promotion ,explain with suitable examples the 4 type of promotion adopted by consumer productPromotion is any form of communication that is adopted by an organization or firm designed to
inform, persuade, remind and influence consumers in the course of making the decision to buy.
In a…Marketing

In Any Communication Event There Are Two General Types Of Actions Taking Place; Creating Messages Or Displays And Interpreting Message/ Displays

The essay question is: How does the general model of communication as presentedFUNDAMENTALS OF HUMAN COMMUNICATION
There have been many attempts to define communication Dance and Larson (1976)
Listed 126 different published definitions of communication but it may be more useful to
identify the essential elements of communication rather than reviewing each of these
In any communication event there are two general types of actions taking place; creating
messages or displays, and interpreting message/ displays. The Random House Dictionary
of the English Language (1987) says that quot;to display is literally to spread something out
so that it may most completely and favorable be seen quot; Thus to display is to make
something plainly viewable usually in a favorable position for specific observation.
A message is either a visual or auditory display that we make so that others may observe
it.quot;The visual display could be in the form of writing a graphic display, or nonverbal
behavior. An auditory display could be spoken language or other sounds.
For a display to be communicative behavior it must stand for something at least in the
mind of the observer of the display. There are two general kinds of displays, verbal an
In verbal communication, the first act in a communicative series of events then is to make
a symbolic display for the observation of someone else. When we are planning a public
speech we are planning the symbolic displays we will present to our audience. This
display is our message.
This message/display that we present is the information we make available. Information
in this context refers to the words, sounds, and visual information we make available for
others to observe.
Information can be transferred to others in messages/displays but meaning cannot.
Meaning is the result of the second type of action which takes place in any
communication situation-interpretation. Interpretation is the act of making sense of
something. The Random House Dictionary says that to interpret means quot;to construe or
understand something in a particular way.quot;
Communication Context
Person A’s
Person B’s
Frame of Reference
Frame of Reference
Life History
Life History
Communication Process
Communication Process
Intention/ Reception

Barriers To Communicationa Big Part Of An Organization’S Culture Is The Communication Process


Barriers to Communication

A big part of an organization’s culture is the communication process.

Effective communication is important for quality care delivery and to enhance employees performance to meet expectations. While people engage in sharing information all the time, the communication process may not be effective because of certain barriers. Some communication barriers identified by Hitt, Miller, Colella (2015) include:

1. Information distortion or suppression

2. Use of jargon

3. Time pressure

4. Cross-cultural barriers

5. Network breakdown.

Can you discuss some strategies that can be used to reduce or remove communication barriers?


A Team Is Composed Of A Group Assembled For A Common Purpose That Coordinates The Activities Of Members To


A team is composed of a group assembled for a common purpose that coordinates the activities of members to

assist in performing the tasks needed to reach goals. A team’s performance includes the concept of synergy: when two things are put together, their value is more than the sum of both.

For a team to be effective in time management, it needs both communication and coordination. To improve team time management and productivity, give 5 suggestions on what leaders can do to assist teams with keeping on track. Explain why?


Imagine That You Are A Manager Of A Real Or Fictitious Small To Medium Sized Business Where You Have Middle


Imagine that you are a manager of a real or fictitious small to medium sized business where you have middle

managers who report to you.

The business is a company that has experienced rapid growth and is struggling to manage an expanded workforce.

Analyze how your communication choices will facilitate trust and team building within the organization.

Operations Management

What Is Your Personalty?Paper 3introduction



What is your personalty?

Paper 3



behavior is a complex issue: Every individual has a unique way to behave and a lot in common, but most influences are their cultural background and lifestyle. Individual behavior is how a person reacts in different situations; P.48 There are dozens, including anger, contempt, enthusiasm, envy, fear, frustration, disappointment, embarrassment, disgust, happiness, hate, hope, jealousy, joy, love, pride, surprise, and sadness a person may show a wave of anger in one situation and other incident may be seeing joy depends on the situation. As a human all above mentioned can impact your personal life, job and ultimately your ability to advance your career. Even though my work and family is different behavior when it comes to real personality and how I behave, because my workplace has a different feeling when it comes to individual behavior, than home, and I deliberately believe how I behave both places are not the same.

My Work Behavior

The way our workday goes colors our moods, but our moods also affect the way we see our jobs. chapter 4 P.6.

At work, attitude value and emotion play an essential role in my behavior, at the happy moment, my responses are in a good mood, and hard things bother me. It is easy for me to be obedient and follow the rules as the way it is. However, when I am in sad moments like anger and frustration at that time, things are different. As a person, I can hide my excitement and my emotions when I am working to respect the organization and the healthy environment of my job. I usually display a high level of contrast in my behavior when it comes to organizational commitment. Even though I believe I am an average person, and my strongest is, I can wait for something and be Patient.


According to myself, I am analytic; my communication under stress is balanced, and I am good at avoiding, controlling, and withdrawing. And I am excellent communication skills, delivers my ideas and thoughts effectively. I am also a good listener with an uncanny ability to note the little details of a conversation. The one aspect that I need to improve is my ability to handle tough messages from my coworkers. I can call myself an open person and willing to accept feedback and coaching.

My mood always translates into a change in workplace behavior, and this is a perfect situation, and I need to keep it. But my manager wants to see me a significant difference in my socializing with colleagues, even though I am doing my job in excellent with quality and on-time delivery. So if I want to be a successful person particular in my organization, I have to stop socializing.

It seems to me that I am growing in general, but now I need to develop my personality skills, communication style under stress, and conflict handling style.

The Key To Coordination Is To Ensure That Functional Areas Maintain A Ability To Envision


The key to coordination is to ensure that functional areas maintain:

A. ability to envision

future goals

B. consensus at all organizational levels

C. agreement on major marketing functions

D. ample time for planning

E. open lines of communication

Which of the following is needed to develop goals and objectives?

A. Implementation

B. Mission statement

C. A SWOT analysis

D. Marketing plan

E. Competitive intelligence


Hi I’M Doing A Nursing Assignment On Inter/Intra Professional Communication Within The Case Study Scenario It


Hi, I’m doing a nursing assignment on inter/intra professional communication, within the case study scenario it

says the patient wants to let their son know they are in hospital, would this fall under inter-professional communication? I understand intra is a nurse to nurse, and inter is one profession to another profession. Also, whos job is it to let family members know their relative is in hospital, would this be the nurses job to inform family? Thanks


The 5 Communication Principles

Principle One: Be aware of your communication with yourself and

Question 1
Communication simply refers to the transfer of information between a sender and
receiver whereby the main purpose is to derive a common level of understanding.
Communication of…Communications

Foes The Fact That Both Federal And State Legislators Feel The Need To Regulate Or Otherwise Contain Spam Suggest


Foes the fact that both federal and state legislators feel the need to regulate or otherwise contain SPAM suggest

(1) that SPAM is an effective way to reach many potential customers and (2) in the process of reaching those customers, many recipients of SPAM get really annoyed?

How might companies approach the mass advertising efforts in a way that is more effective? For example, TV ads have become a source of entertainment by themselves. Dilly-Dilly anyone? Could SPAM also become a form of entertainment or communication that is interesting and helpful to most consumers?

Engineering Technology

What Type Of Conflict Is Occurring In This Case And What Conflict Management Style Would You Question Olliwhat Type Of Conflict Is Occurring In This Case And What Conflict Management Style Would You As The Manager Use?

olgtltligtWhat type of conflict is occurring in this case, and what conflict management style would you,


olliWhat type of conflict is occurring in this case, and what conflict management style would you,

as the manager use? Justify your choice./liliWhat are the challenges to effective communication in this case and how can these challenges be mitigated?/liliHow would evidence-based decision making help in resolving this case? /li/ol

Answer: 1) The type of conflict presented in this case is an example of quot;Inter Group conflictquot;, where the workers
are up against the CEO (management), because of the imminent threat of…Management

•What Is Critical Thinking?•Why Is It Important In


What is critical thinking?

Why is it important in

daily life?

What is the role of communication in critical thinking?

What is one example from your own life when language or communication had influenced your critical thinking?

What are your final thoughts about the roles of reason, emotion, and communication in critical thinking?


Please Find Attached

Assignment along with the related case study .

Note: Kindly go through

DAY, MONTH, YEAR 2 Table of Contents

Effective Communication And The Nursepatient Relationship Are Known To Be Important In The Provision Of


Effective communication and the nurse-patient relationship are known to be important in the provision of

person-centred care. Select two (2) of the

following communication and nurse-patient relationship concepts listed below, and discuss how they are important to person-centred care:

a/ professional boundaries

b/ inclusive nursing practice

c/ assertive communication

d/ therapeutic communication


Under the background of globalization the impact of financial policy on urbanization process

ination of how much interest rates can be charged, and the budget that the government operates with as well as the labour market, the national ownership and more other sectors that the government provides intervention in the economy of that particular company. These policies are normally subjective of international institutions such as the International Monetary Fund or The World bank and also the political beliefs that are harboured as well as the policies that the parties that are affected have.
Globalisation has many scopes and it brings out different meanings to different people who are In different academic disciplines where others look at it as economic capitalism while there is a group that perceives it as a way of coming up with a culture that has high breed characteristics. Generally, globalisation can be seen as the increase in the amount of interconnectedness that exists in the world and is escalated by the blitz of market capitalism that has taken place all over the world and the improvements in electronic communication and the technologies that are related to transport. The forms of urbanisation that exist in the post-globalisation era exhibit an increased growth and concentration of population in the cities that are larger and urban economic growth has progressively contributed by services sectors, deteriorating share of industrial sector and greater labour output. Largely, the growth consequences of these relative analyses suggest a need for going on with economic globalisation and for a national methodology for the improvement of large cities (Narayana, 2010, p. 91-116).
Agglomerations in the services which is normally measured by the specialisation index of the region multiplied by the size in the financial intermediation has normally been seen as having a positive impact on the growth and this kind of results can have implications that are particular for urban regions since financial intermediation mainly exists in the areas that are

The Managers Guide to Becoming Great

Question 4
The response and action of Tim to talk with both Maggie and William independently was appropriate for this case. This is because the sharing process of the information resulted in the identification of individual concerns. However, I would have acted as a mediator and invite both Maggie and William in the mediation table. The mediation process would then result in solving of the pertinent issues between Maggie and William.
Question 5
The pertinent leadership issues pertinent in this case are problem-solving and team leading and management. This is because Tim, who was managing the diabetes clinic, was faced with a challenge of resolving the relationship conflict between Maggie and William. In addition, Tim was not in a position to create and manage an effective team for the diabetes clinic staff members.
In order to manage this situation, I would ensure that I develop the team effectively. This would include the identification of weaknesses, strengths, and talents of the staff members (Pingree, 2011). Further, I would embrace the element of communication, which would facilitate decision-making and sharing of information. This would create an ethical culture where employees respect each other.
Question 6
The significant issue in the case was team building and management. This is because the staff members in this clinic could not work in unison. In additional, ethical culture was a significant issue in the case. This was evidenced by the conflict in the relationship between Maggie and William.

Comparison of Organizational Cultures of the United States versus Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates

Arguments in this paper flow from four cultural traits of effective organizations that include involvement, consistency, adaptability, and mission. The paper compares and contrasts the organizational cultures of the U.S and those of the Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates by applying elements such as collectivism versus individualism, femininity versus masculinity, orientation, and power distance.
America organizational culture features a system of inclusive involvement whereby employees are rewarded for taking initiatives. The American system values accountability and empowerment. The American organization cultures stress the significance of accountability. The U.S. organizational culture provides a favorable environment for peak performance accompanied by extrinsic rewards. Aspects such as individual bonuses are tied to initiative and personal accountability. The organization culture of the U.S. establishes conditions for achieving operational objectives. U.S. organization culture stresses the importance of values such as communication, innovation, collaboration, and stability, which influences the employees’ roles and expectations. The organizational culture of U.S. also encourages innovation and risk taking.
Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates, which comprise part of Arab World, exhibits unique values and beliefs as reflected on the organizations practices and systems development, implementation and management. The two countries are heavily dependent on foreign labor, especially in essential professional and skilled or technical fields. Expatriates in the countries are hired contractually. their jobs attract high extrinsic rewards. There is a strong inclination in both countries for an increased preference for managerial positions. Survey conducted in organizations in both countries highlights conflicting attitudes towards Western business models. However, most agree that they enhance organizational performance. Regulatory decisions within the

Analysis of Business Operations

Analysis of Business Operations Using Hoshin Kanri Planning There are seven management and planning tools that have their origins in the fields of operations research. They originated from the researches carried out by the Japanese during World War II and were performed to ensure total controls on quality. The seven tools utilized were the affinity diagram, interrelationship digraphs, tree diagrams, prioritization matrixes, matrix diagrams, process decision program charts and the activity network diagrams (Hutchins 25). The tools that are familiar to me are the first four listed tools whereas the latter three are new to me. The management tool of my choice will be the affinity diagram when it comes to applying one of them in my business which deals with the sales and marketing of various products.
The use of the affinity diagram greatly requires the utilization of team efforts. It therefore requires the complete attention of the whole team that is operating in the business. The importance of utilizing the diagram in my business arises from the fact that there is a lot of information generated. The team therefore requires to sort through this information to come up with the most effective measures of increasing a products sale. It is also applicable since the answers required are not just obvious to all the team members working on a presented problem. The solutions that are normally adopted come from the general consensus reached by all the team members. The tool is vital since it helps in establishing connections that were previously invisible between the information collected (Hutchins 56). It also greatly assists in the brainstorming of the causes and the solutions to various problems being experienced especially in situations where there is little information availed.
The business benefits in a variety of ways through the use of the affinity diagram. This is because the diagram assists in making breakthroughs in various problems occurring and it also enables the establishment of greater teamwork activities. The diagram additionally helps in revealing relationships between various pieces of information and building of greater skills of critical thinking within my business team. The creation of these skills within the business greatly assists in solving the problems that our clients forward to us through the development of the most cost effective along with efficient solutions. The use of the affinity diagram has enabled the team members within the business to develop better communication skills when dealing with any problems that are brought to the company. This move has enabled the business to remain profitable and on course in achieving the set objectives. It also allows for the complete participation and contribution of all team members in the development of solutions along with the decision making processes within the business.
In order to effectively utilize the diagram and achieve the above benefits in the business, I have to ensure that the sales along with the marketing solutions development team are comprised of the appropriate team members. This will be achieved by staffing the team with members who are qualified and have the required skills. The problems at hand are then described in full for clarification purposes to the team members and followed by the carrying out of a brainstorming exercise. This is done so as to positively identify the challenges and responses that the team needs to address. All the ideas generated are then recorded on a posting note book for the eventual sorting of the notes in groups of three to four members. This activity is carried out silently as a consensus is reached among the team members. Finally, a summary posting for each participating group is created for the adoption of the best implementable decisions.
Work Cited
Hutchins, David, C. Hoshin Kanri: The Strategic Approach to Continuous Improvement, 2008.
Hampshire: Gower Publishing, Ltd.

EMs education program for a community based on EMS related issues within the community

EMs programs EMS (Emergency Medical Services) education programs are significant in any community because theyact as the solutions to many EMS related issues especially in the rural areas. These programs are aimed at increasing the health situation to the vulnerable areas and the provision of emergency medical care.
Serious cases are either air lifted or facilitated by use of vehicles.
The communities targeted in this research are the rural African and marginalized communities. These are the areas that are most vulnerable in illnesses. These are mostly the rural areas where development is less and the people there receive less or inadequate resources such as ambulance, first aid care, physicians for an immediate action.
Such areas are majorly faced by the EMS problem of disease outbreak. These areas are constantly faced with malaria outbreak thus high mortality rate of both children and adults. Accessing health facilities is a problem to such people because of the following reasons. Poverty level, poor transport, poor communication. Unless health facilities and governments come up with long lasting strategies to avert the situation, then the nationals in such areas continue to suffer more and more.
The community education program that can be employed to avert the above situation of malaria epidemic is first to develop, collect and disseminate the necessary information on the importance of good health to individuals and the importance of living in clean environment. In this case, professionals trained in the field of medicine should be given the first priority to undertake the exercise. The training programs should also be made affordable and accessible so as to achieve the entire goal.
There are some established communities agencies which I can well involve myself in and provide the program. These agencies are either private or public but with a common goal of providing quick response to any medical care in a certain community. These agencies include NHTSA. This agency has been leading for the past forty years in the provision of a system approach to emergency medical services in various communities. Volunteers and other trained medical personnel have teamed up in the past to provide much assistance to these communities. NEMSIS (National Emergency Medical Services Information System) is another cooperative agency in the same ( Brenna, pg. 60).
Research shows that there few developed programs designed to provide emergency medical services. This is due to some challenges faced such as lack of adequate trained personnel to conduct such services, slow response to cases of emergency in rural areas, poor communication and undeveloped infrastructure.
Carrying out health assessment periodically is the first step to determine the effectiveness of the EMS program applied to a given community is the first remedy to determine the effectiveness of any program applied. Besides professionals and agencies can also find out if an EMS program is effective by conducting both qualitative and quantitative research in a given community. By this doing they will be able to analyze both past and current situation and come up with a correct finding on the same. An effective EMS program should be one that provides a quick solution to medical services in a given community ( Brenna, pg. 50).
Work cited
Brenna, John. Principles of EMS Systems. 3rd ed. Sudbury, Mass: Jones and Bartlett, 2006. Print.

