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Hi (My Questions Keep Being Deleted For Clarity I’M Not Asking For Support With Content



(My questions keep being deleted…..for clarity, I’m not asking for support with content,

just basic advice on structuring academic writing, due to my complete lack of experience with this).

I’ve just embarked on a masters course and as a maths graduate, I have zero experience in essay writing and so I’m struggling.

I’m hoping you can give some pointers as to how to structure my argument in terms of:

1. How to open my argument…..for example, is it suitable to open with a direct quote such as….’the past 20 years have seen a drastic change in Leadership formation’?

2. How to use references to make an argument. For example, do I provide an opinion, then back it up with a reference, or does this type of writing render my opinion invalid?

3. Approximaty how many references to use in this short section of the assessment. (Each part is 1000, this is just one of 5).

4. Are references direct quotes, or must they be paraphrased?

I’ve attached the question incase the context helps.

‘Student’s should draw from the literature and policy context to discuss the purposes that leadership serves within educational settings and how this frames and has framed our understanding of leadership (what a leader is) over time.


You Have Been Asked By The President Of

Tim Hortons Inc.’s (TMI)(Click here to review the TMI Case


You have been asked by the President of Tim Hortons Inc.’s (TMI) (Click here to review the TMI Case

Study) to provide some consulting (advisory) service. Tim Hortons is considering opening its line of restaurants in China and is looking for a feasibility study that will include macroeconomic analysis and estimates of market potentials for THI products.

There is a strong interest from investors in Hong Kong because there are a large number of Canadians in that country. Hong Kong, a former British colony, operates as an autonomous state but it is part of China. Opening THI restaurants in China can be considered as a two-stage process: (1) first open in Hong Kong and then (2) move into China.

Hot on the heels of the success (or perhaps trying to show you can improve upon a less-than-satisfying performance) of your first foray into the assessment of macroeconomic conditions of a country (i.e., your research essay), you have decided to join forces with three of your peers to take it to the next level. You have formed a small consulting company and are bidding on a major project with a major client – Tim Horton’s Incorporated (THI).

THI has issued a challenge asking for recommendations on whether they should or should not strengthen their investment in one of the fastest growing economies of the world: the People’s Republic of China (China). Your team will consider the macroeconomic environment of China and its trends, and then examine the feasibility of establishing a formal presence for Tim Hortons within the boundaries of China. If you recommend that THI should enter this market, then you must also list the various steps that it should take to ensure its success. Should you recommend that the market is not suitable, then you must present a strong argument as to why.

As a further twist, your team will have some competition. Other teams will be given the same opportunity to prepare their recommendations on the same project using the same case study as a starting point, so you need to find a way to find, select, and package your information that will be the most engaging, creative, and persuasive. THI will hire the most convincing group to help them in the broader project.

Some questions to think about as you approach your research are:

  • Should you use Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) to get an idea of the buying power of the Chinese consumers?
  • How about the exchange, inflation, and interest rate? How do they have any bearing on your analysis?
  • How about the unemployment rate in China – how does it affect your analysis?
  • What are the expected price and income elasticities of demand for THI products in China?
  • Do you think that THI should modify its menu for the Chinese market? If so, elaborate on this.
  • Starbucks, McDonald’s, and many other Western fast food chains are already in China. How these will affect THI’s growth and success?
  • Work constructively and collaboratively in a small group to produce an engaging and informative package.

Materials Required

  • Review all the required chapters from the course textbook:

Ragan, C.T.S., (2013). Macroeconomics (14th Canadian ed.). Don Mills, Ontario: Pearson Education Canada.

  • Business journal databases from Yorkville U Library
  • Case study: Should Tim Horton’s Expand into the Chinese Market (also outlined below)
  • Data about the Chinese economy is available from various reputable internet sources including the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Mundi, etc.


Overall, your team will study the case study provided and then conduct additional research on the country of China in order to get information to address the following questions:

  1. How big is the Chinese market? What is the real GDP adjusted for Purchasing Power Parity?
  2. What is the current state of the economy that you have chosen? Collect the latest available data on nominal GDP, real GDP, per capita real GDP, unemployment rate, inflation rate, interest rates, exchange rate(s), and any other important macroeconomic data.
  3. How is this economy doing? What is the growth rate of the real GDP? What is the trend in this variable?
  4. How fast is the per capita real GDP growing? This is an indication of the buying power.
  5. Is the country experiencing an inflationary or a recessionary gap?
  6. What kind of macroeconomic policy should this country follow?
  7. Can you find the relevant data for the last couple of years or more?
  8. At what stage of the Business Cycle is this country presently in? Is there an inflationary or recessionary gap?
  9. What kind of fiscal and monetary policies is this country presently following? Expansionary or contractionary?
  10. What is the price elasticity of demand for fast food in China? Is it elastic or inelastic?
  11. How are the Western fast food companies doing in China? McDonald’s, Starbucks, and KFC are here. Can Tim Hortons learn something from the experiences of these companies in China?
  12. What is the Income Elasticity of demand for coffee and fast foods in Canada? Can we assume that in China the elasticities will be somewhat similar?
  13. What other issues with regards to the social, political, labour, or environmental practices in China should be taken into consideration by THI?
  14. Is it going to be easy to find skilled persons to work at THI?

Your ultimate goal is two-fold:

  1. to provide the best evidence to support your recommendations to Tim Hortons company; and
  2. to do so in the most compelling, informative, and creative way you can.

CASE STUDY: Should Tim Hortons Expand into the Chinese Market?

Tim Hortons Inc. (THI)

Tim Hortons, arguably, is the best known Canadian brand. Its restaurants provide premium coffee, espresso-based hot and cold specialty drinks, cappuccinos and espresso shots, fruit smoothies, home-style soups, fresh baked goods, grilled Panini and classic sandwiches, wraps, soups, prepared foods, and other food products.

THI was founded in 1964 in Hamilton, Ontario, by Canadian hockey player Tim Horton. Tim Hortons franchises spread rapidly and eventually overtook McDonald’s as Canada’s largest food service operator. The company opened twice as many Canadian outlets as McDonald’s and system-wide sales also surpassed those of McDonald’s Canadian operations as of 2002. Tim Hortons commands 76% of the Canadian market for baked goods (based on the number of customers served) and holds 62% of the Canadian coffee market (compared to Starbucks, in the number two position, at 7%).

As of December 30, 2012, the company had 4,264 restaurants, including 3,436 in Canada, 804 in the United States, and 24 in the UAE and Oman. Tim Hortons’ international expansion strategy has been categorized as careful and slow. In comparison, Starbucks, a U.S. based competitor, has been very aggressive in international markets for several years, and has already expanded into China.

However Tim Hortons’ international presence has some interesting features. To provide moral support to the Canadian soldiers in Afganistan, it opened a restaurant on a military base outside Kandahar, Afghanistan. Two more outlets are located in military bases at Fort Knox, Kentucky, and Naval Station Norfolk, Virginia. Tim Hortons’ other international expansions include a small outlet at the Dublin Zoo. Tim Hortons also made a deal with the Spar convenience store chain in the UK and Ireland, resulting in Tim Hortons coffee and donuts being sold at small self-service counters in many Spar stores.

Its busiest branch is located in Fort McMurray, Alberta; its location in Iqaluit is the northernmost store.

In November 2010, Tim Hortons extended Interac debit payment system acceptance to most of its stores. The company previously began accepting Interac in its stores in Western Canada in 2003 and, later, MasterCard and MasterCard Pay Pass across most of its stores in 2007. The company often indicated the delay of broader or wider electronic payment acceptance was to ensure speed of service. In 2012, Tim Hortons began accepting Visa cards.

Twenty years ago, Tim Hortons used to sell mainly donuts and coffee but today it offers breakfast and lunch menus. Product lines have been diversified and the stores are getting better furniture and free Wi Fi. Investors in THI stocks have been rewarded very well.


Since initiating market reforms in 1978, China has shifted from a centrally planned to a market based economy and experienced rapid economic and social development. GDP growth averaging about 10% a year has lifted more than 600 million people out of poverty.

With a population of 1.3 billion, China recently became the second largest economy and is increasingly playing an important and influential role in the global economy.

Yet China remains a developing country and its market reforms are incomplete. In 2011, China’s gross national income per capita of $4,940 ranked 114th in the world; over 170 million people still live below the $1.25-a-day international poverty line. With the second largest number of poor in the world after India, poverty reduction remains a fundamental challenge.

Rapid economic ascendance has brought on many challenges as well including high inequality, rapid urbanization, challenges to environmental sustainability, and external imbalances. China also faces demographic pressures related to an aging population and the internal migration of labor.

Significant policy adjustments are required in order for China’s growth to be sustainable. Experience shows that transitioning from middle-income to high-income status can be more difficult than moving up from low to middle income.

China’s 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-2015) forcefully addresses these issues. It highlights the development of services and measures to address environmental and social imbalances setting targets to reduce pollution, to increase energy efficiency, to improve access to education and healthcare, and to expand social protection. Its annual growth target of 7% signals the intention to focus on quality of life rather than pace of growth.


Issues Surrounding Alternative Sources of Fuel

These sources have ultimately been proven and needed to sustain life and uphold the objective of providing a cleaner and healthier environment as a legacy to the next generations to come.
“Fueling the World: What Are the Alternatives for Energy?” In addition, from the perspective of the stakeholders, the essay would explore the benefits and challenges of switching to an alternative fuel source and determine ethical and environmental issues concerning alternative fuels.
The author of “Fueling the World” emphasized the implications of continued over-reliance to traditional fuel sources. An introduction to the discourse was presented by utilizing the most innovative invention of all times, the car. With all its functionality and aesthetic value, the fact remains that vehicles consume a vast amount of fuel. Elliot (2004) averred that “about 70 percent of our oil consumption is used for transportation”. The United States is identified as the biggest consumer of oil from among all the countries in the world. With this issue at hand, the author stipulated the problematic state of conventional energy sources, to wit: coal, oil, natural gas and nuclear power.
The source and potentials for coal remain vast but the risks to humans and to the environment are tremendous. Oil, on the other hand, is running out and the world is currently besieged by price increases due to its depleting reserves. Natural gas was found to be the most environmentally sound but is difficult to mine and to ship. Nuclear power had already achieved such notoriety despite its potentials.
Having determined the state of traditional energy sources, alternative fuel sources were highlighted: hydropower, solar energy, fuel cells, and by simply engaging in energy conservation. Potentials for alternative energy sources abound.&nbsp.One relevant solution to environmentally ethical dilemma such as addressing alternative sources of energy is to call the attention of government officials to reduce government subsidy that encourages growth in high-risk natural resources areas. There are numerous conservation, recreation, and civic organizations that call on local government officials to the unit with their efforts and be the representative to establish a unified and coordinated government leadership for natural resource.&nbsp.&nbsp.

Whats True About the Mind

The essay "What’s True About the Mind?" talks about the functioning of the human mind. The faculty which is responsible for man’s thought, actions, feelings, and speech is his mind. This entity is what sets man apart from other lower animals. The mind determines a man’s intellect or his intelligence.
Aristotle called a man a ‘rational animal’ juxtaposed to Freud’s opinion of human beings as being ‘irrational’. Rational or irrational, we must agree that we possess powers of reasoning and arguing for what we believe. We become irrational only when we make a mistake in reasoning and not due to an absence of reasoning power itself. The mind is able to judge situations and act accordingly. It has the capacity to be aware of things around us. It follows a certain logical pattern and works within a time frame called memory. It distinguishes near memory from distant memory. How else can we know yesterday from last year? The mind is conditioned into taking certain basics for granted. We underplay our knowledge because some of it is so common¬ place, so familiar from our everyday acquaintance with us and other people. Our mind is like a kite, capable of transporting us on a mental plane wherever we want to without moving an inch. The mind rambles when we want it to and can also be conditioned to stay where we want it to. We hold the strings/controls. It is an ocean of energy which flashes in and out of places in a fraction of a second.

Cause and effect of childhood obesity in America

This essay "Cause and effect of childhood obesity in America" outlines the reasons for children’s obesity and difficulties that person who suffer the obesity in the childhood can face once he/she growth. Obese individuals suffer from a host of social, economic and educational prejudice. Because of teasing and stigmatisation among their peers, obese children tend to suffer from psychosocial morbidity, particularly among adolescents and girls. The obese child develops poor self-esteem, depression and eating disorders. (Reilly, 2007) When they grow into adulthood, the obese individuals tend to experience discrimination at work. Difficulty in getting a job is a particularly prevalent and oppressive effect of the social prejudice against obesity because a person’s very lifelihood and economic well-being is affected.
Chernov (2006) conducted a study that identified some of the reasons why obese people are discriminated against. Most commonly expressed by employers are: (1) negative portrayal of store image (customers perceive the store negatively if they have an obese employee). (2) higher insurance costs coupled with the uncertain future health conditions of the obese applicant. and (3) physical limitations of the obese applicant to comply with the dictates of the job. Of these three excuses, only the third, physical limitations, may constitute a legitimate reason for not hiring an obese person. And oftentimes, even if the person has been hired, he has trouble being promoted and is often passed over in career advancement opportunities.


Task Junction A roundabout refers to a type of circular intersection, which allows road traffic to flow continuously in one directionaround a central land mass. It is imperative to note that, the modern forms of the roundabout was standardised in the UK. This essay seeks to defend the choice of the roundabout over the T-junction or Light Controlled Junctions in our project (Thomas, 2007).
As a point of departure, the roundabout junction provides a simple pedestrian visual since the traffic comes from one direction unlike the traffic and T-junctions, which involves numerous movements from diverse directions. We focused on the roundabout junction in our project because it is easy to understand compared to the traffic and T-junctions (Thomas, 2007). For instance, the roundabout junctions allow for slow movement of traffic, which facilitates the visual engagement of the pedestrians. On the other hand, the movement of traffic on the traffic and T- junctions is too fast that the pedestrians cannot comprehend the movements and respective directions.
The other aspect that characterizes the simplicity of the roundabout over the traffic and T-junctions is attributed to the ability to allow the U-turn within a normal traffic flow. The other forms of junctions do not allow this kind of turns, which are fundamental for any driver. The choice of the roundabout is beneficial because it provides in-depth information on the required guidelines to be observed before making the U-turns (Thomas, 2007).
In conclusion, this study considered the roundabout over the traffic and T-junctions because the modern are a common phenomenon across the world, particularly in Belgium, china, Iceland, Qatar, Israel, Ireland, Costa Rica, Australia, Morocco among many other nations. This provides immense supporting evidence to our study.
Work cited
Kielinger, Thomas. Crossroads and Roundabouts: Junctions in German-British Relations. Bonn, Germany: Bouvier, 2007. Print.

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In this Essay I will focus on Tatsuo’s three main ideas of sovereignty, Asian culture and tradition, and religious diversity.
Tatsuo views the Asian values as unauthentic and driven from an anti-West centric stance. In fact, the Asian governments invented this concept to increase their power and silence Asians’ voices by restricting their liberties. According to Tatsuo, the term Asian value is a concept used by Asian leaders to protect their societies from being invaded by Western concepts that contradict with their culture and tradition.
Indeed, Tatsuo suggests that even though Asian leaders do not like the idea of democracy – viewing it as a Western value that is being forced into their society, they contradict themselves by accepting the term sovereignty, which is also a Western concept that was introduced by philosophical westerners such as Jean Bodin and Machiavelli. In fact, Tatsuo points that Asian society uses sovereignty as a way to place the power of the state above the individual rights. A good example is Bangkok Declaration that manipulates the meaning of sovereignty by illustrating the importance of respecting the nation and not interfering with foreign affairs.
In my opinion, Tatsuo’s argument on sovereignty is valid. Introducing democracy to Asian society will disrupt the hierarchy system that places the state on top of its citizens. In fact, increasing the individuals’ respect and love for their state will increase their feeling of responsibility towards their nation and consider protecting their states as their first priority regardless of their human rights. Indeed, the more value is given to the state the more power it will have and the less power individuals will feel, which will increase their fear of expressing their voices even if their rights are violated. Indeed, this hierarchy system allows the state to control its citizens easily under the right of sovereignty and disregarding the rights of

Title Conflict dissent violence

This shows how different interpretations can be given to one concept. These different interpretations of liberal principles form the basis for various democratic theorists. Deliberative theorists like Habermas try to eliminate this pluralism of ideas by developing a rational consensus while theorists like Laclau and Mouffe insist on agonistic democracy whereby pluralism is appreciated. These interpretations of ethico-political principals lead to different political groupings such as the liberal-conservatives, neo-liberals, social-democrats, and radical-democrats among others. The big question here will be whether conflict is bad for democracy hence should be eliminated or whether conflict is essential for growth of democracy. This essay will discuss the idea of conflict as constituted by Mouffe using his agonistic model of democracy. I will argue that conflict is an inevitable and important element of democracy as it allows for politics of pluralism hence liberty.
When we hear of the word liberalism what comes into mind is freedom or to do whatever one pleases without any constraints. In line with principles of the constitution, one should have liberty to enjoy the fruits of democracy and to pursue happiness. This was based on the conception of individuals as rational beings who pursue self interests. But what if such freedoms result in constraining others from enjoying their rights? Should our liberties be limited for the sake of common good? This leads to the conception of liberty as negative, that is, citizens are prohibited from pursuing their interests if such pursuits are to the detriment of others in the society. In a democracy, the citizens choose representatives to the government in free and fair elections and these people are supposed to represent the interests of the community or of the people who choose them. As such, liberal democracy has been the

Identity formation

[Supervisor’s How they Formed their Identity Identity formation is that phenomenon that results to an individual by serving one with a distinct personality. There can be couple of factors which might lead into identity formation of an individual. This may include environment or the notions that one prefers to follow. In order to understand such phenomenon, two of the essays are to be evaluated that will be serving in extracting the motivational elements for these individuals to form their identities.
Firstly, an essay written by Oscar Casares ‘Crossing the Border without Losing Your Past’ is to be examined. The essayist Casares starts its journey by presenting his father’s views of identity, though. he said, ‘To him, ancestry is what determines your identity’. This shows that since he was a child, his parents started to encode him about his identity, which was related back to his ancestry. Although, author was born in United States yet his father was a Mexican. Additionally, by describing the population of his home town, Brownsville, he sates, ‘almost everyone I know is Mexicano: neighbors, teachers, principals, dropouts, doctors, lawyers, drug dealers, priests’. Therefore, this cultural environment made him to feel himself a Mexican. The thing that made him closer to his Mexican identity was the annual four day celebration of Mexican heritage, under the name of Charro Days (Casares).
The experiences described above are the author’s childhood experiences. however, when he grows up and leaves his town his exposure towards his identity formation expands with significant extent. As he starts exploring the world, he seemed to believe that in United States immigrants and minorities have always been exploited by the media, as they know well how to stereotype an ethnic group. While experiencing through the events of his life, author acquired realization that the stereotypic image created in the minds of Americans describes the Mexicans as criminals, involved in dirty and lustful activities. As Casares was called as Mexican-American by natives. nevertheless, after realizing that being a Mexican is dealt as an abuse in America, no matter how honest and innocent one is. Thus, author later appeared believing like his father that he was a proud Mexican (Casares).
Moreover, the other essay ‘American Dreamer’ written by Bharati Mukherjee shows the other side of identity formation. The essayist, from the start of the essay appears claiming to be a naturalized American. The actual birth place of the writer is Calcutta, India, where she experienced all the true essence of his culture. Before and after moving to Iowa, she always felt herself as an Indian, due the deep penetration of Indian culture in her blood. However, while during her academic years at University of Iowa, she entered in a love relationship with a Canada based American, though. she got married with him (Mukherjee). The essayist is also found describing the identity formation in India in a way that, ‘A Hindu Indian’s last name announced his or her forefathers’ caste and place of origin’. Unlike Casares, Mukherjee is not much influenced from the core of her culture. She spent her ten years in Canada with her husband and children, where she felt lonely and seemed quite nostalgic in terms of his memories with America. As the time blurred her memories with India, though. she claimed herself as a naturalized American. At the end, she again appeared to be claiming, ‘I am a naturalized US citizen and I take my American citizenship very seriously’. By her stances, it can be analyzed that her orthodox Indian family would not have accepted her, as she got married out of their family. therefore, she made her individual identity by adjusting into American culture (Mukherjee).
The analysis has demonstrated that the identity formation of an individual is greatly influenced by the environmental one experience in the present time, along with the influence of one’s own perceptions towards the society.
Works Cited
Casares, Oscar. "Crossing the Border without losing Your Past." New York Times Company 2003: 115-117.
Mukherjee, Bharati. "American Dreamer." Mother Jones (1997): 119-124.

