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Casino Management Question Technological advancements and its impact on marketing casino targeting both new and existing consumers is the front-and-center for the gaming industry marketers. In an attempt to attract customers, the casino could launch a host of exciting new products and solution aids to offer seamless players multichannel experiences for mobile, land-based and online gaming. The strategy aids to provide a different gaming solution to clients (Kilby &amp. Fox 56).
Question 2
The casino is well vast with qualities that best suit the demands of clients. In fact, the casino has technologically advanced gaming system, experienced and trustworthy dealers, and grander experiences. The casino is operational in 24 hours per day and provides relaxed house rules to meet the competing needs of clients (Morse &amp. Goss 49). It has amazing bonuses and rewards, good online casino security features and excellent customer services.
Question 3
The business operates around its main core values, which include accountability, respect, integrity, honesty and citizenship. The core values guide the direction, and services offered in the business. In this perspective, the core values extend beyond the business practices and incorporate every team member since they are an integral part in the business. The casino employs skilled workers with the similar values and objectives as of the business.
Question 4
The advent of casinos on tribal land has improved employment and social amenities such as hospitals and clinic facilities and schools. Gambling provides individuals and the community with economic resources, which allows them to make investments in other industries and enterprise. Other economic impacts include the increase in tax revenues, enhance recreational and tourism opportunities and rising property value (Morse &amp. Goss 89). However, gambling has increased job insecurity since workers have no regulations to secure their interests.
Question 5
Gambling has economic value to the business as well as to the society, and therefore, I could focus on increasing technologically advanced gaming facilities. The trend aids to increase the social and economic values to clients, society and the business (Kilby &amp. Fox 90). Regular improvements, innovations and good customer services could ensure the business remains on its core values.
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