Storage Area Network of Carlson Companies

61500 This paper illustrates that the effective way to implement a SAN requires computing different or all the existing servers by deploying multiple servers thereby allowing them to organize automatically by creating unconnected information islands. However, in the case of Carlson SAN approach, each of these created islands will be accessible to only one computer. therefore, if computer B needs to use information created by computer A, then computer B needs to copy such information from computer A. In this case, the computer A and B are not connected to a central server, but to independent servers. However, the current implementation of SAN requires a mode of operation or computation where the sourcing of information is from a central point, but accessing such information must be with a high degree of security. Moreover, the Carlson SAN approach mode of implementation requires backup, inter-process communication, and data transfer between different data source. however, the today’s implementation will not require backup since that data or the computing information will be in the cloud. Cloud computing does not require backup or interruption of systems or the flow of information during such implementations as such data or inhumation will be readily available to both the organization’s management and customers in the cloud. Cloud computing allows server Virtualization that does not require physical servers that reducing the interference of worker at some point of network maintenance or advancement.


Visionary Cross-Cultural Leadership, Facilitating Change affiliation Cross Cultural Leadership Visionary leadership in a cross-cultural environment must aim to excel and make the necessary changes to succeed. Grete Hofstede’s findings in his work in the 1960s and 1097s are an important part for leaders to use in the path of making change. It takes visionary leaders the ability to understand their environment before they can make the environment work for their objectives and goals. Hofstede suggested five dimensions that are key in a cross-cultural setup. These dimensions are discussed below and a personal leadership inclination given in a cross-cultural environment.
The dimension of Power-distance addresses existing inequality level across the cross-cultural workforce. The inequality operational is acceptable within the power setting of the organization with regard to positions held in the work environment. In a low PD leadership system, power is well distributed as opposed to a high PD system where the management positions held are key in decision making in the organization. As such, closed-door meetings are done and communication is different in the different states that are created. Visionary leadership applies a hybrid system that allows acknowledgement of everybody’s role in decision-making. During crisis, a high PD system is preferable in making decisions while low PD useful where the decisions made affects policies.
In addition, the dimension of Individualism-collectivism (IVD) that focuses on the strength of ties within the organizational community should be applied. An organization with high IDV displays characteristics of loose connection, little responsibility and a demand for high privacy. On the contrary, organizations with low IDV display qualities of respect, loyalty and strong cohesions within the work force in the organization. Visionary leadership lays down strategies that emphasize the benefits of working as a community with the aim of motivating labor force intrinsically and encouraging teamwork.
Similarly, visionary leadership assesses the role of the dimension of Masculinity (MAS) in its environment. It refers to the ability of an organization to appreciate the traditional male and female roles in workforce. Organizations where the score of MAS is high expect men to be assertive and tough. In this setup, men occupy the managerial positions. In a leadership where the MAS score is lower, the roles played by men and women are related and are assigned in regards to professionalism and qualification. Visionary leaders embrace workforce based on qualification and professional requirement are the best system.
Accordingly, it is the role of visionary leadership aimed at making a change to evaluate the Uncertainty-avoidance index (UAI). It looks at anxiety levels within an organization in difficult situations. High UAI score means strict values, rules and beliefs are imposed on the workforce. They may include policy against referring to members of another race with their color. On the contrary, organizations with low UAI value differences and explore them for their benefit. This dimension requires studying the environment to know the prevailing cultural values. An informed leader in an environment with a high UAI for example should institute structures and polices to aid in the plans and preparations that the society around upholds .
Finally, it is the obligation of visionary leadership to know the value that society attaches to short term and long term traditions. In the Short term versus long-term orientation, Hofstede suggested that if an organization operates in a society that attaches value to long-term tradition, the organization should focus on cultivating loyalty as a means of marketing strategy. It is clear that for success to be evident in a cross-cultural environment, equipped leadership in necessary. The leadership should aim to understand the workable dimensions that can be altered for harmony and success within the business surrounding (Hofstede, 1993, pp. 81–94).
Hofstede, G. (1993). Cultural constraints in management theories. The Academy of Management Executive, 7(1), 81–94.

Levendary Caf Assignment

The CEO and other senior executives should consider either relocating or making several trips to China just to check how the business is doing. That way, your support and effectiveness as the CEO will be felt and Chen will realize that he needs to reason with you not to impose things even where changes should be respected.
2. Chen has a difficult personality that lead to a moment of disagreement in one of the meetings. Applying self-deprecating humor where you laugh over issues as a way of expressing connection in communication could help you in knowing how to handle the problem.
3. Between you and Chen, there is a standoff that needs to be addressed. There is what you believe is the right thing to do and Chen has another thing to do. Creating an open door policy where you present yourself as presentable will make it easy to communicate to Chen despite the fact that you are the boss.
Chen has proved to be difficult but for a worthy reason. He feels he has built the brand in China alone and opening 23 outlets has been his major achievement. With that in mind, Chen has also tried to provide the China market with what he thinks will sell in China. However, he has not maintained the company’s standards that are important for the establishment’s uniqueness. Foster on the other hand, you are in your first job as a CEO of an already established brand. To address that, Chen and other executives need to be taken for a refresher course in corporate management and brand management. Remember Chen did no go through formal hiring process as well as he could be in his first senior position in the corporate arena. Taking him and other executives for the course will enhance his skills. However, this is likely to raise criticism from Chen and the China market stakeholders. Some may see it as an act of intimidation. It could be classified as an action towards an incompetent worker, of

The Standards of Care in Nursing Homes Geriatrics

In exchange for Medicare and medical payments, nursing homes that are certified agree to give each resident the best possible care. Particularly they are required to help each resident attain or uphold the highest possible mental, psychosocial and physical well being. Care and treatment provided must improve or maintain health subject to the resident’s right to select and decline services.
The standards of care in nursing homes are government prospect however the quality is not assured. Geriatrics has various needs that aid in its day to day operations. First of all accommodation need. A resident has the right to obtain services and reside with reasonable accommodation of personal desires and needs. The institutions should acclimatize things like room arrangements, schedules, call systems and staff assignments to contain residents’ exclusive needs, desires and preferences. If there is an existence of a communication barrier between the staff and residents, the nursing g home is required to ensure adequate communication through the use of interpreters or other measures that will facilitate communication.
Secondly adequate nursing and other employees are required in the nursing homes to meet the needs of each resident in the geriatric at all times. The nursing homes are also required to establish an all-inclusive and individualized care plan for each resident that states care needs and how they will be met. This ensures proper and up to standards services are adhered to by the staff employed, considering the number and personal attention each resident requires or is entitled to.
One of the most widespread reasons why people seek nursing home care is due to urinary incontinence and uncontrollable bladder. Incontinence and lack of toileting aid results in too many serious problems for example isolation, pressure sores and psychological harm. Each resident bowel control complications must be thoroughly assessed and given care and treatments that can improve the condition.&nbsp.

Cultural Impact on Negotiation

They intend to discuss a joint venture in which the software provided by FEC will be integrated with the hardware of Zhang &amp. Co and will be marketed globally.
It should be noted, that I have been hired as a consultant only by Mr. Wang. All the recommendations mentioned in the consulting document are meant for my client only. Mr. Ansel or his team would not have any access to my document.

I would like to express my gratitude for your consideration to seek my help in order to devise your negotiation strategy with your French counterpart Mr. Ansel. After reading the provided comprehensive view of both the cultures, which entails a detailed analysis of business culture, communication styles, societal culture, and many other important aspects, you would be able to identify and understand the key distinctions and would have a fair idea of Mr. Ansel’s negotiating strategy. After provision of this basic comprehension of differences, The problems have been identified and listed so that you are cautious and pre-notified of potential pitfalls and can respond to them efficiently during actual settings. Lastly, I have listed specific recommendations for you, so that you can build a long-term relationship with Mr. Ansel which would ultimately benefit your joint venture.
Unlike Westerners, Chinese are more relationship-oriented rather than just emphasizing on the results or on getting the job done. Chinese are patient by nature and do not like to be rushed into a business deal without proper introduction and without explaining the context of the situation. Certain values which are primarily focused by Chinese are included&nbsp.harmony, mutual respect, modesty, flexibility, and equality.&nbsp. Chinese take time to understand the situation in a holistic manner and since they think long-term therefore, they are generally keen to understand the reasons and also the motivating factors. However, in terms of cultural priorities relationships are followed by reason and legality.

Marketing 1

This program is interactive in nature, and the company is able to collect any information that can help it to improve on their services for purposes of satisfying the various needs of its customers.
Customers of the organization can also use the company’s website to book for airline tickets, check for any information concerning their flights, and also interact with the strategic partners of Virgin Atlantic, such as the Alamo car hire firm. The airline company has also introduced the technological mobile App that makes it possible for the customers of the organization to track and check on any information that pertain to their travelling (Crane, 2010). Through these marketing strategies, the airline company has made travelling to be fun, simple, and convenient. They have also helped to create a relationship between the company, and its customers.
This is one of the philosophies contained in new-era orientation, and marketing concept. It is important to denote that the value that the airline company has created for its customers is the ability of its customers to travel in comfort, while also having fun. The airline company has managed to create this value, through the use of effective communication, between the company, and its target customers. The channels of communication occur through the company’s website, which is interactive in nature.
One of the ethical issues facing the company is the conservation of the environment, through reduction of green house gases. It is important to understand that the airline company contributes to a great extent on the emission of carbon green house gases. This in turn contributes to a great extent on the concept of global warming, and climatic change. The management of Virgin Atlantic realizes this issue, and they have invested heavily on research, for purposes of finding alternative fuels, that can help the company to reduce the emission of these gases. A social issue that the company faces is its

Week 1 discussion 2

Week discussion Although rare, children learning a language for the first time might also struggle with pronunciation of certain sounds indicating that pronunciation difficulties are not limited to children learning a second language. Research findings identify strategies that are useful in rectification of pronunciation difficulties (Gagen, 2007). These include.
Good modeling: children learn different aspects of language through mimicking those around them. Therefore, it is crucial for instructors and parents to pronounce the words that children are struggling with slowly putting emphasis on the important phonetic sounds. For example, pronunciation of words with /s/ or /z/ requires one to keep the tongue locked behind the teeth.
Use of symbolic sound: this refers to one syllable words or sounds that are easy to produce. for example, “moo” or “woof”. Using symbolic sounds encourages vocalization and allows children to relate words with similar sounds. hence, pronounce them in the same way.
Observation skills: comprise of skills that require children to focus on a specified task. In relation to pronunciation difficulties the instructor might assign a simple observation task to the student. This task will require the child to observe the instructor’s mouth as he/she pronounces different sounds.
Communication temptation: this concept incorporates the use of rewards, both tangible and intangible (for example, praise) to encourage and reinforce appropriate pronunciation.
Activities and strategies to help develop Speech and Language Skills. (2013, January 15). Retrieved from i Communicate:
Gagen, M. R. (2007, January 13). Addressing Speech Difficulties During Reading Instruction Tips for Helping a Child Pronounce Specific Sounds. Retrieved from Right Track Reading:

Investment case

Investment case: Car Rental Service Introduction Car rental business can be owned locally or part of a national ization.Some good locations where a car rental business can thrive successfully are bus and train terminals, airports and even rental offices. This undertaking involves renting out vehicles to people who travel or any individual who may need a car for a short duration of time such as business people, individuals who are on holidays and accident victims. As manager in such a venture, one must be able to verify all the drivers licenses and collect the required deposits (VOGEL, 2000, P. 45). Some of the skills required in order to manage a car rental company are decision making skills, good communication skills and professional appearance.
Four investment ideas for a car rental business
Rental purposes –The manager is able to offer rental services to clients who want to use car for a specific duration or travel for long distances. The cars that are allocated for rental purposes should be heavy duty vehicles or four wheel drive vehicles like Land cruiser, Range Rover and Jeep. This are quite effective for long distances and are quite comfortable. This types of vehicles can attract a wide range of customers.
Airport purposes- The manager of a car rental business is able to allocate some cars to offers transport for clients that arrive into the country and want transport. The types of cars that should be at the airport should be ostentatious so that they can attract customers. The type of car that can be used at the airport include Mercedes Benz and New models of Toyota. The drivers should also be dressed in a proper manner and should be able to communicate with the customers very well.
Daily activities – The manager of the car rental service can offer services for clients that need their services within the town center. VOGEL (2000) asserts that most of the clients that use the car rental service in their daily activities should be regular clients for this service (Pg 54). This will mainly look for a specific group for example employees that work in a specific firm.
Security services – The manager for the car rental services can offer some of the vehicles to be used for security services . Some of the vehicles can be used such as jeeps and Land cruiser. This car will be effective in offering security services to different clients.
Reflective Part
I believe that car rental service is a plausible investment that can make me a lot of money. If I can concentrate more on the two core markets include the tourist market and the business market, I will be able to get good returns . There is also an increase of the car rental services as people and companies have chosen to use this service as they are affordable . I think that the four types of investments are good ideas as they will provide different methods of getting revenue . In my opinion, the car rental services will require a lot of money for start up but, the returns on investments are positive.
VOGEL, H. L. (2000). Travel industry economics: a guide for financial analysis. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press.

Penetrating testing techniques

This article will analyze some of these modern computer attacks, how they happen and ways of mitigating them.
A DDoS attack is an ill attempt to make a network or server resource unavailable to users, often through disrupting or suspending the services of a connected host from the internet. The DDoS attack can be achieved by two main ways. First, the attacker, using malware or Trojan can take over several computers on the internet, creating a botnet in the process. Secondly, the attacker then controls the affected computers and makes them attack simultaneously the target thus achieving their initial goal (Gu &amp. Liu, 2007).
The DDoS attacks can be resolved, mainly through the incorporation of blocking and detection mechanisms, that apply even during the spoofed attacks, when attacker profiles and identities are constantly changing. Others include, giving more complete capabilities of verification than either IDS signatures or static routers filters can provide. Prevent dependence on configuration changes or network device resources. In-built intelligence processes being infused with only contaminated traffic packets that would guarantee minimum scaling costs and maximum reliance. Implement procedures for communication standards to help guarantee maximum reliability and interoperability. Blocking and identifying individual spoofed packages to guard genuine business transactions (Patel &amp. Patel, 2014).
TCP session, or session hijacking, is generally a means of taking over a session of a web user by obtaining surreptitiously the session Id and pretending to be the official session user. Once accessed, the invader can pretend to be the official user and freely access and manipulate data as they please.
Hackers popularly use routed IP packets from the original source to hijack a session. Through re-routing the communication to go through his computer, he can communicate with the different machines simultaneously. An effective example of such

Ethical Sourcing in Retail Industries and the Problem of Sweat Shop Labor

Only with the consumer’s strong convictions can this movement be taken ahead of and for this communication of ethical issues including their damaging contribution to the environment needs to be highlighted.
The expansion of civilizations has been largely based on trading practices. Trade and Commerce have been drivers of extension of territorial forays in the past and, in modern days, with the royalty become defunct, even extinct in some cases, the role has been ably taken over by large companies, the Multinationals.
The twin objectives of war for territorial gains of the former kingdoms and the present day Multinational remain the same. expansion of markets to cater to larger populations and obtaining cheap labor for work from the new territories. Whereas formerly they made use of slave labor, often not caring about their survival, today they pay subsistence or even less for running their factories and establishments. All the high talk of Human Rights is meant for conference tables and for the populations of the victors and not the vanquished.
In the present context, the Multinational need to expand their markets and in search for consumers globally they are attracted by the huge populations of the developing or the under-developed world. They take advantage of offering them the goods that they have developed for their own affluent populations. However, where they face the possibility of lower sales due to the high prices they tend to manufacture their products locally for local sales at lower prices compared to their home markets.

