These training methods are

used as supplemental training to update the salesforce,


These training methods are best used as supplemental training to update the salesforce,

reinforce previous training, or to provide basic materials to be covered in more detail at a later date.

Question 1 options:


Behavioral simulations

Ease studies


During this step in the sales training process, sales managers may have to seek budget approval from upper management.

Question 2 options:

Assess sales training needs

Which one of the following key questions should be asked when evaluating alternatives for training?

Question 3 options:

Which method (or methods) and media are best suited for conducting the training?

Which method will require the least amount of time away from active selling?

Which method is the least expensive?

Which media is the most attractive to upper-management levels?

Perform sales training

Design the sales training program

Follow-up and evaluation

A sales training workshop devoted to communicating the importance of obtaining marketing information from customers would be aimed at teaching salespeople how to work with this type of buyer:

Question 4 options:

The sales job facilitator

The considerate

The hard bargainer

The socializer

The concept of repetition suggests that

Question 5 options:

as soon as possible after a sales training meeting, the sales manager should attempt to visit with each salesperson individually to reinforce what he or she has learned.

by focusing on information related to the most recent sales call the salesperson has made, a self-evaluation of his or her performance can result in improved future performance.

if a salesperson can draw on the enthusiasm generated by a recent successful sales call, he or she will be more effective.

sales managers should make a practice of holding coaching sessions after each sales call to help reinforce the suggestions given.

An immoral manager would most likely follow this orientation in meeting his or her organizational goals:

Question6 options:

Profitability within the confines of legal obedience and ethical standards

Profitability is not important, since the firm’s purpose is to serve the br / public’s needs

Profitability only, with no other goals considered

Profitability and organizational success at any price

With this type of influence strategy, circumstances are controlled to influence behavior.

Question 7 options:





Sales managers may use different influence strategies according to the situational demands. Influence strategies may be based on all of the following except

Question 8 options:





Which approach to leadership seeks to catalog behaviors associated with effective leadership?

Question 9 options:

Behavior approach

Attribute theory

Contingency approach

State of nature approach

Which of the following is not a suggestion offered to sales managers for developing their power bases?

Question 10 options:

Listen to your sales team’s wants, needs, and dreams.

Align the sales team with the firm’s corporate culture.

Meet key customers and industry leaders.

Use sales contests to motivate salespeople.

When a sales manager provides the salesperson with information about whether a desired outcome was achieved, he or she is using this coaching technique:

Question 11 options:

Outcome feedback


Cognitive feedback

Sharing information

Researchers have tried to determine the personality characteristics an effective leader should have by using the _______ method.

Question 12 options:

behavior approach.

properties method.

contingency approach.

trait approach.

_______ is associated with the right to be a leader, usually as a result of designated organizational roles.

Question 13 options:

Expert power

Referent power

Legitimate power

Reward power

This type of influence strategy is the only one that does not involve direct communication with the target of influence:

Question 14 options:





Which of the following is not a specific aspect of a transformational leadership style?

Question 15 options:

Articulates a vision

Provides an appropriate model

Fosters the acceptance of group goals

Is dictatorial


This is an assignment I am working on I do not need any assistance with the first question and I do not intend


This is an assignment I am working on. I do not need any assistance with the first question, and I do not intend

to have the answers completed more me outright. My intention isn’t to plagiarize but I want to make sure I am on the right track.

For question 2, am I right by assuming I would run a paired t-test? I have a lot of trouble deciding which is the correct test to run. I think I am okay to do question 3 and I am really stuck for which type of test I would run for the final question. is the primary face of the Ontario Online Learning Consortium (OOLC), a not-for-profit corporation whose membership is composed of all publicly-funded colleges and universities in Ontario. Funding for OOLC and the eCampusOntario initiative comes from the Government of Ontario. was created in 2015 as a portal for learners to find mostly online courses—through browsing, searching by keyword, or filtering by institution and delivery format. Course details include links to information about scheduling, tuition and fees, instructors, and information about how to get registered and to seek credit transfer. Previously identified course equivalencies are also listed where available. In addition, students can search based on a specific course they need credit for to find available online options at other institutions.