Health Policy Reflection

Health Policy Reflection The 21st century has ushered in an array of new global challenges. While the United s has tremendous issues it must face, one of the most prominent of these difficulties is health care. Despite placing considerable emphasis on health care, the United States continues to spend considerably more on this need than other nations. Despite paying more, the United States receives less comprehensive health care than many international countries. Through a comparison of the United States’ health care policy with the health care policy in Canada, this essay attempts to determine why others countries can achieve better health care for less money.
When comparing the United States’ health care system to the Canadian health care system one of the most prominent recognitions is that the United States charges considerably more for the same procedures. Mack (2011) indicates that the average cost of an appendectomy in the United States is $8,000. This is compared with Canada where the average cost of this operation is $5,000. There are a variety of reasons for this price disparity. One of the most prominent recognitions is that in the United States considerable amount more money goes towards administrative costs. These costs extend to the medical professionals as well. It’s recognized that many qualified medical professionals leave Canada to pursue higher paying jobs in the United States. While United States medical administrators and physicians receive higher salaries, this does not directly translate into improved quality of care.
Another prominent difference between the United States and Canadian health care systems is the type of medical interventions that are implemented. In the United States there is considerable emphasis placed on expensive interventions. For instance, United States medical treatment regularly involves tonsillectomies, knee replacements, and MRIs. While these interventions are implemented in the Canada, the Canadian health care system places more focus on treatment at the primary care physician level. Klune (2011) indicates that in great part the Canadian primary care system is able to treat these issues before they become more large-scale and require expensive interventions.
A final consideration is the nature of attitudes and socioeconomic conditions within the United States. An amount of research has argued that one of the major reasons the United States must spend more on health care costs than Canada is because the United States crime rate is higher (O’Neil 2007, p. 42). This higher crime rate then results in more treatment for victims. Still other perspectives consider that the United States doesn’t place a high enough emphasis on exercise as a health care strategy (Weir 1992, p. 313). These socioeconomic conditions and attitudes then contribute to higher health care costs.
In conclusion, this essay has compared the United States’ health care policy with Canada’s policy. The essay has demonstrated that the United States pays more for health care yet receives worse results. Among the major reasons include the United States higher costs of physicians and medical administrators, the Canadian system’s more effective primary care system, and finally because of dysfunctional attitudes and poor socioeconomic conditions in the United States.

Klune, S. (2011). Why does health care cost so much in the united states? . Retrieved from
Mack, J. (2011). why does u.s. health care cost so much?. Retrieved from
ONeill, D. M., (2007) "Health Status, Health Care and Inequality: Canada vs. the U.S.",
National Bureau of Economic Research, NBER Working Paper 13429.
Weir M.R. (1992). "Childhood Obesity and treatment mechanisms". American Journal of
Diseases of Children 146 (3): 313–6.

Australian organisations must adopt sustainability reporting in the 21st century

Sustainability reporting in Australia is voluntary, meaning that the organizations are not bound by law to report it in their financial statements. So, the purpose of this essay is to emphasize on the fact that Australian companies should adapt sustainability reporting in the present century and to establish why and how the organizations should meet the requirements of sustainability reporting and how will it be profitable to them.
Sustainability reporting involves the display of a company’s economic, social and environmental performance and its impacts through the company’s annual reports. There are various reasons as to why a company should report its performance. Sustainability reporting helps in establishing a stronger trust relationship with the stakeholders. The stakeholders view the company as being honest about their actions and performance, thus it strengthens the image of an organization as being sincere and considerate towards the environment it operates in. The key towards establishing strong relations is not to report the good part only but the discrepancies as well. it leads the stakeholders like employees to trust their employers and execute hard work to enhance the performance of the company (Blackburn, 2007). Such actions give the sense of legitimate reporting of corporate activities. This ensures acceptance by the key stakeholders of the company especially towards the management decisions and activities that may be sometimes seen as of compromising nature (Schaltegger, Bennett and Burritt, 2006). By incorporating sustainability reporting into the strategic designing of an organization, a company can link all its operations to achieve those goals that are expected of it. Various operational benefits can also be derived through implementing sustainability reporting. The various costs that are incurred because of the irresponsible use of materials

A)Using Carroll’s(1991) 4part model or corporate social responsibility critically analyse Primark’s approach to C S R(70%) (b) Critique Carroll’s model(30%) When you answer the question you must refer to the model in the following journal article Carr

This alone was a violation of the subcontractors’ contract with Primark. furthermore, the third party employed children (another violation) and the wages of even those who were of legal working age were only about half the minimum wage permitted by the State (yet another violation).
Business performance is no longer just measured by their market performance. it is also affected by their strategies in non-market environments (Baron, 2000). As evidenced by the reaction to BBC’s feature on Primark (Arnott, 2008a), activists and media groups particularly in pluralist Western societies have inflated the importance of these non-market strategies (Orlitzky et al, 2003). One of the foremost construct which captures non-market strategies collectively is the concept of corporate social responsibility or CSR.
Carroll (1983) defined CSR as involving “the conduct of a business so that it is economically profitable, law abiding, ethical and socially supportive” (608). This is only but one definition among the many that proliferated in the literature since the 1950s but they all underscore the companies’ responsibility for public good (Blowfield &amp. Murray, 2008). Some of the issues subsumed under the CSR concept include human rights, environmental protection, sustainable development, and philanthropy. Further, the European Commission’s (2004) definition emphasizes the voluntary integration of social and environmental concerns in businesses’ operations and in their interactions with stakeholders. The concept of stakeholder in the definition equates to the company’s accountability to them (Jacobs, 1997).
In this essay, Primark’s approach to CSR is reviewed using Carroll’s CSR pyramid as the analytical framework. Carroll’s model is used because it has been the most durable as well as the most widely cited framework for understanding the various components

“Unlicensed Personnel &amp

Nurse Staffing Ratios" Unlicensed Personnel and Nurse Staffing Ratios The essay aims to address a two-fold objective to wit to express your opinion whether unlicensed assistive personnel be licensed by the individual state boards of nursing. and (2) to support your response with evidence from two professional sources.
Unlicensed Personnel and Nurse Staffing Ratios
Unlicensed personnel are used in medical practice to provide a cost-effective quality care (Gravlin and Bittner, 2010, 330). They are grouped under unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP) and positions range from being a medical assistant to a nursing assistant. The unprecedented growth of aging population while having nursing shortage calls for the increasing demand for UAP. Meanwhile, safety concerns due to educational qualifications and accountability issues emerged simultaneously with the increasing demand for UAP because of documented incidental errors. Some say that the UAP is accountable because he committed the error while others say that it was the nurse to blame for errors because of the responsibility inclined with the license. In this case, should unlicensed assistive personnel be licensed by the individual state boards of nursing?
As mentioned earlier, UAPs lack enough educational qualifications and training compared to those with baccalaureate degree. Giving these UAPs licenses will neither solve the increasing number of errors in the hospital settings nor make them solely accountable for negligence. In fact, this might just deteriorate nursing education in the future because of the lack of clear boundaries. UAPs are given certificate or diploma or training for low level tasks like toileting, bathing, feeding, skin care, and ambulating whereas nurses are given licenses for high level tasks which require critical thinking, reasoning skills, and nursing judgment such as in making nursing assessments. If the individual state boards of nursing would give license to UAPs, nursing students might think that there are no differences at all and might prefer the shorter track. thus, making future nurses less qualified for the job. In addition, giving UAPs licenses will not make them solely free from accountability as proper delegation is one of the key responsibilities of nurses. If UAP committed an error, the nurse is also accountable for negligence because the National Council of State Boards of Nursing provide specific guidance about scope of practice and proper delegation among nurses (Sherman and Eggenberger, 2009, 7).
Instead of giving UAPs licenses, why not strengthened the delegation practices of nurses? Most of the documented errors committed by UAPs were due to ineffective delegation and not on their lack of licenses (Gravlin and Bittner, 2010, 330). Giving UAPs licenses by the individual state boards of nursing is not the answer but the provision of a clear, extensive, and up-to-date delegation system.
Gravlin, G. and Bittner, N.P. (2010). Nurses and Nursing Assistants Reports of Missed Care and Delegation. The Journal of Nursing Administration, 329-335.
Sherman, R.O. and Eggenberger, T. (2009). Taking Charge: What Every Charge Nurse Needs to Know. Nurses First, 1-27.

American literature This I believe

AMERICAN LITERATURE "THIS I BELIEVE" Bequeathed Benchmarks In the year July 4, 1776 our ancestors, the great men we ought to preserve in most melodious song fought and earned for our independence. The freedom of American people was not only an act of courage. it was a gift to the generations then and the posterity. We must honor those who died those who lived with bitter tales to tell. However, we take pleasure in one thing. that despite the documented long hours engagement blood and great breath of loss of limb, life and property, we are free than eve. Our great ancestors did not stop at that! They gave us the most progressive essay of all the time, and they called it the American declaration of independence. If you have not read, memorized, and kept at heart that immeasurable and invaluable gift by our great ancestors, you had better do. Otherwise, your commitment to the cause of justice, the cause of equality may be legitimately question. One cannot have an answer why you have not read the American declaration of independence. No excuse can be heard from the anybody’s mouth why they have not read their declaration of independence. I believe in its content, intents, and purports. As for my case, I will up to the word, phrases, and the meaning intended by our great ancestors. What else can we ask for? (American Declaration of Independence, para.2).
The declaration tells us what to do and what not to. Our declaration of independence ought to be declared a wonder of the world. It ought to be a legal document with a force of law. It should be the grundnorm against which we measure our behaviors.
Have we pursued to the fullest our right to be happy? Are American people happy, as we all deserve? Do we believe it is true that happiness is a truth that is self-evident? Do we believe that our right to right to life and liberty and happiness are inalienable? Do we think we should lead by example and infect all the nations of the world with our firm believe that we ought to be happy?
If we fully understand, our declaration of independence do we treat the other nations as they deserve. Whether the non-derogable are rights to life, freedom, and pursuit of happiness limited to Americans only?
The American people, we ought not to interpret the words literary. They must be given the widest possible interpretation. In our pursuit of the right to life and pursuit of happiness, we should conserve the world environment. We should not be partakers in the complicity of degrading the world environment. We ought to lead by example and have other people’s happiness in having a clean and healthy environment. Their enjoyment of the right to the environment ought. As we degrade the world situation, we end up derogating our inalienable right to life and pursuit of happiness. All this can only be done in a healthy and clean environment. I believe that was our dream of our great ancestors when they bequeathed the declaration as lifetime benchmarks to measure actions to themselves to us (American Declaration of Independence, para.3).
Work Cited
American Declaration of Independence, 04.06.1776. Web 15.12.2014 .

Contemporary Rhetorical Analysis

Moreover, aside from being the greatest leader he could be, he had also proven himself of how the greatest speaker he could be. On the eve of Quit India Movement on August 8, 1942, Gandhi had communicated his Quit India speech which was a call for a determined but a passive resistance.
Given this brief background, this essay would obtain observation and insights on Mahatma Gandhi’s “Quit India” through the use of rhetorical analysis while focusing on the metaphors of the said rhetoric.
Upon my analysis of “Quit India,” I could say that his speech was definitely one excellent illustration of what was called a good rhetoric. Mahatma Gandhi’s Quit India was a really persuasive speech for it was indeed a success for him to appeal his audience’s rational, emotional and principled sense.
His speech which was motivational and inspirational, was effective in moving his audience into a non – violent and passive movement against the British power. His ideas, attitudes, stand, and even his own self had been victorious in influencing his fellow Indian citizens through “Quit India.”
Furthermore, Gandhi’s manner of style was not directed to any particular class or group of Indian people. He used the word “we” in some portions of his speech instead of just referring to himself to address an audience who were diverse in terms of their culture and religion.
His speech had not appealed any divided sector of Indians but he called for unity when he said Hindus and Muslims must forget about their differences in identity but what should remain in them was their Indian identity. By the word “we,” whether they were not totally the same, they were one because they were all Indians.
For me, in my attempt to discover his worldview, I could say that democracy would only begin once Indians had forgotten the differences in their being Hindus or Indians. It was only through forgetting their differences that would start their unity and equality.

“Organisation Design &amp

Organisation Development" Organisation development dwells more on ensuring that people achieve effectiveness for an organisation to achieve its overall success.
Organisation problems can be a set of challenges that hinder an organisation from working at maximum efficiency. The problems could be resulting from poor leadership, which affects the structure of an organisation or the systems established within the same. W.L Gore Associates is a company within the textile industry that applies a unique leadership format. The company does not have a hierarchical system of leadership, which is an ancient command and control system. The challenge that this brings is that there is familiarity when it comes to leadership and team members are allowed to act as they will. Based on this, this essay will focus on this problem and use the functional structure and the classical organization theories in addressing the same.
Gore Associates believe in having a horizontal leadership structure in which all employees are equal and do not have to be answerable to anyone. The flat leadership also allows for an inclusive decision-making process where team members have to be consulted before making important decision making (Ruairc, Ottesen, &amp. Precey 2013, p. 116). The company’s CEO also focuses more on being friendly to the employees rather than on getting the job done. The company also works under the assumption that the employees hired are aware of their responsibilities, meaning that supervision should not be a key practice. Employees have the autonomy of planning their work schedules as long as they get the work done, which at times can be chaotic.
Essentially, there is no system of operation that employees have to follow meaning that everyone is their boss (Obolensky 2014, p. 72). When it comes to the CEO, the employees get to choose who should be in charge,

What skills of a leader does she possess

Marissa Mayer: Leadership skills Marissa Mayer: Leadership skills Marissa Mayer, a former Google vice president, is the Yahoo CEO. She has been poised to turn around the company following her strong and remarkable leadership traits as will be discussed in this essay.
According to Gallo (2012), Mayer is a person who is committed and passionate about her job. Following a previous interview with Mayer, Gallo learnt that Mayer woke up very early and slept late answering her emails. He claims that Mayer proved to be a person committed to her brand basing on the way she spoke about her company, Google.
Mayer is a great communicator. According to Gallo, Mayer is an apt communicator who has a record of moving crowds with her strong oratory skills and presentation prowess. In her speeches, Gallo notes, Mayer tells stories and complements them with pictures.
According to Gallo (2012), Mayer dedicates part of her time to employees in the office. Through this method, she would ensure that the employees felt close to the management and therefore more motivated. She makes employees feel the meaning in the work process. Gallo states that the course of the interview proved to him that Mayer was a very committed person to her work as Google vice president. Other sources indicate that Mayer’s commitment to employees surpasses many people. She is known to spend a lot of time travelling worldwide to meet various teams. She is known to trust in team building using a face to face approach.
Mayer advocates for simple straight forward approach to solution designs. In this regard, she calls for solutions such as apps to be designed with users in mind. Using this style, Mayer has been accorded great respect by many users who admire her simplicity approach.
Committed to vision
Marissa Mayer is a person focused on mobile and design and prioritizing of the same. Mayer is known to be committed to this vision and usually reciprocates it in her seminars. By publicly stating her vision and keeping clearly focused on it, through the various referrals she makes to it, Mayer shows great leadership skills on commitment towards what one believes in. she exemplifies how a leader should lead others in focusing on their goals.
In her leadership roles at the organizational level, Mayer has been known to allow employees to practice their skills at their best. This is a method that brings many employees associated to her line of command able to perform a lot. She does not believe in putting down a set of guidelines to be followed by the employees but lets the employees’ practice what is expected of them.
The noted cases are practical examples of the extemporal leadership traits and skills exhibited by Marissa Mayer as noted by various analysts. The skills are enviable traits that any person would love to emulate, and traits that can be said to have contributed to her current status as CEO, Yahoo.
Gallo, C. (2012). Google’s Marissa Mayer: 3 leadership traits she’ll bring to Yahoo. Forbes. Retrieved from http://www.forbes.com/sites/carminegallo/2012/07/17/googles-marissa- mayer-3-leadership-traits-shell-bring-to-yahoo/

The Main Principles of Effective Practice In the Teaching And Assessment of Reading

This essay stresses that fluency is an important aspect of teaching how to read, albeit it’s rather difficult task to accomplish this. However, fluency in reading is the key that enables the reader to understand completely, quickly, and expressively what he has read along with good comprehension. Effective instruction in fluency leads to overall improvements in reading, which is reached through accuracy in word recognition, assisted reading, and synergistic instructional routines. Parents must be aware of incorporating teaching into their children’s daily lives, which would then be enhanced in the classroom.
This paper makes a conclusion that reading is an activity that every child must improve skills on, and educators must focus on different strategies in order for the child to enhance his reading skills. This paper claims that the main principles of effective practice in the teaching and assessment of reading are involves attention to minor aspects of reading such as letters and individual words, understanding the whole meanings of the text, and application of relevant models/theories in the reading process. Guided reading is an effective reading strategy that enables teachers and parents to achieve this goal for the child, which is likewise supported by different models and theories. The Balanced Reading Approach is the specific approach that may be employed in guided reading through effective combination of instructional approaches and accommodating different learning styles.