The other angle to the story is that when they face competition from their rivals who are as big and as powerful, they need to lower prices to face such competition. The obvious way out is again to manufacture their products in the underdeveloped or developing markets at lesser cost and consequently be able to lower prices to their home markets.
With the demise of colonialism, democracy became the chosen form of governance, barring&nbsp.few dictatorships, in the whole world.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Case Study

As the nation and the entire globe struggle to gain succinct knowledge of the disorder, teachers and parents continue to seek ways of meeting the requirements of children diagnosed with the disorder, both in the classroom and at home. This paper will examine the autism disorder, describing its effects on children’s educational needs and abilities, as well as the support presently available to children diagnosed with autism.
&nbsp.According to the Autism Society of America (2009), autism presents in the initial two years of a child’s life. The number of people diagnosed with autism in the US is currently unknown, which, in turn, presents a challenge to education stakeholders who are unable to anticipate the full scope of needs presented by autistic children in terms of their acquisition of proper education. However, it is well known that at least one in 91 children in the US suffers from autism, and this number is rapidly increasing globally (CDC 2009). Autism is one of the fastest growing disabilities linked to development with a yearly cost of at least $90 billion in terms of health care, education and research. The CDC estimates that in the next decade, the yearly cost of autism will be between $200 and $400 billion. With the increasing prevalence, as well as the cost associated with autism, it is clear that there is a need for extensive research.
&nbsp.Autism is quite a complicated developmental disorder, which emanates from a neurological disorder that impacts the brain’s functioning. Autism affects child development, particularly in areas such as communication abilities and social interaction. Both autistic adults and children present immense difficulties in non-verbal and verbal communication, play and leisure activities and social interactions (ASA 2009).

Health Care Leadership

Health Care Leadership Case Solution
A- Preliminary Questions:
1. Kevin as a person is a very nice guy who cares not only the patients, but also the staff and colleagues working in the hospital. He sets his personality as an example for others by working honestly. He keeps a very high bar of integrity and works as a team member by respecting everyone, hearing others, remaining unbiased and providing reliance to staff in their job activities. He ensures that every task is done at optimal levels without any flaws.
2. Kevin as a manager has certain flaws among which the most frequent is his inability to communicate in terms of clear vision, conveying strategy formulated, getting feedback and identifying priorities with staff. Also, he lacks trust over abilities of others and does not allow them to take risks or work freely and therefore actually performs their job instead of letting them work. He also lacks identifying future opportunities and ideas to improve the business process.
3. After comparison of Kevin’s strengths and areas of development, I would prefer not to work under Kevin at this stage i.e. before professional development. Instead of being a team leader and high level manager, he has opted to work as team member lacking ideas of development. I could make a role model even the person working under me, but select a boss who provides enough space to take risks adopting new skills and gain experience. Communicating effectively in terms of macro affairs is the basic task of top management, which otherwise would cause confusion and chaos.
B- Concluding Questions
1. In order to create a vision it is important not just to consult the higher management rather workers at lower and staff level should also be discussed[Rob12]. They could also come up with bright ideas, goals and objectives which can be made a part of the organization’s vision. In order to communicate the formulated vision statement, it must be ensured that every single employee in the organization has totally understood its value from the scratch. it’s not just remembering it but driving the right meaning of the statement.
2. Those whom Kevin followed regarding the development program played a very important role in his development as a leader. Any development program is a gradual process, and self development in terms of communication requires time and phases. Although the coach mentored Kevin in terms of vision creation and communication, but the ones to practically analyse him were his colleagues. Without their honest opinion, it was not possible for Kevin adjusts his development strategy.
3. After the first development phase of the development program Kevin has improved considerably, however, there is still more room left in other aspects. Kevin needs to become a team leader and make them members work as per their allotted tasks. He must also learn to evaluate different opportunities and avail the most profitable ones. He also must learn to evaluate and mitigate risks and avail the prospect lying in that risk. All this needs time and development and the results cannot be assured beforehand. So I would not suggest Kevin for the post of CEO this early.
Rob12: , (Robert Lussier, 2012),

Globalink Understanding diversity

It has also discussed the best practices to manage organisational diversity.
The micro analysis of organisational behaviour helps any business to understand the potential conflict issues within the individuals of the organisation. Most of the conflicts generate from the diversified work force of any organisation (Robbins and Judge, 2012). The workforce of this organisation is mainly diversified by age, race, and ethnicity. The organisation possesses different generation of workforce such as baby boomer, generation X and generation Y (Ibec, 2015a). The baby boomers of the organisation are mainly the sales managers who are within the age bracket of 45-65 years. Generation X employees or the supervisors fall in the bracket of 28-45 years. On the other hand the generation Y employees who are the call centre operative are aged between 20-27 years. These generation diversity causes difference in work related expectation and characteristics. These differences between these generations can be judged to understand the reasons behind the conflict within the workforce.
The study of the differences of these employee generations has provided a clear view about the potential reasons of the conflict. The difference in work ethics, skill sets and attitude towards the jobs are causing conflict between different generations of the employees in the organisation. The different level of tolerance of these groups is creating conflict within the employees of different levels. The absence of proper interaction and communication is also causing problems within the employees and their managers.
Another reason behind these conflicts is the cultural and racial diversity of the organisation. The employees of this organisation are from different race, religion and ethnicity across the world. The training procedure and work patterns of the organisation are not well designed as per the language and

Interview protocol asginment for communication interviewing class

Interview What does an average workweek look like for you? My average workweek I would expect it to be 8 hours per day, but based on the amount of work and the agency of work needed, I would expect sometimes to work for 12 hours per week. I understand clearly that a professional job in advertiser designer needs a very high commitment and sometimes I will be forced to work for long hours, changes might happen or even additional tasks and thus I would be ready to avail myself in case of an emergency.
What types of duties does it include?
My work duty needs a lot of creativity and innovativeness to attract a wide number of audience in reading the Independent. My duties as an Advertiser designer will include planning and organizing events of different words, photos and illustrations in the Independent. This must be eye catching to attract a wide audience to read the daily. I will also be involved in putting the portfolios together in the Newspaper to provide a presentable outline to the readers. Finally, I will be required to have excellent persuasive communication and social skills that will be essential in presenting a good storyline of adverts to the readers.
What other positions do you work closely with?
Other positions that I will highly associate with to produce presentable adverts to the audience include the multimedia department in providing me with better images or photos for the advertisement. The editorial staff for providing a good story storyline for the advertisements. The staff photographer is also important in advertising and will be useful in providing me with information relating to different products being put on ads. I will also be associated with type consultant to provide a credible material to the audience where he will give reasonable advice on the advertisements. The webmaster will also help me in uploading my adverts on the web, and will need to communicate with him regularly on completion of my work. Finally and most important, is the Advertising director who will have to review my work after completion before presenting to the editors, and the webmaster for publication of the material to the audience.
What has been your greatest accomplishment thus far?
My greatest accomplishment so far, is that during my University education, I managed to qualify with an AA, which places me in a better position in the job market. I have also attended internship opportunities while in college meaning I have gained some experience in the job position. During my University life, I was the president of the journalism club and thus gained a lot in communication skills. In the club, we managed to write articles some of them have been published and recognized which was a great achievement with other club members.
Have you always known that you wanted to work for the Independent?
From when I was young, this was the company of my dreams as it has built a great history in this region. I think my dream is finally here after placing too much effort in my education to work for the Independent. The Independent has created a strong cultural value thus its great recognition in the market gaining a competitive advantage over its competitors.
Has Independent created a strong corporate social responsibility in its reporting?
I would agree that Independent has been on the forefront in fighting for the rights of the people. The Independent covers great storylines on political and social issues affecting the people such as fracking as people fear for the future generations’ environment. The newspaper has attracted great audience for its reporting as it enables people to know their rights and understand the environments they are living in.
Works Cited Indpendent WHO WHAT NOW. 2014. 12 May 2014. .

Your company is looking into sending an employee to a foreign country Your company director is asking to prepare a consistent crosscultural training and supports strategy for the employee This plan should address the following information in a format o

It includes all the management choices that influence the relationship among the organization and the employees. International management of human resources means performing all these actions across countries, traditions, as well as institutional contexts (Thomas and Lazarova, 2013). Cross – cultural training to employees is necessary because it helps them to make quicker adjustments towards foreign cultures and also helps in performing better on the global assignments (Williams, Champion and Hall, 2011). With an increase in the activities of international business, many companies expect their workers to have knowledge of global workplace. Being proficient to complete global business operations includes being sensitive towards customs, religions, business philosophies, history, political structures, language, communication practices and trade laws. International trade states that companies recruit those workers who are actually prepared to be occupied in professions that cross global boarders as well as need them to work and live in other nations (Rasmussen, Mylonas and Beck, 2012). The report aims to provide the company analysis of Barclays Plc along with its business strategy, goals and objectives. importance of its cross-cultural training. as well as its cost benefit analysis.
Business strategy is defined as the spirit of managing with competition. Michael porter (1998) argued that the main purpose of the strategy or plan is to always position the company in such a manner so as to gain from the industry forces as well as take benefit of the limitations in competitors. Mintzberg (1994) defines business strategy as a “pattern” or a “plan”. Business strategy as a pattern put emphasis on the sample of choices that reveals what the company actually realizes or pursues (Langabeer and Napiewocki, 2000). Business strategy in terms of a plan means what the company or an

Social inclusion policy

Immigration policies, while developed at the EU or national level, impact social and economic matters at the community level. In May 2003, the EU addressed this issue at the Thessaloniki summit and in June of that year at the Commission’s Communication on Integration (Spencer, 2004). Four years earlier, the EU had proposed the establishment of an ‘area of freedom, security and justice’ that would be in place by May of 2004. Known as the ‘Tampere Programme,’ this plan was designed to initiate the Common European Asylum System. In November 2004, the ‘Hague Programme’ was agreed to by the EU in order to strengthen the Tampere strategy. This programme outlined wide-ranging goals that extended to 2009. The UK, according to provisions of the EU Treaty, is not required to accept EU directives regarding immigration and asylum. Generally speaking, the UK has rejected all proposals concerning illegal immigration but has accepted the majority of EU directives concerning legal immigration (Local Government International Bureau, 2005). According to Dick Oosting who heads the EU division of Amnesty International, the attacks by terrorists in the United States on 11 September, 2001 were among the reasons that the EU began to alter its priorities towards support for security issues and away from human rights concerns with regard to immigration. Oosting remarked, “Amnesty has felt this concern since the EU’s individual states began merging some of their immigration policies in 1999” (Lobjakas, 2004).
People, even those who are citizens of the EU’s 15 member states, have had to deal with immigration barriers such as the lack of legal qualifications, language difficulties and a growing public resentment. Those persons from countries outside the EU are more likely to encounter additional hardships in these areas and are in need

The Role of Stress and Level of Burnout in Job Performance among Nurses

41000 It is evidently clear from the discussion that stress among nursing staff is caused by an imbalance between individual life and working environment especially when it becomes impossible to cope with the work demands. In addition, stress may result from demands outside the work environment such as financial difficulties, unstable family relationships, and low self-esteem. Nurses’ job performance assessment includes the analysis of job demands, methods of performing the job and behavior demonstrated during job performance. Nursing is a caring profession and nurses are affected by home-work interference (HWI) and work-home interference (WHI) in their career. According to job demands-resources (JD-R) model, factors that contribute to stress include job demands, lack of social support and lack of job control. Some factors that contribute to stress and burnout in nurses include the long shifts, emotional demands of the patients, odd working hours, interprofessional conflicts and physical labor undertaken by the nurses while administering care to the patients. Accordingly, emerging healthcare technologies, organizational changes, insufficient resources, poor remuneration, bullying and inadequate communication within the healthcare facility setting has contributed to increasing stress among nurses. Nurses experience stress in trying to cope with heavy workload since some nurses are forced to perform non-nursing roles. More than three-quarters of the hospital services are handled by nurses and is a significant source of stressors among nurses. The excessive workload that should be completed within limited time-frame will lead to overall mental and psychological strain of the nurse. The job content aspects such as ill-defined roles, under-utilization of nurse skills, meaningless and non-nursing tasks will strain nurses. In addition, lack of job variety, high uncertain tasks and lack of control over the job are significant sources of stressors among nurses. Accordingly, the work environment may be characterized by unpredictable working hours, long shift working hours and inflexible work schedules thus leading to low motivation among nurses.

Media law

In spite, cyber law tries to integrate the problems caused by individual actions in the cyber space with better set of laws prevailing in the societies. This illustration of the particular crisis can be without difficulty settled by means of numerous set of laws. The global convenience of Internet means that it has no lawful authority but has to de facto the control over these actions. The cyberspace myth admits the challenges in deciding the authority of an online agreement. A wide range of concerning issues has been applied to launch the jurisdiction of an agreement carried out by the electronic media.
The general myth concerning the cyberspace is that internet has an innovative jurisdiction in which the present polices and systems apply. All the players concerned in internet operations exist in the present authority. Much of the rules and regulation is conflicting, very difficult or is not possible to obey. The worldwide outlook of the primary lawful issues emerged by the arrival of the internet as a global media of communication device. The universal tendencies in the advancement of the lawful matters are addressed and the efficiency of possible instrument for the lawful variation is related to the internet rules. Internet governance is the growth request by governments, the personal segment and the public in particular positions of the shared values, rules, regulations and managerial principles where the programmers’ form the growth and make use of the internet.
One of the treasured fallacies regarding the cyberspace is that Internet is completely decentralized and naturally unmanageable. Also, there are two wide governance problems lifted by the Internet. The first one is that how the Internet handled itself in a scientifically difficult worldwide communication system. Secondly, how to lawfully manage actions carried out on the Internet. In any of the network several

Elevator pitch and technologies

Elevator Pitch and Technologies Business Answer An elevator pitch is a 30-60 seconds of a profession, product, service, organization, a person and the value of its proposition (O’Leary 24). An elevator pitch helps an individual to have a powerful impression. The first impression is vital, because after the first thirty seconds, the mind will start wandering. Many people have less time, therefore, one need the shortest time to grab the other person or they will lose them forever. When I want to explain a high-tech idea to someone, I would explain the advantages of the tech, and then proceed to explain to him or her how it is developed and the reasons we need the high-tech.
Answer 2
There are no businesses without competitors. Every businessman aims at making profits and expanding his or her business. A lucrative business that attracts or maximizes its profits will attract a lot of competitors (Estill and Long 143). However, not every person will invest in a similar business like his or her competitor. One of the major reasons is that some competitors do not have the required capital to invest in the business. Some competitors are not ready to risk in the business like their competitors.
Answer 3
It is not wrong to have an idea that there are no competitors. Developing an idea depends on an individual. Having and implementing an idea are two distinct factors. A unique idea depends on an individual and one is most highly going to lack competitors. However, it is a red flag in venturing into a business that you think has no competitors (Estill and Long 131). Venturing into such business has advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that a successful monopoly dictates the prices in the market. No business lack competitors and when you venture into the market with a notion that there are no competitions you risk going at a loss because the prices of commodities will vary and you may enjoy the way you expected.
Answer 1
The knowledge revolution is more inclined towards communication. The technology that we currently use would not be inexistence without the 18th century revolution. The 18th century revolution provided the foundation of the current revolution. The production of mobile phones and computers demands a lot of technological knowledge, and it has transformed from unskilled labour to skilled-based labour today. The industrial revolution has led to the birth of the current knowledge revolution because the transformation has been systematic over the years.
Answer 2
Altering most software programs is one of the key areas software companies us to attract women to the technology industry. Most people and industries believe that women are less productive than men in advanced software programs. Men contribute highly in the advanced software industry than women. You will find a larger number of men than women in most advanced software companies showing the perception of women in these industries. When a woman is seen in a field majorly populated by men, she is seen to have extra ordinary features. Most women will shy off such job opportunities, and this is the major reason major software technologies are opening positions that attract women.
Answer 3
A scholarly source is published or a peer reviewed source such as a university publisher or a journal. The Chicago Tribune and the Washington Post are scholarly sources. This is because they are journals that are published by scholarly society or association that are recognized by a recognized publisher. They are reviewed by different authors occasionally and they use evidence to support and authenticate their findings. The Chicago Tribune and the Washington Post are written for the popular and academic audience.
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The Role Of Shoes In Making Style

The Role Of Shoes In Making Style
My favorite piece of clothing is shoes. No matter what kind of a dress you have on, expensive, stylish and elegant shoes set the tone! Women are focused on shoes. They are interested in different shapes of shoes, colors, height of heels etc. High-heel shoes are a dream of every woman and of course, it is the most reliable weapon. Men are losing their conscience, when they look at a woman on the high heels. I think that shoes are a perfect means of communication mediation and reaching one’s goals. Of course, shoes can be too tight or clumsy, but the game is worth the candles. Women sacrifice their comfort in the name of posh beauty. Ballet flats are also very interesting nowadays. These shoes are the trendiest, because a modern woman on her way to success is always in a hurry and that is why she needs convenient shoes! This piece of clothing reflects my mood, intentions, future actions etc. For example, if I am depressed or in a hurry, I can wear flats or sports shoes. In case I have a playful mood, I am ready to wear high heeled shoes. My cheerful mood will be supported by colorful shoes and if I am downhearted, my bad mood will make me wear flats or black shoes. There is a great variety of materials, from which shoes are made nowadays. Leather, chamois or even a simple cloth can make my daily life perfect, because my shoes are always made from high-quality materials. If they are too tight or inconvenient, then watch out, because my mood will be spoiled for sure! Shoes are both triggers of joy and sorrow. everything depends on their quality and my mood. There is no other piece of clothing, which will be so much related to my mood, appearance and behavior.
Works cited
Fashion Encyclopedia. Web. 22 Oct, 2012.