Aiming to improve its services, eCampusOntario has selected a sample of 33 nursing, 33 business and 33 education students who intend to use eCampusOntario website to search and register for e-courses. The sampled students were asked to indicate their overall satisfaction of eCampusOntario portal prior to registration for any courses (stage 1) and after registration (stage 2). The following information is available for each respondent:

Age of the respondents

Gender (1=male and 2=female)

Student satisfaction of stage 1 (a continuous number that ranges from 0 (extremely dissatisfied) to 5 (extremely satisfied))

Student satisfaction of stage 2 (a continuous number that ranges from 0 (extremely dissatisfied) to 5 (extremely satisfied))

* Assume the collected data has normal distribution

eCampusOntario would like to know the following based on the two samples:

  1. Conduct a descriptive analysis of the sample focusing on the business stream, by focusing on measures of central location and variance for two different variables, also use two different types of graphs to describe the data (e.g., age, or, age and student satisfaction of stage 1) (15%)
  2. Some eCampusOntario employees believe more information is provided to business students during stage 1 (pre registration) as opposed to stage 2 (post registration). Are there evidence to suggest there are significant differences between the business student’s satisfactions of the two stages. (30%)
  3. Estimate the difference between business student satisfaction during stage 1 and 2 with 95% confidence. Interpret the results. (20%)
  4. eCampusOntario would also like to know if differences exist between student satisfaction of nursing, business and education during stage 2. Assume variable have equal variance. (30%)

Assume significance level of .05 when needed.

Hint: pay attention to the experimental design; are the samples independent or paired?


– Answer each questions on a separate Excel Sheet using Data Analysis and Data Analysis Plus or XLSTAT.

– Analysis: State your chosen method of analysis; present the test results in tables (Make sure to present the complete Excel output (Table) for each of the questions). Note: If the question involves hypothesis testing present the hypothesis

-Discussion: For each question briefly discus the findings of the study, what do they mean? how can they help in decision making?

– Presentation: Be noted that 5% of your mark goes to the presentation of the results (style and structure)

Statistics and Probability

Gillette introduced the first twinblade shaving razor in 1971 It proved to be a extremely popular

The product


Gillette introduced the first twin-blade shaving razor in 1971. It proved to be a extremely popular. The product

earned very large profits for Gillette for quite a few years. However, despite Gillette’s introduction in the 1990’s of many variations on this multiple-blade razor, there were many other versions and designs available from many companies, including Schick, Bic, and a host of private-label store-brand versions. By 2004, Gillette’s profits and stock price had declined significantly and in 2005 Proctor Gamble Co. bought them.

With only the information given above, an economist would probably explain the drop in Gillette’s profits as follows:

Select one:

a. Gillette must have experienced an increase in some important cost of production, resulting in a drop in profits

b. The government has taxed away Gillette’s excess profits.

c. Proctor Gamble manipulated the market with advertising so as to be able to buy Gillette.

d. Gillette’s high profits and success with the multi-blade design attracted many copy-cat products from other firms, increasing price competition.


The Ritc company as 55 Samsung keyboards that are carried in inventory at a cost of $9 600 If these keyboard are


The Ritc company as 55 Samsung keyboards that are carried in inventory at a cost of $9,600. If these keyboard are

upgrade at a cost of 6,800, they could be sold for $18,300. Alternatively, the key board could be sold’as is for $8,600. What is the advantage or disadvantage of re using the same key board

This new product was design by a set of engineering team at members security. Many of the manager and employess from the cost accounting department and the marketing department are also on the team to evaluate the product and determine the cost using a target coasting methodology. Ann analysis of the similar products on the market suggest a price of $120.00 per unit. The company requires a profit of 0.27 of selling.

Round to two decimal places

Financial Accounting

I need help solving this problemProblem 2 Make versus Buy


I need help solving this problem

Problem 2 – Make versus Buy


Real Estate Nerds Co. needs a new designing software for providing potential client with a clear 5D design of their home if they choose to remodel it using the company’s designs. Currently they design for 1,000 clients annually. Software engineering resources (personnel and lab) to complete the development of the software will cost $3,000 per week. If the engineers don’t work on this project, they will be assigned to another. The approximate cost per usage of their own software is estimated to be $50/design usage which includes labor costs for an individual to input the customer data and overhead costs.

Software Solutions, Inc., already has a 6D model software that is already developed and is very similar to the one that Real Estate Nerds needs. If the Nerds choose to outsource this software usage, Software Solution can make the necessary changes to suit what the Nerds need in just 4 weeks, at a price of $60/design usage. With Software Solutions version of the software, customers can put in their own data and no additional overhead would be incurred.


