Career Objectives and Financial Need

1250 My plan is to cut back on the loans and this can only be possible when a scholarship is awarded to me in the near future. It will make me come to terms with managing my finances and taking care of the loans that pressurize me constantly. The 2 years that remain within my educational sojourn are quintessential and a scholarship at this stage would only assure that I remain tied to education whilst taking of not only myself but also my child who remains the epitome of happiness for my entirety. I am positive that the authorities at the helm of affairs would offer me an opportunity to have this scholarship so that my success graph does not come to a standstill all of a sudden. Instead, it would make me into a successful individual as and when the time comes in the future. I, therefore, request the concerned authorities to look earnestly towards my scholarship issue and grant the same to me \at their earliest convenience.