Health questions

Effects of Elderly Population on Future Society One of the effects of elderly population on future society is that it may lead to high dependency ratio of the elderly to young populations. That is, the rate at, which the elderly rely on support from the young populations, may increase. Moreover, owing to the fact that the elderly populations are less energetic and cannot participate actively in economic development, there may be incidences of slow economic growth in the case that their populations increase.
Importance of Slowing Population Growth on the Environment
Slowing global population growth is important in the sense that it creates a scenario where human population does not supersede the carrying capacity of the earth, through reduction of over-exploitation of natural resources.
Important Factors of Self Care
Possession of sufficient knowledge among the persons charged with the responsibility of providing self care is of great importance. Specifically, this knowledge includes knowledge with regard to issues ascribed to self-care. Another important factor is proper inter-personal and communication skills in order to enhance the provision of self-care services. Consequently, consultation is an imperative factor taken into consideration when providing self-care.
Four Major Domain of CAM Practices
Alternative Medical Systems is one of the domains of CAM. these are medical systems based on practices as well as theory i.e. homeopathic medicine. Another domain of CAM is mind-body interventions that focus on enhancing the cognitive functionality in order to improve body processes. There is also Biologically-Based therapies that involve the use of herbs and medicine to improve biological functions. Manipulative Body-based Therapies are the fourth domain of the CAM practices. this domain involves processes of manipulating certain parts of the body.
E-waste is basically electronic waste materials. it is a major problem to the contemporary society owing to the fact that most of them are non-biodegradable pose challenges with regard to disposal or management.
Work Cited
Wilkinson, Ian F., David N. Darby, and Andrea Mant. "Self-Care and Self-Medication." Medical Care 25.10 (2007): 965-978. Print.

Individualism and Collectivism between Eastern and Western Cultures

82000 The researcher states that the concept of individualism and collectivism basically incorporates various cultural norms in it along with having rules based on group identities and also groups which are important for their members along with individuals making sacrifices for the other groups. Such groups or set of people are known as in-groups, out-groups now refer to individuals who are not a part of the in-group. Individualistic cultures majorly exist in western societies and cultures. People who are a part of the individualistic cultures tend to make decisions which are dependent on their own thinking and what they believe is right and wrong, on the other hand, eastern countries that are majorly following the collectivistic cultures would tend to make decisions which are following their own in-groups. People go for “I” in individualistic cultures whereas on the other hand “We” is for collectivistic cultures. Western societies are majorly following the independent approach so individualistic culture where nuclear family structure exists is followed and in the eastern societies which are under collectivism, family or even tribal structures are the basic primary unit. Eastern culture is majorly following the collectivism approach where the economy is not that developed, however, when we look at the western culture the economy is developed and more efficient. Western cultures tend to have low context communication which is a major factor in individualistic cultures and it is associated with such cultures, on the other hand, collectivistic cultures are the ones which associate them with high-context communication. People who are following the low context cultures are the ones for who direct communication is important and it plays an integral part, whereas on the other hand high –context cultures are the ones who give more importance to the group decisions and the group harmony.

Understanding Hospitality Resource

It is extremely crucial for hotels to keep their employees up to date and well trained on the current housekeeping issues since housekeepers are always in contact with the hotels’ guests. Housekeeping also plays a key role in the client-hotel relationship since the clients will come to the hotel not only from the hotels’ food but also through the housekeeping quality of the hotel. Housekeeping also plays a crucial role in the record keeping of the hotels’ guests and the preparation of the inventory of the housekeeping supplies.
Hotels have got people who supervise the rest of the housekeeper. These people are known as housekeeper supervisors. The job description of the housekeeper supervisor is mainly to inspect the quality of the housekeeping job that has been done in the hotel rooms. The supervisors are also required to take part in the procurement process of the hotels’ laundry and other housekeeping equipment. The supervisor should be able to lead his housekeeping team well and unit the team in order to perform a quality job. The housekeeper supervisor should be able to have excellent communication skills. They should be able to have the ability to teach other housekeepers on their roles. They should be able to fully understand what the needs of the hotel’s clients are. The housekeeping supervisors should be able to encourage and motivate other housekeepers to keep on doing a better job in carrying out their duties. Housekeeping supervisors should be able to delegate assignments to the housekeeping workers well in a manner that does not discriminate anybody. This will, in turn, motivate the workers to do a terrific job.
Housekeepers should always have an enterprising mind. They should be able to initiate new and creative projects that will be profitable both to the hotel and to the clients.&nbsp.

The Global Tourism Industry

In 1950 tourism operations developed as tour operators became a significant part of the travel and tourism industry. There are certain factors that contributed to the growth of tourism operations, for example, advancements in air travel made it easier for a large number of people to travel across countries and cities in a very short period of time. Moderate prices, an increase in disposable income, and leisure time gave rise to tourism trends. Media has also played an important role in the growth of tour operations. Media has provided awareness to people regarding tourism and has developed interest among them for traveling. An example can be found in how media coverage promoted Egyptian tourism. Media coverage of events and activities in Egypt has developed an interest in western people to visit the country. Media services have performed constructive functions for the tourism industry by exposing unique characteristics of Egypt (Hotel Mule 2010).

1) In Italy mostly tour operators prefer to specialize in specific tourist market areas in order to avoid fierce competition. They chose it because they do not have the stability to fight against big powers. They collect extensive information about the local area that they study and try to offer something different from the bigger tourism groups. An example of this is the Intras agency. This agency has 25 years’ experience and it offers different package holidays with special packages during the rainy season (Article Alley 2008).

2) Some tour operators chose to specialize in bicycle tour operations. These tour operators generally work on an individual level and plan or organize tours that are based on area. A bicycle tour operator should have excellent communication and organizational skills. He or she must be physically active and should have the ability to resolve conflicts quickly before and after the tour. Being a bicycle tour operator it is essential for him to enjoy outdoor physical activities (Job Profile 2003).

The History of Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a radio frequency-based device that aims to eradicate the use of cables in the world of computers and communication. The device has been developed in such a way that it can be used with many other devices. Thus the range of compatibility of Bluetooth with other devices is wide enough. The name Bluetooth is believed to come from the name of the famous Danish King Harald Blatand who was also called Bluetooth. Harald Blatand brought together a huge territory for a similar cause and that is why his nickname Bluetooth is used for this device as it is believed to bring together the world of wireless devices. Bluetooth is a device that helps to connect devices without a cable to remove the hassle of using these cables. Nowadays it is being used in different technologies such as computers, laptops, and mobile phones to transfer data over a certain distance.&nbsp.

The history of Bluetooth dates back to 1994 when the multinational Ericsson planned to launch a device that would remove the use of cables. The initial idea was to manufacture a chip that would transmit radio frequencies so that data could be transferred to and from devices. It was then in 1998 that a special interest group was formed which still looks after the manufacture of Bluetooth devices. In 1998 the companies which took part in the SIG were Ericsson, IBM, Intel, Nokia, and Toshiba. It was in the year 1999 that the first Bluetooth device was launched in the market (Bakker et al 2002).

A Bluetooth system consists of a module that helps it to connect it with other devices without the use of wires. Bluetooth Stack is an important component of the device which helps it to connect to other wireless devices. This Bluetooth Stack consists of many layers that are in contact with each other. Host Controller Interface is a layer of Bluetooth which helps both the upper and lower layers of the stack to connect with each other. The protocol stack has a variety of applications that help it to connect in series with other devices.

Emergency Operations Center Preparedness Training

In order to be an effective and efficient security service provider, the important requisites of security services include certain factors such as the authenticity of the service, secure communication system, latest technology usability, and so on. Considering security issues post 9/11, it has become almost mandatory for all security services to create an integrated emergency system supported by computer and technology-based solutions. In order to go further into the details of security system issues, it is important to state the main problems and key concerns faced by the homeland security service provider.
Considering the emerging extremist threats from the technology-bound terrorists, it is extremely significant for emergency service providers to update their technologies. The problems are manifold and common to most of the security services. Here is a brief overview of the problems.
Lack of threat awareness – Most of the security organizations tend to fail mainly due to the inability to respond appropriately to the imposing threat. The emergency services usually do not have proper access and capability to quick response system. Besides, there are organizational confusion as well as inadequate management of security services that hamper their preparedness to tackle emergency with efficiency and effectiveness.
Technological inadequacy – Lack of technological usefulness in security programs is another major concern resulting in the incapability of emergency organizations to handle security threats and attacks. Technological inadequacy is one of the most frequent causes for security organizations to fail responding to terrorist alerts and threats.
The loophole in communication systems – Integration of the security.

Auditing and Assurance Service in Australia

92250 This over extraction also may hamper the ground support system of the mine. Here overproduction also signifies that there is a huge lack of communication and interaction between the smelting division and the mining division. In fact it the problem with the entire company where signals are not present about the amount to be produced and how much amount of ore to be mined each time period. The second major risk that the division is currently having is the inability to gel with the acquired companies. As a result of this there is redundancy in operation as well as in costs incurred. These redundancies hurt more when the market is down for the ore. The business could fall drastically if the entire mining division is not centralized and integrated. The repeated processes of transferring the ores to the internal and external divisions are taking the cost component upwards. This is one of the major painful areas in the division. An ideal system would demand a proper coordination among the shafts, and well assigned targets of productions should be given to the individual shafts. These shafts should not be made liable for the sales of the ores. rather it would be the central sales department who would have knowledge about the production requirement of the smelting departments, the foreign and the local customer demands. According to the demands production planning should be done, not the other way round. For this to happen, the mining stores of different shafts should be integrated. This brings us to the third level of risk the division has. The stores of the different shafts are not connected and no computer data base is maintained for the amount of stocks that the division is holding. The sales department to have a better knowledge about the amount of stocks that are with the different shafts should introduce a new IT package for store keeping. A proper communication flow can be maintained between the shafts and the&nbsp.sales department if proper information is available in both the ends.&nbsp.

Negative communication letter

TINY TOTS DAY CARE Read Street (cnr Read and Greene Streets) Rockingham WA 6168 November 21, Mr. and Mrs. Brady PO Box 5320 Greene Street Rockingham WA 6969
Dear Mr. and Mrs. Brady:
Thank you for the support you have accorded the school through attendance of the meetings concerning the character and behavior of your son Brett. We appreciate the efforts you have put in to ensure that your son remains disciplined at all times and relates well with his fellow peers and teachers.
Tiny Tots Day Care is committed in ensuring that the children in the Centre live in peace and harmony with each other while fostering positive relationships with the people around them. Our recent encounters with Brett show that he constantly deviates from the norms and values of the school making his peers and teachers threatened and uncomfortable all the time. After careful consideration, the management has decided to expel Brett from the institution. If your son had shown considerable change in his behavior after constant and persistent warnings, the panel would have reconsidered the decision. We value and encourage the practice of good behavior at all times to facilitate the learning process.
Again, the management of Tiny Tots Day Care thanks you for trusting us with your child. As a reminder, enclosed is the disciplinary record for the year 2014 for Brett. For any queries or additional information, please feel free to contact me at (08) 9592 5997 or send me an email at
John Michaels
Enclosure: 2014 Brett Brady Disciplinary Record


Human Resources Development Human Resources Development HRD is the agenda which is used by an organization for the development of anoptimal workforce. This agenda is framed not only for the expansion and growth of the organization but also for the improvement of the working of the employees. The HRD requires the efforts of a large number of HRD professionals who work together for providing training to the employees according to the demands of their career and thus they improve the performance of an organization at its roots.
I find the role of the Training and Development Specialist in the HRD field to be very interesting and important for an organization. This is because it is his duty to properly train the employees for the development of their skills and also for the improvement of their performance which has an overall impact on an organizations progress. The three competencies which are possessed by the Training and Development specialist include effective communication skills, good leadership qualities as well as being approachable so that the employees can contact them without hesitancy.
The HRD forms the skeleton of an organization as the effectiveness and the output of the employees is thoroughly based on it. This is because it handles the employment as well as the training of the workforce.

Personal Data Assistance PDA use in Health Care

This not only helps in starting the right treatment at the right time, but also saves lot of time and energy on the part of the physicians. The entry of the Personal Data Assistance in the medical world has made the job of the medical staff and the patients easy, comfortable and time saving.
The Personal Data Assistance (PDA) is a tool which helps the physicians and the nurses to access the patient’s information at the time of his treatment. The PDA helps the physicians and nurses to access all the information about the patient’s history of disease, the drug information, the prescription for his treatment and medical references. This makes their job easy as on the basis of information accessed through PDA, they can take quick decisions and start the treatment without any delay (Dee, Teolis &amp. Todd, 2005). The PDA has many advantages for the medical practitioners. It not only provides the complete information about the patient’s treatment, but also helps to keep tab of the patient’s condition just by regularly communicating with patients through the device.
1) The PDA has made the communication between the patient and the consulting physician easy and comfortable. Previously, to attend the patient’s need and treatment, the physician had to be available physically. This demanded a lot of physical strength and mobility on the part of the physician. Most of the times, the patient’s are not admitted on the same floor. Sometimes, one physician has to consult the patient’s not only on the different floors, but also in different buildings. This made the physician’s job hectic and time

Being Referred to as Half Breed

41000 I grew up in African during the first ten years of my life. I attended one of the best schools at the time until I was half the grade school when one day my father told me that we would be flying away to a new continent –North America. Apparently, I was supposed to meet my&nbsp.mother who I&nbsp.never knew about except from the numerous communication that existed between her and my father. I was&nbsp. later to learn that my&nbsp. parents&nbsp. had met in North America&nbsp. while&nbsp. my father was on&nbsp. official duty&nbsp. for a period&nbsp. not less than&nbsp. one&nbsp. and half years. At the time, my supposed mother worked in one of the hotels where my father frequented during his trips. That is how I was born – to an African father and a white mother. My father and I arrived in Toronto, Canada during the Christmas holiday immediately after I had graduated from grade school. This meant that the following year I would join the intermediary schools in Toronto. When the day finally comes to pass, I was enrolled to one of the best schools in the city, little did I know that my complexion would turn to be a subject for both the teachers and students. Initially, in the class where I was enrolled, I was the only student who was entirely black in respect to complexion and one who had a parent from mixed races. I was later to learn that the school only attended children from parents who were influential in the society, which meant that my mother was one of them.&nbsp.Barely a month after my enrolment at the school, I had numerous pretentious friends who came around to mock me on my complexion. However, my parents kept encouraging to ignore them and concentrate on my studies. I paid attention to the advice half-heartedly until one of my classmates addressed me as ‘Miss Half Breed’. From there onwards, I was convinced that something was terribly wrong with me, my complexion and my parents. Apparently, I decided to do my own research to find out the meaning of the word. Indeed, the half breed was an offensive word that was used to refer to a person who had parents from two different races especially one white parent and a black parent. The discovery of the word shocked my heart to the extremes of wanting my parents to move me to another school, but my mother remained ignorant about the issue. Soon, half of the school including a few teachers took up the offensive word as a way to address me. Basically, my new school had entirely become a ‘living hell’.

Globalization and Its Critics

The stimulates an even platform for all countries in their endeavours to import or export products to or from other countries. The policy allows the sharing of trade and imports or exports without extra cost, i.e., there is reduced cost in terms of trading items between countries (George &amp. Wilding 2002). This policy of globalization enhances relationship and understanding amongst countries globally. In addition, it has created an opportunity for the formation of a formal and informal international institution such as the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, etc. These have played a significant role in ensuring that there is an equitable distribution of resources across the world. Therefore, developed countries are now taken into consideration in the global platform. This has played reduced poverty levels in the world and improved employment rates. A very good example is the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation and the European Union. These two represent good examples of free trade and the path towards globalization.
Currently, the world has experienced a lot of transformation as a result of globalization. The communication infrastructure has improved tremendously. Some of the remarkable changes in the communication sector are the entry of internet and social media in the world. In addition, there is a great development of the telecommunication sector in the world. People are now able to communicate with others who are located in different parts of the world. This factor has had a great transformation in the business sector. The entry of internet in the world has opened up a platform for business to interact and market its products at very low costs (Germain 2000). The businesses are now able to get feedback from their clients an aspect that is enabling them to produce goods with features that are demanded in the market. This has played a crucial role in reducing losses that were incurred due to changes in consumer behaviours.&nbsp.Through social media which has been enabled by the entry of internet in the market, businesses have been able to advertise their products to the target market an aspect that has led to the growth of businesses.