1. Should Real Estate Nerds go forward with their own software, or should it accept Software Solution’s offer?

2. If Real Estate Nerds decided to outsource the new module to Software Solution, how much would the other projects that Real Estate Nerds’ engineers work on have to return/save to make outsourcing financially beneficial?

Managerial Accounting

What is the correct order according to project management in the scenario?You have been selected as the


What is the correct order according to project management in the scenario?

You have been selected as the

Project Manager for a complex project. The project sponsor and steering committee have expressed concern that the project planning cycle be well organized and conducted. They have asked you to develop a plan for planning. You must design a preliminary package of logical steps in planning the project and the initial subprojects and present it to them.

You will find a list of 24 activities for planning a program on the following page. Prioritize the list according to what you believe the proper sequence should be. You may list additional activities if necessary.

NOTE: You may list these activities in a linear format (1, 2, 3, 4, etc.) or you may decide to create logical flow showing what activities may be accomplished in parallel. Some activities you may want to list more than once.

1. Develop Project Risk Plan

2. Authorize Subprojects to Begin Work

3. Using RAM, Identify Control Accounts and Subprojects

4. Develop Top-Level WBS and WBS Dictionary

5. Identify Project Planning Team

6. Decide on Basic Approach/Solution

7. Manage the Project

8. Set Project Standards, Guidelines and Reporting System

9. Subprojects or Control Accounts Accomplish Detailed Planning – Scope, Schedule, Resources, Budget, Risk

10. Finalize and Implement Mobilization Plan

11. Develop Project Scope and Statement of Work

12. Project Reviews the Subproject Plan

13. List Major Deliverables, Compare to SOW and WBS

14. Set Project Mission/Objectives

15. Determine Organizational Breakdown Structure

16. Estimate Resource Requirements

17.Develop Master Schedule of Deliverables and Supporting Activities

18. Establish the Project’s Baseline (Scope, Resources, Schedule, Budget, Reserves)

19. Develop/Review Project Charter and Business Case

20. Top Level Cost Estimate Calculated and Target Budgets Established

21. Review Overall Plan with Major Stakeholders (Steering Committee, Sponsor, Customer)

22. Complete Initial Responsibility Matrix (RAM)

23. Analyze Alternate Approaches/Solutions

24. Negotiate Subproject and Control Account Project Authorizations

Project Management

I am writing a paper on a research study to test the effectiveness of mindfulness on stress reduction The


I am writing a paper on a research study to test the effectiveness of mindfulness on stress reduction. The

experiment involves 64 college students, 32 control group who will not receive the MBSR (mindfulness based stress reduction) and 32 experimental that will receive treatment. Surveys on perceived stress scales will be administered to all participants .

Question: What sort of research design would I use for this to analyze the results? ie: 2×2 independent group design. Please help!

Statistics and Probability

The business plan is the firm’s roadmap By analyzing your plan for marketing sales manufacturing website


The business plan is the firm’s roadmap. By analyzing your plan for marketing, sales, manufacturing, website

design, and more, you greatly improve your chances for business success.

Next, a financial institution or other lender will not invest in your company unless you can demonstrate that you have a roadmap to success. Banks want to lessen their risk of default and private investors want a realistic projection for when they will be obtaining a return on their investment.

Financial Accounting

Original Source MaterialThere is a design methodology called rapid


Original Source Material

There is a design methodology called rapid

prototyping, which has been used successfully in software engineering. Given similarities between software design and instructional design, we argue that rapid prototyping is a viable method for instructional design, especially for computer-based instruction.


Tripp, S. D., Bichelmeyer, B. A. (1990). Rapid prototyping: An alternative instructional design strategy. Educational Technology Research and Development, 38(1), 31-44.


Tripp and Bichelmeyer (1990) suggested that rapid prototyping could be an advantageous methodology for developing innovative computer-based instruction. They noted that this approach has been used successfully in software engineering; hence, rapid prototyping could also be a viable method for instructional design due to many parallels between software design and instructional design.


Tripp, S. D., Bichelmeyer, B. A. (1990). Rapid prototyping: An alternative instructional design strategy. Educational Technology Research and Development, 38(1), 31-44.

Which of the following is true for the Student Version above?


Five ideas in the technology literature stand out The first is Woodward’s research into


Five ideas in the technology literature stand out. The first is Woodward’s research into

manufacturing technology. Woodward went into organizations and collected practical data on technology characteristics, organizational structure, and management systems. She found clear relationships between technology and struc- ture in high-performing organizations. Her findings are so clear that managers can analyze their own organizations on the same dimensions of technology and struc- ture. In addition, technology and structure can be co-aligned with organizational strategy to meet changing needs and provide new competitive advantages.