Surprisingly Complex of Design Law

92250 Apart from the definition attributed to this term, the variations pertaining to the different regimes for design law are effectively a manifestation of the diverse cultures and philosophies underlying the pedigree of Member States.2 However, the most tangible reason why the law for design protection is ambiguous, scattered and does not touch a unified, coherent base in today’s times, is due to the very fact that it combines aspects of form and functionality, simultaneously running parallel to those of expression, identification and instrumentality. Burdened with all these elements, it crosses the boundaries of being singularly categorized or molded into a single frame. thereby blending in and ultimately comprising characteristics usually identified with copyright, patents and even trademarks.3 Customary intellectual property regimes lack the creativity and flexibility to deal with this intersection of the earlier mentioned major branches of intellectual property. In the context of this essay, the five core systems (Registered Design Act 1949. Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 governing unregistered design right. the Design Directive, and finally the Community Design Right under the European Council, which makes provisions for both unregistered and registered design right) formulated for design protection shall be briefly analyzed with a view to understanding the discrepancies in being able to effectively implement the laws therein, and the complexities therein. which have rendered design law ambiguous, scattered and a skeptical, risky subject to venture, without a touch of certainty. The Community Design Regulation being almost identical to the Design Directive, the focus shall be on the other three systems of design protection. In order to understand the complexities and the inconsistency in the laws to design protection, it is imperative that a brief comparative study be drawn between the two extremes which govern design law at present- the old system&nbsp.under the Registered Designs Act 1949 and the Design Directive 98/71/EC which was implemented by the Registered Designs Regulations 2001.

Do you agree that Realism has got the big things right’

This essay argues that realism has helped in setting the big things right within the international arena.
Realism is a school of thought that derives the concept of things as they are, regardless on the way people may want them to be, with a tendency to be practical and more pragmatic. This idea juxtaposes with the idea of idealism which refers to the conception of things as they should be and the way people would want them to be. In the international relations theory, there has evolved a big controversy on which concept best describes how nations relate and how conflict among international states can be resolved. The concept of classical political realism evolved in the early 431 BC during war between Sparta and Athens (Monten, 2006). When Thucydides witnessed this war, he made a historical analysis of the war defying the popular belief of Gods during this period. He argued that war can be analysed by considering the facts of the war, hence defying the idealistic approach that the people used at this time. In this period, people had an idealistic mentality and they believed in gods and that everything happened as it should be. Thucydides pointed out that history should be analysed from an objective perspective bearing in mind that nations are monarchs that are always seeking for economic and political power. He stated that it was only practical that the strong nations should always rule the weaker nations.
Political realism has three important tenets that apply within the international relations theory. First, realism describes the concept of ‘statism’ and describes states as the major role players in international politics. Unlike the liberalism theories that consider the role of non-states sectors within the international politics, realism theory is state-centric. Another important concept of realism is that international politics is a tag of war as anarchic states

Aspect of the year 1968 contributed to it being a unique year in world history

Aspect of the year 1968 that contributed to it being a unique year in world history The year 1968 goes down in history as an exceptionally unique year, given myriad of events that occurred in this year that shaped the direction of the world. However, the decision not to seek re-election by then incumbent president, and Democratic Party front-runner, Lyndon Johnson, overrides all other events. His decision sent shock waves across the country, and contributed to 1968 being a unique year in world history, and American presidency. This essay seeks to analyze why this decision topped the list of events that happened in the event year of 1968. To achieve this, the essay shall rely on Mark Kurlansky’s book, “1968: The Year That Rocked the World,” and Selection from Lady Bird Johnson’s March 31, 1968 diary entry, concerning Johnson’s failure to run for re-election.
Kurlansky (2005) argues that his decision had several and far reaching implications on the country and presidency. He was leaving a country that was deeply divided and facing unprecedented crisis both locally and abroad. His decision to give up when the nation needed leadership most surprised many. Kurlansky’s arguments are supported by Abbie Hoffman, who asserts that the decision came at a bad time when America had involved itself deeply in the Vietnam War under Johnson’ leadership, and had already generated a negative public opinion, both locally and globally. Kurlansky quotes Hoffman that “we were standing still. How could we pull our pants down? America was already naked. What could we disrupt? America was falling apart at the seams,’ (Kurlansky 229). This confirms the surprise of the Americans after the president’s decision. Kurlansky points to the division that had arisen in the country and especially in the Democratic Party because of the Vietnam War. The president was facing stiff opposition from his own party while, ironically, it was the republicans who supported him on the war. The decision also came at a time when the American citizens and the soldiers at the battle front were becoming demoralized due to the losses they had encountered in Vietnamese battle fronts and the desire by the people to end the war.
The president himself had foreseen the effect his resignation would have on the morale of the troops on the battle front. According to Lady Bird Johnson’s March 31, 1968 diary entry, the president had consulted General Westmoreland, who was in command of the troops, in the battle front, and who had assured him that it would have little impact. While dismissing a suggestion from his wife who had talked to wives of two young soldiers, he argues that the general was more authoritative, given that he was with the soldiers at the battle front. According to the diary, the president took this decision to preserve credibility of the office of the presidency, and that the he could not allow his presidency and political pursuit to destabilize the country: “what we won when all of our people united just must not now be lost in suspicion, distrust, selfishness, and politics among any of our people.”
In summary, the decision by President Johnson to withdraw from the race led to the division of the Democratic Party in the 1968 election and ultimately to the end of the unpopular Vietnam War. It led to the republican win, and impacted negatively on the morale of the soldiers in the battlefront, and the Americans, who questioned the participation of U.S in the war. Moreover, it prevented the escalation of the war, because it prevented the Russians and Chinese from entering into the war. His decision, moreover, helped to preserve the integrity of the office of the presidency, and reunited Americans who were heavily divided at that time. The fact that the decision showed a U.S president resigning because of a war gone bad contributed to 1968 being a unique year in world history.
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Sex Offenders When both parties are victims

Sex Offenders: When Both Parties are Victims The essay aims to present a research on individuals being charged as sex offenders when both parties have consented to the act. As indicated, the discourse would focus on methods of nonviolent techniques using the information provided in "198 Methods of Nonviolent Actions" from The Albert Einstein Institution. From among the techniques, one would determine the appropriate method that could be used for this issue.
Sex Offenders: When Both Parties are Victims
Violence has been manifested in many forms. The Federation of Asian Bishops Conferences (FABC) has published a paper entitled “The Christian Response to the Phenomenon of Violence in South Asia” that encouraged the use of nonviolent actions to address diverse types of violence in societies. Sex offenses are sexual forms of violence which could likewise fall under social or gender violence and could produce drastic negative effects to both the offender and the victim.
Methods of Nonviolent Action
Using Albert Einstein Institution’s 198 Methods of Nonviolent Action, compiled by Dr. Gene Sharp and first published in his 1973 book, The Politics of Nonviolent Action, Vol. 2: The Methods of Nonviolent Action, sexual violence could be addressed using a collaboration of the following nonviolent methods of intervention such as physical intervention (pray-in, nonviolent obstruction and occupation). social intervention (use of alternative social institutions and communication system) and political intervention (seeking imprisonment for offenders).
In FABC’s article, a section written by Bishop John Joseph entitled “Our Response to Violence” revealed that the appropriate nonviolent response to abuse of women, particularly those that were sexually abused, is to “try to organize the people to protest strongly but non-violently… The secret of success is peoples organizations. The more organized they are, the better informed they are, the more contacts they form, and the stronger their force is, the more afraid the official powers will be” (Joseph, 1998, p. par. 26).
By using physical intervention of prayers, one who is a victim of sexual abuse could gain strength from religious values and beliefs. Further, through nonviolent obstruction, one’s thoughts would be diverted from the pains of the abuse to more positive directions. such as optimistic plans for the future and the need to be back on one’s feet to work on improving personal plans for growth and development. This intervention requires nonviolent occupation that would entail the use of one’s personal knowledge, skills and abilities into being a productive member of society. The secret is to focus on optimistic perspectives that would aim to develop the person’s abilities to be production.
In terms of being the offender, nonviolent physical interventions like prayers and the need to focus on nonviolent occupation should first require retribution by subjecting oneself to the dictates of legal confines.
Social interventions required community groups to address sexual offenses through immediate reporting of the incidents and according appropriate counseling to the victim and to the offender, with appropriate legal sanctions to be imposed.
Political interventions are society’s imposition of law for sexual violence requiring sexual offenders to be incarcerated to prevent future possible offenses. At the same token, if the offenders are juveniles, appropriate interventions through counseling, imposition of occupation, and applying psychological treatment, as needed, in preparing for future reentry to society.
The essay was able to achieve its objective of determining nonviolent methods to address sexual offenses when both parties are victims. Through physical, social and political nonviolent interventions, victims and offenders are assisted in /addressing the crime committed and redirecting thoughts and actions towards positive activities, with the help of the community and the law, to make both parties productive members of society in the future.
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Race and Ethnic Relations between the Members of Congress

This piece of literature will target the U.S congress and the things that influence the U.S congress and how these problems affect the governing of the United States. One of the factors that affect the congress is the congressional members by race. This is a factor that has continued to bring about conflict and has been an area of interest in the congress. In the United States, there are still individuals who focus on the aspect of race or ethnicity in another person rather than their credentials1.
In this essay, attention will be focused on the aspect of race and ethnic relations between the members of congress. My point of discussion is that even with all the modern changes and also the change in lifestyle, there is still the presence of racial and ethnic aspects in the United States Congress. In such a developed country, there should not be the existence of such things. Take for instance the majority of the people who hold the major offices. It is safe to say that the majority of those who hold the top positions in the congress are either all of a certain race of are for a certain ethnic group2.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Women’s Magazines

This essay intends to ascertain an appropriate inference or result regarding an argument on the subject that whether women’s magazine is sending empowering or disempowering messages to the readers.

The major objective of the essay is to justify the impact of the messages conveyed by the women’s magazines posed on the readers. The essay would attempt to analyze the messages in order to ensure that whether those actually empower the women readers. Furthermore, the essay would also provide an understanding of the way women’s magazines are directing the behavior of the readers in recent days.

Women’s magazines provide fluidity which as a result generates contradictory behavior among the readers pertaining to supporting feminist thoughts and the significance of physical beauty. Women-centric magazines not only offer genuine advice but also provide to the readers’ empowerment. The contents of women’s magazines at times have been found to prove helpful in terms of developing their own identity. It has been also observed in this regard that by reading such magazines, the readers make attempts to become more glamorous in order to seduce men. Nowadays, both men, as well as women, desire to be attractive. These women’s magazines prove to be greatly helpful in terms of providing different methods that assure rapid physical transformations with lower effort. Magazines such as “Instant Tone-Up Tricks” provide strategies to make men fall for the beauty of women. These magazines generate an understanding of the minds of women that men are simply a means of gaining self-pleasure.

Women usually desire to get respect and admiration from men. The traditional concepts to gain appreciation from men are presently considered to be obsolete. The women’s magazines smartened-up the traditional concepts of looking more gorgeous and odorous in order to attract men. In the present day scenario, the&nbsp.women’s magazines seem to provide increased emphasis towards becoming more liberal and maintaining a strong and independent theme.

Marketing Plan for a Camera Phone

From this study it is clear that the goals of the company are to launch the camera phone and capture at least 10% of the market in the first year. This means that the company has to ensure that the marketing is targeted and focused on the particular segments it wants the phone to be sold. Culture: The Company has a laissez faire and democratic culture in its dealings with employees and other stakeholders. This is part of the strategy to ensure that it remains in touch with the latest trends in the telecom space by aligning itself to the needs of the youth. Strengths: Apart from the technical strengths of the mobile phone and its perceived edge over the others in the design and features of the camera phone, the company also focuses on the emerging trends and tries to be ahead of the curve.
According to the essay the Company hopes to gain market share proportional to the products that it is marketing and feels that this can be done. One of the aims of this marketing plan is to detail ways in which the company can gain market share by targeting the customer segments appropriately. Market position: The Company does not have the market leader position but hopes to gain market share by launching its products into the market targeted at a particular segment and aimed at the brand conscious and style conscious customers. By this way, the company hopes to do well in the chosen market segments. Strengths: The competitors are well established and have a presence that is formidable. Only by playing to the company’s strengths in terms of features and style can the company hope to gain market share. Market shares: The market shares of the competitors are formidable but the company can rely on the product doing well in the market place. This is a sure way of ensuring that the market share is gained in a short time.

Personal Definition of Innovation

In this regard, the essay aims to propose a personal definition of innovation taking into consideration a comparative analysis of the concepts of innovation, invention, and creativity. Likewise, a description of the relationship between technical or traditional problem solving and creative or intuitive problem solving would be proffered. An explanation of the importance of innovation to the success of individuals, organizational leaders, organizations, and nations would also be presented. Finally, a determination of the importance of management systems and styles to creating an organization where innovation is enabled would be discussed.
Innovation is a process of creative change with a clearly defined purpose of improving a current system or operating process to attain maximized potentials of resources towards a higher level of growth. As a process, innovation needs the application of effective strategies for improved performance. It accurately defines specific aspects to be addressed: a weakness, a threat, a gap in an organization’s current operating system or structure and outlines alternative courses of action that presents possible and viable solutions to the identified dilemma. Innovation, as a change process, is designed with the vision to increase the satisfaction of the organizations’ target market and thereby contribute to the maximization of organizational goals.
Innovation is the “process by which an idea or invention is translated into a good or service for which people will pay. In business, innovation results often from the application of a scientific or technical idea in decreasing the gap between the needs or expectations of the customers and the performance of a firms products” (Business Dictionary, 1).
vaccine against market slowdowns and an elixir that rejuvenates growth” (Rigby, et.al, 79). The authors compared innovation to evolving changes in a fashion industry requiring continuous reinvention of product line,

Commercials in classrooms

Many factors are responsible for it. But for the present, the focus will be on one major factor, displaying of commercials in classroom. The School premises have become an important playground for the companies. To increase their customer base, companies marketing strategy makers have been innovating newer and newer ways. For many companies children and teenagers are being viewed as the vital customer base. They are inventing various ways to attract teenagers towards their product. Among the newly innovated ways, one of the important ones is using commercial in different parts of school premises to attract children’s and teenager’s attention towards their product. Earlier companies used to attract customer’s attention by giving advertisements of their products on T.V., radio, news Paper, magazines, billboards in the road sides etc. But now companies are making direct interaction with children and teenagers through schools.
The present paper is concerned with a review of Mr. Michael Sandel’s essay on “Commercials in the classroom”. This paper actually seeks to analyze the demerits of using commercials in the classroom and then will discuss which kinds of advertisement ought to be removed from the classroom along with explaining the reasons for doing so.
Commercials in classroom – a threat to pupil’s future: Classroom no longer remained the place of learning only. This holy place also has not been left untouched by corporate marketing strategy. Marketing personnel of the companies are now seeing a huge client base among the children and teenager. They, therefore, have become very much desperate to attract those customers to their products. They have invented new process of advertising for their products. Advertising on T.V, radio, news paper, etc does not ensure that these will be watched by the audiences they are targeting. If children and

Strategic Management Audit of Nintendo

61500 This essay focuses on analyzing the Nintendo company and it’s strategic management planning when it comes to organizing staff, educating them or making strategic plans on human resources. Nintendo, as it was mentioned earlier has a favorable merit in the area of human resources. In accordance with the financial report released in 2010, every worker of the organization produces more than a million dollars for the company on a yearly basis. In addition to that, the organization struggles to make the most of output by inspiring its workers through huge additional benefit sand fundamental worker spurs. Nintendo has comparatively more influential and distinct human resources than other corporations in the gaming commerce. This can be an important element and future victory. The researcher also provides analysis of the effects Nintendo has on it’s workers and shows the results via tables. The resources and capabilities of the company were researched in the essay in accordance with its ranking and description. The number of staff ranks at number four since its contrast to the efficiency levels the figure of workers with respect to returns become highly favorable. In conclusion, the researcher gives some recommendations on topic of Nintendo’s strategies. He states that Nintendo, whilst having a great deal of finances, needs to be more economical since dropping finances on a commodity with no way to recover those expenses could become a huge financial impediment, but also admires their efforts to educate it’s human resources.

Teacher evaluation

The discussion includes specific examples from two districts, namely, the Midwest School District and South Central Texas School District. The final section provides some recommendations that will help educators design a better evaluation system for the 21st century.
The incongruity of teacher evaluation is that it has the capability to significantly contribute to the growth and improvement of every teacher, but in reality it helps only a very few people. The capability of teacher evaluation is widely known. Almost all states mandate standard evaluation in compliance to the law and validate such mandates, partly, based on the obligation of teachers to improve. Most districts have collective bargaining contracts or rules specifying evaluation processes. In fact, numerous of the major educational reforms in the United States (e.g. career ranking, performance incentive/merit pay, etc.) are rooted in the belief that strong, effective evaluation processes can be formulated.
Even so, in truth, teacher evaluations performed in most schools are short, inconsistent, formal procedures requiring several instances of classroom inspection every year at least accompanied by the accomplishment of a compulsory evaluation document, which is approved by all involved entities and then stacked away to oblivion. When this takes place, state law provisions and requirements of the collective bargaining contract have been satisfied, but in reality nothing valuable is accomplished for the teachers, schools, students, or community (Marsh, 2009). This essay, on the first part, discusses the history, trends, and effectiveness of teacher evaluation in the United States. The second part discusses the similarities and differences between two distinct district teacher evaluation. And the third part spells out the features of an ‘ideal’ teacher evaluation in the 21st century.
Teacher evaluation originated from the evaluative role of the

“Adam Hochschild ( bury the chains ) Chapter ( 6&amp

7)" Adam Hochchild (bury the chains) Chapter (6 &amp. 7) The Theme of Chapter 6 and 7 The theme of chapters six and seven is the liberation of slaves. The chapters describe the early struggle against slave trade in England and USA. The slaves, who were majorly Negros or the blacks forcefully taken from Africa and transported by the sea in slave ships, were subjected to harsh, ruthless and inhuman treatments by their holders. They were forced to work in sugarcane plantations under hard conditions and were ruthlessly tortured, acts that lead to death of most of them. During 1700 century, when the slave trade was at its climax in Britain and in America, some of the anti slave liberators began preaching an end to slavery globally. Though separated by geographical distance, the liberators unanimously revolted slave trade arguing that the slaves had the right to resist the oppression and that every person, blacks as well as the whites, had the responsibility to help freeing the slave from the hands of their cruel tyrants who to some extent abused tem sexually1.
The seventeenth century was marked as the period of enlightenment. It was an era in which the ideologies of human rights were increasingly gaining popularity. Most revolutions are believed to have sprouted from his period. It was around 1785 that Thomas Clarkson, a 25 years old son of a deceased clergyman attending Cambridge University on a special scholarship entered the scene as a revolutionist against the slave trade. The methodology used to fight slave trade was non violent struggles but characterized by the fights of the intellects. However, the slaveholders would not take the struggles lightly and would do anything within their power to cause trouble to those opposing slave trade.
The essay competition which staged a question whether it is lawful to make slaves of others against their will at the university, which Clarkson participated sped the events of fights against slavery. Little did he know that the evidence he presented in the essay, which made him win the competition, would later overwhelm him and compel him toward fighting for the freedom of the slaves. In 1786, his essay which was the length of a book was edited and published as a tool to fight against slave trade2. Such liberation efforts yielded positive results when some states especially in the Northern American States embraced emancipation of the slave, giving them equal rights as the whites. However, the southerners still resisted freeing the slaves since they had large numbers of slaves compared to other states. The British authorities were the frontlines in the fight for the freedom of the slaves. They gave freedom to the slaves who revolted the oppression of their masters and crossed over to the British Territories. Thousands of slaves, especially from the Southern America did so, some taking the belongings of their oppressors with them.
Analysis and Interpretation
The non violent methods used by the liberators were appropriate. Violent mechanisms would arguably made life difficult both for the slaves and the revolutionists. For instance, they were opposing the regimes that were in support of support of the slave trade. As such, most of them would have been arrested if they had resorted to violent methods. However, there were no well laid down strategies to protect the ex-slaves. Soon most of them were recaptured by their owners and re-enslaved.
Reference Used
Hochschild, Adam. Bury the Chains: Chapter 6 &amp. 7. New York: Houghton Mifflin Company (2005).