Mazda Positioning a Product Line

But over years companies have recognized the importance of being closer to the customers. Marketers identified the importance of emphasizing the process of communication and the channels used for communicating. This led to the emergence of IMC. IMC is all about strengthening the relationship of the brand with the consumers. This is where communication plays the lead role. (Karthik, 2003) Marketing communication is aimed at retaining customers than to acquire customers. A more advanced form involves selecting customers whereby the most prospective customers are identified. (Smith &amp. Taylor, 2004) The importance of marketing communication is evident from the way marketers and management experts view the advertisement. There was a period when advertisements were criticised and portrayed as a social evil. But nowadays, companies approach advertising as a long-term investment. (Stanley, 1992)
This marketing report is aimed at analyzing the product positioning efforts done by Mazda. The case is analyzed in detail in the report. The main intention of the report is to study and analyze the various IMC concepts used by Mazda in the various product positioning efforts.
The new marketing effort was a very big challenge for the company because it involved changing the total customer perception of a product. Television ads are one of the most effective tools of IMC. The&nbsp.Internet is another powerful tool for marketing. (Richards &amp. Brown, 2006) A company that intends to establish or re-establish a brand can depend usually on these prominent sources of advertising. (Shimp, 2007)
It is necessary that the advertisement should be appealing to the target audience. An ad that is targeted at a particular group should contain those message and information that are appealing to them. Mazda’s intention of re-branding Protégé was to position it as a car for young enthusiasts. Women usually spend a&nbsp.lot of time in front of the&nbsp.TV. This was the reason why Mazda chose to use the&nbsp.TV for the new Protégé ad. Mazda wanted to place the car in the minds of the customers as a car that can be used for hang out and also for fun drive.

Marketing /Lipitor

Marketing Effects of Online Reservation Sites to the Travel Agencies The massive developments in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) have tremendously impacted on the tourism sector. The most affected segment is the travel guides whose roles continue to be unpopular with the clientele. According to Jupiter Research, online reservation started gaining ground in the 1870s when the internet availed platforms like Yahoo Travel, Cheap Tickets, Expedia and Priceline to the clients to book for airlines, hotels, rent cars and reserve rooms. Since then, online booking has become popular as many people now have access to internet (Singh, 2008).
Today, online travel is overtaking the traditional offline reservation system in which clients were compelled to physically travel to the tour agents’ offices so as to make their bookings and reservations. Because of this, more than 40% of bookings are done online. This not withstanding, it is projected that it will overtake the offline system in the near future. Meaning, if the trend continues, the travel agents will become obsolete and eventually get eliminated from the market especially if they fail to adapt with the new changes (Leask, Fyall &amp. Barron, 2014).
As a result of the use of Smartphone, tablets and computers, many people now prefer online booking because it has got many advantages. Unlike the traditional offline booking, it is cheaper, convenient, faster and friendly. So long as one has access to the internet, one does not need to travel to the tour agents, but use their Smartphone at the comfort of their homes or offices at any time of the day (Ritchie et al., 2011). Besides, it is flexible and can grant a client and opportunity to compare services and rates offered by different organizations before making their choice.
Indeed, the rapid shift to online booking has been a bad news to the tour agents. Should they fail to come up with smarter and more brilliant ideas, they might not survive. For this reason, many tour agents have also decided to adapt to these changes since it is the only choice for them (Ferrer et al., 2015). They have blended online and brick-and-mortar strategies. This simply implies that the tour agents now offer offline and online services. The provision of these services makes them more attractive as they are seen to be flexible and dynamic. So, they can cater for the interests of the clients who require online or offline services. Therefore, anyone who does not want to meet the agents will only have to be served through the internet.
In conclusion, embracing technology means that the agents use high tech devices such as faster internet connectivity, text messages, voice communication, instant video and highly developed software like Unit4’s Central Command at all times. These are necessary for ensuring efficiency, timeliness, effective and cost-friendly services. It is therefore incumbent upon tour agents to adapt so quickly to these changes. If it is properly done, the tour agents will not be faced out of business, but will still have to enjoy a large share of the market no matter how competitive it might be. Such changes must be embraced because they have become part of the tourism sector and won support of the market.

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Isha Books.

Intelligence Community Organization

The Structure of the U.S. Intelligence Community The Structure of the U.S. Intelligence Community Introduction The U.S Intelligence Community is a large complex structure that involves a multitude of laws that governs its operations, orders and policies. Its ultimate function is to provide timely, relevant information to the U.S. policymakers, decision makers and war fighters that is guided by the community’s mission of collecting, processing, analyzing and disseminating of intelligence that is locally known as intelligence cycles. In the recent years, the U.S. Intelligence Community has grown especially after the president signed the Intelligence Reforms and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 that lead in the creation of the office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) influencing in the birth of the current structure of the Intelligence. The U.S. Intelligence Community consists of 17 agencies that encompass the Intelligence Community itself. The paper describes the structure of the U.S. Intelligence Community and further illustrates whether its meeting its primary purpose.
The structure of the U.S. Intelligence Community
The structure of the U.S Intelligence Community consists of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) at the top, headed by the director of national intelligence (DNI). who is the principal intelligence adviser to the president. In addition, he guides other senior personnel such as the National Security Council (NSC), the Homeland Security Council (HSC) as well as leading the other 16 agencies that includes Intelligence Community (IC). According to Aldrich &amp. Rawnsley(2013), the main agenda of the IC involves directing and coordinating the National foreign intelligence activities of the U.S. government. The principal deputy director is the second in command after the DNI then followed by four deputy directors that are responsible for the leadership in their specialized areas: office of the Deputy Director for Policy, Plans and Representatives, Office of the Deputy Director for Collection, Deputy Director for Analysis and Deputy Director for Future Capabilities (Freedman, 2014).
The ODNI serves as the central Intelligence Community but all the other bodies are interconnected with the ODNI and with each other at different levels. Logan (2010) illustrates that each agency has been entitled to work independently at its own capacities and focus on area of duty but together as a unit to protect the national security. Other agencies include the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). it is an independent agency known as the America’s spy Agency, involved in collection, analyzes and disseminates intelligences about foreign nations. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) also referred as National Security Branch (NSB) established in 2005 with an aim to oversee counter terrorism and intelligence gathering (Garthoff, 2007). The agency has been able to integrate high intelligence on national security and criminal threats from wide sources with intend to protect the U.S. interests by developing mass destruction of weapons.
Other include, the Coast Guard Intelligence (CGI) provides information on the marine security and homeland defense. It is instrumental in providing information on maritime and port security, search and rescue, and counter-narcotics. The Treasury’s Office of Intelligence and Analysis is involved in collecting information on terrorism and their finances to aid combating illicit financial transactions and terror activities (Freedman, 2014). Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agency collects and provides information to other law enforces units to fight and hunt down drug handlers and issue guideline during policy making about trends of drug. The Marine Corps is a unit on its own and is able to collect, analyze information on the ground for the troops in events of corps’ battlefields. While on the other hand, the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency provides advanced information of the earth, mapping various locations for the military forces and National Reconnaissance Agency collects information from the satellites data due to the enhanced technological advanced spy satellites.
The impact Intelligence Community
The creation of Homeland security Councils and ODNI has been essential in provision of security and enhancing communication that is vital in curbing and fighting terrorism within the United State. Indeed it is effective because with an Intelligent Community, the government and rightful agencies are able to access to insightful information on time to enable implementation of timely measures to combat insecurity thus protecting the interest of the U.S. population. The government has be able to attain support from all the agencies instrumental in combating insecurity hence gaining sustainability as the government core agenda in protecting the citizen’s interest is covered.
Possible changes
Advancement in technology has lead in the dramatic expansion of the U.S. Intelligences with the official 17 agencies. To keep up with the trends, adoption of more superior mode of intelligences has resulted in the increases of private companies collaborating with the Homeland Security in the U.S in fighting terrorism and modern crimes such as the Northrop Grumman. The intelligence community will have an upper hand dealing with information because the modern technology allows fastest access to insightful information from reliable source that will facilitate actions by the agency on attacks, drug trafficking among other illegal practices.
Aldrich, Richard &amp. Rawnsley, Ming-Yeh (2013). The clandestine cold war in asia, 1945-65: western intelligence, propaganda and special operations. Cass series–studies in intelligence, issn1368-9916. Canada: Routledge.
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The Goodwood Park Hotel Economic Activities

The visitors will be happy to pay a reasonable amount in return for the services. That’s how the hospitality industry functions. With the emergence of big hotel chains hospitality came into being as an industry in itself. This study is an effort to analyse how The Goodwood Park Hotel has been able to take advantage of the globalisation and increasing economic activities.
In the earlier times, travel to far off places used to take months to years, and it required grit and determination on the part of the adventurers to explore the other part of the world, and if they could live long enough to go back to their native land, they would narrate the wonderful place that they could see, which in turn would encourage others around to go and see those places. Till the time Wright brothers presented the world with a flying machine, most of such travels used to take place with the help of ships, on foot, on camelback or on horseback. During those times people used to undertake travel as a part of trade and business and the business partner used to take care of the visitors. But gradually, the task of the business partner was made easier by the hospitality industry, and such visits started gaining enough momentum after the aeroplanes were pressed into service. The hotel industry prospered with increasing economic exchanges and cooperation in trades and services.
Hospitality and tourism literally mean carrying out the business activity by taking good care of our guests, with the help of facilities like comfortable stay, quality services, hygienic meals, better communication, transportation etc. Hospitality is all-pervasive and has become central to the billion-dollar industry and an upsurge in global economic activities. This study is being carried out with an aim of taking a realistic look at how the hospitality&nbsp.industry, in general, has prospered over the years and how The Goodwood Park hotel has been able to serve different segments of its customers and retain the customer base.&nbsp.

IT Tools that Support Team Process

The second is the RFP (Request for Proposal) technical response and the third is the facilitator flip chart. All these three tools can also be used with biometric identification programs, in order to facilitate and enhance this people identification process. The application of each of these three tools is discussed below:

Continuous process improvement tools can be used in order to ensure lean production to promote efficiency in operations ( When teams work together to achieve the objective of problem-solving, they work with seven basic tools such as Pareto charts, trend analysis graphs, histograms, scatter plots and check sheets. All of these IT statistical tools are useful in working towards the development of quality. They are used successfully in manufacturing processes, but they can also be used to facilitate teamwork when they are used as management and planning tools.

When continuous process improvement tools are to be used to improve team processes, it would be preferable to use data analysis tools that function on the basis of an analysis of language and relationships rather than purely statistical data. Such tools can be effective in coordinating the work of those working on the periphery of the business process and integrating their efforts into the efforts of the business centers. Such tools could include affinity and relations diagrams, as well as hierarchy diagrams. Data analysis charts in this instance would use matrices and tables in order to display the value and priority of the language and relational data ( The diagrams are useful in shedding light on the patterns of flow of communication within the firm, the organizational hierarchies and in setting up precedence diagrams that are useful in quality function deployment.
Data analysis using such tools as affinity and hierarchy diagrams may also be applicable for biometric identification purposes.

Ethical Issues in Organization Communication

All the ethical issues and social responsibilities that come with communication must thus be given the attention they deserve in the communication structures of the company. Clients, consumers, and even various stakeholders would to an extent prefer to carry out businesses with such organizations deemed ethical in their operations (Seeger, Sellnow &amp. Ulmer 2003). Two aspects are considered in dealing with the ethical communication issues in an organization: one that involves internal communication structures and the other that deals with external communication. Internal communication addresses internal audiences majorly the employees while external communication addresses the general public.
A case analysis can be done of the Apple’s Rotten Business, reported on the CNN website, updated on the 4th of April in 2014. The case reports various accounts of unethical practices involving among them business malpractices, tax dodging and surveillance for profit. With a large customer base and a dominant presence in the market, one would have expected the Apple firm to conduct its business in the fairest and open terms, as noted by the writer of the news story. This wasn’t the case as revealed by the assessment that was carried out by Nicki Lisa Cole. The malpractices within the company included:
Apple, unlike other tech companies in the industry, refused to disclose the sources of their tin which is normally used in soldering electronic devices. They were also involved in unlawful labor practices that extended into China. They employed underage students and subjected them to deplorable working conditions with unlivable wages. The company, according to Cole, acted too as a ‘personal shopper’ for its wares and products, creating apps that pushed sales offers and notifications to its online clients. Since the publication of its tax&nbsp.evasion schemes in the New York Times, successive scrutiny has been launched to unravel other business malpractices carried by the company, including their $1billion dollar bill deal they were involved in with the Los Angeles Unified School District.&nbsp.

Venezuelan Economiocal Situation

His leadership has been heavily protested ever since that time. The economic crisis in the country is exhibited by several problems that the country experiences. These problems are food shortages, lighting and communication problem, insecurity, political prisoners, government expropriations, poor US Venezuelan relationship and inflation and black market dominance.
It is highly ironical that a rich country such as Venezuelan has no food. The daily battle of the country in search of food is not new but it is getting worse especially with the presence of the rainy season. The country retailers have to battle flooded avenues, upturned manhole lids and heavy traffic jams in its quest for milk, oil, and sugar. Many of the locals in the country have a problem getting access to healthy food, not that they lack sufficient cash to afford them but the scarcity of the food makes them lack. This factor causes the little available food presented in the market to retail at extremely high prices leaving the low-income households at a disadvantage since they cannot afford. The locals of the country are forced to queue for long hours in a bid to purchase some of the low quality rice that is present in the country. The spending of many hours in the queues just to buy food wastes plenty of time and many people prefer substituting the consumption of rice with manioc regardless of their quality. Venezuela used to produce high quality rice and excellent coffee but it stopped. The lack of the country’s staple food, rice, in the shelves explains the extent of food shortage in the country (Lopez).
The government of Venezuela nationalized the lighting and communication sectors. They are no private firms in the sectors. The government departments monopolize the lighting and communication sectors to the extent that exploit the country’s citizen. Since the government does not get

What Happens During an Interview

In this speech, I will explicate what happens during an interview.
I would like to bring to your attention that an interview starts immediately the candidate enters the facility hosting the interview. In this regard, it is fundamental to arrive early and be in good behavior both at the waiting room and inside the interview room. As explicated by San Francisco State University Student Involvement and Career Center, the receptionist may also be a part of the recruitment team and may, therefore, be asked to elucidate a candidates behavior in the waiting room (para. 2).
Another point to remember relates to first impressions. Ensuring eye contact with the interviewer confirms candidates self-confidence. Other than eye contact, dressing code helps the panel form an impression about the candidate (Time 118). Since an interview is an official event, interviewees are expected to dress formally. For men, presenting themselves in tucked-in shirts and neat hair gives a positive impression. Conversely, wearing a formal dress or suit as well as plaiting one’s hair also gives a positive impression for women.
In reference to the interview process, Das, in his book Business Communication, asserts the importance of giving a firm and brief handshake to the panel as introductions are being conducted (154). In essence, a handshake is a sign of respect and etiquette. According to San Francisco State University Student Involvement and Career Center, shaking hands with the panel is a sign of self-confidence (para. 2). To begin the interview, the panel in most cases starts the process with reflective language posited by San Francisco State University Student Involvement and Career Center as small talk (para. 3). This is geared towards helping the candidate relieve his or her nervousness. For instance, small talk may revolve around topics such as current news or weather. In other words, small talk is intended to make&nbsp.the interviewee feel comfortable and acquaint himself or herself with the panel.&nbsp.

Deaf Like Me by Thomas S Spradley and James P

The final source of encouragement for Lynn’s parents was the Volta review magazine, which pointed out those deaf children, can come out of their state and become professions just like any other person.
Teaching Lynn on oral speaking did not come without any frustrations. Some of the frustrations they faced included the fact that Lynn could not respond positively to what she was being taught. Despite all the energy, the family geared towards trying to help her, she was indifferent to the lessons. Other frustrations were the discouragement from other parents and failure of the hearing aid which was supposed to restore her hearing ability. The frustrations occurred due to several reasons. Lynn’s parents were not ready to accept the fact that she was deaf. If they had accepted, then they would not have been frustrated trying to prove to the world that Lynn was okay. Another cause of the frustration is the high hopes that the Doctor at John Tracy gave them. He said that Lynn only had some residual hearing, and with the aid of some hearing aids she would hear. The Volta magazine also raised their expectations. Lynn became bored with their teaching, instead of appreciating and learning from it.
After attempting the oralism method in vain, Tom and Louisa almost gave up on their daughter. They moved to Sacramento. Lynn was taken to a deaf school called Starr King. Here they met other parents in a school meeting. The concerned parents raised debates on the use of oralism versus the manual methods of communication. During this meeting, Tom and Alison met two hosts who were also deaf. This was Jim and Alice. The two introduced them to the sign language, which they had been using effectively for a long time. Tom and Louis got interested and started teaching their daughter on the use of the manual method. After some time, this proved effective. Jim and Alice were the greatest influence of Lynn’s parents concerning manual communication.
My impression on Tom and Loui’s journey is that patience is a crucial aspect of life. The two parents were very patient in their attempt to help their daughter. They never gave up despite the frustrations they faced. They finally met people who assisted them in finding a solution to their problem. Their long journey shows that disability is never an inability. Lynn was able to catch up with life and made some positive contributions to the community. This was with the help of her parents. It is estimated that 1 out of 10000 people are found to be deaf. In America, 0.23% are completely deafened. Though this book was written in the past, it can still fit in the current world situation. It encourages parents to appreciate children with disabilities. The book clearly points out that, a determination is a key to success. People should always be ready to help one another.