The second important idea is that service technologies differ in a systematic way from manufacturing technologies. Service technologies are characterized by intan- gible outcomes and direct client involvement in the production process. Service firms do not have the fixed, machine-based technologies that appear in manufacturing organizations; hence, organizational design often differs as well. E-commerce and f-commerce organizations present new service challenges.

The third significant idea is Perrow’s framework applied to department technol- ogies. Understanding the variety and analyzability of a technology tells you about the management style, structure, and process that should characterize that depart- ment. Routine technologies are characterized by mechanistic structure and nonrou- tine technologies by organic structure. Applying the wrong management system to a department will result in dissatisfaction and reduced efficiency.

The fourth important idea is interdependence among departments. The extent to which departments depend on each other for materials, information, or other resources determines the amount of coordination required between them. As inter- dependence increases, demands on the organization for coordination increase. Organizational design must allow for the correct amount of communication and coordination to handle interdependence across departments.

The fifth important idea is that new flexible manufacturing systems are being adopted by organizations and affecting organizational design. For the most part, the impact is positive, with shifts toward more organic structures both on the shop floor and in the management hierarchy. These technologies replace routine jobs, give employees more autonomy, produce more challenging jobs, encourage teamwork, and let the organization be more flexible and responsive. The new technologies are enriching jobs to the point where organizations are happier places to work.



2. Were organization design changes necessary to realize the advantages of the new technology?Explain, example


1 When a company realizes they are experiencing an increase or decrease in sales but cannot explain why they


1.When a company realizes they are experiencing an increase or decrease in sales but cannot explain why, they

might be in which stage of the marketing research process?(ref-23)

a. Dene the opportunity

b. Design the research

c. Design the data collection

d. Specify the sample

2.Denny and Pat launch a new food truck specializing in hot sandwiches. To increase their initial sales, they are running a sandwich meal special that will result in a lower prot margin than if they charge full price for the items in the meal. This strategy is known as _______. (ref-27)

a. Penetration pricing

b. Price skimming

c. Price lining

d. Price bundling

3.For many students, choosing a college is a complicated process that includes many considerations such as tuition, room and board, books, and travel costs. This is an example of which component of an offering? (ref-28)

a. Product

b. Total cost of ownership

c. Service

d. Value


5 The related research records wait in the Yale Sterling Memorial Library closed to nearly everybody until


5. The related research records wait in the Yale Sterling Memorial Library, closed to nearly everybody until

October 25, 2065. Individuals who believe they might have been subjects of the study may request data (subject to redaction) from the Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services, who own the records. If subjects don’t ask for the data — because they’ve never heard of the study or they don’t have the technological or institutional literacy required — they will never know if they were included in this study. They will never know if they have a twin.

Would Internal Review Boards (IRBs) — the institutional committees that hold research protocols to ethical standards—all such a study design to proceed?

What ethical standards come into question? Do you think participants would want to be contacted? How do you weigh one potential ill, the harm of contacting someone who wouldn’t want to know, with another, the harm of not contacting someone who would want to be told? How do you notify someone that information they might want to have is available, without revealing too much? What if a subject’s twin has died since the experiment — should the subject still be contacted? Discuss any ethical concerns you have.

Social Science

C#Design a class named Contractor The class should keep the following



Design a class named Contractor. The class should keep the following


• Contractor name ,Contractor number , Contractor start date

Write one or more constructors, and the appropriate accessor and mutator functions for the class.

Object C1 data
Object C1 modified data
Object C2 data
Object C2 modified data
Engineering Technology

Denormalization FunctionalityHaving an adequate data model to serve specific


Denormalization Functionality

Having an adequate data model to serve specific

business needs of an organization is important. Evaluate the need for denormalization within an organization. Provide at least three examples that prove denormalization is useful to data consumers.

Using a data-modeling checklist can help database developers design efficient data repositories. Suggest at least two possible scenarios that could take place if one of the steps in the data-modeling checklist is missed.

