

Afterwards read a couple of pages from these excerpts from the following work by this author pfeiffer

thank you


Which of the following is true of social cognitive theory?a It combines elements of social learning theory


Which of the following is true of social cognitive theory?

a. It combines elements of social learning theory

and cognitive development theory by recognizing that the child and the environment interact to produce gender roles

b. It is based on the fundamental assertion that situational factors can consistently override any basic element of cognitive development

c. The theory focuses on the more concrete behaviors people display rather than more abstract social conditions of society

d. Its focus is on the complex interplay between brain physiology and genetics

Social Science

Chapter #5 (Essentials of Sociology by A Giddens) Groups Networks and


Chapter #5: (Essentials of Sociology by A. Giddens) Groups, Networks, and


-What is a social category?

-According to Georg Simmel, what is an important aspect of group?

-Are people willing to obey authority? Read study of Stanley Milgram.

-According to Max Weber: What is an ideal type of bureaucracy?

-What kinds of rules dominate the relationship between employee and employer?

-What the Internet has fostered in regard to creation of relationship?

-Is there imbalance or balance of gender roles in modern organization?

-What, according to Robert Putnam, caused by television? Was it increase of violence, or sex or decreasing civic participation and attention span among the young?


The manager of the organisation where Kieron works has heard from the Human Resources department about


The manager of the organisation where Kieron works, has heard from the Human Resources department about

Kieron’s concerns. They hold a meeting to discuss the diversity of their employees.

5a. What could the organisation do to encourage the staff to embrace diversity in regards to culture, race, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation and how to become more aware of their own culture?


Author(s) Jan E Thomas and Annis Kukulan

Why do women theorists only appear in


Author(s): Jan E. Thomas and Annis Kukulan

Why do women theorists only appear in

a box, sidebar or as selected others in intro and theory books?

Is it because of the training of theory instructors?

collected 108 sociology theory syllabi from 40 graduate schools

focused on classical theory syllabi.

Findings: Our findings indicate that Marx, Weber, and Durkheim still dominate classical theory syllabi. Marx, Weber, Durkheim most cited theorists, 56% of citations. The writings of women were assigned on 17 percent of the syllabi in our sample. We believe this indicates a weak but visible indication that the diffusion of their work has begun

it is not bc texts by and about these women is unavailable

graduate level theory courses are mostly taught by male instructors. 37 out of 46 courses were taught by men

instructors teach based on what they have been taught in their theory classes (255). Since the holy trinity are still being taught in theory classes that perpetuates the same cycle.

**Anna Julia Cooper, Ida B. Wells only on ONE syllabus and either 1/4 or 1/2 of the week spent on them. (258)

Anna Julia Cooper, Ida B. Wells were included on the same ONE syllabus

Harriet Martineau assigned on two syllabi, Hannah Arendt on two syllabi 259

**even when grad students read the works of early women sociologists they still don’t think of them as particularly influential thinkers bc of the way that the women are presented in assignments, discussions, papers (260)

Ch. 1 Telling Stories: Ida B. Wells-Barnett’s Southern Horrors

In Southern Horrors, Wells shows that the narrative fueling mob violence conveniently keeps women – all women -silent and powerless. Wells speaks not just about white women but TO them as well. lynching under the guise of ‘defending the honor of white women’ is an act of GENDER as well as racial oppression.

lynching myth depends upon the silence of the women it claims to serve (41)

this story is 1/2 way through Southern Horrors, Ida B. Wells shows how white masculine power requires white women’s silence. When Sarah Clark tries to say I’m not the kind of white woman you are talking about the court silences her and says YES YOU ARE. (42)

if white women had darker babies and they did not cry rape, they were not true women, true womanhood was white womanhood

black woman raped by white men w/o punishment while black men who have consensual sex with white women are lynched. (44)

Ida B. Wells provides mult. examples of how black girls raped w/ impunity. Bc motivation for lynching was not truly to punish rapists, it ws to maintain the racial order and argument used was about preserving white women’s purity (but keeping white women silent) 45

Ida B. Wells using the term outraged to refer to rape of black girls by white men. She uses this term purposefully to critique the typical (and common sense use of the term to refer to black men raping white women, when it is actually consensual) 45



After reading the article Gender Differences in Intimate Partner Violence Outcomes share one key point that


After reading the article Gender Differences in Intimate Partner Violence Outcomes, share one key point that

you support about the theories of gender differences and cultural norms. Provide supporting information from the article. I attached the article. Thanks.