Communicating Across Organizational Boundaries

Communication across Organizational Boundaries Baghdad is one of the richest nations in oil mineral in the Middle East. A number ofcivil wars have been characterized with this nation over the past few decades. However, the country is still liked by most business corporate and investors due to its favourable social, political and economic contributions to the world’s economy. Day-to-day activities involving communication between people from Baghdad and other individuals outside the country involve various considerations in relation to a number of aspects of communication and communication barriers (Emmitt &amp. Gorse, 2003). This paper, therefore, provides some of the considerations to be put into place when communicating with colleagues from this country.
One of the communication aspects to recognize while in Baghdad is the religion or religious practices of Baghdad inhabitants. Islamic religion dominates almost all parts of the Middle East countries. It is, therefore, necessary to put into consideration the aspect of religious norms whenever you are communicating with colleagues from Baghdad. A Muslim as per the Koran is someone who has accepted Islamic religion and is willing to live his whole life in accordance to the Islamic teachings. It is also necessary to note that Islamic communication aspects are often unique. Therefore, they usually engage in the use of body language whenever they communicate (Emmitt &amp. Gorse, 2003). Muslims believe in showing much respect to one another. therefore, shouting when talking should be totally avoided when engaging in an ordinary conversation with them. Islamic greeting cordially embroils the use of theological terms like “may peace of the lord be upon you or may God’s blessings be with you” (Hartig, 2011). It is, therefore, highly important to consider these aspects of salutations whenever you are communicating to a colleague from Baghdad.
Cultural practices also play a significant role in communication. It is, therefore, necessary to consider Islamic cultural beliefs when communicating with a person from Baghdad. Some languages may be ordinarily used in other countries, but while in Baghdad, these languages are taboos and unpleasant to the ears of Baghdad’s inhabitants. Culture refers to a people’s way of life including their language practices, foods they eat, values and norms (Emmitt &amp. Gorse, 2003). In most cases, Islamic communication aspect of culture is often upheld especially when communicating with elders. Most Muslims uphold a higher integrity of communication values that involve respect for the elderly. Therefore, individuals visiting this country should be aware of the cultural norms relating to communication skills (Hartig, 2011). In relation to Baghdad’s culturally accepted communication norms, young people are expected to initiate talks with their elders. This should be observed to the later when engaging in a communication with a colleague from Baghdad.
In conclusion, interpersonal relations in communication should also be observed when communicating with a colleague from Baghdad. This involves studying someone’s mood before engaging them into a talk. Observation of interpersonal relations with a colleague from Baghdad will ensure that all the aspects of communication skills are followed to the later whenever a conversation is initiated (Hartig, 2011). This aspect of communication comprises of religion and cultural aspects of communication thus making it the basis upon which an effective communication skill is situated.
Recommendations in relation to communication across organizational boundaries in Baghdad should consider the following attributes, which include age factor when communication to an elderly person regardless of their organizational positions and interpersonal respects should be observed. Additionally, cultural practices should be overly looked at when engaging into a conversation with Baghdad inhabitants. Lastly, cultural practices attribute has it all hence should always be considered at large while engaging in communication across organizational boundaries in Baghdad.
Emmitt, S., &amp. Gorse, C. A. (2003). Construction communication. Oxford, UK: Blackwell Pub.
Hartig, J. (2011). Learning and innovation @ a distance: An empirical investigation into the benefits and liabilities of different forms of distance on interactive learning and novelty creation in german biotechnology SMEs. Wiesbaden: Gabler Verlag.

Existence of Many Cultures and Challenges of Embracing Cultural Diversity

Many nations are increasingly becoming interconnected through technologies and trade. In effect, various nations embrace unprecedented cooperation. Economically poor countries benefit hugely from trading activities with powerful nations. Arguably, the unity among nations requires a mutual understanding in which a common culture promises to achieve the endeavor. Although many challenges can hamper the realization of a common global culture, nations should look beyond the barriers and strive to practice similar customs for the common good. Individual nations require embracing a common culture for mutual understanding.
Many cultures exist across the globe. Individual nations have a tendency to practice unique customs. The complexity of the cultures can be a huge barrier to the quest to realize a common culture. Some cultures with strong ideologies are associated with global conflicts. In fact, the link of certain cultures with wars has been a major concern by powerful nations such as the United States (Dittmer 78). In this respect, a number of complex relations influence the comprehension of contemporary culture. The media, interculturalism, and globalization have endeavored to promote mutual cultural understanding. In this regard, the media has continued to portray the values embraced by different cultures. Similarly, globalization has attempted to bring nations with varying cultures together with the intent of shaping the economic and political agendas. However, the efforts to enhance cultural awareness face tremendous challenges. Communication barriers hamper the comprehension and incorporation of cultures of different nations.
Communication barrier is a major drawback to the realization of a common culture. Different cultures have their way of communicating and interpreting the messages. Notably, the organizations that operate overseas face the challenge of miscommunication. Consequently, the miscommunication tends to jeopardize cohesion, trust, and teams that outsource.&nbsp. &nbsp. &nbsp.

Evaluating Fashion and its Impact on Individuals

People communicate with what they wear because in all cultures there exist certain conventions and to make concrete identities among people, garments are used as the primary sources of identity (Kratz and Reimer as cited in Berger, p. 193).

Dress worn as a part of fashion is material is representative of personal values and has a close relationship with the self-perception of the individual. The fashion pursued by an individual is a reflection of the self and has a specific role to play in the development and construction of the character of the individual. The body of an individual is a tangible asset and visible outer limit of the self but along with this it also has to operate collectively for building interaction between a person’s actions and external environment, i.e. society.
Social identities have now become uncertain in every day’s life. People keep on presenting themselves to others through all sort of interactions they make, the way one speaks or presents himself to others in the world.

With the help of fashion and clothes, people not only make their identities in the social circle but also communicate their ideas. Clothes are used as a source of communication and for expressing one’s feelings too (Kratz and Reimer as cited in Berger, p. 197).

“Fashion (is) a key resource through which individuals in late modernity construct their identities and position themselves in relation to others’’ (Bennett, 2005, p. 115). This statement that has been given by the author “Andy Bennett” is highly relevant in the present scenario. Fashion has been used as the resource by the individual for the purpose of the construction of their identity and positioning themselves at a higher place in comparison to others. Fashion has an important role to play in the articulation of ethnic identity in relation to the contemporary setting in routine life. Ethnic identity is just like other types of social identity.

The Press in Russia

They tend to focus more on the Presidential Administration of Russia and the United Russia Party. Recently they have been known to show the kind of damage that can be caused by the vodka drink (Elder par. 1 &amp.2).
For my target market, the television media would be more appropriate since it is still the most popular information source (TMFAR par. 3). The average cost of media has increased with the print media at a cost of 72.64 billion rubles. However, these have been raised by the introduction of internet services and social media in the country. It is because they have turned into remarkably significant fast and reliable communication tools with which information reaches a wide range of people within a short period. Nonetheless, owing to its accessibility the television still holds the first position while the internet comes third (Arapova par. 8).
The means used in promotions and advertising are equally competitive with the television being the main advertising media used to reach the target market. Besides this, the sales promotions that are customarily used in Russia mainly include the internet. Most people in Russia are beginning to use the internet for different reasons (TMFAR par. 1-5).

Analysis of Discipline and Punish The Birth of the Prison Article by Michel Foucault

The process involved the isolation of lepers from society with the aim of ensuring purity. The plague, however, is a symbol of modern measures for ensuring a disciplined society. Response measures to plague symbolize mechanisms and authorities for identifying and evaluating indiscipline for adequate corrective measures. Operation of similar forces to brand those who are not disciplined and to transform them towards an organized society is then discussed (Foucault 195- 199). Foucault also discusses Bentham’s panopticon, another symbol for the modern day authority. In the figure, each prisoner was placed in a room that could be watched from a centralized tower. Each room had two windows, one directed towards the tower and another in the opposite direction and open to the light. The light would then illuminate prisoners and allow an observer at the tower to see whatever happened in the rooms. No communication is, however, possible between prisoners or between prisoners and the observers. Unlike the previous approach to isolation, the panopticism model offered access to light and visibility and improved efficiency of discipline. It allowed for the use of lesser personnel and effectiveness of administration (Foucault 200- 204).
The author’s discussion of the two imageries, the plague and Bentham’s panopticon, are ways of seeing history and developed bases for the author’s exploration of history. Based on the images, the author explores many questions that form major themes of the article. The first question can be framed as follows, how is power attained and managed in ensuring discipline? The author uses both imageries to answer this question. From the plague imagery, the author reports that power is attained through mobilization of authority for extensive influence and through isolation of subjects.&nbsp. &nbsp.

Air Pollution and Its Threats

As a basis of Environmental Accounts between the years 1990 and 2003, the overall downfall of greenhouse gas emissions collapses 8.1 percent that is, 786.3 million to 722.3 million tonnes of carbon dioxide. However, there has also been an increase in greenhouse gas emissions which was about 1.6 percent (in 2003). Electricity generators are held responsible for this increase in emissions.

As far as the gas, water, and electricity companies are concerned, a fall in the emission of greenhouse gases has again seen. It ranges from about 218.6 million tonnes to 192.6 million tonnes from the year 1990 to 2003. The core cause is said to be the excessive use of natural gas instead of coal. However, underlying data show the altitude of greenhouse gas emissions from the electricity generators has augmented in current years. Emissions mounted 6. 7 percent on the previous year as a result of the larger use of coal for production and a fall in the net level of electricity introduced via the interconnector with France.

Greenhouse gas emissions from the mechanized industries fell from 180.7 million tonnes to 129.3 million tonnes from 1990 to 2003, which is about a fall of 28.5 percent. On the other hand, emissions rose by 3.0 percent from a low of 125.5 million tonnes (2003 and 2002). The recent increase replicates an increase in emanations from the metal making industries.

The downward trend was more or less subjected to exceptions. For example, the emission of greenhouse gases from the transport and communication industries was 48.4 percent more than in 1990 that in 2003. The transport and communication industries were accountable for discharging, in 2003, the counterpart of 95.7 million tonnes of carbon dioxide evaluated with 64.5 million tonnes in 1990. Their greenhouse gas releases rose 5.2 percent on 2002, largely reflecting the progressing rise in the number of UK owned ships subsequent the introduction, in 2000, of the UK Tonnage Tax.

Ella Minnow Pea

Again, Orwell and Dunn speak about the cruelty of a government in a totalitarian country, so ban here comes from up-high authority. But nowadays we see a tendency of shorting words inside one language and high level of linguistic borrowing one culture from another not only because of one culture influences and subdues another but also because in one culture there’s a more handy word to name a particular thing. Then borrowing’s reasonable and comes from people (usually from the Internet), and globalization helps in making borrowed word popular.
If language change comes from people, not from rulers, we don’t think it’s a sign of enslaving. People seem to have a silent agreement to make native languages more common, more like each other to simplify the process of communication and understanding. How it can be a bad thing? Also, everything now is on a way of simplifying, and such changes come from all people’s silent agreement. We’re not forced to it, we will it.
So can tendency be considered positive or negative depending on where it comes from if it’s still the same tendency? If changes come from us we think that’s normal. the same change comes from government and we think it’s silly and brutal. But in fact, there’s just a tendency of simplifying things. And language, of course, is an important thing, but still just a part of a general process.

The Hijab and the Reason Why it has Become So Popular

It is important to consider all these aspects because the hijab has grown to be a weighty and contested symbol that needs thoughtful decoding. Owing to its connections with various political as well as cultural representations in different circumstances, any analysis of the function of the hijab also has to take into account political as well as social elements that modern Muslim communities are faced with on a daily basis.
Islam supports the notion that devout men as well as women ought to wear extremely conservative clothing in order to be able to focus on the aspect of daily communication with and worship of ‘Allah’. For women, this translates to wearing an outer garment that completely obscures the female form.
This garment, the ‘Abaya’, is then rounded off by the ‘Hijab’, which is a veil that covers the neck and forehead (Bowen, 2010). This garment is primarily worn by women when they are in public places. However, there are even women who wear them in their homes. The more devout female devotees even add an additional net-like cloth, known as the ‘niqab’, over the eyes in order to completely cover all surfaces of the body.
Such severity of dress is more common in nations with fundamentalist governments such as Saudi Arabia. However, in Western nations, women are more likely to don the simple veil, the ‘hijab’, to cover their hair and neck area. According to Freedman (2004) in Muslim societies, it is considered that any girl born into the world experiences two births. The first takes place when the girl is physically born and the second takes place upon reaching the age of puberty, upon which she is encouraged to adopt the hijab.
The wearing of the Hijab is believed by many Muslims to have religious origins. According to Bowen (2010), the hijab was actually a gift from Allah to women. In a verse in the Holy Quran, Allah stated, ‘O Prophet! Inform your spouses&nbsp.and your daughters and the female relatives of the believers to wear their cloaks (veils) over their bodies.&nbsp.

Cultural Dimension in Global Business

41000 The Cultural Dimension in Global Business paper examines the concept of cultural dimensions and how it influences the way business is done in the global and multinational context. In attaining this end, the researcher also examines the book titled Cultural Dimension of Global Business and present a thorough analysis of the various chapters of the book. The researcher states that this book describes a fundamental discussion of how culture takes hold of a people. There are debates on whether culture is in-born or whether culture is one that is learnt. Geert Hofstede, the autho of this book identifies that culture is the software of the mind and defines the way a group of people view things and analyze things. The writers seem to agree on the fact that culture is learnt. However, they concede that culture has a strong and far-reaching impact on the way people think and the way they do things. The researcher states that the cultural management is important in helping people to conduct business and other affairs in the 21st century, where international boundaries are being erased in favor of a unified and globalized world. To this end, it is important for one to understand the framework within which cultures differ. Hence, this book is written to provide information about how cultures differ and how these differences affect communication, leadership and interaction with other peoples. Once this is mastered, a person can manage across cultures without meeting challenges or facing conflicts.

Data Collection Procedures

Data collection procedures Data collection procedures are a set of the fundamental elements of a research methodology. It is applied in implementing a methodology and defines the process of engaging research participants and implementing data collection instruments to extract data. I, in this paper, describe the suggested data collection instruments, interviews and questionnaires, for my proposed research on effects of drug abuse on domestic violence.
Interviews define application of verbal prompts to generate oral responses from participants and can either be achieved in person or over telephone communication. My research will however apply face-to-face interview with telephone interviews as an alternative, in cases of geographical barriers. The instrument is suitable for the research because of its success in similar scopes such as is application by Mignone, Klostermann and Chen (2009). The data collection technique defines an interviewer, and an interviewee who may be the direct source of required data or may have acquired the information from other sources. I particularly intend to implement a semi-structured interview that will have predetermined questions but will be flexible enough to facilitate in depth exploration of involved subjects (Kothari, 2009. Gill, Stewart, Treasure and Chadwick, 2008).
Application of the technique also identifies a number of advantages that has influenced its choice. It allows for generation of extensive data that are further in depth and therefore facilitates adequate exploration of a topic. The technique also allows the interviewer to overcome the challenge of a respondent’s negative attitude towards the research or a question. Consequently, it enhances response rate and promotes clarity because the interviewer has the opportunity to explain uncertain concepts and terms. The technique also integrates easily with other approaches such as observation and therefore facilitates data collection. It can however be expensive, especially if respondents are sparsely distributed over a wide geographical region, and it is susceptible to researcher’s bias. It is also time consuming and requires interpersonal communication skills for developing rapport with respondents and lack of such skills may render it ineffective (Kothari, 2009).
The research will also implement questionnaires. The technique is similarly suitable for the research, having been applied by Mignone, Klostermann and Chen (2009) in a research with similar scope of data. Like the interviews, questionnaires consist of predetermined, though written, questions that are administered to research participants to facilitate data collection through responses that are communicated in the same document. My research will used mailed questionnaires because of the instrument’s features that identify its advantages. The instrument is for example cheap to develop and implement, especially when the sample is large and the participants are widely distributed. It is also free from researcher’s bias because of absence of direct interaction between the researcher and participants. It similarly offers participants sufficient time to consolidate their potentials for accurate responses. The instrument however faces challenges such as low response rates, need for participants’ literacy, and researcher’s loss of control of the data collection process (Kothari, 2009).
The research therefore plans to use interviews and questionnaires as data collection instruments. The instruments are suitable for the scope of the research because they have been successful in collecting similar types of data and have many advantageous characteristics.
Gill, P., Stewart, K., Treasure, E. and Chadwick, B. (2008). Methods of data collection in qualitative research: Interviews and focus groups. Retrieved from:
Kothari, C. (2009). Research methodology: Methods and techniques. New Delhi: New Age International.
Mignone, T., Klostermann, K. and Chen, R. (2009). The relationship between relapse to alcohol and relapse to violence. Journal of Family Violence (2009.24) 497-505.