Engineering Technology

Which of the following is a main objective of customer relationship management applications focusing on downstream


Which of the following is a main objective of customer relationship management applications focusing on downstream

information flows?

to track global spending on suppliers

to portray a positive corporate image

to encourage the bullwhip effect

to collaborate demand and production planning

to develop demand forecasts


Which of the following portrays the individualized service benefit of a customer relationship management (CRM) system?

providing integrated information which removes information handoffs, thereby speeding both sales and support processes

learning how each customer defines product and service quality so that customized product, pricing, and services can be designed or developed collaboratively

integrating all information for all points of contact with the customers so that all who interact with customers have the same view and understand current issues

enabling improved record keeping and efficient methods of capturing customer complaints that help to identify and solve problems faster

providing product information, sales status, support information, issue tracking, and so on


Structured decisions using information systems to increase efficiency are made by ________ level managers.

  1. executive
  2. operational
  3. strategic
  4. tactical
  5. managerial


Customers can run their own applications, which are typically designed using tools provided by the service provider in a(n) ________ model.

infrastructure as a service

hardware as a service

software as a service

application as a service

platform as a service


A(n) ________ is a compilation of data from a database that is organized and produced in printed format.







The ________ Web, originally envisioned by Tim Berners-Lee, one of the founders of the Internet, is a set of design principles that will allow computers to be able to better index Web sites, topics, and subjects.







________ refers to the process of integrating external stakeholders into the innovation process.


Media sharing


Social cataloging

Open innovation


________ licenses are activated as soon as the packaging of the software has been removed.







Which of the following statements is true about an IP address?

It is written as a number with a period at the end.

The format of an IP address is a 64-bit numeric address.

It can be used to navigate to particular Web addresses.

Each number separated by periods can have any number between 0 and 999.

It is written as eight numbers separated by periods.


Which of the following can be cited as an example of a supply chain management system?

knowledge portal

product demand forecasting system

market analysis

procurement planning

sales force automation


Which of the following is an implication for firms that have a threat of new entrants into their market?

reduced quality

increased cost

decreased market share

increased price

increased demand for services


________ is the process of gathering and organizing information from users, managers, customers, business processes, and documents to understand how a proposed information system should function.

End-user development

Beta testing

Requirements collection

External acquisition

Data modeling


When we consider entities as tables, each row is a ________.







Which of the following conditions is essential for successful Enterprise 2.0 implementation?

Enterprise 2.0 should be independent of the organization’s workforce.

Enterprise 2.0 should be driven by a specific usage context.

Enterprise 2.0 should avoid involvement of senior management members of an organization.

Enterprise 2.0 should appeal to future end users of the application and not the organization’s members.

Enterprise 2.0 should be independent of the organization’s culture.


A fundamental component of the IS infrastructure is the ________, that is, the computers that run the applications and databases necessary for processing transactions or analyzing business data.


archival storage

system software

data center


Engineering Technology

Topic 5 SG 1 3 4 /

6 SG

Please let me know correct answer


Topic 5 SG 1,3,4 / 6 SG 6,11,15

Please let me know correct answer

and explain it !

Supply chain management : purchasing supply management (Category Analysis and Sourcing Strategy)

1. To which supply chain design issue does the mantra faster, better, cheaper refer to?

a. Increasing customer demands

b. Increasing clockspeeds

c. Greater levels of outsourcing

d. Globalization

e. Lean production

3. What is the rate of change in an industry called?

a. Velocity

b. Clockspeed

c. Efficiency

d. Swiftness

e. Speed

4. Which of the following statements is true?

a. There is a great deal of apathy in supply risk management

b. Most companies good job quantifying risks when outsourcing production

c. Companies are well versed in supply chain risk management

d. Most supply chains are structured in such a way that risks would not impact them

e. Supply chain risk management has always been a top priority for companies

6. What issues does the supply side include?

a. Capabilities of existing suppliers

b. Aggregation of supply situation

c. Potential shocks or disruptions

d. Governmental regulations

e. All of the above

f. None of the above

11. Who is an internal customer?

a. The cafeteria manager

b. The production manager

c. The finance manager

d. The guard

e. All of the above are potential customers of a supply manager

15. You should use ______________________ to build the total cost of ownership model at the commodity (or category) level.

a. excel spreadsheets

b. optimization models

c. pricing standards

d. cost drivers

e. None of the above

Supply Chain Management

BSBHRM512 Develop and manage performance management processes1 List four (4) characteristics


BSBHRM512 Develop and manage performance management processes

1. List four (4) characteristics

of a learning organisation.