After reading the article Gender Differences in Intimate Partner Violence Outcomes,
share one key point that you support about the theories of gender differences and cultural
norms. Provide…
Other Subjects

Determine the demographic segment most likely to use social media

Discuss how social media influences the


Determine the demographic segment most likely to use social media. Discuss how social media influences the

healthcare consumer and to what extent? Why other segments of the population are less likely to use social media and what other marketing techniques might work in its place?

The demographic segment that is most likely to use social media will rely on numerous
aspects such as age, location, gender, income, and education. Generally,…

Identifying Factors Exercise

Identify the factors, levels, and total number of


Identifying Factors Exercise

Identify the factors, levels, and total number of

groups for each of the following research examples. State both the number of levels for each factor and describe each in words.

  1. A consultant is hired by a business concerned about their low sales the previous quarter. She notices that this business has a large number of part-time employees and that not all employees went through the orientation training. She believes that these factors may be contributing to the low productivity. To test this, she measures productivity (as number of units sold) among part-time and full-time employees who did or did not receive orientation training upon to being hired.

Dependent variable: _______________________________________

Factor A: _______________________________________

Levels of Factor A : _______________________________________

Factor B: _______________________________________

Levels of Factor B: _______________________________________

Number of groups: __________

  1. A psychologist believes that perception is influenced by a motivational bias (a bias to satisfy an individuals personal needs, such as their desire for control or power). The psychologist believes this bias is especially present in the context of sports. To test this, the psychologist had a group of sports fans watch a recorded football game where many penalties were called on each team. The participants were fans for either the home team, the away team, or were not a fan of either team. The number of penalties that each type of fan (neutral fan, home fan, away fan) disagreed with during the game for each team (home team, and away team) was recorded. It was expected that if fans showed a motivational bias, then they would disagree more often with penalties called against the team they were rooting for; whereas neutral fans should show the least disagreement overall.

Dependent variable: _______________________________________

Factor A: _______________________________________

Levels of Factor A: _______________________________________

Factor B: _______________________________________

Levels of Factor B: _______________________________________

Number of groups: __________

  1. A professor suggests that her college students will attend class more if quizzes were given in every class. To demonstrate the need for this change, the professor records the attendance of students (as the number of absences) in morning versus evening classes in which quizzes are given every class or just once a week. She hypothesized that attendance would be highest in the classes with quizzes in each class.

Dependent variable: _______________________________________

Factor A: _______________________________________

Levels of Factor A: _______________________________________

Factor B: _______________________________________

Levels of Factor B: _______________________________________

Number of groups: __________

  1. A researcher notes that male-female pairs of fraternal twins share a similar environment in a mothers’ womb. This exposes the female twin to higher levels of the hormone testosterone during prenatal development. This hormone is thought to be responsible for masculinizing the brain (it leads to male-typical behaviors). Likewise, the male twin is exposed to higher levels of the hormone estrogen. This hormone is thought to be responsible for feminizing the brain (it leads to female-typical behaviors). To test whether exposure to testosterone and estrogen may influence male and female typical behavior, the researcher selected a sample of female-male fraternal twins and compared them to identical twins of each gender (male, female). She measured tendencies toward aggression using an aggression assessment where higher scores indicated greater aggression (a male-typical trait). It was hypothesized that if hormone exposure influenced behavior, then aggression scores will vary among the groups.

Dependent variable: _______________________________________

Factor A: _______________________________________

Levels of Factor A: _______________________________________

Factor B: _______________________________________

Levels of Factor B: _______________________________________

Number of groups: __________

Social Science

I need assitance answering this discussion post Part One – Confidence


I need assitance answering this discussion post.

Part One – Confidence


Read Lecture Thirteen. Lecture Thirteen introduces you to confidence intervals. What is a confidence interval, and why do some prefer them to single point estimates? Ask your manager what is preferred and why? What are the strengths and weaknesses of using confidence intervals in making decisions? (This should be started on Day 1.)

Part Two – Chi Square

Read Lecture Fourteen. As Lecture Fourteen notes, the chi-square test is—in some ways—fundamentally different than the previous tests we have looked at. In what ways and why is this approach important? Examples were shown of gender-degree distributions and employees per grade. How do these tests help with understanding our equal pay for equal work question? Do they change or reinforce our decision from last week? What situations in your personal or professional lives could use a chi-square approach? (This should be started on Day 3.)

Part Three – Overall Reactions

Has your opinion about statistics changed? How can statistical analysis help your professional career? (This should be completed by Day 5.)

Your responses should be separated in the initial post, addressing each part individually, similar to what you see here.