The Post Bureaucratic Organization

It will be structured according to the following outline: The essay will also discuss and evaluate the post-bureaucratic organization on the basis of the characteristics of the bureaucracy as expounded by Max Weber.
There have been many views about bureaucracy as an organizational form. Many have criticized it saying it is very impersonal and is not responsive. The hierarchical structure is also said to be inflexible and does not allow for dynamism. However, there are also those who believe that the bureaucratic structure is here to stay. And still, there are those who think that organizations are neither strictly bureaucratic nor non-bureaucratic. In this essay, the characteristics of both the bureaucratic and post-bureaucratic organizations will be presented in an objective manner, with an effort to evaluate the varied views towards the end.
Bureaucracy as a concept of the organization was a contribution to the theory that can be attributed to either Karl Marx or Max Weber. However, since much of the writings of Karl Marx are more focused on the philosophical and social ideologies, especially with his concept of revolutionary communism, Max Weber has come to be known as the proponent of the concept of bureaucracy. This essay will focus on the ideas advanced by Max Weber regarding the bureaucratic organization.&nbsp.We have seen from all the previous discussions that post-bureaucratic theory is almost the opposite of the bureaucratic theories. The hierarchy no longer exists and instead, it is not the position of one person that is dominant but the person’s capability. The rules are replaced with consensus among the people.&nbsp.

The TeelTale by Edgar Allan Poe

Due: Descriptive Essay about a Narrator Character: The Tale Tell Heart The short story, ‘The Teel-Tale’ is a story that present an unknown narrator who is involved in murder of an old man. Edgar Allan Poe was the author of this thrilling short story. The narrator has a task to the readers of convincing them of his sanity as a result of a murder he allegedly committed. A wide range of the narrators characters are shown in this short story. These characters range from positive to negative. Some of the characters as discussed below.
When a person shows abnormal behaviors with diminished empathy and remorse, then he or she is characterized to be psychopathic. A person with psychopathic behavior is said to have a mental disorder by his ability to endure antisocial behaviors. The narrator in this story displays psychopathic behaviors in several situations. In the beginning of the story narrator says,’ I loved the old man! He had never wronged me! He had never given me insult!’ (Poe 1). The narrator kills the old man without any motive since he claims that the old man has never wronged him and that he loved him. In general society setting, this will be perceived to be an abnormal or psychopathic behavior. Similarly, he went to the old man house everyday for seven days just to shine the old man’s eyes which he claimed were ‘evil eyes’. This further illustrates the narrator Psychopathic nature.
Remorseful nature of the character is also displayed in this context. When one is filled with guilt or regret about an act he was involved in, then he is said to be remorseful. At the beginning of the story, the narrator tries to proof his sanity. He tries to exclude himself from madness. This shows how much he regrets his behavior and tries to make the reader understand his position. He even claimed that he loved the old man and he had nothing on him. When the police came to check on the old man, the narrator is able to convince them that the old man was out of the country. However, the guilt and remorse of his act build up and he could barely hold on. He breaks downs and confesses. The situation was so intense that the narrator hallucinates. He claimed that the ringing in his ears were the old man’s heart beats.
A character that is easily agitated or alarmed is said to be nervous. When nervous persons are caught in a challenging or difficult situation they become tense and anxious and it may result to the character behaving or acting abnormally. The character in the story is revealed to be a very nervous character. The narrator claims that he was sick. He said that he had a disease that caused him to be hypersensitive to situation. However, this is not a disease but a display of his nervous nature. On the eighth day of his visit, the narrator ritual is broken when the old man awakes and finds him in his house. He always found the old man asleep the other days. This change of situation makes the narrator to tense and subsequently becomes very anxious and nervous which results to him killing the old man. This can further help to explain why the narrator killed the old man although he had no motive. Similarly, when the police visit the old man house, the narrator tenses and he is unable to conceal his guilt and ends up confessing to the police. He becomes so nervous that he even hallucinates of the old man’s heart beats ringing despite the fact that the old man was dead.
In conclusion, many characters of the narrator can be discussed including his claim of sanity. Although there is ambiguity in the relation between the narrator and the old man, no clear motive can be deduced which may have made him to kill the old man? There is thin proof in the story that can defend the sanity of the narrator as he claims. The fact that he felt the guilt after killing the old man which can defend his sanity and can be perceived be rational. However, the act of killing the old man and trying to conceal the act displays him as insane. His irrationality in thinking and over acuteness of his senses pins him as a madman( Franklin 87)

Work Cited
Benjamin Franklin. "Poe and the Gothic Tradition," from&nbsp.The Cambridge Companion to Edgar Allan Poe, edited by Kevin J. Hayes. Cambridge University Press, 2002, p. 87.
Poe, Edgar Allan. “The Tell Tale Heart”. Boston: AcademicJump.com, 2001, p. 1

Diversity Defenders

Winston Churchill is credited with having said, “A young man who is not a liberal, is a man without a heart. A man over 40 who is not a conservative, is a man without a brain.” Whether or not Churchill said this is irrelevant, but it does reflect on the fact that political ideology is not fixed, and that it, like our personality and behavior, is affected by our perceptions at certain ages. This brief essay looks at what causes people to lean towards one, or the other as an affiliation.
Adrian Furham and Patrick Heaven (1999) examine personality types and say that the perception of most people is that according to personality theories, it is impossible to be a “liberal” or “conservative” personality type.
“Rather, one is conservative or radical in a tough-minded or a tender-minded way (Eysenck and Wilson, 1978). Thus one may hold tough-minded conservative or tender-minded conservative views, but these are qualitatively quite different from each other. Whereas the former may include attitudes such as Martians should be prohibited from owning property, the latter could include such attitudes as abolish Sunday observance or abolish religion. Brand explained the Eysenckian position thus: What the racist and the radical, the Fascist and the Communist, lacked in the similarity of their opinions, they made up in intractability, insensitivity, and impoliteness (Brand, 1981, p.12) (Durham and Heaven, 113).”&nbsp.Neither group is without flaws. If one tries to frame oneself snugly within either group, it becomes less effective, has a less utilitarian impact. It is the reason why we have two parties, liberals and conservatives, because together, and in a system that requires their actions to come together, we often find that we get the best of both worlds.

Resolving and Managing Common Ethical Dilemmas

Organizations are engaged in shifting their manufacturing facilities to developing countries as a cost-cutting measure. However, such a strategy of organizations has led to the emergence of many ethical problems between the organizations and its stakeholders (Karake-Shalhoub, 1999). An ethical dilemma is literally defined as a moral situation in which an individual has to make a choice between two or more options. On the other hand, ethical dilemma in business is said to be existing when the decision-makers within the organizations are encountered with making choices amongst two alternatives that may have a serious impact on the organization’s profit-earning capability and/or its stakeholders (Shata, 2013. Fernando, 2009). Correspondingly, this essay intends to demonstrate an in-depth understanding and application of the ethical dimension of business decision making.
In the given case study, Omax which is a large home appliances company is faced with the radical need to cut its workforce as its one of the strategies to shift its manufacturing activities to developing countries. In a board meeting, the senior management team assigned Jenny who is working as an HR manager in the company with the task of downsize the procurement department within the company. However, there are two individuals namely Alan and John who are currently working as procurement officers and are liable for sourcing suppliers. Unenviably, only one position is available within the procurement department corresponding to the downsizing strategy. Hence, Jenny is challenged with the choice to retain either Alan or John. Notably, off the job, both Jenny and John are the members of the book club and have formed a friendship with each other. Besides, Jenny is also aware that John recently has a newborn baby and realizes that the job would important for John and for his family. Now, Jenny is finding it difficult to make a decision regarding the layoff. Jenny is unsure&nbsp.whether she should favor John by giving him the job or to retain Alan.&nbsp.

Disclosure Laws in Real Estate California Vs Illinois

The essay "Disclosure Laws in Real Estate, California Vs. Illinois" discusses the disclosure laws in California and Illinois residential real estate. They are not completely different, but they do have some distinct aspects. Both states require forms to be filled out. However, the liability completely falls on the shoulders of the seller in California, while in Illinois the liability for the property is not completely the seller’s responsibility. This is not altogether uncommon from Illinois residential property law, which also applies to the same amount of dwelling units. Additionally, within the disclosure forms of each state, any defects in the properties must be duly noted. This is confirmed by Galaty et. al. in the book Modern Real Estate Practice in Illinois.
In law, liability is a serious issue. Liability is basically one’s financial and legal responsibility towards an issue – in this case, for the property. One’s financial liability with regards to property includes the fact that the person not only pays their property taxes on time but also pays all of the utilities. Additionally, financial liability with regard to any sort of property includes the fact that there must be a liability with regard to property loss. This is especially problematic in California, where any kind of property loss could preclude a financial liability investigation of such a loss. Legal responsibility with regard to property includes the fact that one must be responsible for any acts which occur on the property.

Application for of Thomas James and Lynnie Rice Neal Foundation

Scholarship Essay I think of myself as 29 year old going on 40 due to the experiences that I have in my life. I grew up in a family that had tight finances and could barely afford to help me pay for my first few semesters of college. Times were so hard for us as a family that I had to drop out of college in order to work full-time and help the family. That was when my life started to go downhill.
Just like other people who thought they were living dead-end lives, I eventually married. The result of the union was a divorce and a five year old daughter whom I now have custody of and have to support. To make matters worse, soon after my divorce, I had to move back in with my parents only to have to face a family tragedy. My parents died within 18 months of each other soon after. They left behind a sizable debt which I now have to contend with paying. All of these amount to me coming to my wits end. How will it be possible for me to continue with my life and honor my financial obligations if I do not have the kind of job that will allow me the kind of income to do so?
After much soul searching, I finally found the answer. I decided to quit my job of nine years in order to save what I could of the little money that my parents left me to spend on pursuing the completion of my Business Administration degree. I felt like I had no choice but to resign from my job because it was not really serving its full purpose as a significant source of income for my family needs and financial obligations now that my parents were no longer around to help me out financially. Some people may say I am stupid for leaving a job that was paying me, even if it was only a pittance. But then again, holding on to that job was preventing me from retraining myself in order to achieve a higher goal.
My full concentration is now set on completing my college degree and eventually pursuing an MBA. However, my finances are still quite strapped, which is why I have come to the Neal, Thomas James, and Lynnie Rice Neal Scholarship foundation for help. With a GPA of 3.75, I realize that I will be in a cut-throat competition with the other applicants. But the foundation will not be sorry if the scholarship is awarded to me. I know the value of a good education because I am the only member of my family to ever attend college. And I fully intend to use every opportunity that I can in order to achieve the greatness in life that I know I was meant for. All I am asking for, is a helping hand. I am hoping that your foundation will be one to give me the leg up that I need to get ahead in this world.

Why Was Violence so Intence in the Late 20th Century in America

As illustrated by Jean Toomer, the shouts of a single mob may sound “like a hundred mobs yelling” (Wood 1), and the image of violence and terror kept on burning long after it was done. All the daily violence and degradations that black southerners experienced may, actually, be filtered into the occurrence of lynching, so that it becomes the main depiction of racial oppression and injustice altogether. This essay explains that the intense violence in the latter part of the 20th century in America, especially as regards lynching, is largely characterized by violence against African Americans.

The lynching took on an enormous symbolic force specifically because it was unusual and concretely frightening. This violence that a massive number of white audiences watched as victims were tortured and hanged were the most terrifying image. The utter cruelty of the mobs, and their blatant disrespect of the law, astonished and frightened because they go against universal beliefs of what cultured individuals should or may be capable of (Holmes &amp. Smith 17). Nevertheless, African Americans did not have to witness a lynching to be frightened by it, to sense that ‘penalty of death’ lingering over them every day of their lives (Wood 26). According to Wright, “The white brutality that I had not seen as more effective control of my behaviour than that which I knew. The actual experience would have let me see the realistic outlines of what was really happening, but as long as it remained something terrible and yet remote, something whose horror and blood might descend upon me at any moment, I was compelled to give my entire imagination over it” (Holmes &amp. Smith 19). It was the scene of lynching, instead of the brutality itself, which inflicted psychological injury, which imposed black submission to white supremacy.

All the more, mobs carried out lynchings as a show for other white folks. The tortures, the procedures, and their later images sent powerful messages to the white people about their alleged racial supremacy.&nbsp.

Criminal Procedure

Criminal Procedure Introduction The book ‘A Matter of Interpretation’ by Antonin Scalia elaborates about the methodology used for interpreting and implementing the constitution legal principles upon the cases addressed in the US Supreme court1. The interpretation of written laws on the basis of which the legislators have framed is referred to as ‘textualism’. In this regard, the author is identified to be adherence to textaulism2.3. Contextually, the essay majorly focuses towards understanding the patterns of textualisation as described by ’Antonin Scalia’.
In accordance with Justice Antonin Scalia, each and every constitutional law should be interpreted depending on the actual context and should not be subjected with the addition of multiple other associative meanings4.5. On the contrary, the commentators appeared to have criticized Justice Antonin Scalia stating him to be highly concentrative on the understandable meaning of the constitutional laws6. The commentators elaborated the necessity of the textualist towards understanding of the situation depending on which he /she should be interpreting the constitution laws. In accordance with the second commentator, textualisation of a constitutional law can either be projected as a narrowed down aspects or a broadened principle. Thus, the second comment implies the alignment of the commentator with the statements made by the first commentator7.
The second commentator left a vagueness within the understanding of the situation as per which the narrowing or the broadening of the contextual textualisation should take place. Irrespective of all these, the third commenter presented his views upon the two types of textualists i.e. ‘semantic-originalists’ and ‘expectation-originalists’ that take specific consideration of the law writer’s intention in terms of imparting a specific meaning of the constitution that appears to be misaligned with the facts mentioned by Justice Antonin Scalia8. Justice Antonin Scalia also proved the fourth comment regarding the attainment of associated meaning from the constitutional interpretation as vague by stating that the legislation only possesses the authority of structuring the rules and it should remain confined to a specific meaning9.
The alternative mentioned by Justice Antonin Scalia in terms of interpreting the constitutional laws can be considered as effective in recommending appropriate legal texts. The facts mentioned within the book has also been observed to be laying significant amount of focus on the development and introduction of a new ‘metaframework’ that can be considered as effective enough it terms of projecting an appropriate meaning of the constitutional laws rather than just concentrating on the vagueness of the historical interpretive patterns10.
Some of the comments made by the commentators can be considered as applicable under specific scenarios, but certain conditions should be abided upon regarding constitutional misinterpretation and in the formation of associated judgmental laws. Thus, the analysis also provides suggestions based on which improvements can be made in the US constitution.
Scalia, A. (1998). A matter of interpretation: Federal courts and the law. USA: Princeton University Press.

Case study ‘BRL Hardy Globalizing an Australian Wine Company’

The major reason behind the merger of these two wine companies was due to the consistent financial losses suffered by both the companies. In such circumstances, merger between these two wine companies was considered as to be best alternative for compensating the regular losses that they suffered. Hardy was well known and respected in the Australian wine market for its quality of wines. On the other hand, BRL was specialized in producing high volume of wines and was known as ‘oil refinery of the wine industry’ in Australia. Nonetheless, both the companies prior to their merger used to have different views and operated as market rivals for each other. Moreover, both the companies possessed diverse organisational structures as well as managerial approaches. However, as considerable profit was emerging from the home market in Australia, owing to which, both the companies merged to form BRL Hardy and concentrated in Australian Wine market in order to earn substantial profits and stabilise their financial elements. Later, when BRL Hardy started emphasising on foreign markets to expand its business, Europe became one of its most preferred destinations as a promising export market for BRL Hardy (Bartlett &amp. Beamish, 2011). Based on this case scenario, the essay intends to identify various strategies initiated by the company during its post merger operations and analyse the pros and cons of these strategies to evaluate its overall managerial effectiveness. Furthermore, the essay also intends to render rational recommendations that could have been effective for the company’s expansion in overseas.
Steve Miller, the CEO of the newly merged company BRL Hardy, during the mid 1990s, began to view the organisation not just as a ‘quality exporter’, but also to be the ‘world’s first global wine company’. Consequently, the notion of becoming world’s first global

What are the challenges posed in researching media audiences and how have media and cultural studies researchers addressed them

is considered as valuable by authors Morley and Barker who want the contribution of audience research to extend beyond what they term mere “stories” (Press, 2007: 95).
Audience Research: Research on users of information systems, and the World Wide Web environment which combines the features of an information system with many potentially entertaining visuals should be studied using the gratification theory. When there are a variety of different channels to choose from, our understanding of individual’s selection as well as use behaviour may be enhanced, according to Iyer (1998: 14).
It is an accepted fact that television presents a distorted view of reality (Bryant. Zillmann, 2002: 69). Researchers, media critics, television executives, and the general public are interested in knowing whether the distortion has any effect on people, and if so, why and to what extent. Over the past few decades there have been two persistent criticisms against media effects research: one is that the evidence accumulated till date show very little indication of media effects on people’s psyche, behaviour, etc, in spite of the myth of “massive media impact”. The second criticism of media effects research is that it has for the most part lacked any focus on
Barker (2007: 128) states that researchers felt the need for a fully elaborate audience research paradigm, and responded to it by developing the Uses and Gratifications Tradition. The virtues of this essay which has not yet been published, and the research that lay behind it, are the attempt to combine in a mutually informative way, a theoretical framework, working concepts, methods of enquiry, research implements and paradigmatic studies. Audience research in the United Kingdom, and consequently in the rest of Europe was conceived and constructed under Stuart Hall’s encoding-decoding model (Hall, Stuart, 1992: 31 as quoted in Barker (2007: 128). This model created a conceptualization of text-audience relations

Charities Shocking Their Way into Peoples Hearts

The essay "Charities: Shocking Their Way into People’s Hearts?" discusses the role of shock advertising in charity campaign, main contributors to these advertisements, and the extent of the success of the charities that used shockvertising. It also discusses moral implications, the sociological influence of resorting to such tactics to gain publicity.
Charity advertising campaigns usually resort to this type of promotion so that viewers will immediately grasp the essence of their organization and their advocacy. In 2007, a charity called “Enable”, a charity that helped people with learning disabilities, released posters that showed pictures of people with Down’s syndrome with catchphrases like “If I ate out of a dog bowl would you like me more?” and “Would you like me to sit up and beg?”. In 2008, Barnardo, a charity for children, introduced its TV commercial by Bartle Bogle Hegarty about a teenage girl powerless to escape from abuse and violence. This resulted in 477 complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority. In September 2009, Germany released its AIDS-awareness campaign commercial featuring Adolf Hitler with a message at the very end “AIDS is a mass murderer”. Newspaper ads and posters were also circulated, bearing the faces of other tyrants such as Stalin and Saddam Hussein with similar messages. This elicited strong reactions from viewers, mainly shock, disgust, and nausea. Things like these do catch people’s attention.