2. Identify four (4) policies and legislation relevant to performance management.

3. Summarise the main parts of an effective grievance procedure.

4. Explain two (2) models for giving feedback.

5. Identify six (6) options for skill development

6. Describe three (3) options in the design of performance management processes.

7. What is organisational capability and how can it be impacted by effective performance management processes?


A group of students designed a pamphlet They used images and text to describe the chemical and


A group of students designed a pamphlet. They used images and text to describe the chemical and

physical changes that take place during cooking. Which type of scientific model did the students design?

An infographic because it helps visualize the molecular motion during the changes in nature.

An infographic because the images improve understanding of the changes in matter.

A graph because it shows interrelationship between two types of changes.

A graph because it shows the effect of one variable on the other.


TED Talk on BiomimicryDr Janine BenyusIn this TED Talk Dr


TED Talk on Biomimicry

Dr. Janine Benyus

In this TED Talk, Dr.

Janine Benyus introduces a new field of design and engineering that marries two seemingly different fields. On one hand, engineers are constantly faced with new challenges that require clever new solutions. On the other hand, biologists uncover innovative adaptations in form and function in a variety of different species on Earth. Often times, the solutions to human engineering challenges have already been overcome in some sort of living organism that has evolved some physical feature or biochemical pathway to deal with a similar challenge. Biomimicry is a concept whereby engineers are able to browse a library of biological solutions to inspire their new designs.


Management asserts that entitylevel controls are designed adequately and operating effectively to reduce to an


Management asserts that entity-level controls are designed adequately and operating effectively to reduce to an

acceptably low level the risk of managers and employees embellishing performance results or misusing company resources.

What specific procedures would you as the auditor use to obtain audit evidence about the design and implementation of the client’s internal control system? What key controls would you expect to find in place if management’s assertion is true? What are the inherent limitations of internal control?


I need an assignment about designing a Lean Business not more than ten pages Explain your design


I need an assignment about designing a Lean Business not more than ten pages.

Explain your design

  1. Needs to be designed for the first time or
  2. Needs to be redesigned if it exists now but does not work well.

– why is this design needed – what does it do that creates real value and for whom?

Tell me about the resources needed to get this design project from concept to customer. Tell me how you would go about designing it – the process.

Follow the logic of the lean canvas approach.

Again, do not emphasize a solution or a technology as a way to ‘fix something’. Technology is useful when you have a great opportunity in mind – it is a tool and should not be the driving force in your thought process.

Some information about the design:

Vitamin Water Solution

  • Problem- Inconvenience, Increased amount of waste, Unavailable customization.
  • Objective- Customize your vitamins, Convenient home delivery.

The markets that will be impacted with our solution such as the water producers,

Not Just Water

Will contain vitamins added to the water which is giving market advantage against the normal water, as our customers will get improved water.

Heahier with affordable price

The Vitamin medications, herbal supplement and energy drink manufacturers will be threatened by our solution having that without chemical added. So, consumers will have both water and vitamins in one product instead of getting them individually, that make our combined solution heahier with affordable price


The concept will also affect the plastic bottles industry as we decrease their usage. Our sustainable solution will draw vary wide range of environment friendly customers, which gives a competitive edge against other unsustainable products that consume more resources and hurt the environment.

Customize your vitamins

  • Create your own daily supplement pack – get one pack with all the supplements you love!

Based on your age, gender, environment, diet and other considerations.

  • All supplements will be carefully selected by physicians for purity, quality, and bioavailability. Also, they are allergen free!

Convenient home delivery

Home delivery stresses convenience and eliminates shelf confusion caused by numerous products that do not contain the correct doses, ingredients, quality, or guarantee potency.

So your vitamins are shipped to your door in easy to use daily dose packs.

Customer Driven Product Design

Customers who customize vitamins will share more with us to gain their insights of letting them create their own unique products.

for future prospects will be at home. I have attached a PowerPoint file might be help more .

please feel free to ask me

Needs to be designed for the first time
There are needs to be designed for the first time in order to: Improve the quality…

Please prepare a 1000 word essay on a biblical topic that arises from the early catholic church and emphasizes


Please prepare a 1000 word essay on a biblical topic that arises from the early catholic church, and emphasizes

marriage and friendship.

Please also include MLA cites and it must not be previous work posted on Course Hero.