In your responses, include one additional strength and weakness of using confidence intervals in decision-making that your classmates did not include in their Part One responses. Then, evaluate their descriptions of using chi squares. Do you agree with their assessments as to why chi squares are important and applicable? Explain why or why not. Lastly, describe any commonalities you see between your classmates’ opinion on statistics after finishing this course and your own opinion. Can you think of another example of how statistics can help your classmates in their professional careers? If so, include it in your response.

Discussion Post
Part One – Confidence Intervals
In statistics, we would like to estimate population parameters by using the observed data sample.
A confidence interval gives us an estimated range…

Identify which procedure you would use for the given scenario Emma is interested in evaluating whether the


Identify which procedure you would use for the given scenario:

Emma is interested in evaluating whether the

gender of the client and the gender of a therapist affects the outcome of therapy. Specifically, she is interested in testing the hypothesis that the gender-matched pairs of client-therapist produce the most positive outcomes. Emma has access to a large database and selects a sample of 40 client-therapist pairs, 10 for each type of pairing. All 40 clients are being treated for PTSD, and the therapists use a similar therapy approach.

A.Repeated measure ANOVA

B.Factorial ANOVA

C.One-way ANOVA



Statistics and Probability

ANT 202 KleinExam #3 Study Guide• TextbookChapter 9


ANT 202, Klein

Exam #3- Study Guide


Chapter 9

Marriages and Families

Chapter 10 Kinship and Descent

Chapter 11 Gender in Comparative Perspective

Chapter 16 Ethnicity and Ethnic Conflict

• Films, articles, radio segments

Evolution of Marriage (video)

Where Fat is a Mark of Beauty (Ann Simmons)

How the Media Failed Women 2014

Two radio segments on the Crimean Tatars (part of DBQ #9)

• Marriage families (Chapter 9)

What are the four hypotheses that try to explain the universality of an incesttaboo?

What is marriage? Why is marriage so hard to define cross cuurally?

What are the main patterns of marriage exchange and the cuural explanationsfor them?

What are the different post-marital residence patterns? What are some of themajor influences on them?

Kinship and descent (Chapter 10)

Why is kinship cuurally constructed as opposed to biological?

What are the different ways of tracing descent (unilineal and nonunilineal)?

Be familiar with the symbols used to draw kin diagrams as well as the terms fordescribing residence patterns, form of marriage, form of descent, etc.

• Gender (Chapter 11)

What is sex? What is gender? How are they different? Why do people oftenthink of them as interchangeable? Does this happen in other cuures?

What is gender asymmetry?

What does it mean to say that gender is cuurally constructed? How does thechange in attitudes toward same-sex marriage in the US illustrate this? How isgender constructed differently across cuures? Be able to give examples.

What patterns exist in the sexual division of labor? What are the possibleexplanations for why the sorting and distributing of tasks/jobs by sex is acuural universal?

Ethnicity and Ethnic Conflict (Chapter 16)

What is an ethnic group?

What does it mean when anthropologists say that ethnicity is situational?

What are the ways of dealing with ethnic conflict? How effective are theseoptions? (see p. 382 for a helpful Concept Review Box)

Why is ethnic conflict so prevalent today?

*Remember how we have emphasized how things like adaptation to the environment,marriage, the incest taboo, economic exchange, kinship, etc. are cuural universals becausethey exist in some form in all cuures. At the same time, however, they are also cuuralconstructions because they vary dramatically from cuure to cuure.

Surname 1
Marriage amp; families (Chapter 9)
According to Psycoanalytic theory by Sigmund Freud, strong sexual relationship exists
between closely related people; fear of parents prevent such…
Social Science

Tonya work Complete all 3 units in 2 5 working days


Tonya work.. Complete all 3 units in 2.5 working days.

In this assignment, am going to analyze gender, gpa, total and final. Gender is the state
of being a male or female. Gender is a nominal scale…
Statistics and Probability

A recently hired female employee was seen entering the men’s restroom during the lunch break

Ahough only a few


A recently hired female employee was seen entering the men’s restroom during the lunch break. Ahough only a few

people noticed, it was brought discretely to the CEO’s attention, who immediately brought the matter to you. You checked your records and discovered that the person checked female on the employment application, but her spouse’s name is Katherine. You begin to suspect that the gender that she presents may not be the same has her biological gender (she may be male biologically, but presenting as a female). The employee works on an assembly line, has a good work history (though short), and seems to get along well with her co-workers. To make matters worse, the company recently established a fitness center with separate showers for each gender. The company is now faced with a dilemma regarding where this employee is to use the restroom, showers, etc. Your task is to research the problem and make recommendations to the CEO and others on the company leadership team. What do you think would be the best course of action, and how do you think the courts would rule should the issue appear before them?