(Case 5) Case System Feedback Loops SLP Time Normal

the inputs, i.e. workforce, raw materials and equipments as well as the outputs, i.e. the products and services that the company provides (Harkin).
Here this loop brings out the positive as well as negative response of the outputs. It is important to note that there are two main types of feedback loops which impact the performance of a company and these include reinforcing and balancing, both of these have different but major impacts on the working and performance of the companies. Here we aim at identifying the loops for Palm Incorporation.
Reinforcing feedback loops are positive loops that amplified the performance of the business firm. These also assist the business firms to augment the outputs so that the firm can produce stronger inputs. These types of loops have a direct relation with the change within the organization. Here the change within the organization clearly has a direct impact on overall performance of the organization (Our philosophy). Palm Inc. mainly deals with the computer hardware and software industry and this is based on the following feedback loops:
The complementary assets within an organization are built mainly of the enormous products and capabilities of the firm to produce global sale and commercialization of new products. Here in the case of Palm Inc., the company has the resources and the ability to develop both global distributions as well as strong supply chain networks (Palm Inc.). The complementary assets of the company is great enough for the living standards of high levels and also for great consumer experiences as well which together help in increasing the scale of economics and profitability of the firm. This also facilitates the organization to execute the tactics that lead lower cost and higher return operations in the firm. In addition, these assets also permit the company to develop a new portfolio of the products and services to augment the position of the firm (Our philosophy).
Palm Inc focuses not only on the