Surname1 Name
Date God’s Design for Marriage
Marriage is the prize, while friendship is the ‘’ also ran’’ that benevolent people permit
those who are less fortunate,…
Religious Studies

Introduction of the proposed business how to write one


Introduction of the proposed business how to write one

Running Head: ESTABLISHEMENT OF FASHION amp; DESIGN MEGACLAD SHOP Establishment of Fashion and design MegaClad Shop

I need help with the Gaucher disease clinical trial phase I/II We want to find a paper with the Gaucher disease


I need help with the Gaucher disease clinical trial phase I/II. We want to find a paper with the Gaucher disease

clinical trial, I’m looking to have title of the clinical, name of the drug, the type of design, number of patients, duration of the study, outcome and what are we measuring. below is the assignment only 2-3 slides

Create your own study design diagram

Add slides about 1) efficacy endpoints and timing 2) safety measures and timing, 3) any biomarker or pharmacokinetic measures and timing

Presentation should be 2-3 slides

Title, what you’re measuring, study design including timepoints for assessing endpoints

Gaucher disease clinical trial
phase I/II
Presented by:Name:
Date: Introduction Assessment of wellbeing and clinical activity of GeneActivated human glucocerebrosidase (GA-GCB) as

Discuss the significant characteristics of a Modem


Discuss the significant characteristics of a Modem.

The modems can be classified according to their characteristics as
Range – Short Haul, Voice Grade (VG), Wide band
Line Type – Dial-up, Leased, Private
Operation Mode – Half Duplex, Full…
Web Design

Im taking chemistry 116 online and I’m struggling with the Geiger count lab so bad right now I just don’t


Im taking chemistry 116 online and I’m struggling with the Geiger count lab so bad right now. . I just don’t

understand how to get any of these and I have read over the directions muiple times

Geiger Counter-2
Table Tools
Melissa Will
Tell me what you want to do
Part 2: Isotope Radiation Counts
Isotope Disc
Gross CPM
Background Count
Disc 1
Disc 2
Part 3: Time
Time (minutes
Gross CPM
Background Count
Part 4: Shielding

HI I’m struggling with understanding coding in Python for my intro to computer science class The way to


HI, I’m struggling with understanding coding in Python for my intro to computer science class. The way to

structure it and actually create the code is just not clicking, I’m having trouble with this problem in particular. Any help would be appreciated.

Pearl’s Pancake Pad is a growing restaurant business , and they’d like to upgrade their
existing pen-and-paper system for tracking tickets to a digital point of sale system . They
are asking you to design and build that point of sale program for them .
The point of sale program must :quot;
Allow the waitstaff to input the table number , and the number of diners at this
table . Each table can seat up to 4 diners .
For each diner ,
Display a menu of at least 7 common breakfast items , including types of
drinks and entrees , with prices displayed . The menu is small , but the quality is
high !
Allow the waitstaff to enter the items the diner has ordered . Each diner may
order as many items as they want .
After all diners at this table have ordered , display the before tax total and total
with tax for each individual diner ( sales tax is 8% ) . Also , display the total with tax
for the whole table , and suggested tip amounts for 10% , 15% , 20% and 25 %
service qualities .
After a table is complete , the program should restart at the beginning , and
continue until the manager selects quit . Before the program exits , it should report
the total amount of money that should be in the register ( ticket totals + tax for the
entire day )
Design Details
Below , you are given some problem analysis and design details . You may find these
helpful , and you are free to base your implementation on these details . Note that these
details may not be complete . Feel free to add to or make changes to any of these
details .
Problem Definition
1 . Problem Description :quot;
Design and write a program that will allow a waitperson to take orders for each table ,
and calculate and display the per-person total , per-table total , recommended tip
amounts , and overall daily total .
2 . List of Program Inputs :quot;
Table number
Number of diners at table
Menu item ordered by a diner
3 . List of Program Outputs
Menu of food items
Before tax total for a diner
Python Programming

Which type of data are also called categorical and are often found in openended


which type of data are also called categorical and are often found in open-ended






which of the following is the term for the measure and processes used to measure or quantity a variable?




operational definition

which form of research emphasis understanding behavior as it occurs,without having intervene?





research questions posted about relationship between variables are best answered by which of the following?

quasi experimental designs

correlational design

experimental design

mixed designs

which method is being used if you are asked to join a small group and discuss a specific topic or a limited number of issues?

concealed observation

focus group

structured interviews


what is called then hen a researcher studies a small sample to make sure the study works befoe moving on to a larger sample?

content analysis


pilot test

crowd sourcing

Social Science