The Division of Labor in Society

There is no argument that change is sometimes good although often it disrupts people’s lives and maybe traumatic. The bone of contention with sociologist Richard Sennett is that change and especially technological advances are the root cause of worker’s woes and the source of injuries to and corrosion of character. It has transformed the capitalist economy into a new form of “flexible capitalism” or what Sennett calls “New Economy” which is less concerned about interpersonal relationships. In Sennett’s words, it is “a regime which provides human beings with no deep reasons to care about one another” (1999, 148). It has brought about new ways of working such as flexibility whereby jobs are replaced with projects and also involves reengineering, de-layering, downsizing. teamwork, decentralization and control. flextime. illegible work. disposable workers and new work ethic not based on hard work like the earlier protestant ethic promoted by Max Weber. This in turn according to Sennett has brought injuries to employees as well as corroded their character as now they are unable to make a coherent narrative of their lives or build their identity around work. This essay will explore Sennett’s work The Corrosion of Character: The Personal Consequences of Work in the New Capitalism to gain an insight as to how new ways of working injures and corrodes character and, whether it has made employees disposable and precarious workers and causes and consequences of such work in the modern corporation.

The world of work is characterised by change. Sociologists like Jean Jacques Rousseau, Thomas Hobbes, and John Locke give detailed accounts of how modern states and institutions emerged from state of nature to civilisation. In the state of nature, men hunted and gathered fruits for their sustenance. They then developed crude tools to skin animals and also for farming. With bountiful harvest and domestication of animals, the war became common and the need to safeguard property emerged leading to forming governments based on social contract (Hobbes, Leviathan).&nbsp.&nbsp.

The Sichuan China Earthquake

The loss is estimated to have been approximately $75 million. This meant that every decision that the country makes especially with regards to how they are supposed to be protecting the lives of the citizens has to take into consideration the potential effects of the physical location of these regions. This is an essay about the Sichuan Earthquake and it will discuss how the earthquake changed the Chinese way of living in every aspect of their lives, both positively and negatively. The earthquake was a big disaster to China but is also served to enhance the lives of the Chinese in the majority of the areas that were affected.
The earthquake occurred due to motion on a northeast striking fault or thrust on the northwestern margin of the Sichuan Basin. From the studies that were conducted afterward, the earthquake’s epicenter and the focal mechanism showed consistencies with its occurrence as a result of the adjustment of the Longmenshan fault or even a tectonically related fault (Eidinger et al. 2012). It meant that the earthquake was a reflection of the tectonic forces that resulted from the convergence of the crustal material that moved slowly from the Tibetan Plateau. It moved towards the West against the strong crust that was underlying the Sichuan Basin and southeastern China. In a nutshell, the earthquake is said to have occurred as a result of the motion of a northeast striking reverse fault on the Northwestern margin of the Sichuan Basin which generated the forces that had been responsible for the movement of the tectonic plates.
This was a reflection of the movement of forces that had moved from the convergence of crustal high material slowly moving from the high Tibetan plateau westwards. On a continental scale, the seismicity that resulted from the central and the eastern and central Asia is due to the northward convergence of the Indian plate with the Eurasian Plate (Fu, Nilsson &amp. Hu 2010).&nbsp.

Environmental Policies in the United Kingdom

Even at the highest levels, the government is now committed to developing policies on protecting the environment as well as sustaining it. This essay will discuss these policies: how they develop and their impact on the protection of the environment.
The legal framework in the United Kingdom is largely based on the European Union policies on environmental protection. These policies are then domesticated through the parliamentary process, and thus become national laws of the United Kingdom (Scotford &amp. Robinson 2013). Each area of the environment is distinct, and there are thus different laws.
The policies on environmental issues act as a supplement to the legislation. These policies sometimes contain substantive obligations in them and can legally constitute subjects of environmental protection. Because of the devolution policy in the United Kingdom, matters of environmental conservation are dealt with by the devolved administrations. Therefore, we cannot say that there is single legislation or policy to govern environmental matters in the UK (Scotford &amp. Oliver 2013)
The most significant legislation that made great strides in the environmental policy is the Environmental Protection Act 1990. This Act combined the various statutes on environmental protection into one Act. This Act also made changes in the institutions that cater to environmental matters. Controlling the pollution, introduced measures aimed towards preventing harm in the environment and not just limiting the amount of damage to the environment. There have been various reforms to this Act in its various parts. Some parts have been repealed, and others removed. For example, part 1 and various sections of part 2 were repealed in 1999 and 2010 by the Pollution Control and Prevention Act 1999, and Environmental Permitting Regulations 2010.
The environmental quality standards have also been adopted in legislation.&nbsp.

Image and Photographer

Running Head: IMAGE AND PHOTOGRAPHER Essay, Visual Arts and Film Studies: Image and Photographer May 30, Essay, Visual Arts and Film Studies: Image and Photographer
This paper analysis an image of the Vietnam war, shot by war photographer Larry Burrows. The image brings out the horror that was the Vietnam War, and the manner in which soldiers fought in extremely harsh and dangerous conditions, when death was just a bullet away. Several wartime photographers Larry Burrows, Malcolm Browne, Nick Ut, Henri Huet, Horst Faas, Kent Potter, Keisaburo Shimamoto, and others, brought out the harsh realities, the deep misery and tragedies of the war (Cosgrove, 2014).
1. Title, Date &amp. Artist
Title: Reaching Out South of the DMZ on Hill 484, South Vietnam/ Life Magazine
Date: October 1966
Artist: Larry Burrows (1926-1971)
2. Key Words
Cross Racial Kinship
Human Gesture
3. Form
This a color photograph, shot by Larry on a mud-splattered hill in the DMZ in Vietnam. The picture shows an injured Gunnery Sgt. Jeremiah Purdie reaching out to a stricken friend, who is resting on the ground, with his back against a mud embankment, clutching a wooden stub. The gunnery sergeant is oblivious to his own injury, and even though his head is bandaged, he is rushing forward to his friend. Other soldieries are trying to restrain him or supporting him, as he gazes at his friend, with deep concern, ignoring his own wounds, at the friend who is probably in his dying breath. The background shows other soldiers tending to their wounds, and resting. In the foreground, a couple of soldiers are staring with concern and horror at the fallen soldier. Tents and other equipment of the soldiers are seen in the background, with the trees reduced to ragged and jagged stumps from the heavy artillery fire. In the far background, the forest covered mountains rise and extend to the horizon, showing the enormity that is Vietnam. It is very heartening to see that the Gunnery Sergeant, who is an African American, has developed an intense friendship with his fallen comrade, who is white. One should remember that when this picture of shot in 1966, USA was in the depth of racism, with Blacks fighting for their rights and equality in White America. The picture shows that in war, the color of the skin does not matter, but only friendship and camaraderie (Cosgrove, 2014).
4. Process
It appears that the picture was taken in daylight using a head shot, with the photographer looking down on the scene. The artist has used a wide-angle lens of 50-100 mm, which allows for close up pictures to be taken, while still capturing the background scenery. Natural lighting with sunlight is used, and Flash does not appear to be used since the background shows the muddy ridge in detail with the brown earth. The dog tag on the Gunnery Sergeant does not show any glimmer or reflection from any flash. In addition, war photographers avoided using Flash, in case the light gave away their positions to the enemy. All the faces are sharp, focused, without any blurring, and this indicates that the photographer was probably positioned at a suitable position, which allowed him to capture the activity on the hill.
5. Content
The Vietnam War was a very traumatic event for thousands of soldiers, who fought in the war, against the Viet Cong, who received support from Soviet Russia. The war was widely criticized in the press and in the US public, as thousands of families received terse message informing them that their sons, brothers, and husbands died in a needless war. The Viet Cong knew the terrain very well, they knew how to fight guerilla warfare, and they had equipment from the Russians. The US soldiers, most of them raw recruits from colleges, and from poor families, were pushed into the deadly decimating war. The world came to know of the horrors of the war only through the work of the brave photographers such as Larry. These photographers, joined the war units, ventured into the front areas where the war was fought, and captured many searing images of the war, that helped to drive the public anger and opinion against the war. More than 2000 journalists and photographers perished in the war. It is very tragic that Larry was killed in 1971, when the helicopter he and other photographers were travelling in, was shot down over the jungles (The Guardian, 2015).
6. Conclusion
A detailed analysis of the war picture, shot by Larry Burrows. The five step process was used to analyze the image. Important elements of the image were explained in the analysis.

Cosgrove, B. (2014). Portrait From Hell: Larry Burrows’ ‘Reaching Out,’ 1966. Retrieved 30 May 2015 from http://time.com/3491033/life-behind-the-picture-larry-burrows-reaching-out-vietnam-1966/
The Guardian. (2015). Vietnam: The Real War – in pictures. Retrieved 30 May 2015 from http://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/gallery/2015/apr/22/vietnam-the-real-war-a-photographic-history-by-the-associated-press-in-pictures

Identity in Context and Stereotyping

Throughout this essay, an analysis of how various themes as gender, culture, and identity will be constructed as well as how they bring about stereotyping in the society.
Just to provide an overview of stereotype threat, it is important that we look at how (Steel and Aronson 797-811) made their argument. that stereotype threat to a greater extent lowers the performance of an individual as in the case of African American students in the reasoning and conceptual understanding sector. They have been overpowered and grounded by the stereotype that they do not have the ability to perform well in the said domains as compared to the Americans themselves. In such a case when individuals are facing stereotyping, it is better if they do not learn about it as the moment these African Americans got to know about the doubt on their abilities, their performance suddenly downsized.
Social identity is equally threatened whenever individuals in a particular group develop a feeling that they have been negatively judged. According to Tajfel &amp. Turner(1986), in reference to the social theory, it is clear that every member of a particular group would always struggle to make sure that they are surrounded by positive energy and that they are perceived positively by others. It is as soon as these positive perceptions face challenges that social identity threat is realized. Social identity threat and stereotype threat are considered by scholars to have similar elements that they share. for instance, just as stereotype threat gets individuals concerned about their self, social identity threat makes people belonging to a particular group concerned about the group’s well-being as well as how people perceive it(Derks, Inzlicht &amp. Kang 163-181).
Social identity and stereotype threats are consequential in areas&nbsp.performance, learning, among others In terms of performance, members of different gender groups are expected to perform dismally in areas where they are considered inadequate in terms of their ability.&nbsp.

Western Civilizations

Essay and short questions about western civilization Part Essay History illustrates transition from ancient civilizations to western civilization.Early civilization however formed the basis of western civilization whose major characteristics mirror properties of early civilization. This paper explores elements of early civilization that laid the foundation of western civilization.
Some of the major features of the western civilization are organized governance, advanced technology, and specialization of labor. While these factors have been refined to efficiency, they are significantly traceable to ancient civilizations. The high level of organized governance that is the major feature of the western civilization can for example be traced to the Greek civilization whose governance was based on political aspects. This politics developed to form an essential foundation of the western democratic based governance systems. The same effect emanated from the ancient Roman civilization.
Intellectual capacity into development of technology is another aspect of the early civilization that formed foundations of western civilization. Observed, for example in the Greek civilization, intellectual potentials in conjunction with artistic abilities was the foundation of crude technologies that have been refined and modified for application in the western civilization’ high level of technological applications. Examples are the instruments that facilitated agrarian revolution.
Specialization and division of labor are other characteristics of the western civilization that developed from crude concepts of ancient civilizations. The Egyptians’ civilization for instance observed specialization in roles by gender that designed specific roles to females and males. Though western civilization does not rely on gender, it has established specialization and division of labor based on individuals’ capacities and needs in work environments.
The western civilization is therefore an evolution from the ancient civilizations. It incorporated characteristics of various ancient civilizations such as political governance, technology, and specialization, and refined them to higher levels of efficiency (Spielvogel, p. xiv).
Part 2
Development of early civilization
The early civilization developed because of advancements in agricultural practices. Its development majorly occurred between 3000 B.C. and 1000 B.C. along riverbanks with fertile soils. Examples are river Nile, river Euphrates, river Tigris, and river India (Spielvogel, p. 7).
Characteristics that made Alexander a great general
Alexander had outstanding military features. He was for example tactical and could effectively organize his army based on the battleground’s topographic factors. He was also able to mobilize his troops and to push them to maximize their potentials. Similarly, he retained his interest in his forces. He was always keen on his troops’ needs and environments (Spielvogel, p. 103, 104).
Three major turning points in early Hebrew civilization
The three major turning points in early Hebrew history are recognition of God as a sovereign being, realization of moral freedom and realization of political freedom. Recognition of God’s sovereignty for instance led to self-awareness. It also established a distinct culture from the rest of the world. Moral freedom also freed the Hebrews from moral agents. Similarly, political philosophies shaped the society’s governance (Perry, et al, p. xx).
Roman and Greek cultures
The opinion that Roman culture was not original but a copy of the Greek culture is valid. This is because the Romans’ interaction with the Greek assimilated the Romans and they adopted laws and culture from Greeks. This resulted in a cultural transition. As a result, the roman culture is a copy of the Greek culture (Perry, et al, p. xxiii).
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Global Resource Depletion A Developing Focus in the Policy Arena

The essay will explain the various environmental risks and the impacts that deal with government policies, especially for the developing nations. The essay will also weigh the impacts of global shortages of essential raw materials and energy supplies against those of environmental risks, in order to accept the proposition as true or false.

Raw materials are primarily the substance used in the industrial production of a good. They include industrial minerals, agricultural raw materials, construction minerals, natural rubber. wood and metallic minerals. The human population on the earth has for years lived beyond their means. The amount of resources being consumed far outweighs what the earth can produce. Worse still, the trend is escalating, with both the developed and developing economies whetting their appetites for more raw materials, leaving a very devastating future projection. There is imminent depletion of the majority of essential raw materials within the century, with increased scarcity being the order of the day. Some of the aspects of human life that drive the need for more raw materials include technology, economic growth, and demography (Gonzales, 2008).

Metal production has witnessed exponential growth for a long time. However, the depletion of these resources has made it much more expensive to maintain production. The amount of energy and capital required to sustain production is ever increasing. Production of these minerals (raw materials) will fall, not because the mineral ores will have been depleted completely, but because the cost of production will outweigh the returns (Diederen, 2010).

The global depletion of raw materials has not been seen as one that holds potential consequences to the world economy. This is mainly because of the interrelationship between energy scarcity and raw materials depletion. The majority of raw materials require huge amounts of energy for extraction and transportation. However, since oil has been available, the energy required to extract raw materials has made the product cheaper, making it harder to visualize the depletion of these resources.&nbsp.&nbsp.

The Human Population Explosion on a Finite Planet

61500 The whole essay will be done on the basis of various secondary resources. According to Bryant, the exponential growth of the human population has already captured or degraded significant lands on the planet. He was told that with the increasing human population, requirements of the land have increased significantly. Till now the human population has encroached 39-50% of the global land area and the number is increasing. The human population uses 8% of the primary productivity of oceans. Here comes the worrying factor because the needs and requirements of human beings are rising like anything but with that increasing situation natural resources are not increasing that much. Increasing human population for the sake of their own interests has created environmental degradation significantly. Till date human being has contributed 30% of the CO2 concentration in the global atmosphere (Naam, 2013, pp. 67-72). This high CO2 concentration has contributed to lots of issues for human health. But unfortunately, the human being has not tried enough to curve this menace. Over the year human being kept on piling up population without considering the environmental effects (Nadakavukaren, 2011, pp. 45-48). This has made the situation even worst. Surface water is also an important natural resource that the global population using extensively. Increasing human population has already used up half of the global accessible surface water. It is a dangerous trend for human civilization and for the future of human beings. The population&nbsp.explosion is comprehensively detrimental to the global environment. As the living standards of the global population are increasing finite resources of the planet are also getting exploited. Ever-increasing trends of the global human population are over-utilizing limited resources.

An Extracurricular Activity

(Your College entrance essay on an extracurricular activity I am member of Cross Country team. I was not a top performer when I joined the team. The teammates helped develop my athletic skills and I started doing well in competitions. Along with athletic skills, I developed leadership traits. I transformed into an extravert and I helped other team members. I helped them in developing their racing skills. I started getting along with teammates and we helped each other in solving the challenges we faced in competitions. I started setting high aims for my team and myself and we strived hard to get those aims. These goals were realistic but were complex, our devotion and hard work aided us get these goals. I became more open to unlike challenges and started accepting challenges that were complex and I achieved major portion of challenges due to my aim of becoming a better athlete (Lussier 35). I gained control over my emotions and I never allowed my emotions to become an obstacle while making decisions. Management recognized my traits and they decided to promote me to Team Captain. Today I lead my team from the front and use all the traits to help my team win competitions. I want to attend your educational institute because I want to develop these traits so I can become a better athlete and a better person.
Works Cited:
Lussier, Robert N, and Christopher F. Achua.&nbsp.Leadership: Theory, Application, Skill Development. Australia: SouthWestern/Cengage Learning, 2010. Print

Ethical Sustainability Environmental Ethical Challenge

Environmental ethics is a branch of applied ethics that is mostly concerned about the entire ecosystem and the relationship between humans and the natural environment. The concept gained traction in the west by works of Henry David Thoreau and John Muir, who raised concerns about the value of non-human nature. However, Aldo Leopold’s essay The Land Ethic published in 1949 is generally considered as the key turning point in the field of environmental ethics. As an academic discipline, environmental ethics surfaced only after the early 1970s when the effects of the industrial revolution on the natural environment were widely witnessed by ecological researchers. Environmental ethics includes anthropocentric and non-anthropocentric (bio-centric or eco-centric) schools of thought. The former is human-centered, considering only human species as of primary concern, whereas the latter focuses on other aspects and components of nature as well (Kibert et al., 2012).

The contemporary industrial consumer societies hold a planetary worldview (anthropocentric) which asserts that as humans are the keystone species, they have the right to exploit natural resources to maximize their own benefit. Other species and natural components are valuable according to their usefulness to us. This world view is quite widely accepted due to the advancement in human living standards after rapid industrial development since the 1970s. The eco-centric worldview focuses on conservation of natural resources and ecosystems so that they are sustainable for humans as well as all forms of life. Major global challenges related to environmental degradation such as biodiversity loss and the degradation of ecosystems, natural resource depletion due to population growth, pollution and global warming due to climate change are all considered essentially ethical problems under this worldview. Eco-centric approaches emphasize that the human race as a keystone species have ethical and moral obligations and responsibilities towards protecting the environment.&nbsp.