Training Evaluations for Starbucks

For this purpose of this assignment, the training programs conducted by Starbucks and the methods used for communicating their findings, were reviewed. At Starbucks, the training programs are usually conducted at the Store managers i.e. on-job training, instead of the head office or conference rooms. However, separate vicinities are provided to the employees for training and learning purposes which are different separate from usual work stations. The contact person for this assignment was the Store Manager, Mick Anderson.&nbsp.
The primary purpose of communicating these findings was to ensure that management is aware of the current skills level of the employees working at that particular store. For store-based, performance evaluation at the year-end and justification of the training costs, reporting these findings was essential. The findings were sent to the head office addressing Human Resource Manager. Data was also sent in the form of tables i.e. excel sheets so that this data can be used later for further quantitative evaluations at the year-end. Timing of the communication and evaluation of the training is of fundamental importance at Starbucks. Since the training was conducted before the launch of new coffee, it was important to demonstrate that the employees are well-versed with the attributes of the product being offered. Secondly, the training was conducted near year-end which is also the time of performance appraisals. Therefore, for budget and expenditure analysis along with store performance appraisal, it was important t communicate the data at that particular time i.e. June 2012. Also, there is a strict deadline that store managers have to follow for communicating these evaluation findings which is usually two weeks after conducting the pieces of training (Russ-Eft &amp. Preskill, 2009).
The report formed is usually a comparison between pre-training tests and post-training tests along with random interviews conducted by store managers for performance evaluation. This comparison helps in analyzing the current understanding of the employee regarding a particular product and also acts as the justification for training cost incurred. For the selection of a different course of action for communicating the evaluation findings, the answer of the store manager was negative since it is a standard format followed by the store managers throughout the organization.

Discourse Community Analysis

A discourse community can be defined as a group of individuals or people with common texts and practices whether a group of social network users or group of academicians (Boreczky &amp.Wyclif’s 34). Members of a discourse community usually use both verbal and written communication to express their feelings emotions and interest and these will be understood and acted upon by their audience. Communication among mothers is one that is often characterized by the use of abbreviations and other non-verbal symbols that is clearly understood within their social cycles. The kind of abbreviations used while communicating depends on various factors like age, location, and experience that one is undergoing. Understanding the abbreviations and the nonverbal signs used by mothers requires one to have interest and remain abreast with the current dynamics and changing terminologies.
One of the common abbreviations used by mother is BM which is used to refer to the breastfeeding mothers. The abbreviation is common amongst mothers who are breastfeeding or used by other women when referring to mothers with young babies.
Women who undergo pregnancy tests also prefer using the abbreviation BFN standing for the big fat negative. The abbreviation is also prevalent amongst mothers who intend to pursue a pregnancy test to enable them to know their status. The term is normally used to help confine the communication amongst themselves in order to preclude others from being privy to such information, especially at the earliest stage.
To describe the menstrual cycle experienced by women, mothers have mostly used the abbreviation AF- Aunt Flo. The term is largely common amongst mothers and women during their menstrual cycle. Most mothers feel shy to have unintended individuals to be privy to their menstrual cycle except for those they are considered very close with.&nbsp.

Make a recommendation to Apple Inc

Your full July 27, Recommendation Since Steve Jobs is back and controls everything in the company, he is responsible for the development of such an organizational culture that provides comfort and ease to all the employees. Peter Senge in his book presented the idea of a learning organization where all people are continually enhancing their learning capabilities to meet the goals. These are: systems thinking, personal mastery, mental models, building shared vision and team learning (Senge). Jobs should create an effective learning setup at all levels by applying Senge’s five learning disciplines. He should promote systems thinking by looking at the system from a broader perspective that would include overall structure and the whole cyclic processes going on rather than considering smaller events and processes. This would help in addressing the problematic issues on the whole. He should enhance personal mastery of all individuals by making them learn new techniques in which they would show their mastery and creativity. He should incorporate mental models by discussing the success as a complete picture produced by the minds collectively. He should encourage a shared vision of all employees by discussing and communicating with them. He should inculcate team learning rather than individualistic approach and would consider team as a fundamental learning unit. Moreover, proper communication should be ensured between all employees to resolve conflicts that may happen among them when job satisfaction decreases (Masters and Albright). Cooperative communication tends to avoid or settle a conflict to “put an end to it in an effective way” (Bacal 15).
Works Cited
Bacal, Robert. “Cooperative Vs. Conflict-Provoking Communication.” Conflict Prevention in the Workplace: Using Cooperative Communication. USA: Bacal &amp. Associates, 1998.
Masters, Marick Francis, and Robert R. Albright. The Complete Guide to Conflict Resolution in the Workplace. USA: AMACOM Div American Mgmt Assn, 2002.
Senge, Peter.&nbsp.The Fifth Discipline. UK: Century Business, 1990.

ESports A Brief History

Regardless of some people’s negative attitude to them, electronic sports are a huge industry that will surely expand even more in the nearest future.
There is a great range of kinds of sports, and it is quite difficult to come to a sole and universally applicable definition of what sport actually is. When it comes to electronic sports, the task is even more difficult. The issue of giving a definition to electronic sports is addressed by Michael G. Wagner in his article titled On the Scientific Relevance of eSports. In his work, he interprets the definition of sports given by a sport scientist Claus Tiedemann and comes with his own definition which defines sports as a “cultural field of activity in which people voluntarily engage with other people with the conscious intention to develop and train abilities […] and to compare themselves with these other people […]” (Wagner). Wagner claims that video games playing should be regarded as a kind of sport as well due to the fact that in eSports people also develop certain skills and abilities and engage in competitions to compare themselves with other people. Overall, the most common definition of eSports is the competitive play of video games in the form of a commercial spectator sport.

What is actually missing in the definition of electronic sports is the physical component characteristic of any kind of sports. This fact is what gives rise to quite serious debates on whether video game playing can be perceived and defined as a kind of sports. However, one should remember that today it is the time of integration of information and communication technology in people’s life. In other words, these days people live in a&nbsp.communication-based society.&nbsp.

International Strategic Management the of AllSmile

82000 On the other hand, firms of each particular industrial sector have to align their marketing strategies in accordance with the characteristics of the specific sector but also the position of their competitors. Specifically referring to firms operating in the pharmaceutical industry White (2006, 175) noticed that ‘the pharmaceutical sector regularly forms alliances, partnerships, and joint ventures with kindred industries such as biotechnology, diagnostics, health care, and information services’. In other words, firms operating within the pharmaceutical industry should carefully review their marketing strategy as the qualities, the effectiveness and the safety claimed (through the relevant marketing messages) can have a significant effect on consumers (patients) around the world. The development of consumer-directed advertising has helped towards the improvement of the marketing campaigns of pharmaceutical firms around the world (referring not only to the qualities of the products advertised but also to the effectiveness of these products). Moreover, consumers can be better informed of the solutions available for the treatment of a specific disease. Regarding the specific issue, it is noticed by Holtz (1998, 199) that ‘the increase in consumer-directed advertising has helped to foster a health care atmosphere in which it is the patient, and not the medical practitioner, who initiates a discussion regarding possible drug therapy’. The importance of consumer-directed advertising in the pharmaceutical industry has been also highlighted by Wang et al. (2004). The above researchers referred to a specific form of advertising, the 4-C model which has been found to refer mainly to the following issues: ‘First, what the customer wants should be sold. second, enterprise should take every efforts to decrease the cost of fulfilling the customers demand. third, enterprise should&nbsp.take every efforts to give convenience to customer for purchasing’ finally, communication with customer is more important than promotion’ (Wang et al., 2004, 4).

Why Using a Cell Phone During Driving Should Be Banned

The modern-day life has become extremely fast and demanding and traveling in present-day and every individual travels between parts of the city, they aim at utilizing the time by talking over issues which might be pending or informing people about their arrival or action of plans while on the roads. While in old times the means of distraction were more of manual, in modern times the major source of distraction is the medium of digital communication known as a mobile phone.
Fatalities of this action are a severe and a large number of people lose their lives as a result of it every year. For this reason, strong debates are stirred across the world and in different cities for bringing about a regulation that directly bans the usage of mobile phones while on the road.
While lots of stir is being created by this issue and considering the high rate of casualties suffered every year, lots of research was inducted into this process and it was evaluated that the rates of casualties are as high as driving while drunk. It is equally dangerous and unsafe to drive using a cell phone.
No one can deny or advocate against driving in a state of being under the influence of alcohol. The studies have shown similar dangers and threats, thereby they provide a strong reason why cell phone usage should be banned during driving (Strayer, Drews
The horrifying part of the fact is that the incidents pose threat not only to the individual driving but those on the road, in other cars, who without any wrongdoing suffer due to the mistake of one. Hence it is a severe condition and therefore has caught the attention and being asked for banning of cell phones all over while on the highways.
The human mind is built in such a manner that it can handle one thing at a time. So are the hands. They can serve a purpose only one at a time. If driving, an individual is bound to concentrate or lend the hands to driving.&nbsp.

Group report

All the divisions are headed by managers who are all answerable to one general manager (Tobin, 2010 pg 43). A steady communication thus exists between the sub branches and the main industry in the centre of Chicago.
The company is headed by a general manager who works under the scrutiny of the board of management composed of ten able ladies and gentlemen. Within the sub branches, we have industrious managers who link the branches to the head quarters. They assume the role of the general manager and the board of management in their respective domains. Below the managerial positions, Best Bakers has instilled heads of division who are in charge of the numerous departments that propels the pastries plant (Zikmund, 2012 pg 44). The heads of departments supervise the workers within their respective departments. The industry has over two thousand workers in all the branches.
Even though the company has managed to be at the helm of pastry processing in Chicago, it faces strife competition from other pastries industry. They include the most known pastry plants. the Chicago Pastry, Dave’s Bakery, Creamy Cakes and Best Breads Company. Apart from these, other local or small-scale pastry processers are scattered all over the city intensifying the completion we face. In spite of all these, our dominance in the market comes from the best quality and higher quantity of our products, the number of outlets we have all over the city and the good reputation we have (Larashati, Hudrasyah &amp. Chandra, 2012 pg 12).
Best Bakers stand out to respond to the physiological need of the people in form of food. We are aware of the extent of industriousness of Chicago citizens, such people deserve to eat better and more foods. That is the reason why Best Bakers was established. The Pastry also seeks to provide employment to the citizens to ensure that the people make an honest living and are free from

Radio Frequency identification / Near field communication / Mobile Payment

RF field propagation is also the basis of many wireless technologies today.
Meanwhile, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) refers to the wireless use or application of electromagnetic fields for purposes of transferring data. The two primary components of RFID are tags and readers. Tags (also known as transponders) can be active or passive, and often use radio waves to communicate all sorts of information, including their identity, to a nearby reader. On the other hand, the reader has at least one antenna that receives signals from RFID tags as well as emits radio waves.
RFID allows for automatic identification and tracking of labels or tags to certain objects. These tags contain information that has been stored electronically. In most cases, the RFID tags are powered by the electromagnetic induction, often emanating from the magnetic fields produced in the vicinity of the reader (Hunt 2). These tags store a broad range of information, including serial numbers and copious pages of data. Some tags act as passive transponders, collecting energy from the interrogating radio waves. Also, these RFID tags do not necessarily have to be within the line of sight of the reader though may be entrenched in the tracked object.
RFID is a typical example of methods for Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC). Many industries in the U.S. and several other countries worldwide use RFID tags. Most tags are active, passive or battery-assisted passive. Unlike passive tags, active tags periodically transmit their ID signals and have an on-board battery (Hunt 2). On the other hand, passive tags use radio energy transmitted by the reader and are relatively cheaper and smaller. Meanwhile, battery-assisted passive (BAP) tags have small battery on-board and are generally activated in the presence of RFID readers.
In most cases, RFID tags consist of at least two parts namely an integrated circuit and an antenna.

In what sense are media audiences (a) active and (b) powerful Discuss with reference to the strengths and weaknesses of ‘active audience’ theory

genre, subject matter, style), e) by time (e.g. primetime or daytime)
Audiences originate both in society and in media and their contents: either people stimulate an appropriate supply of content, or the media attract people to the content they offer. To create the media audiences, we consider audience as often brought into being by some new technology as in the invention of film, radio or television or attracted by other channels such as newspaper or radio. Through the media source, the audience is thereby defined. (Mcquail’s Mass Communication Theory p.396)
No one could possibly wrong to say that one cannot finish a day without encountering the media in any form. You may wake up to the sound of the radio, play an MP3 on your way to school, read billboards in the street and watch television or DVD movies in the evening. We are all therefore part of the audience if in any other way we experience such activities.
In the early times, the media is used to persuade people to buy products through advertising, or to follow politicians through their propaganda. There have also been fears that the contents of media texts can make their audiences behave in different ways- become more violent for example. The effect of media to audience is highly influential. As agents of knowledge, the media is transforming its audience. (Hartley, 2007.).
The ‘media’ that we think of today are actually the latest inventions. To go back through centuries and decades, things like computers, television, film, and photography would have seemed impossible to olden days. One hundred years ago is what we call the pre-media times where people made their own sort of entertainment such as reading, watching plays, or simply stroll around a park and mingle with some people getting some fresh air.
Today, media has evolved in a great extent. The effect on the audience can be positive and negative. Theatre-sized audiences are accommodated so that

Cellular Network

The 3rd generation based technologies consist of set of protocols, standards and new concepts which provide further advanced and improved quality based services. 3G incorporates special set of software applications, as well as hardware devices.
3G enabled technologies incorporate set of frequencies, standards and patents that are formally approved by I.T.U (International Telecommunication Union). The I.T.U is a globally approved and globally centralized entity that defines the standards and ensures global transmission of digital communication across the wireless medium.
3rd Generation based technologies come in the form of set of coding techniques that allow improved working in terms of security, speed and performance. One of the key coding techniques is that of C.D.M.A.
C.D.M.A is an acronym for Code division Multiplexing Access. This comes as a successor to the T.D.M and F.D.M which were used by the 1st Generational and 2nd Generational technologies based communication. C.D.M.A provides advanced performances such as increased number of users’ facilitation, more secure transmission, less chances of interferences and breaking into the network and various other features. The 3G enabled technologies made it possible using the broadband technology speed for data transmission. It enabled Giga Bit transmissions which would be more effectively used in the 4th generation and proceeding technologies as the journey of advancements continue.
3rd generation based technologies provide variable rates subject to the platform and medium. From a static station the data rates peak up to 384 kilo bits per second. On the go transmissions vary relatively in terms of speed. On the go rates are relatively low and are up to the range of 128 kilo bits per second. Owing to the data rates variation and a feature which comes as a positive side of this technology, the 3rd generational

Discuss the connection between religion and culture How closely are they tied together in the West as compared to other parts of the world particularly the Mi

In addition, religion has always been an important constituent of culture. Society has always affected how groups of people interrelate with each other and is always evident in daily relations. It is more evident when different cultures based on different religions intermingle. Different cultures mix differently – they may easily mix or they may be highly contrasting. Man’s faith is as old as humankind itself and because of this. religion has a large probably of being able to influence people into its sets of beliefs and principles and thus, a change in its culture.
By definition, a religion is composed of a series of beliefs and practices that is essentially residing in a community that involves people adhering to a set of beliefs and rituals of study of ancestral facts and coincidentally cultural traditions. In this kind of situation, religion by far mainly affects how people interact with each other. Over a long period of time, the people’s writings, history, and mythology, as well as mystic experience are moulded or affected by religion. In addition, religion also refers to both an individual’s practice as it is related to his/her communal faith and to group rituals and communication stemming from a common belief.
Religion is often described as a communal system wherein people focus their beliefs and adhere on a single system of thought, unseen entity, a person, or an object. These elements in turn are considered to be supernatural or either extraordinary, sacred or divine to the group, and can be consider as the ultimate truth (Fletcher, 1994). This will be in turn, moral codes, practices, values, institutions, tradition, rituals, and scriptures are then converted into cultures as these practices or rituals are practiced in a daily core belief. It has also even been considered that religion is considered as a way of life for people. Already there are hints that religion plays a strong role in

What is the impact of ubiquitous sensors and how does informatics help to analyze the collected data

Minoli (2013, p. 1) stated that internet of things is the concept of computing that allows networks connectivity that supports sending and receiving of data. Among the key features of the IoT is the growth in cloud computing. Improved connectivity of machines and devices is a feature of IoT. The connection of the internet to the objects enables one to identify the very objects through other devices that can link to the internet. Internet of Things (IoT) has three important functions.
The first importance of Internet of Things is that an object can represent itself digitally and become something greater than its normal size. The second significance of the Internet of things is that it makes objects to an individual connect to the surrounding objects. In addition, it steers database date away from being it making the object relate to the individual personally.
Research by Tirrenia International Workshop and Giusto (2010, p. 1) reveals that one of the applications of sensor in Internet of things is on the use of Radius Frequency Identification (RFID).With the use of RFID, small electronic devices consisting of a small chip and an antenna. The chip can hold up to 2,000 bytes or even less. RFID devices also serve similar functions to the bar codes or the magnetic strips on the back of a credit card or even ATM card. RFID makes it provide the user with a unique identifier for the object. It, therefore, implies that wireless sensor is a companion of RFID. That is particularly in the view of deploying common Internet of things infrastructures of Radius Frequency Identification (RFID).
Another instance of Internet of Things is the use of Near Field Communication (NFC). NFC is a short range of wireless technologies requiring a distance of 4 centimeters or less than that in order to initiate the connection. NFC, therefore, gives a chance to have a small payload of data