Advanced strategic management

This essay is a critical evaluation of an organization facing a problem associated with a strategic issue. It focuses on Woolworths Group Plc. which is a renowned organization dealing with entertainment and media in the United Kingdom. The risks associated with focusing and directing most of the resources on improvement of operational effectiveness. Potential avenues for addressing this problem have been discussed focusing on the various techniques and models available, including the regression and the time series models.
The organization expanded rapidly since its establishment in 1909, leading to expansion in foreign markets for its entertainment products. It began going global in its operations, initially establishing in Liverpool and later expanding in the whole of the UK. By 2001, the company entered the London stock exchange after it broke off from its merger with Kingfisher Plc. The organization had been doing well in its recovery strategies, mainly focused on doing away with the huge amounts of stock that was in excess as well as offsetting the debts acquired while it was in a merger with Kingfisher. The management had to be strengthened. The organizational performance rose considerably since 2001 (Johnson et al 2004 p 66).
The organization was focused on improving its operational effectiveness through approaches aimed on reinforcement of infrastructure, whereby there were improvements in managing stocks, and the supply chain. Other aspects of operational effectiveness included reduction of suppliers and improvements in branding. More offices were bought in order to bring better services to customers in foreign markets such as Hong Kong (Johnson et al 2004 p 67). The organization also focused on product improvement, a factor that improved its competitive advantage in the short run. It established two operation lines, whereby according to Johnson et al, it had a woolies arm for retail while on the other

TV Show Family Guy

It has also left an impression on the broader popular culture, as some of the themes and motifs of the show are adopted and discussed in other shows and other media. This essay will argue that despite the controversial elements in its makeup, Family Guy is a valuable tool to understand American culture and society, especially human interpersonal relationships and the humor/aesthetic sense of American TV audience.
In Family Guy, the male characters talk openly about their sexual desires and experiences. Also, men praise each other for their sexual conquests. For example, in one episode, in what is a spoof on a popular childrens cartoon, one smurf congratulates another smurf for ‘smurfing’ Smurfette in a clear sexual allusion. In turn, boys/men express pride of accumulating sexual experience with girls/women. Women set sexual limits. Women were sometimes portrayed actively rejecting mens sexual advances. Lois’ repeated efforts to curb her husband Peter’s requests for sex is another source of humor. In more than one episode, Peter attempts to initiate sex with Lois in the presence of their young child. Outraged, the wife stops her husband, exclaiming, "For Gods sakes! Stewie is right here!" (Kim, et al. 145) Women need boyfriends or husbands. Female characters without boyfriends or husbands were made to feel deficient. A teenage boy asks his inexperienced sister, "What kind of gifts have boys gotten for you, Meg?" causing Meg to cry hysterically and run out of the room. (Kim, et al.145) In this context, not all media critics are able to appreciate and hold a liberal view of Family Guy. Those from the conservative sections rate the show lowly. They cite the show’s supposed foul, raunchy angle for the denigration. According to this view,
In its first full year, the shows creators managed to include nearly every conceivable obscenity, and references to every

Analysis Odwalla Case

Odwalla case assignment The major aim of any company is profit maximization besides upholding the values of the company. Odwalla being the largest producer of fresh fruit and vegetable in the western United States would be faced with the same predicaments. This essay analyses the Odwalla case scenario with respect to the E coli bacterium. It will involve a study of the key stakeholders, their interests, the customer concern and even analyze the position of other relevant stakeholders not discussed.
Key stakeholders
Behind every business is the owner of the business idea. This is the person who will influence every decision made in a company if not all the decisions. In this case, it is Greg Steltenpohl who is currently recognized as a company founder and chairman (p. 422).the business was his brain child, and he revealed to have gotten the idea from a book. However, the founded the company alongside his wife, Bonnie Basset and friend Gerry Percy. They worked as a team so as to purchase a used hand juicer for 200$ and began producing fresh squeezed orange juice. This marked the beginning of Odwalla Company.
Key stake holders’ interests
In order to run an institution properly, it is vital to have clearly defined goals that will eventually serve the interests of the company. One of the driving concerns of Odwalla Company was to widen its clientele that eventually would serve to give it some market dominance. This was to be achieved be extending its market reach by expanding its own distribution and production capabilities and by acquiring other juice companies (p. 422).Another interest was to have a variety of products in its production line. The confirmation of this is when it added carrot juice in 1983 and apple juice in 1985 ,in its line. Odwalla also wanted to achieve rapid growth by use of bank loans and private stock earnings. Moreover, the company also wanted to be an industry producing natural fruit of high quality. Environmental conservation was also of primary concern by recycling of plastic bottles while inorganic products converted from landfills.
Customer involvement
E.Coli bacterium is spread to humans be fecal contamination when or secondary infection.It produces a potent toxin that attacks the lining of the gut. This poses a health risk to customers in the sense that in case the juices are pasteurized then the nutritional content is lost. The manner in which the case is handled is also a clear indication of how important the company values its customers.By taking responsibility of the customers health once the case is confirmed ,is a clear indication that Odwalla values its customers.
Odwalla’s move to recall the products
Suppose I was the company CEO I would have taken the same move to recall the products. This is because it will contain the products already in circulation and it is a sure way of ensuring the product is disposed. Besides, it will help in containing the spread of false information.
Fiduciary responsibility of the owners
The CEO’s move does not serve to uphold his fiduciary responsibly to Odwalla’s owners because every decision he makes has to be in the best interest of the company much as this move was in the best interest of the consumers. He was not legally obligated to make such a move especially owing to the fact that it was not confirmed to be the cause of the epidemiology. He was addressing the possible fears rather than working with the facts at hand.
Works cited
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Mechanism of Black Holes

the term “black hole” refers to a region of space-time from which the gravitational pull is so strong that it does not allow anything, including light, to escape (Begelman, 2003), which implies that black holes cannot be observed. This essay will explore the concept of black holes, that is, all that is currently known about this phenomenon, how they are formed, and what can be learnt from them. similarly, this essay will also highlight how black holes are detected and how they are made.
The appearance of an event horizon, the boundary in space-time through which matter and light are attracted inwards towards the mass of the black hole becoming trapped permanently, is the most distinguishable feature of a black hole. As noted earlier, not even light can escape from a black hole since anything that draws nearer and crosses the event horizon boundary is trapped due to the strong gravitational pull that defines black holes (Kormendy, Bender &amp. Cornell, 2011). an event horizon is thus called since if an event occurs within the boundary, this information is never known to an outside observer. Einstein’s theory of relativity argues that the presence of mass distorts spacetime thereby causing the paths taken by particles to bend towards the mass and given that this deformation is so strong at the event horizon, no paths can lead away from the black hole because all matter is trapped inside, including light (Hooft, 2009).
Precisely, an object falling into a black hole appears to slow down as it draws nearer to the event horizon but never really reaches it, due to the gravitational time dilation effect (Nrumiano, n.d). Similarly, an outside observer will experience all processes on an object nearing the event horizon as slowed down, and the emitted light will appear dimmer and redder due to the gravitational redshift effect. as soon as the falling object reaches the event horizon, it becomes so dim that it can never be seen. Black holes often form at the ends of the

Understanding of health

As a result of the controversy surrounding the changes currently being proposed by the President of the United States, the issue of healthcare in America is particularly timely and relevant. Seeking to understand healthcare from an issue-based perspective and attempting a holistic analysis, this essay will compare and contrast the medical model of healthcare with the social model of health. Following this we will debate which model is the most important to health today giving examples as to why this might be.
In the United States, health insurance coverage ensures that basic healthcare can be accessed by all. Individual comprehensive health insurance plans depend on an one’s age, employment status, residency, and race/ethnicity. Medicare is a federal government funded insurance program for disabled young adults, persons above the age of 65, and those with permanent disabilities who become eligible for Social Security. A racial difference in coverage among Medicare beneficiaries has also been found to influence difference in supplemental care. Most individuals rely on private healthcare plans for the coverage that they need and the Obama administration is seeking to implement a single payer government system of healthcare as part of his reform package as opposed to market-based reform. Decried by detractors as “socialism”, Obama’s plan proposes that the government become more actively involved in healthcare provision and argues that the reform will cost a total of $1 trillion USD. Seeking to address the issues at stake, the following will provide a concise overview of theories of healthcare in America, as well as around the world, today (Smedley et al. 2003. Reuters, 2009).
There are two important theoretical models of healthcare which will be discussed in this analysis. The first is the medical model of healthcare and it represents the

Global Supply Chain Managment (A critical analysis of a retail businesses supply chains and their ability to weather the current economic climate)

The company is also one of the largest exporters and has its branches in various parts in other countries where it has expanded its business successfully. The various products that the company have are like Lux, Wheel, Rin, Surf excel, Kwality Wall’s for ice cream section etc. and many more brands in the category of tea, coffee, soaps, personal care products, ice cream.
To have such a good and wide network the company has a good supply chain management system. In this report the supply chain network of the company and its importance in the business process of the company is been seen using various theories and concepts of supply chain management. The effective use of supply chain and the process for implementation of efficient supply chain is been analysed in this essay.
For such a huge company like Hindustan Unilever it needs to have an effective supply chain management and have a good control over the supply chain network. The company has a good supply chain network and different for villages and different for the urban cities. There are few issues related to the supply chain network of the company which can affect the company and also is affecting the company in a huge way. With the growing competition the company needs to have an error free supply chain network so that it can capture most of the market share (James, Rowland-Jones and O’Brien, 2004, pp. 56-64). The issues that are affecting the supply chain network of the company are been listed below.
Order’s are not getting fulfilled properly as every retail shop is finding shortage of some or the other particular product in their stores. This unavailability of thee product does affects the company as the customers tend to buy other brand products and HUL looses customers in this way. This also makes the retailer to be less interested in selling other HUL products and he/she prefers

The Minimum Drinking Age in the US Must Be Reconsidered

Before exploring the ethics, evidence, and explanations which favor one the Minimum Legal Drinking Age stance over another, it is necessary to outline the reasons that have led to the enhancement of the importance that the topic under consideration commands. I believe it is essential to highlight this aspect of this argument to develop the understanding of the reader regarding the contextual background of the notion which is under consideration and I appreciate that this criteria has been fulfilled by the author in the MLDA essay.
In the MLDA essay paragraph number 2, the author discusses that for a significant proportion of the population, the enforcement of regulations which restrict alcohol consumption for individuals below the age of 21 contradicts with the ways in which society as a whole function. A vivid example of this is associated with the fact that the American society promotes the advancement of the youth by instilling in them the tenets of progress, liberty, and equality that are enjoyed by all citizens of America through the power of the vote which is granted to the citizens at the age of eighteen. I like how the author has contrasted the privileges that are granted to an individual at the age of eighteen in this paragraph because this enhances the depth of the argument by raising a critical question which argues that if a young adult is allowed and even encouraged to participate in the democratic process at this age, why do the rationalities that are linked with this judgment not apply in the case of the MLDA argument?

Reallocation of Costs in Information Technology

3750 Reallocation of Costs in Information Technology Reallocation of Costs in Information Technology Introduction With the rapid technological advances in the information technology sector, businesses have gotten confused as to how costs for IT can be allocated in their books. Would IT costs be operational or fixed, or would these costs be allocated in a lump sum or on a granular level. This essay aims to evaluate the processes in allocation of IT costs and the purpose why it is required. The paper will also evaluate the benefits and how organizational decisions can affect cost allocation. Process of Allocation of IT Costs When information technology is implemented within organizations, it is important to identify how the costs of this investment will be allocated within the books. Costs for any other investment for instance, physical assets (land, building, furniture, etc.) are easy to understand and allocate. However, allocation for information technology assets and expenses is more difficult to decide because information technology transcends departmental boundaries. Generally, the process used to classify information technology costs is a flat fee mechanism. So, the IT department sets out a specific standard rate for a project, irrespective what the length of the project would be, and who would be the team members within the project, as well as ignoring the level of experience and expertise involved in the project. So in each instance, whether it is project costs or expenses based on running of information technology within the organization, all are allocated as an average based on the number of employees within the organization. In most organizations, this is the method followed and is considered one of the easiest to use and implement. (Branton, 2010. Apptio, 2010. McCann, 2010) Purpose of Cost Allocation The primary reason why organizations allocate costs for information technology to various departments is to ensure that IT costs are accounted for. IT costs are not as easy to calculate and allocate like any other cost. For example, cost of using furniture is easy to calculate (depreciation), but cost of using a computer is not as easy to evaluate. Further, cost of investing in a piece of land is easier to comprehend, however, cost for investing in software may not be as easy to understand and allocate in the organization. Therefore, the purpose of allocation of IT costs is primarily to identify where information technology is being used, and to what extent. As a result, cost is then spread out in the organization based on the allocation mechanism that is in place. (Branton, 2010) Benefits of Cost Allocation There are various benefits of the right cost allocation system for information technology. IT helps the entire organization through various levels and in several ways. The costs incurred need to be charged back based on the usage of IT facilities and systems. With the right system, cost allocation is accurate and efficient indicating the extent of usage of IT across departments. Cost allocation is also helps in identifying the cost and business centers within organizations, which in turn helps determine where costs need to be curtailed and which areas are generating better business, in terms of information technology. (Branton, 2010) Comparison of ABC Costing against Lean Manufacturing Activity based costing specifically in the IT sector involves charging the actual costs resulting from information technology, in order determine the actual profit of the organization. As the name suggests, activity based costing involves calculating the actual costs that are incurred on each business activity, and then allocating them to the business or specific department from where the cost originated. In lean manufacturing, costs are based on indirect expenses as well as the actual, direct expenses. As a result, lean manufacturing involved a more detailed analysis of the cost structure, especially when it comes to information technology and costs incurred in this sector. (Apptio, 2010) Organization’s Decision Affecting Cost Allocation An organization defines its cost structure and allocation of costs on the basis of various factors. These factors may include the type of industry in which the company operates. the types of costs that it incurs the type of cost structure currently functional in the industry. amongst other factors. Once the organization decides the types of costs it needs to allocate and how, the business’s finances are affected. For example, if the company decides on the ABC method of costing, then costs are allocated in actual, to each department where information technology costs have been incurred. For instance, these costs might include usage of computers, usage of a specific software, and some allocated benefits may include sales earned through software (leads generated through CRM) etc. (Apptio, 2010) References: 1. Apptio. (2010). Activity based costing is the best allocation methodology [Web log message]. Retrieved from https://community.apptio.com/blog/b/it-financial-transparency/archive/2010/03/16/activity-based-costing-is-the-best-allocation-methodology.aspx 2. Branton, D. (2010).&nbsp.How to create a system for charging back it services. Retrieved from http://www.cio.co.uk/article/3217465/how-to-create-a-system-for-charging-back-it-services/ 3. McCann, D. (2010).&nbsp.The New Star of IT Cost Allocation. CIO Magazine. Retrieved from http://www.cfo.com/article.cfm/14494101

Operational Effectiveness of Dow Chemical Co (Dow)

92250 This essay explores basically four inter-related processes in relation to the operational effectiveness cycle.&nbsp. The first process involves the leading and controlling of functional performance such as sales, production, logistics, research, and development among others. These functions are specialized to ensure that there is focus on the organization’s core competencies, which differentiate the company from its competitors. Aside from the functions, processes also play a vital role in the company’s operations. As such, measuring and improving processes or standard methods follow. Operational effectiveness also requires the constant and systematic search for opportunities to leverage the company’s core expertise. These processes result in the continuous improvement in functional performance. Dow is a $33 billion enterprise, which serves customers in more than 180 countries. The company may be virtually unknown to the end-user sector since its products are not generally used by consumers. Dow provides innovative “building block” chemical, plastics and agricultural products that form part of a wide range of consumer industries. Top industries for Dow’s products include automotive and transportation, building maintenance and construction, electronics and entertainment, food and food packaging, health and medicine, home care and improvement, paper and publishing, and water purification. In an interview with Mr. William S. Stavropoulos, Dow Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer, he admitted that the company has undergone massive restructuring and changes in its product line. Its corporate plan is divided into two phases, the positioning stage, and growth stage.

Why Abortion is Immoral

Marquis’s objective in his essay “An Argument that Abortion Is Wrong” is to show that the ending of a pregnancy before birth is a crucial breach of ethics. The author supports the prohibition of abortion since it counters certain aspects of life ethically. He trusts that a fetus is an existing being and has the right to live. In the thesis, the writer says that the right to life overrides that of self-body control. thus abortion is wrong. The article also shows that human beings try to exclude fetuses as living beings, but Don Marquis criticizes that point by describing a fetus as being living within another organism. The author also attacks pro-choice’s belief that only people have the privilege to live by pointing out that there is no means to confirm that a fetus is not a person. However, he agrees that in particular circumstances abortion is valid. According to Don Marquis, abortion is morally legal in cases such as when the pregnancy endangers the life of the mother, it is fourteen days and below after conception or rape. Generally, the author’s persuasive argument lies in the fact that the act of abortion is wrong since it involves killing a human being just like any other.
Based on traditional, ethical and religious laws in conjunction with the law of nature, every living being has a right to life. For that reason, I believe that an abortion is a wrong thing to do, especially to an innocent person. I agree with Don Marquis’s notion that abortion is an immoral act unless the circumstances revolving around the pregnancy counter other moral aspects.
Ethical theories dictate that people have a social responsibility to look after incapacitated human beings. An incapacitated person refers to an individual who lacks the ability to live normally or do ordinary things since they lack certain cognitive aspects.

Key Characteriscics for Effective Leadership

To be effective, a leader must possess certain characteristics that can bring people together and harness the potentials of these people to execute an activity of series of activities successfully.
If the leader does not know how to set his or her organization in the right direction, the organization will not be productive and when an organization is not productive, its people will eventually leave (Blanchard et al 2005). A misguided organization may not even survive in a very competitive environment thus, it is very important for a leader to know how to direct its people and stay in the right course. In today’s business environment, every organization needs the right kind of leader to stay alive and productive in a highly competitive environment.
Understanding the nature of leadership by identifying the desirable traits of effective leaders is very important. For the purpose of this essay, we will evaluate the different successful leaders in our modern times to identify the characteristics that made them effective leaders in their fields. To go about these tasks, we will take a look at the work of Jack Welch of General Electric Inc, Steve Jobs of Apple Inc and Bill Gates of Microsoft. General Electric Inc is one of the top companies worldwide and its journey towards the top has been the lifework of its former Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Jack Welch. On the other hand, Apple Inc and Microsoft have both revolutionized the world of computers and gadgets in the past decades.
In order for a company to move forward and in the right direction, it needs to attract the right kind of leaders to run its affairs. According to Drucker (1967), characteristics of leaders may differ but they always get the right things done and in doing their jobs, these people also utilize their time effectively, organize their tasks according to priorities, focus on the contribution of

Creative Thinking and Enthusiasm in Business School

Admission Essay for Business School I have been planning to enter Bentley for the last three years. I have searched for a Business School which provides students with opportunities to learn and apply their knowledge and skills, proposes student advanced curriculum combined with a liberal arts education. I see Bentley as one of the best Business School because of its high ethical standards and leadership programs crucial for modern business. I am a career-oriented person with strong leadership skills and great desire to become a real professional in my field. I suppose that Business School will help me to master leadership and management knowledge and develop my personal skills.
I have chosen this Business School because it is a unique institution which provides students with practical skills so important in modern business. I find that Bentley has a unique leadership focus which allows to them to prepare really good managers (and all successful businesses have them) capable of having, or recognizing, good ideas and using them to make things happen in a new way: of translating ideas into useful, practicable and commercial products, services or systems. Modern business cannot exist without innovation and Bentley integrates new approaches of business into its curriculum. At Bentley, innovation draws together new ideas and their implementation, whereas creativity is the having of new ideas which, in an organization, are generated or spotted by individuals or teams. I am opining to enter Bentley because it encourages creativity in people (including oneself) by exploring some of the qualities and characteristics of creative thinkers and the activities/steps that can be undertaken to improve the processes involved. In innovation it must be remembered that creative thinking makes it possible and teamwork makes it happen.
I am eager to improve my leadership skills and become an expert in this field. I see training and education as the main methods to improve myself and increase productivity. A number of those whose fundamental interests are in leadership effectiveness and training feel that progress would be facilitated by greater attention to underlying specific behavioral processes. I suppose that modern organizations need to go beyond traditional task and socio-emotional categories of behavior. this should be in the direction of identifying the basic building blocks of interactions.
I am a hard-working student who spends much time working on my personal development and self-improvements. For a long period of time, I like basketball and travel: baseball helps me to feel a team spirit and travel inspires my desire to master new knowledge and see new places. I have worked as a volunteer and know that communication and good management skills are crucial for every manager. From my own experience I know that it is not always easy to manage the creative and innovative aspects of teamwork, where individuals ideally need to share the values, characteristics and interests of the other team members, to work with them in harmony and yet have something different to offer. My experience as volunteer shows that managers who are creative and act in innovation-friendly ways have not only the usual leadership skills (of defining objectives, planning, controlling, supporting and reviewing in the areas of task, team and individual needs) but also are able to work with half-formed ideas.
I admitted to Bentley, I will bring to the Business School creative thinking and enthusiasm, ethical and moral principles and innovative ideas. I am proud to become a student of Bentley became it is an ideal place to master new knowledge and skills and become an expert in the business world. My future and career depends on my education opportunities and programs so I have chosen Bentley because it is an ideal place for me to develop and improve my communication and management skills.

Media Education in Schools

This essay declares that the society generates needs that match with new and available technologies instead of technology being created to match current needs. With this argument, he seems to agree to McLuhan’s famous quote that ‘medium is the message’ where the kind of media used by the society is a prominent force of cultural and social change then any statement delivered through that media. This simply means that apart from providing education, the system needs to look into the manner in which it is imparting it and assess whether any changes need to be initiated to correct any deficiencies and enhance the quality of education imparted to students.
Tis paper makes a conclusion that technology can shape society. Schools can no longer rely on traditional methods to educate the masses. The advent of modern media like television and the Internet have given people access to a lot more information that a school alone cannot teach any longer. In fact, much of this information can be accessed within the classroom especially through the instantaneous access to the World Wide Web. This enhances the role of the school as information, in itself, is not restricted to anyone and easy to access. The education system needs to focus primarily on two objectives: teaching children to behave as part of a new and broader community and to learn and ignore useless information. Thus, the emphasis of media education should rely increasingly on filtering information and learning the proper ways to handle it. In many ways, this addresses the predominant notion of media education.

How has conflict changed in the postCold War world Explain this change using two IR theories Note This question poses the end of the Cold War as a watershed in contemporary conflict The Cold War had framed all conflict through the lens of superpower

As such, Joseph Stalin of USSR blamed the WWII on capitalism and was bent on ensuring its collapse while Roosevelt aimed at ending the spread of fascism communism especially in Eastern Europe. The cold war thus began in 1946-1991. It was regarded as Cold War since there was no direct fighting between the two superpowers but use of proxy wars in Korea, Vietnam, and Afghanistan among other areas. The war escalated leading to arms and space race with potential of culminating into an all-out nuclear WWIII or annihilation.
The end of the Cold War led to redefinition of international conflict. While the Cold War involved conflicts between sovereign nation states (inter-state conflict), in post-Cold War period internal conflicts are predominant. Yilmaz observed that “from May 1988, as the cold War was coming to an end, up to present day, out of the 47 conflicts in which United Nations has intervened, only 3 are inter-state in character.”1Now some conflicts are considered threats to international peace even though states are not fighting. The aim of this essay is to evaluate how conflict has changed in the post-Cold War using two international relations theories: realism and liberalism. It will argue that the Cold War had framed all conflicts hence the end of cold war was a watershed in contemporary conflicts. This change is enhanced by democratization, end of bipolarity, increased globalization, and redefinition of sovereignty, international coordination of security policy as well as increased role of international organizations such as the UN.
There have been various wars in the international system ranging from civil wars to wars of international scale such as the First World War and Second World War culminating into the Cold War. Due to the size and character of the wars, Goldstein et al. Acknowledges the difficulty involved in defining war.2 As such, many theories have been advanced as to what causes war but none of these theories has a strong empirical

Video Conferencing Threatening Business Travel

Several publications put an emphasis on the developments and realities of video conferencing. The illustrated case after case of people making use of video conferencing and avoiding travel (Davidson &amp. Cope 2003). A number of companies, such as Siemens, LifeSize, and Cisco Systems, have been developing this form of technology for several years now (King 2009). Fortunately, or unfortunately for others, the rapid progress of the current economic crisis is speeding the pace of its implementation. It is not likely that video conferencing can replace business travel, yet companies are increasingly resorting to it as the drawback of the technology—such as dropped calls, wobbly connections, and confusing delays—mostly has been remedied (Tracy 2009).
This essay is an attempt to discuss the possibility of video conferencing replacing business travel in the near future. Through specific examples and empirical evidence, this essay aims to give light to this new trend in technology and business tourism industry. The current literature on this issue includes the inexpensiveness of video conferencing and transforming economics as well as the ‘not so sophisticated’ adaptations of the technology such as those provided by Google, yahoo, or skype. These low- and high-tech video technologies are by now beginning to transform numerous procedures not just in the business tourism industry but also in other professional and skilled sectors of the economy.
Several authors discussed particularly the effect of video conferencing on business travel and reduced popularity of business travel. For instance, Hewlett-Packard and Cisco have experienced a considerable growth rate in their video conferencing units over the recent decade (King 2009). The enterprise of video technology is fascinating in two points. First, from the point of view of the customers, although the direct capital needed is not negligible, it evidently saves a great deal of money (Beaverstock, Derudder, Faulconbridge, Witlox &amp. Beaverstock 2010). Video technology also embodies a remarkable way for employers to prove to their employees their concern for both their work/life balance and for making their business socially responsible (Collis 2002).

Success Factors of Knowledge Management

1. What are the major milestones in developing knowledge workers? Explain why each milestone is significant. Developing knowledge workers is a complicated and imperative focus field for any company that desires to perform well and remain knowledge-driven. The essay presents a discussion of major milestones for developing successful and knowledgeable workers.
&nbsp.a. Develop and Train Knowledge leaders performing organization perceives knowledge leadership training as a crucial aspect of being a competitive knowledge enabled firm not only at the stage of leadership but throughout the entire company (Yap &amp. Webber, 2015).
b. Leadership CompetenciesFor instance, in Acquisition Solutions, the most important factor is to provide knowledge management chances. The company should identify and develop mentors, champions, and managers through the recognition and creation of an evolving set of characters for the identification of knowledge leaders. Another factor is to provide resources and support for knowledge workers. This occurs through a centrally accessible learning center. It is imperative to reward knowledge workers and measure the efficiency of the workers. Rewarding knowledge workers function as a form of extrinsic motivation for them to remain productive in their respective sections.&nbsp.

2. Identify and analyze the meaning of knowledge management. What are some examples of knowledge management? Knowledge management refers to the process of taking, dispensing, and efficiently utilizing knowledge (Lindner &amp. Wald, 2011). In a broader sense, the field promotes an inclusive approach to identification, capture, assessment, retrieval, and dissemination of all the company’s information assets (Rasula, Bosilj &amp. Indihar, 2012). Examples of knowledge management may include databases, documents, laws, processes, and initially un-captured skill and experience in particular employees.&nbsp.Knowledge management enhances competencies and innovation among employees (Lopez-Nicolas &amp. Merono-Cerdan, 2011). Knowledge management encompasses lessons learned that tries to capture and unveil information operationally acquired. It also promotes organizational culture (Zheng, Yang &amp. McLean, 2010). When implementing knowledge management, a company may incorporate an expertise locator system, which is straightforward in identifying workers within the company that has specific expertise in certain fields.

In conclusion, this paper provided two key areas of knowledge management: the meaning of knowledge management including some of the examples, and steps towards developing knowledge workers to enhance the profitability of a company. Notably, knowledge management enhances competencies and creativity among employees.&nbsp.&nbsp.

The Case of Tripadvisor in Crowdsourcing

Secondly, the paper will highlight on how crowdsourcing can assist travelers to get information and reviews concerning new destinations. Thirdly, the research essay will propose the use of TripAdvisor, which is an online platform where members share information and reviews about hotels, resorts, flights, restaurants, and vacation rentals among others.
Pritchard and Simmonds (1982) lamented that many travelers rely on an ‘inside man’ or locals whenever they are visiting a new destination, thereby limiting their experiences and opportunities to the knowledge of the locals. This not only limits what the travelers might have learned about the new place but it also makes them prone to exploitation by the locals who might take advantage of them because of their limited knowledge about the new destination. Russell and Cohn (2012) further lament that the locals or contact person usually give information and reviews to travelers from their own perspective, and it might be biased or false information.
Morrell (2008) in his studies suggested that it is far much better for travelers to learn about new destinations from others who were also new to the destination and shared their first-hand experience of the destination. This enables the traveler to learn about the new destination from the perspective of someone who also once new at the same destination.
According to Estellés and González (2012), crowdsourcing provides an online platform whereby a user can pose a question or problem and then other users or members of the site also known as the crowd can contribute their answers or solutions to the problem. Figure 1 below demonstrates this, whereby the crowd surrounds the red image. The user will have the advantage of obtaining numerous feedbacks that are, worthwhile. Brabham (2008) and Sloane (2011) in their studies describe crowdsourcing as the process whereby tasks are outsourced to external parties either through the online or offline platform. Heiko (1996) stated that among the greatest accomplishment achieved through crowdsourcing was the development of Linux software.

Three Amazing Facts of Lifestyle from Greek History

The eating, sleeping and working habits were completely different as compared to the modern world. Ancient Greece had the most advanced economy during the 5th and 4th centuries BC. The life of the workers in Greece was much better compared to the life of workers in Egypt. However, the belief in God and the superstition among the people of Egypt and Greece were almost similar. The Greeks feared their God very much and they had different stories for different Gods they worshipped. According to their belief, Zeus was the king of all Gods and there believed the existence of magicians and sorcerers, such as Medusa. The people of Athens strongly believed that their time had the ability to protect their city from natural disasters and wars. This essay highlights some important facts about the Greeks that show their superstitious nature.
Greek history has been regarded most important by historians all over the world. Ancient Greece was one of the most civilized countries and it was divided into many small kingdoms under different rulers. Among the Greeks, Athens and the Spartan histories have been most famous due to their extraordinary lifestyle and developments. According to historians, the Greek people were completely dependent on their Gods and they worshipped the Gods in order to please them. The Greeks believed that all Gods had different departments and they played an important role in the life of people. The Greeks worshipped Zeus as the God of weather and the most supreme power among all Gods. Poseidon was the God of seas and he was worshipped by fishermen mainly. Athena was regarded as the Goddess of wisdom and Hades was worshipped in fear as he was believed to be the God of the underworld or the dead. The Greeks imagined that the Gods gained their power due to the love and fear people had towards them and the people were blessed by the Gods&nbsp.in extreme circumstances.

Proliferation of Social Media Networks

It is visible to all people from all over the world. This new way of contact and talk decreases in-person talk and contact. People like to chat via the Internet, share messages, follow people, contact by e-mails or Whatsup but do not want to waste time in socializing. All the reservations and payments are made online so people use social media to purchase, to find out which brand is good, where the sale is going on and what are the offers. All these chats have made social media very popular. People share information, messages go viral as soon as they are uploaded and thus social media is a very good medium to convey messages all over the world in seconds.

People are now talking with communities, customers and businesspersons this shows that SM is into the business also (Wright &amp. Hinson, 2008). There is no doubt in calculating the power of SM, which is a very great medium to reach people and talk with them may they be relatives, friends, contacts, colleagues or anyone whom we may not know but can call as cyber friends. The popularity of SM helps companies also to run their business. Companies can contact customers also for feedback. Information about the brand or product can be known through SM and this will help companies to advertise their brands.

SM lets one know about the world in a few seconds and this is why it is called viral, just one click and the news is sent to one or to millions of its users. SM very helps to convey the message and to give the message. This essay is to show how SM is spreading and rising and spreading networks in the form of Facebook (Fb), twitter and how people changing their style for living and speaking to others.

In recent years, social media sites like Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook have given buttons called “share”. Share buttons and set in codes are a good way to spread information. For example, if a person likes a video on YouTube, they can press the share button with the Facebook icon. The video&nbsp.will then show on the person’s Facebook page.&nbsp.

Corporate Responsibilities and Marketing Strategies

It is evident that with the rise in profits the level of social and ethical responsibility rises at the same time in the contemporary world. Thus, in order to keep the privileged position as one of the most successful global businesses, Apple is certainly preoccupied with the task of maintaining their customers and partners. In other words, in contemporary world issues of reputation and strategy arise as crucial elements of corporate success. Therefore, the given essay presents the analysis of attitude demonstrated by Apple Corporation towards its ethical obligations for the society while possessing its marketing strategy nowadays. In this context, it is evident that the corporation needs to ensure its corporate social responsibility conduct to Asian outsourcing companies and accumulate already gained innovative potential in its marketing strategy.
Within its inner structure, Apple Inc. is a unique example of the vertically integrated four-in-one company. in particular, it presents a complex conglomerate of hardware workers, software specialists, services equipment creators, and retail representatives (Vergara, 2012, p. 78). In this context, Apple is an unusual enterprise in its sector, as it is “opposed to another computer, tablet or smartphone companies that only design or make the hardware, and rely on other suppliers to supply the operating system and related applications (or apps), and to sell the product” (Vergara, 2012, p. 78). In other words, the comprehensive internal structure of Apple fully satisfies all its needs connected with innovations, production, and sales. In addition, it enlarges the number of personnel. At the same time, it means the greater responsibility and obligations of corporative management. Even though “Apple is not a manufacturing firm” and “it outsources its production to other electronic.

The Use of Character and Setting in Literature

Moreover, the book has been designed to help students learn how to research and analyze information from written materials by inviting affecting reading skills. The essay will examine the use of character and setting using the textual approach. According to Gish Jen, she defines character as the central point of all fiction stories (Delbanco and Cheuse 104). The character represents people’s emotions, mental abilities, and social qualities and, it is developed from the beginning of a story to the end. The paper has identified the use of the character in “Who’s Irish” by Gish Jen and “The Jilting of Granny Weatherall” by Katherine Anne Porter. The paper will also focus on the use of setting in “The Location of the River” by Barry Lopez” and “Why I Live at the P.O.” by Eudora Welty. The paper will show that the importance and the use of character and setting as devices of literature, rangers from one author to another but most importantly, they are used to define and shape the characters, reflect emotional states and engage the reader in the atmosphere of the story.
The character has been defined as the most important part of a fiction story because it helps the reader to understand the people who have been featured in the story (Stobaugh 112). One of the key elements in understanding a story is to identify the protagonist and the antagonist. As Eder, Jannidis and Schneider (50) explain, if the roles of the characters in a story are not well defined, there are high chances that it will also be difficult to develop other concepts including themes, plot, styles and any other technical virtuosity (Dobbs, et al., 49).
Jen in his story focuses on the character of grandmother. Jen introduces grandmother as a character and as a narrator. As a character, a grandmother is stubborn, practical, close-minded, demanding, traditional and proud. In some instances, she is witty and proud of her fierceness. For&nbsp.example, she backs away not only from gang members when she was working in a restaurant, but she also refuses to yield ground to her granddaughter.&nbsp.

Value of Alternative Medicine

The rationale for using alternative medicine alongside conventional medicine in modern medical practice is attributed to the need to improve or restore health through the exploration of various treatment options. This essay will evaluate the extent to which alternative medicine may be considered a viable treatment option. First, I will evaluate the perception of medical practitioners towards the viability of alternative medicine. Next, I will examine the benefits of using alternative methods of treatment either as an alternative or a complimentary as well as why people choose to use it now, more than before.
Alternative medicine takes several forms. For purposes of this essay will consider alternative medical systems and biological-based interventions. An alternative medical system such as homeopathy and naturopathy emphasizes on therapies that entail an entire system of health care and focuses more on the balance between massages, herbal medicine and acupuncture. An example is the Chinese medicine. Homeopathy advocates for use of small doses of a substance that causes illness when used in large doses. Naturopathy applies several therapies such as spinal manipulation, acupuncture, counseling, herbal remedies, and diet to restore the natural healing properties of the body. Biological based interventions’ healing properties are attributed to megavitamins, special diet therapies and biological therapies such as been pollen, laetrile and shark cartilage (Holroyd &amp. Mauskop 2003). Modern doctors are turning to alternative medicine either as an alternative healing method to conventional medicine or as a supplement to Western medicine since they are convinced of their usefulness. There has been a lot of skepticism in the past about this medicine, but this changed as more and more testimonies of how successful patients have been being reported, people have started believing it and accepting it as an alternative to the&nbsp.mainstream medicine.&nbsp.

Compare and contrast the movie and poem Howl

In this essay, an attempt is being made to compare and contrast the poem ‘Howl’ against the film by the same name and analyze the contrasts and similarities found in both these media.
The speaker explains in the first section of how he was a sad witness to the destruction caused to some of “the best minds” in the generation during which he lived, thereby reviving the Beatnik era once again. Following the riotous era of Rock and Roll, they were the first to initiate and disengage themselves from the orderly post-war years. Following them was the age of Hippies, Woodstock and the rest that came behind. (Roger Ebert, 2010) The young generation was primarily Ginsberg’s audience because they were able to identify themselves with it, since the poem was capable of touching the inner core of their being. A good example of this can be seen in the opening lines of the poem which says –
However, ‘Howl’ the film evokes a more balanced and serious presentation with a more youthful Allen Ginsberg wearing a pair of horn-rimmed spectacles and does not look anything like the ‘angel-head hipster’ (Allen Ginsberg, 1955, p.1) destroyed by madness. Secretly, he did nurture a desire to be one, but somehow couldn’t bring himself to reveal the secret he had within his heart. However, in the film ‘Howl’, he reluctantly discloses that he did not wish to publish his poem, because he did not want his father to find out the secret, which was his homosexuality.
Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman, the writer- directors of the film ‘Howl’ took into account the new Beat scene with its smoky coffee- houses, where the reading of poetry was quite common. James Franco plays Ginsberg with due meticulousness and restraint and is shown in a 1955 coffee house reading the poem, as smoke envelops the audience, giving the scene a very authentic appeal. Another important

Ethical Perspectives Cross Cultural Perspectives

Despite all the successes, Wal-Mart company faces several setbacks internally that hinders it from achieving even more. The culture of an organization is the way or how the company is conducting its day to day operations within the company. This includes handling the customers and the services offered by the workers. Culture, however small and ineffective the fact may look like, determines a lot the success of the company (Alice, 2012). The essay addresses the issue of ethics and social responsibility and what is to be done so as to improve the services of Wal-Mart stores.
Wal-Mart operates in several countries outside the United States. The road in establishing their stores in other countries have not been that smooth. The main reason behind this is due to the cultural conflict with other countries. Wal-Mart is a company based in the United States and the manner in which they conduct their services and the kind of products sold is mainly determined by homeland cultures. When the company ventures in external markets or other countries, it is faced with cultural conflict where the cultures are conflicting. Customers from other countries view the operations from Wal-Mart as inferior to theirs and hence the company loses the market from the customers thus reducing the company’s profits and product management (Alice, 2012). It is as well correct to say that Wal-Mart is aggressive in searching for markets for its products and services. When they tried to venture into the Argentina market, the company did not succeed because of its culture. The people of Argentina did not embrace their products due to conflicting cultures. Wal-Mart also has a culture of exploiting the middle class and enhances gender inequality. In Germany for example, international employees are paid more than the local employees, a situation that leads to the loss of a lot of workers.