Outline and discuss the different kinds of barriers to learning and participation faced by disabled children and young people wi

However, there are calls to improve the deaf education by addressing the various challenges deaf children and young people come across. Schools, governments and the society have working towards better deaf education in most countries. The deaf education has been improving over the years, but the challenges are still there for deaf children and young adults in their quest for education, and only time will tell whether the current calls for more improvement and addressing challenges will be successful in making their education even better. The deaf education can be credited to an Italian physician, Geronimo Cardano who was born in the 16th century in Milan Italy. Geronimo claimed that the deaf were as smart as the hearing people only that they could not communicate with the others. He proposed that the deaf be taught just like the hearing people. Rather than normal communication, Geronimo proposed that the deaf be taught to use symbols and signs as a way of communicating their feelings to the others. This proposal was well taken by Juan Pablo de Bonet who created the first ever sign language book in 1620. This made the deaf education to spread fast across France leading to the establishment of the first deaf education school by Charles Michel de L’Eppe. …
Deaf people continued to be taught how to communicate to the rest of the society using this sign language. This has continued to the current times. School, colleges, experts and government alike have started appreciating that deaf education is important to the people with hearing problems. Parents with deaf children are advised to take their children to these special schools (Winzer and Mazurek, 2000). Though deaf education is yet to be like main stream education, at least there are some improvements. There have been significant events in history that have really impacted the deaf education. They are. Abraham Lincoln signing in to law the enabling act which was meant to improve education of the deaf. This was followed by the opening of the National College for the deaf and dumb in 1864. The invention of the electrical hearing aid in 1892 to allow the deaf to communicate with the other people in the society, phone for the deaf invented in 1964 and the signing of the disabilities act into law which was meant to ensure that the disabled have right to education, employment and equality (Rotatori, Obiakor and Bakken, 2011). Lack of enough funding for deaf education is the great threat to the deaf people. A cross check in several countries shows that deaf schools are closing. According to the National Association of the deaf, most states in the United States are cutting funding for deaf education. Most of the national and state governments across the world are focusing on cutting their expenses. They are removing what they deem not necessary as the world has been a recession. Deaf education programs are some of the items that are not a priority for most governments. The

Labor Market

It is evident that the effect of selecting candidates from international culture is going to affect the corporate culture of the hotel. The cross-culture in the hotel can bring in positive responses in terms of drawing more customers or pleasing international customers who visit the hotel from all parts of the world. It can be stated that US is largely lagging in keeping up with its ethnic candidates. Due to this mixed-cultural foray of candidates, sometimes misunderstandings or communication problems may take place. The youth is also considered eligible for these jobs. Candidates who possessed an advanced bachelor’s degree were more preferred for higher posts such as in the managerial position of the hotel. For entry level positions, a minimum of bachelor’s degree was essential for the candidate to have. Those who were college graduates they got more jobs but not the specialized jobs. People who are proficient in languages are given more preferences. “According to the AFL-CIO Working for America Institute, 21.8 percent of hotel workers in 2000 were Hispanic, compared with only 11.3 percent of all U.S. workers. Other target populations include older workers and individuals with disabilities, which are currently underutilized in the workforce.” (U.S. Department of Labor, 2006, p10). …
The United States is a high receiver of immigrants who possess low-skills and are fit to work in hotels. It can be found that the hotel industry represents the highest absorber of immigrants than any other industry in US. The majority of working population in the hotel are generally low-wage workers, do not possess high qualification and thus come from a multitude of migrant workers group who are mainly Asians or Hispanics. (Lerman and Schmidt, n.d) Demographics: Immigrants are almost half of the population which have selected for the jobs. The Asian and Hispanic people are found to be coming more in the hotel industry. The main age group of 25 to 54 years old has been mainly absorbed in the hotel. The ethnicity of the US people fails to reflect in the hotel industry. A distressing factor about the shifting ethnicity is the prospective blow to the structure of education of the workers. Hispanic workers have little educational qualifications of any major ethnic group. &nbsp.Thus, unless Hispanic youth and immigrants raise their educational attainment, their growing presence in the job market will lower the educational base of the labor force at the very time when the demand for skills is continuing to increase. But the growing share of Asians in the labor force will moderate this trend, since their educational attainment is higher than the rest of the workforce&nbsp. (Lerman and Schmidt, n.d). Educational Background: The positions that are open in the hotel for the candidates, call for varying education and training necessities, starting from on-the-job training to bachelor’s degree programs. The candidates who have been selected to work in the hotel are mostly young people. The people who have been appointed for the front desk or other clerical positions,

Case studty (marketing)

k due cognizance of changing customers’ requirements and used various market metrics to track customers were found to be the major facilitators for improved performance outcome of OQTA in 2004.
The fast changing socio-economic paradigms and advancing technology has tremendously changed the dynamics of market strategies. ‘Organizations must change because their environments change’ (Bateman, 1990). In the contemporary times, the customer has become much more informed and technology has provided him with more options within the similar product lines, but produced by different companies. The case study of Outback Queensland Tourism Authority or OQTA is a case in point where application of marketing theory significantly improved the performance outcome of IQTA.
Outback Queensland Tourism Authority or OQTA is a non profit premier organization of Queensland, Australia that is primarily responsible for the marketing, promotion and development of the tourism industry of Queensland’s Outback. OQTA promotes the interest of 21 government agencies and has around 230 members comprising of various stakeholders like tour operators, accommodation and transport providers etc It was observed that despite an intensive and focused mass communication campaign through brand building advertisements in television and radio, outback tourism saw 5% less visitors during 1999 to 2003. The present situation would be analyzed for the decreasing business and efforts would be made to identify the areas that lacked focus and new strategy that need to be pursued to turn it around and increase tourism activity in the outback.
Outback covers substantial 48% of Queensland. While the lack of funds might have contributed to low business to some extent but the major factors that were responsible for low turnout of visitors were primarily because OQTA market strategy lacked of market orientation and brand building rather than the customers was the main focus of the marketing activities. The

The Regulation of the Internet

The internet has become one of the most widespread technological advancements which have gained popularity in recent years. Since its inception, its use has expanded and its coverage has grown extensively. Most everything can now be found and done online. Business transactions can be carried out online, so can social interactions, buying, selling, and even dating. Various individuals use it for both their professional and personal needs. it serves purposes which mostly relate to convenience and easy accessibility. In recent years however, due to its widespread use, issues on censorship have been raised. Due to the delicacy of internet materials which have become widespread in their use, the idea of internet censorship has been suggested. However, issues on the application of democratic ideals seem to clash with the idea of internet censorship. This paper shall answer whether or not internet censorship is compatible with democratic values and ideals.
Internet censorship is defined by Colthorp as “internet material that is examined and then removed or suppressed when it is considered morally, politically, or otherwise objectionable”. This includes a very wide range of materials which can be considered censorable. defining what is morally or politically objectionable can spawn various materials in the legal, ethical, religious, liberal or the conservative sense. Nevertheless, materials often defined to be subjects of censorship include pornographic, politically seditious, and even criminally offensive materials. The purposes of censorship in different countries often have various motivations. Three main regions in the world engage in internet censorship, including East Asia, Central Asia, and Middle East/North Africa (Misa, 60). Other countries like Germany, France, and even the US also implement some form of censorship against certain websites and under specific settings. The US for example, filters internet activities in computers in libraries as well as K-12 schools (Reichman and American Library Association, 39). In France and Germany, materials about Nazism and Holocaust denial are also blocked (Deibert, 190). Child pornography and other pornographic sites are also banned by various countries in the world, including China, Singapore, and most countries in the Middle East (Deibert, Palfrey, and OpenNet Initiative, 5). Some of these countries are actually democratic countries and have long respected the freedom of speech and of expression, and yet are involved in some form of internet censorship. The practice of internet censorship has been supported, to some extent, by governments because various reasons. The significant growth of the Internet has led to a new realm of human communication whose ease is facilitated by cyberspace, its low cost in participation, as well as its potentially vast audience (Malakoff, 1). In many ways, it actually represents a purely democratic forum where any literate person can express his thoughts, feelings, and opinions. On the other hand, electronic communication and the internet also have negative consequences owing to the fact that most people can now access any morally and politically pervasive materials on the internet (Malakoff, 2). This is the primary reason driving some governments to implement regulatory practices for internet use. Countries which have historically suppressed the transmission of data in an attempt to control and suppress any civilian dissent have found the internet to be a particular problem. These countries have an innate fear that materials that their people would read and obtain

The Main Challenge of Intercultural Relations

41000 Every person belongs to a certain culture and, therefore, the qualities or characteristics in a given culture depend on the general characteristics of the people. This implies that the average strength and weakness of people in a given culture might be considered as the weakness or strength within the culture. Identifying personal weakness and strength is an important aspect of effective communication. Tolerance is the ability to give other people a chance to express themselves and their ideas. This course has enabled me to acknowledge tolerance as an important element in culture. I also realized that I am a very analytical person. In addition, I realized that I have good listening skills and this is my basic strength in intercultural interactions. Good listening skills enable to give people from different cultural backgrounds the chance to express their views and ideas (Lustig &amp. Koester, 2010). Using this skill, I am able to learn other people and this contributes to effective intercultural relation. Our culture promotes good listening and analytical skills. However, the culture has some few weaknesses that act as a barrier to effective communication. The course has enabled me to realize that members of our culture are very judgmental. I have also learnt this is the basis of having a negative attitude towards people from different cultures. If people from our culture improve in this area, I believe that we can become more competent in our intercultural interaction and communication.

What is Meant by Ageism

The term ageism was introduced by Robert N Butler in 1969 to describe the extent of discrimination suffered by the older generation at present. “Butler’s general definition of ageism references it as stereotyping and discriminating specifically against the old” (What Is Ageism, n.d.). Ageism is a type of stereotyping in which aged people will be discriminated in some ways in their social life. It involves certain prejudices with respect to the views, opinions and functioning of old people. For example, modern generation is more interested in same sex marriage and homosexual activities whereas older generation may not advocate that. Modern generation may label the opinions of older generation as the bi-products of conservatism and they will neglect it. It should be noted that ageism is similar to racism and sexism since all these entities have some kind of discrimination as a common element.
“The number of Americans 65 and older is projected to double over the next three decades from 35.9 million to nearly 70 million, comprising 20 percent of the population in 2030 compared to less than 13 percent now” (Ageism in America, 2004). The average life span of people is increasing day by day in America because of the huge improvements in life standards and better healthcare. In other words, the number of old people in America is increasing disproportionally with the number of younger generation. Since new generation is interested more in following modern life styles and culture, communication and cultural gap between the younger and older generation is increasing in America. The increase of these gaps often results in severe social problems in American societies.
To conclude, ageism is a type of stereotyping in which old people is discriminated. It is increasing in America at present and several social problems are developing as a result of that.
Ageism in America, (2004). Retrieved from
What Is Ageism (n.d.). Retrieved from

Resistance to Organizational Change

71750 The author introduces the concept of ‘resistance to change’ as, “critical theorists and labor policy scholars argue that the interests of managers should not be privileged over the interests of workers” (Piderit, 2000, p.783). This simplification of the concept overlooks the complex analyses of the responses from the workers. This also overrules the positive intentions behind some negative responses. Complementing this view Passmore points out that resistance is actually a product of interaction or communication between the two agents involved in the change process. He also echoes Piderit’s view that a change need not be a ‘bad’ thing. The agent implementing the change should, therefore, go back to the background and the objectives of the change process rather than simply trying to overcome the resistance (Passmore, p.214). In this context, the role of leadership is worth mentioning. Resistance has to be worked through or managed by the leaders in the ideal manner (Markham, 1999, p.16). Power and Eastman (1997) brings up the role of transformational leadership in bringing about organizational change and determining the course along which the change might occur. Transformation leadership can help in implementing change through the articulation of the vision adopted by the leader, the followers or subordinates accepting this vision and an analogy stuck between the interests of the followers and the vision projected before them.&nbsp.The method used by the author is that of primary survey and he collected interviews of employees from all the main levels of power relations – for instance, an ordinary employee, middle manager, and consultant. The empirical foundation cannot be strongly built based on so few interviews as the author has done. These results cannot be generalized.&nbsp.

WA # 6

Lecturer Paper Small size businesses require being actively sensitive to the volatile trading environment which affect the whole industry. As market grows, competitors emerge into the market whereas innovation shoots up the technology thus shifting the demand. This calls for continual watch out for ways to improving results of highly quality products and services that enabled the customer appreciate the value for money s/he has parted with. In this paper the focus will be based on drink and food industry that will need to develop and distribute such in a cost reduced manner for the maximization of profit. (Frewer 43)
Customer needs and requirements. for instance, the drinks and food sold should reflect the taste and preference of the customer in a given market. This operational plan will consider some few attributes which are most valued by the customers. Another strategy for improving quality is through involvement and communication, as was asserted by Lin Grensing-Pophal “even those not involved on the process improvement team need to be informed of the plan and the intended result” (2005). Whenever information is clearly disseminated to the employees the improvement goals and activities as well as the side they can play to impact those activities the greater the value of the result. The other ways of improving the quality in production may call for the following elements, defined and well managed processes, and integrity criteria of job management. Subsequently it narrows down to competencies, such as knowledge, skills, experience and qualifications. The quality of the product is at risk if the soft elements like organizational culture, personnel integrity, motivation and team spirit are not envisaged in operation process. The quality control will be provided by physical inspection and lab testing in compliance with the market standards and company’s specification and also in line with ISO standards. (Frewer 53)
Technology has a major impact in the way all businesses operate in the world today since every person want to go global in order to increase sales volume. The company that deals with camera is likely to have various segments of the market that is to say local and international markets which in turn will call for e-commerce in its’ operation. When transactions are done via internet there will emerge information risk due to many different type of personal and sensitive information concerning customers. This requires the company to build strong internal control system to curb cases of stealing of information that would bring its operations down and thus losing market share. The proper contingencies measures would include electronic shopping carts, firewall and encrypted websites. The authorization access should also be exercised limit the threat that could arise. Financial risk is one of the factors that face the companies across the board regardless of size or way of operation. Camera business may face difficult time to secure external funds in that they might luck sufficient assets to charge as collateral. The lenders and bankers normally require parameter of the asset base to be used for accessing the credit worthiness and long term viability of repayment of the loan and not the liquidity. Generally the expenses may out do the cash flow, because a lot of fees are involved in protection of electronic shopping carts, website and hosting. (Frewer 79)
These expenses will be required to be parted with by venders who operate online. To mitigate such risk the company must employ qualified and highly experienced management team to execute its operations. Camera mostly deals with technology therefore technological risk will affect the business so much. To overcome this challenge company will need to change and tailor it products in line with the current technology or otherwise outsource to reduce operation cost. (Frewer 23)
Work cited
Frewer, Lynn. Nanotechnology in the agri-food sector implications for the future.
Wiley-VCH: Weinheim. 2011.

The Business Technology Management of HSBC Bank

The organization evolved to be able to develop strategic plans for the effective management of technological systems that supports its business operations – most primarily, focusing on internet transactions and eCommerce applications.
The internet trade service of HSBC bank provides the customer with a wide range of financial products at a single point of entry. In the case of large organizations, banking with HSBC would be a unique experience considering their access to large volumes of data and better financial control, through setting reasonable transfer limits across different people and easy access to tools and services. In addition, HSBC has developed tremendous support for the export/import business units as well, be it a new player in the business or person with considerable years of experience.
In order to better banking experience for its customers, HSBC has been trying hard to promote internet banking among its customers. This would require more efficient operational systems which include robust security systems to protect the transfer of private information. Thus the possible improvements in this connection can be proposed only after a closer introspection of prevailing technological competence of HSBC. The HSBC has the privilege of having the best I.T. security systems to protect the transactions through the internet. But as the technology is changing rapidly to prevent any large scale frauds or the possibility of any losses it needs to evolve appropriate SISP considering the business growth potential. The potential use of techniques like biometrics could also be attempted to strengthen its security systems. The report presents the various opportunities that HSBC could explore to strengthen its security systems for the benefit of customers.
The impact of information and communication technologies has&nbsp.revolutionized the majority of banking and related operations all over the world. Being a very dynamic sector the banking operations need to incorporate the cutting edge technologies that would give them a competitive edge in the business.&nbsp.&nbsp.