Food Safety and Security under Doha WTO Regulations Impact on Americas Southwest

Relevant information pertaining to “The Food Safety and Security under Doha WTO Regulations impact on Americas Southwest” has been developed. Before the implementation of the DOHA, it was noted that certain issues regarding trading were prevailing. This had a negative impact on food security and safety concerns for distinct countries. The issues related to global trading relating to agribusiness are however trade barriers that include both tariff and non- tariff. Export and import duty form the tariff barriers while the subsidy provided by the government to domestic producers and the import and export licenses form the nontariff barriers. In a bid to resolve the barrier shortcomings, strong arguments have emerged among different members in the Doha round of WTO. This led to the member states coming up with an agreement of free trading that finally came to be accepted by all the member countries. The free trade agreement had a positive impact on the southwestern region of the United States as the region`s trading greatly improved. Food shortage within the region has also reduced as the free trade provides more food products that are more affordable compared to the period before free trade was introduced. Though established with the aim of improving trade in the region by providing lower price products, the trade has led to significant cash outflow within the region. The member states have also not been in a position to agree on all matters pertaining to food safety and security leading to uncoordinated trade in some instances.

The essay will give details on the trade agreements and disagreements that have arisen in the global market in previous years. This essay, however, concentrates mostly on the southwest region of America. Personnel refers to individuals who provide labor to a company, an association or an organization. Many personnel is associated with food security and safety. These include representatives of various member states and representatives from various world trade organizations.

Data and Information in a Company

This essay is an evaluation of the threats to the company’s assets and the most common vulnerabilities from the current operations and by introducing teleworking for its employees.

Teleworking or telecommuting is a terminology used to define the aspect of working from a remote location using a personal computer or a work station connected to the company’s network than sending the information through the network (Fisher 2005 p 5). This means that one does not necessarily have to have an office in the company but rather he can work from the comfort of his computer at home. This technology is advantageous in that it enables employees to finish their tasks in the time since he can use his free time after working hours to complete his tasks. However, this mode of working poses various dangers to the company’s computers and information. This is because, as these employees upload information from their computers, they risk attaching computer viruses if their computers are not protected by the use of antivirus software (Fisher 2005 p 21). These viruses replicate themselves in the computers in the company’s network corrupting important documents leading to their loss and if not checked, they attack the memory of the computer leading to total failure of the machines.

To ensure that these risks are contained, the board should make plans to avail free antivirus software to the employees so that they can scan any documents they are uploading to ensure that they are free from viruses (Jones2005 p 28). They should also ensure that all the computers in the company’s network also are protected from viruses before the plan of allowing telecommuting is implemented. Another danger that comes with telecommuting is the possibility of losing information to hackers. These are people who break into networks and steal information either for personal use or for the malicious purpose (Borchgrave 2001 p 32). If this occurs and the information is used maliciously, it could damage the reputation of the company which would result to loss of customers and eventually lowering the profit margins.&nbsp.

The Impact of the Ash Cloud Resulting the Eruption of an Icelandic Volcano In 2010

The cold caused the lava to cool suddenly and form minuscule particles of glass in the air and got carried in the ash plume (Volcanic ash cloud-latest situation, N.D &amp. Blum, 2010)
Because of volcanic ash, the sensors of planes can get clogged and can coat up the entire plane. Hence the weight of the plane gets increased and the delicate balance is disturbed. Also, there is a risk that the plume of the volcano might get clogged and melt due to the enormous heat of the engine of the plane and jam the machinery. Jet planes in the past had all their four engines cut out when they were trying to pass through volcanic ash. The ash, which came out because of the volcanic eruption in Iceland, was rich in fluorine, of intermediate silica content and the particles were very fine. (Blum, 2010 &amp. QA on the eruption in Eyjafjallajokull, Iceland,&nbsp. (N.D.)

This essay concentrates on the recent volcanic eruption, which took place in Iceland and its effect in other parts of the economy. The essay focuses on the type of impact in nature and the positive and negative outcomes in different sectors.

A large number of flights got cancelled, or they were routed via another way. Loss of revenue because of this incident was small as far as the tourism industry was concerned but all those people who used to send perishable goods via aeroplane faced the maximum difficulty. In some cases, the ashes have been carried to a far of distance because of strong winds and the ashes have landed in open water bodies like reservoirs etc and in some cases in agricultural land as well.

The industry, which has been severely hit because of the volcanic outburst, is the airline industry. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) had estimated that airlines are collectively losing about 130 million pounds per day. This is particularly not a good sign for the airline industry they are expected to lose 1.4 billion pounds this year. Various travel operators like TUI, Europe’s largest tour operator has reported being losing out about five to six million pounds per day.&nbsp.

James Joyce’s Araby from Dubliners

Nothing of much substance seems to happen. And yet it is precisely this absence which makes “Araby” such an intriguing piece of fiction. Because the presentation of the events has hardly any interpretation built into it, the reader starts to take up ideas and themes and works with them himself or herself. The reader begins to formulate theories for answers that the text does not provide. This process brings a richness and depth to the short story that surely achieves what Joyce himself hoped for in his presentation of the real world, “out of the dreary sameness of existence, a measure of dramatic life may be drawn” (Joyce, 1959).

The plot of “Araby” can be approached in two distinct ways. The first is to see Joyce’s narrative as merely a reporting of events. The style of the narration is precise and is, on the whole, devoid of any extraneous detail or description, shown by the predominance of simple sentences in which the subject, I, and the verb begin a succession of clauses: “I sat staring at the clock… I left the room. I mounted the staircase… I saw my companions playing…” Equally, the events described are simply laid out, there is no complex of characters or plot-lines, the events are linear and narrated in a linear fashion. The story does not have much more to it than the short description I gave at the beginning of the essay, the boy is in love with a girl, he offers to buy her a present, he goes to Araby, he doesn’t buy it for her – all the intervening periods are taken up merely with a period of waiting for the next event to occur. In fact, the Arabic narrative could be considered so spare and simplistic that the piece very rarely makes any comments on the motives for the child’s actions. Usually in the case of first-person narratives, one expects not an only commentary of the events that occur in the outside world but also an&nbsp.account of the interior processes that those events set in motion in the central character.

The Importance of Energy Strategy for Transnational Business in the Future

Globalization is the process that occurs when a world-spanning system of communication and implementation integrates the local economies, societies, and cultures. The process of globalization also refers to the worldwide movement of thoughts, languages, or admired culture through acculturation. National governments are broad coalition governments, which are normally formed during a time of any national emergencies or wars. These national governments consist of all parties in the legislature. The best-known example of the national government is the National Union government in the United States. In this essay, the reasons because of which globalization has made the transnational MNEs more powerful than national governments in the EU and USA will be presented.

“There is a growing view, approaching conventional wisdom that the power of the nation-State is eroding from above, by globalization, and from below, by devolution.” In short, globalization and delegation are the two main factors, which are eroding the nation-state. This statement of Ostry gives a clue that globalization plays a very significant role in influencing the power of the national governments of the state.

The main function of national governments is to direct and influence the economies of their countries. Nevertheless, globalization has resulted in the little influence of the national governments on their economies. With globalization, the liberty of action of nation-states gets limited. These new set of limitations are brought by the internationalization of economic markets, of technology and of some manufacturing and services. The appearance of the World Bank, the European Union, and the European central bank, etc has also resulted in a novel limitation for the national government. The creation of these limitations by globalization does not really mean that national government can no longer manage their economies but they have to make themselves adaptive to the pressure of transnational market forces.&nbsp.

Methods of Pressure Group Marketing

The pressure groups focus on the wellbeing of the ordinary person on the market, such that these people will enjoy fair trade and the protection of their consumer rights (Sullivan and Sheffrin, 2003). Because these pressure groups do not directly fight for themselves, their principal methods of marketing have been very different from what exists with other stakeholders, especially for-profit stakeholders. In this paper, the principal methods that are used by pressure groups are described and critically review to find their effectiveness and limitations. This will help in understanding the relevance of the pressure groups and how well they can position themselves to be more useful to society.
Operating either at the local, sub-national, national or international level, pressure groups can be termed to be organizations that function with the goal of influencing government and other public policy with the aim of protecting and advancing specific interests (Walls, 2003). Because the concept of marketing is basically concerned with the need to trade out one’s ideas to other people, the whole approach to which pressure groups work has been termed as pressure group marketing. This is because like any other marketer, pressure groups would either record positive or negative outcomes, which means that their agenda may either be accepted or rejected. The outcome of such agenda, however, depends on the degree to which they are able to market their ideas and policies to the general public (Mancur, 2011).according to Wright (2009), the general public is considered the target segment of pressure group rather than the government because once the public buys into the ideas of the pressure group, the influence that comes with this is much higher than when the pressure group has to battle with their voices alone. It is for this reason that this essay seeks to critique various methods used by the pressure groups by way of marketing their&nbsp.ideas and policies to the public and subsequently to the government.

How would Fredrickson Explain Alexies

These themes were aimed at remaking and saving the entire earth as seen by America. The arguments supporting these themes claimed that America could make a better and new society that could be termed as the beginning of a new world.
There are a number of ethnic relations models in America presented by George Frederickson but in this essay the greater focus in on the historical perspective. In his representation, he has a presentation of the ethnic relations evolution that he ultimately did use four main concepts. cultural pluralism, ethnic hierarchy, group separation, and one-way assimilation. The author used the latter to show that the outsiders, commonly referred to as minorities, were not to be considered as outsiders anymore. These groups of the blacks, native Americans, Irish individuals were expected to experience equity and complete participation in the society of the Americans. This meant that all the minorities had to conform to the culture of the Americans. The one-way assimilation model explained just as one assimilates into the American culture, it was essential to have all the people in America interact and communicate without instances of miscommunication (Nguyen 16). A good example is the diverse meaning of nodding one’s head in the case of answering a question among the American and Bulgarian people. In America, nodding one’s head means complying or a positive answer whereas it is the complete opposite in Bulgaria. However, one assimilation model provides information that ensures adaptation of such a person to the American culture without miscommunications.
Fredrick essay provided a description of all available American ethnic relations. In addition, he wrote to depict the manner in which these different groups were supposed to interrelate so that they would handle each other in the creation of a&nbsp.unified community. In his essay, he showed that a good society is realized if cultural pluralism is evident.&nbsp.To achieve this, the members of the society should ensure their decisions are based on an individual’s choice.

Computer system and Workspace

Apart from this the ergonomics and work space is highlighted to ensure the health and safety of mine while using the laptop.
Here the main aim of the essay is to detail about the computer system used by me in the class and explaining some intricate facts about it. As everyone knows, computer has a major role to play in any class room atmosphere, as it aids the student enormously in any study procedure. In today’s technically advanced world, computer has an inevitable role to play. Computer helps a student in storing all the information related to the studies and it also helps in fast retrieving of the information stored. Nowadays, a computer comes in all shapes and sizes and a student has to understand his requirements when purchasing a computer. Normally as a student, one requires a computer with light configuration as all he would be doing is storing information, accessing web and working on various study subjects and projects.
Along with the computer brand, the category of the computer used will be discussed in order to get a clear picture about the nature of the computer. Usually, the computer brand tells about the quality of the computer and the reliability one can place on it. As per (Scholastic,2011) “There are several computer manufacturers and brands that provide you with a range of laptops, however the major hurdle is to choose the right one”. Here there is also a brief discussion about the operating system used by the computer, and the peripherals included in it. Moreover there is explanation about the input device, software and ergonomics detail of the computer.
Brand of the computer :The brand of the computer used by me is Dell, and it is the most renowned computer on international platform for study related use. I have chosen this brand because it has the configuration needed by me. I as a student, need more price compatible computer wherein I can get maximum usage facility and cost efficiency.

Faith schools

The term faith schools is aimed at the relationship between education and faith (Grander, et al, 2005). They are one of a variety of schools including speciality schools, grammar schools, comprehensive schools and others. They can be defined as "schools, both primary and secondary, which are provided under the aegis of recognized religious faith" (Wallace, 2008). Thus, they provide students a general education with a framework of specific religious belief including formal and informal activities.
The discussion about faith schools is not easy because it involves a number of complications at both policy and practice levels. A strong debate rises among politicians, educators, media and the public conducted with a level of bias about whether this type of schools should be banned or not. This essay will investigate this issue presenting the various sides of debate. It will critically demonstrate the different assumptions, principles and verifications that each perspective gives and reveals the significance of such debate on the educational process in the UK. Doing so, it will focus on three main aspects that form the base of such debate. These include: the matching with educational aims, the educational achievement and the implications on community integration.
The aim of education is to develop capacities and capabilities among people to lead a good life (Pring, 2005). Such abilities include problem solving and critical and analytical thinking that encourages personal development and build the foundation for a truly rational individual (King cited Pring, 2010).
Some people stand against faith schools as they believe they mismatch many of the essential aims of education. They argue that these schools work under specific agendas that focus on nurturing particular set of religious beliefs and attitudes over the presence of attaining the basic common educational purposes. Accordingly, they

Cost and Benefits of Deferred Giving

“Whereas lands, goods (and) money have been given as by sundry other &nbsp.well-disposed persons, some for the relief of aged and poor persons, some for the maintenance of sick and maimed soldiers and mariners, schools of learning, free schools and scholars in universities, some for repair of bridges, ports, causeways, churches, sea-banks and highways, some for education and preferment of orphans, some for or towards relief or maintenance of houses of correction, some for marriages of poor maids, some for aid and help of young tradesmen, which lands, goods (and) money have not been employed according to the charitable intent of the givers and founders thereof, by reason of frauds, breach of trust and negligence in those that should pay (and) deliver same.”
"Charity in its legal sense comprises four principal divisions: trusts for the relief of poverty, trust for the advancement of education, trusts for the advancement of religion, and trusts for other purposes beneficial to the community, not falling under any of the preceding heads."

In this essay, I would like to establish that the concepts of charities are still very much relevant to our present society as the four heads mentioned in the Pemsel case is still very much relevant to the present times. In some countries that adopted the preamble3, they expand the law to include such other groups and entities, which may need the assistance afforded by the Statutes. However, the Statutes of Charitable Uses is self-limiting and there is a need to expand the coverage thereof in response to modern times. Thus, the concept of Charities evolved into new Charities, Bill.
In order to understand better this evolution of the application of the law, let us look at the four areas covered by the Elizabethan law and see how these concepts have evolved over time4 and how our case law affected the evolution thereof.
Relief of poverty is one of the noblest tasks of mankind to help each other. Under the Elizabethan law, there were two forms of relief, which was set up, one is the outdoor relief.


Swot Businesses all over the world have flourished from a small base to a larger base throughout the world. One such example of such a business is of New Belgium Brewing Company. NBB was manufactured in 1991 by Jeff Lebesch. It was opened in a basement and then it came out to grow as one of the leading beer manufacturers in some of the states of America. Like every business NBB also has its own strengths weaknesses opportunities and threats. The company has a weak advertising base which needs to be looked upon by the management. The advertising that the company is using is currently not the traditional way. This essay would further analyze these four aspects regarding NBB.
The strengths of NBB would first be discussed. The major strength of the company can be said to be the corporate social responsibility that the company possesses. It has always believed in providing its customers the best possible product along with the best social environment that the company can provide. The corporate social responsibility of the firm helps it to form a proper infrastructure for its employees who are given particular prizes for their job in NBB. These can be in the form of grants or other monetary values. It also keeps a special check on the recycling and reuse of products that it is manufacturing. This also adds to the corporate social responsibility of the firm. Moreover they also utilize the energy in the best possible ways because of which the release of harmful gases in the environment is quite less. All these factors together help to gain a better brand image amongst the customers. Moreover with the maintenance of corporate social responsibility the sales of the company are also maintained. Also the company has a variety of beers which are produced which help in gaining product diversity.
The weaknesses of the company include the way it markets its products. Here the company does not use the proper traditional way of marketing their beer and this can cause them to lose customers. The company does not have a broad market where it produces its products as it is only limited to certain states of America. The company produces specific beers at specific times too because of which they can be at loss too as it is possible that some of the customers only like NBB because of these specific products.
The opportunities that the company has can be clearly seen in the growing market of beer. Beer consumption amongst the adolescents is also increasing per day. This means that if the company expands it would be able to grab a greater market share and thus have greater market sales. The company can also expand to other nations than United States. This would help to create brand image outside the United States too. The company can produce even newer technologies which are more environment friendly. This would further help to enhance the corporate social responsibility of the firm.
The threats that the company faces are that with the growing market of beer the company is more prone to competition in the market. The marketing that the company is currently applying is quite weak and if it does not improve they might lose a huge customer base. If the government changes their policies regarding the legality of beer it will destroy the company’s successes. Moreover the impositions and sanctions by the government can also cost the company a fortune.

Relationship(s) between leadership and management 311

On the other hand, with the rapid growth of the business sector and constant changes in the nature of markets, the theories, concepts and practices of leadership and management have also evolved (Baker and Desjardins, 2013). Relating to these changes, this essay focuses on analyzing the contribution and use of leadership and managerial concepts in ensuring sustainable business practices and growth.
As stated by Brown, Treviño and Harrison (2008), selection of the managerial process in a business is dependent upon the style of leadership being applied. On the other hand, Bogardus (2009) mentioned that the management practices of a firm define the leadership styles that can be implemented. Both of these notions can be analyzed in an in-depth manner by reflecting their characteristics and objectives of utilization. As highlighted by Morgan (2009), the key objective of management is to enhance that the aims of the organization can be fulfilled while leadership establishes the mission and vision that provides direction to a company. Supporting this notion, Kim and Brymer (2011) further added that as an organization is structured and the work culture is established, the style of leadership among the various operational variables of the business differ. In the business sector, this sort of alignment between leadership and management can be often observed.
As an evidence for the above stated concept of alignment of leadership and management, the managerial process of Google Plc can be taken into consideration. The mission of Google is to help in spreading knowledge by innovating new platforms for sharing information all over the world (Day, Harrison and Halpin, 2012). Based on this mission, the managerial and leadership aspects of the company are developed. Lunenburg (2011) highlighted that Google being a technology firm depends on innovation and thus have created a participative managerial and leadership culture